Friday, June 30, 2006

Have some self respect.

( I am glad I don't know the "facts" about this show and i refuse to link...)

Is that even a the right phrase for this? Looking for something worth while of my time a few days ago on the telly (see rain posts) I passed Fox and there was an ad for Hells Kitchen.

In the ad the main guy is screaming at people..telling them their food sucks and throwing stuff around like a baby. He is worse than a 4 year old being told its time to leave McDonalds play land.

From what I can tell these morons stand there and take it. The worse "fate" of the show is getting voted off probably. Oh the horror. To get away from a freaking asshole like this? That should be the grand prize.

I am not sure what the grand prize is..but I think I THINK its "working for this asshole".

Hooooooooooooo leeeeeeeeeeeee shit.

Maybe I am the stupid one?

He yells at me like that I'd gut the fucker...that simple. Talk to another adult like a kitchen full of knives..

I am sure his food is overpriced, greasy and shit inducing.

Almost a kind of a sorta long weekend coming..

A fresh Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. I apologize in advance for the "obscurity" of this release to many readers so next week something a little more for the masses. Thank you as always for clicking over.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Funny story #1 *aka my longest post ever

A lot of the blogs I read each day (and go to 2 or 3 times a day to see if there is new content) are on this kick of telling funny stories of youth. Annoyed even started a fantastic second blog devoted to his younger years.

So on a recent ride home from work I was thinking I should post one. Finally I thought of one that starts off dull but gets pretty funny 15+ years later.

It was the spring of 1988. Each year my high school, like most, had a prom. Each year, the day after the prom, people would meet up at a local supermarket parking lot and shoot down to Cape Cod for the day. Of course for many it was a drinking trip. I had to say that we were clever to meet in a different town each year so the cops would not bust up this massive underage gathering before a convoy of 50+ cars headed to the Cape.

For those of you not in Mass, we headed to Harwich. If you think of what Mass looks like you see the "arm" of the cape well Harwich is on the outer elbow facing out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

I had 2 older brothers. One had gone to the prom with his then girlfriend (she was only 2 years younger) and my oldest brother hooked me up with some beer. I had only started to be alchohol person very casually mind you in my senior year. So a few buddies chipped in and we got the champagne of the beers (at least at the time it was all the rage and new) a case of Corona. I think at the time we paid over $42.00 for it.

So this massive group meets at a local grocery and then 10-15 minutes after the meetup time the convoy starts. Somehow I am in the front in my awesome VW Scirocco. (man that thing ruled mine was brown tho). Within 2 miles of being on the highway I was last in line. Each car that passed was packed to the gills with people, coolers and beach stuff. I had directions so I didn’t mind.

I arrived at the beach safe and sound and my buds and I unloaded. There was parking lot for 50 cars or so, a short walk over the dunes then the beach. It was early June so it was not too hot but the water was still really cold.

We found our spot and just chilled out. We cracked a beer and just relaxed ready for a long day in the sun.

Fast forward 2-3 hrs. Mind you it MIGHT be noon time at this point.

The beach, like school, has it cliques. The jocks and their keg(s) are over there, the stoners, in their jeans, are near the dunes ripping bowl after bowl and the other people (like me a band geek) hanging not really fitting in anywhere. A few morons throw up and people laugh. The geek gets tossed in the ocean all the stuff you'd expect.

I take a walk to see what is going on and there, before me, is this massive hole with one of the football assholes passed out. He doesn't look good in this hole on many levels. Even at 17 I was thinking..umm this doesn't look too good. The sun was out. He was red as hell, passed out but had sand all over any part of his that was uncoverd.

I casually said "Hey is he okay?" The response.."Yeah we decided to bury him cuz the sand is cooler and he is sitting up so if he throws up its out/down not on him". Now that is science I tell you.

I head back to my buddies and about 20 seconds after I sit down one of the 2 forigen exchange students comes running over the dunes.



Now in the past we always got the police to visit these, they were kinda a quick once over on the beach, make sure you clean up kinda thing.

The exchange student is grabbing his stuff and headed the opposite direction on the beach. Mind you everyone was a minor and many, like me, had not graduated yet. He was going to, but as an exchange student he would be more screwed than us.

We do our best to make light of it all. "What do we want to do?" I say. "hold off for a minute lets see what goes down" says a buddy. Of course this was not the best of ideas.

Then it was like any cowboy movie you have seen. Over the dunes comes about 8 cops. They were walking slow, but with a heavy stride at the same time. My buddies and I are say about 100 yards off to their left.

Ohhh shit this is not good. We have about 16 beers left. Instinct takes over me.

I grab a Frisbee and I start digging. I am gonna bury this beer like a pirates treasure.

I have the hole about ½ way done. My ass is facing towards where the cops came from and all my buddies are sitting like a crecent moon facing me. I am frantic..then it happens.

A finger touches the space between my t-shirt and bathing suit.

"Are you 21?"

I stand..turn around..and there he is....

"Ummmm no" I respond.
"Take this beer up to the edge of the parking lot right now."
"Yes sir"
He moves on.
The cop gets about 20 feet away and I look at my "buddies" and just say "thanks for the heads up!"

I walk up to the parking lot and there has to be 30 cases of beer, at least one keg, a few bottles of ½ used Sun Country Wine Coolers,Purple Passion 2liter bottles etc. I drop my case off and spin around to head back to the beach.

Squealing tires from one of these bad boys

comes thru the parking lot. One of those cool custom vans from the 80’s with the pilot chairs, carpeted dashboards and 8 track tape players comes wheeling over to the pile of booze.

The side door flies open and 2 or 3 guys from the football team start loading up the van..its a line of beer to hand, beer to hand. In the span of about 20 seconds the van doors close and they peel off. I gotta get outta here I think..the cops are gonna see the fat red head coming back, and no beer.

I get back to my buddies who are cleaning up our area. Some folks were smart when this all went down..they moved their stuff 100 yards further away and the cops were none the wiser.

We start to clean up and Ponch comes back up to me.
"You..big red..I need you to clean up the beach some."
"Ummm okay" I cave, I am gonna kiss ass cuz I just don't want to be arrested.

Walking over the dunes in a "friends" arms is our passed out buddy from the hole. It looks like a war movie. He is about as limp as you could be...coverd in sand sort of moaning. (I guess he had his stomach pumped later..well done man)

I am cleaning up the beach, doing like I was told and then it happens…..

The cops find a tap..but no keg.

Officer 1: Where the hell is the keg?
Officer 2: Hmmmm (scans the beach..then turns to the water)..THERE IT IS.
About 150 yards off shore..bobbing somehow..was the keg.

Officer 1 turning to me: "Big swim?"
Me "Yes sir."
Officer 1 " me how good and go get that keg."

I peel off my t-shirt exposing my man boobs to the beach and splash in.

Its fucking cold Colder than cold. I keep it and they might just fine you, you will still graduate and your parents won't kill you.

I get the keg swim back and place it on the beach.

"Well done big red, now..since you did this I want you to get out of here and lets call it a day."
Thank you sir..and I shuffle to grab a towel but my buddies are gone.

Over the dunes I go and they are standing near my car.
"Where were you?" they ask
"I went swimming!" I say sarcastically
They look at me stunned...
"Ummm I kinda had to lets say".
"Was it cold???!"
"Yes was...Can we go now?"

I'd say by 1:20pm we were headed home. Any buzz I had was scared out of me or frozen from the Atlantic Ocean. I can laugh now, but man it was hardly worth it at the time.

all i can say is oh wow...

There is no denying I bow at the altar of Sigur Ros. The band is set to start a European tour right about now and they will play a venue in Sweden. Big deal you say....

This venue in Sweden was created by a meteor! The venue is in the crater. check out the images here


March gets all domestic on you...

Okay folks seemed to asked about the Broccoli Cole Slaw. I tried it last summer up in Maine and we called it "crack" we seemed to eat plate after plate of it.

Here goes:

3/4 cup vegetable oil
1/3 vinegar
1/2 cup of sugar
2 packages seasoning from Oriental Ramen Noodles.

The rest:
1 package of prepared broccoli slaw (near the bagged salads)
1 bunch of scallions chopped fine
2 packaged Oriental flavored Ramen Noodles (put in a ziploc freezer bag and crush up/rolling pin)
1 cup of sliced almonds
1 cup salted/roasted sunflower seeds

Prepare the dressing by mixing in container that can be shaken periodically and stored in the fridge for at least 1 hr.

In a large bowl mix the rest

When dressing is ready mix in to above.


We have made the dressing and then added it right away in a crack frenzy...but this stuff chilled owns.

Monday, June 26, 2006

When in doubt..give em a list.

Cool stuff rocking me in general.

1) Broccoli slaw. I can't stand broccoli on its own, but this stuff is awesome.
2) Sunkist orange soda. I had a sip a few days ago and its on the brain.
3) Portishead. I know its impossible for a band this mellow to "rock" but still..
4) The Russian horror vampire flick Nightwatch..can't wait for pt 2.
5) Hot dogs on the grill, with the bun(s) toasted.
6) Video of that minor league baseball manager going nuts.
7) Riding bikes w/little march..having to take a break to get our bikes fixed (basically his excuse to sit and drink some water) and him yelling THE BIKES ARE FIXED and us needing to jump up and ride again.
8) Sleeping w/just a sheet on my side of the bed
9) Some new headphones I got. I won't even link to em cuz they were too expensive and you'd tell me I wasted my money, but they rule.
10) DVD-Audio and SACDs. 5.1 is the best BEST way to listen to music. (barring live)

Not so cool stuff.

1) having no freaking good ideas to blog on.
2) The constant rain, enough, we get it.
3) Spam email. Yes I want to increase my size but not via random emails!
4) Mosquitos. Worst in ages. Can't be outside for 5 minutes, well see #2 and you get why and why being outside for 5 minutes is hard enough.
5) The last ice cream sandwich eaten by the littlest march!
6) Computer problems at home. Pain in the arse.
7) Telling older march she has to go to camp at the YMCA. She likes it fine, but I am sure 2-3 days a week would be plenty..not 5.
8) Putting off getting Sirius radio for another few weeks.
9) Sand in your shoes.
10) Making a dozen excuses a day to NOT get out an walk like you should.

In Hollywood news..

Old news by now..but Aaron Spelling pased away this weekend. Creator of at least one of your favorite shows growing up died at 83.

Here is a list of the "stars" that appeared on the Love Boat.

Friday, June 23, 2006

When an image paints 1000 pictures

We have all heard the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover". This is used for anything form actual physical books, to relationships. The idea is what is on the outside may be only be a sample of what is to come, again either good or bad.

Since I am not a prolific reader (getting a little better) I find that with music I can get drawn to the cover art/images. Some can be over the top, campy, beautiful or flat out silly. Other times they just call out to you.

Case in point.

Now I enjoy jazz music maybe a tad more than most people but what you find with jazz fans is they are fanatical. Over the top beret wearing finger snapping roll your own smokes kind of fan. Well that is the image I like to go with.

The cd was released last August and since that time I have added it to my wish list, my second spin used cd wish list as well as my lala trades that I wanted. It finally came last night.

The cd was recorded live on September 15, 2001 at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston MA. It was, yes, a few days after 9/11. Rollins who has been a jazz saxophonist working with everyone from Miles Davis to Max Roach as well as a resident of New York just blocks from the World Trade Center wanted the show to go on.

When you look at the image what do you see? Pictured is a just then 72 year old Sonny Rollins, fingers on keys, left leg raised and eyes..the eyes that are piercing to the point they almost scream "listen..forget..even for a little while". A former heroin addict Rollins plays with passion, vigor and grace all at the same time.

At a time when people needed an escape Sonny delivers a whale of a live cd. For a little moment in time everyone left the world "outside". All he offers during the set is a message along the lines of "Maybe music can help at a time like this..I don't know"

Some folks have a hard impression of jazz. Often not structured enough for most people it can be a taxing listen to just put on a jazz cd and expect a non/casual fan to 'get it' but the simple elegant cds like this can make a fan out of even the harshest of critics. There are no egos there are no tirades, just a 72 minutes of a solid evening of music caught forever on tape.

This my friend is essential listening.

Here is a cool review as well.

That week seemed to fly by

A fresh Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. Thanks as always for clicking over. More of the usual crap you expect from this page later I am sure. Oh and its me March doing an FDF for a change..thanks to Annoyed for his help the last 2 submissions!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

oh dear lord..and you've GOT to be kidding me..

last week I had posted this about fathers day and gifts.

I also posted about my run in with the the kind folks atgoogle ad sense.

Today I was looking at the ads and what do I see..but an ad for Colostomy Bag Suspenders. I *had* to click on it.

Now I can understand their need..but as a fathers day present?! Sweet lord.

hey dad..i know you love to crap and that bag gets weighed down..try these.

Oh good.'ve got to be kidding me.

last night mrs.march had a meeting so the kids and I did dinner and one of the little marches asked if we could go to the local video store. It is not a big chain and I love Netflix so we hardly ever go. The selling point was 2-3 movies would be 99 cents each and they could have em for five days. My kids don't why not.

The kids make their selections and I head to the counter to pay.

Clerk - phone #
Me - xxxxxxx
C - there is a 6.00 fee on this (mind you we have 2 vhs tapes and dvd)
me - for what?
c - seems you had a movie come in late
me - ummmm really? Do you have any information on this..i am just curious.
c - let me check
(a second clerk comes over)
C2 - whats up?
me - well I was told there was a 6.00 fee on my account and I don't mind paying a fee but i can't recall if/when/what it would be.
c2 - let me have a look...
c2 - yeah it seems the last time you rented from us was July of 2005
me - hmmm that makes no sense (now mind you we don't go that often..but 11 months ago?)
c2 - well is your address XXXXXXXXXXx
me - yep
c2 - well the last rental you had was in July..a VHS
me - any idea what it was?
*this is where it gets real good*
c2 - ummmm, nope because the tape has since been sold.
me - you are kidding me right? I don't mind a fee, but a movie that you don't even have any more I need to pay you for?

I pay the fee cuz I didn't want to take issue with this in front of the kids. Dad messed up, dad pays (that is what you want to show to little eyes) When I go to return the films I will ask to have my name removed from the we won't be back. I am fine with a late fee..that is part of the rental. But, this is close to a year ago and you have a computer..don't you call people when movies are late? And what bugs me is they sold this movie. When I return them (trust me on time) I will explain my displeasure and give them a shot to redeem but its reason 1212192051230591321 why neflix is way better than this old school going to a video store crap.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random stuff.

One in six Britons have been drunk at work, most common reason for people under 30 calling in sick - hangover.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobics fear the # 666.

A texas highschool girl was ejected from her graduation for pumping her fist in jubilation. She violated school district policy against graduating students "raising their hands above their waist for any reason other than receiving their diplomas or shaking hands.

Over 25 years, AIDS has killed 25 million people worldwide. Another 65 Million people are now infected, 1/2 of the new infections are transmitted heterosexually (Newsday)

38% of US companies with more than 1000 employees monitor e-mail. (

Women now earn the majority of college degrees in several fields long dominated by men. Female graduates outnumber men in business, biological sciences, social sciences and history (associated press)

The Palace of Westminster, home of Britain's Parliament, has eight barrooms. 800 pints of beer are consumed EVERYDAY that parliament is in session (BBC News)

Less than half of the 2.7 Trillion frequent flier miles awarded last year came from actual flying. 54% was "rewarded" via airline partners such as credit card companies (USA Today)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pelican with Mono : Middle East Cambridge MA 6/18/06

Pelican with Mono
Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge MA
Sunday June 18 2006.

It seems like months ago now when I heard ramblings of a Pelican and Mono double bill. Finally Sunday night it came and oh yeah was it grand.

For the first time in months it was seasonably warm. I drove in to Cambridge leaving about 8:15. I didn't want to be too late but too early was not good either. I walked in to the club as local band Disappear was wrapping up.

I decided to settle in to a sweet spot so I got about 15 to 20 feet off dead center stage. The good news is I am nice and tall so I had a good sight line. It was beyond hot and Mono was setting up their own gear and soon enough we were ready to take off.

A quick "Who exactly are Mono anyway?"
The foursome from Japan seem to be workhorses here in the USA. At any time they are on the road if you look at the itinerary they will play 29 of 30 days in a month. They are on a small label and probably will never ever get played on the radio. What makes them good? They are just a stunning instrumental band. How four people do this is beyond me. The members are: Takaakira "Taka" Goto: Guitar, Tamaki: Bass Yasunori Takada: Drums, and, Yoda:Guitar. Taka and Yoda actually sit a fair amount while playing. Tamaki sways back and forth center stage keeping the bass rumbling while Yasunori can hit them as hard as hell where needed.

With a simple nod and wave the band was ready to roll. Staring off ever so quiet the goons at the club continue to talk. I understand this is a "night out" and a "social event' but still..when 95% of the place is not talking perhaps its your queue to STOP TALKING. The quiet intro to the 13+ minute Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain opened the set. Yoda does sit the whole time but Taka will stand for this one. The guitar part repeats a lot until the two guitars get going, then over the next few minutes it slowly builds and builds. You are in the freaking zone, ready for take off, and the band launches..i mean takes off. It is the most powerful moment you can experience, the band is absolutely in outer space and you are being brickwalled by sound. The drum sticks that Yasunori used were basically "kettle drum mallets" during the ride cymbal rolls are now smashing the living tar out of his kit. The f'ing jabber jaws earlier now have both ears covered..its really loud. I feel the hair on my neck stand up...its absolute heaven. Shit this will not slow can they get louder, yet the do. With a resounding smash the band fades down to a feedback/echo delay. Fingers come out of ears, beer cups go in to clentched teeth and the audience erupts. Its flat out awesome.

Inside 55 minutes later it was all done. Holy crap time to catch my breath before Pelican.

I made my way back to the Mono merchandise table. I hardly ever EVER buy stuff at shows. I try to support the bands that I know need the gas money to get to the next gig. Anyhow there were a dozen or so people at the table and Tamaki was doing what she could to keep up. They had a few t-shirts, and 2 cds. They didn't even have the latest cd You are There (their 4th) so I think that is good sign it was selling at shows. Anyhow I decided i needed to get something. T-shirts were..$ me crazy but this is a deal. I also wanted to grab a collaboration cd they had with a band called Worlds End Girlfriend. Come to find out this bad boy is not even due out in the USA until September of 2006...well I have it. The cd was 10 and the shirt 7. I had Tamaki a $20 and in broken English she quietly and ever so politely says "Do you have 2 more dollars?" She didn't have singles to give me change. So she nodded and she asked me to hold on. After a few minutes I realized its freaking $3.00. I leaned over to her, smiled and said "keep the change for gas money". The look on her face was worth it. I packed up my stuff and went back to my spot to check out Pelican.

Pelican is a four piece from Chicago. They too have been on the road for ages and may find the right place in rock radio, but I am not holding my breath. Mostly due to the length of the songs. After a pretty short set change the band is up and ready to go, but they leave, only to come back ready to go. The same stage set up as Mono with guitar players Laurent Lebec and Trevor de Brauw left and right, Larry Herweg on drums in the middle/back with his brother Bryan on bass front and center.

Opening with the epic and i do mean epic "March to the Sea" (also the name of this blog) I knew I was in for something. This time I was even closer to the stage..inside 12 feet. I could feel the amps not just the PA. Mono and Pelican have similar styles but where Mono does the soft->loud Pelican just pretty much goes loud. Trevor freaks out the entire time, I have no idea where he gets the energy. The Herweg brothers really keep a solid and steady low end letting the band really take the sound upwards. The set also had a new song played which holds a lot of promise.

It was the final night on the tour for Mono so they sang their praises and Pelican was also headed home after one more show. They began the last song of the set but midway thru Trevor's gear started to act up. Basically a trio completed the "main set" but the band came back out with Laurent saying "We can't end a set like that". We got one more song, not sure if it was really planned or not.

It was a dream bill for me personally. I love this style of music. There are no vocalists and just the music is left for your interpretation. Once you find yourself singing guitar and bass parts in the shower you'll understand the full fledge love for "instrumental" prog/post/industrial rock.

Mono live shot taken from here. Please check it out.


Monday, June 19, 2006

A little false sense of worth.

I think everyone has been lied to. From simple little things to bigger ones I know of no person that is immune.

This past weekend I got a letter in the mail that was a head scratcher.

It was a simple letter from The Guitar Center with a 20% off coupon at the bottom. What was funny was one of the paragrahs.

Mr March
enclosed find a 20% off coupon. Its just a simple reward as you rank in the top 5% of our customers.


If I am in the top 5% this company is already screwed. Nothing against the guitar center but if I set foot in there 2 times a year it is a fluke. Just funny.

I had a similar run in with my alma mater calling one night for a donation. It was a simple request and harmless in "text form" so I'll add my rants to the conversation.

Donation Volunteer - Hi is Mr March there
Me - yes this is he.
DV - Hi this is ___ from (your really fancy expensive school) how are you
Me - (suspicious) ummm fine I guess
DV - We are calling some of the "most popular" members of the most recent class
me - HAHAHA!
DV - What is so funny?
me - i'd hardly say most popular.
dv - why is that?
me - well, considering i went to school TOTALLY at night, taking one class at a time for the last bunch of years I'd hardly say I am even close to being one of the "most popular"
dv - well don't say that.
me - think anyone could point me out of a line up and say my name?
dv - not sure
me - well I know that I have NO idea who the most popular students are, so if I am one of the most popular thats kinda sad.
dv - sorry you feel that way
me - well i feel like you are buttering me up for something. I mean I worked full time, never lived on campus and only worked at the radio station in my final semester. I just wish you'd tell me what you'd like
dv - well we are looking for a donation from our alumnus
me - well why didn't you say so..let me get my check book!

Just wasn't as mean as it may sound..but come on. I mean we all like the ego stroked, and even though I am very popular, stunningly handsome and rich beyond your wildest dreams I do realize a big steaming pile of it when its fed to me.

Oh Mono and Pelican was awesome..more on that later.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Always looking for the odd stuff.

I stumbled upon a link a few days ago that I forgot to share.

Most of us growning up probably remember the Playmobil toys. Really neat fun stuff, but every now and then they come up with something a little "odd. Check out the link for some of the more "odd" characters they have had. Link over right
here if you so desire.

Todays Specials are..

A fresh Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. Thanks as always for clicking over.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A little Fathers Day help..advice...

Fathers Day is approaching and I wanted to offer up some help.

First this "Dads and Grads" SUCKS. We can't even get our own day. I know I know we ALWAYS get our day..whatever.

The last few weeks there have been ads for gift ideas for dads as well (even some local department stores have fathers days flyers). Apparently all we want for gifts are golf related. Divot kits, cute covers, monogramed balls, tees, ball makers, umbrellas and yes golf shirts.

Now I like golf. I was on the golf team in highschool but golf gifts? UGGGH. How about if your dad golfs you just send him out on the course. Throw some bud ponies (those are the small bud cans) in his bag, give him some matches and a cigar and tell him to go have fun.

We don't want golf shit.
We don't want tools. Tools = work and working when you don't have to, no thanks.
Plants = again, this involves work. Chances are in needs to be in the ground asap as well and we don't want that.

Here are some links to help you get that perfect gift for your dad:

A site for sports jerseys to metal detectors Guybuys

Your dad like to about some Alligator steaks or ostrich burgers. Yeah..check that out here.

Dads love candy too, Razzles, Pixi Sticks, you can find em here.

Its Thursday tho, and Fathers Day is you better get what you are getting for me sent via Fex Ex.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My toof hurtz

Or is it my jaw?

I played hockey last night and I get home about 11:30pm too wired to go right to bed. I'll flip around and see whats doing on the late night circuit and what have you.

I was having some ice cream and it was one of those really good kinds. You know 20.00 for a small amount that was slow churned and has chunks of this, dashes of that, you know the real A+ stuff.

So I am sitting eating and I get one of the harder chunks in my mouth, move it to the back and prepare to slowly bite down on it to releases its content and suddenly


More than anything it felt like a piece of corn go between my teeth. I ran my tongue over the area. Had I chipped/broken/severed something? I inserted my finger and did some poking around..nothing wiggled, opened up, bled or was noticeable.

When all done I went up to bed and brushed, flossed the area heavily and gave it a little listernine bath. Too bad Mrs.March was toes up because my breath was so very kissably close.

Today has been a test. I chewed gum in the area, I drank hot and cold liquids, ate a pretzel and nothing..but for some reason I can "feel my teeth" today.

I think I am just obsessing over it because if it were a cracked/displaced something I'd be able to feel it w/my tongue, or have more "pain". I'll give it a day or two and then call to get an appointment in 6 to 8 weeks to be told "its nothing".

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bloggers I am sure agree...

There is a local AM radio station that I listen to (man when did I turn in to my dad) in "15 minute burst" on my ride in and ride home from work.

Most days when i take littlest march to daycare I can hear a guy name John Keller do a segment called "Keller at Large" I look forward to this every morning at 7:56. I hear the announcer say "Its 7:56 and now its time for Keller at Large".

He just seems really smart to me.

Yesterday (June 12th) he did something on blogs. If you go
here scroll down to the june 12th entry and give a listen. They are about a minute long.

He does some local political rants that out of towners may never get, but when he talks out us drivers he is 100% correct there as well.

I was so jazzed one day when I decided to check the site, wondering if I could get his segments.

Well done WBZ!

Throw out a "list" when you have nothing else.

15 random "best things" right now.

1. A good..I mean GOOD cup of decaf coffee (too much caffeine makes me irritatable)

2. Sunshine

3. The look of my lawn, man its picture perfect

4. The feeling of new underwear and socks.

5. Snapple iced tea..the sugary bad stuff w/lemon ohhh man

6. The debut cd by The Sword. Tracks 1->4 most of all

7. The 30g iPod with video. Free strongbad video podcasts..need I say more?

8. Playing hockey on Tuesdays, being able to suck, and being the only one that cares.

9. I have not been to the gas station in over 10 days.

10. The fact I currently have NO hangnails

11. The smells of BBQs in my neighborhood

12. Grilled chicken Caesar salad. I could eat this twice, if not three times a day.

13. The fact that Sunday I am going to see Pelican and AND Mono

14.Newcastle Brown Ale

15. The sound of the ice cream truck.

15 random "worst" things right now.

1. Cold coffee, of any sort.

2. While I am at it..flavored coffee too..yeee-uk

3. CDs from LaLathat have no cover art.

4. Hitting the post at LEAST 6 times per week in hockey.

5. The fact rain is in the forecast.

6. The smell of wet grass.

7. Seeing road kill with little ones in the car..(like deer..worst ever)

8. Poker on television. Stop..please..and in HD no less.

9. Having Netflix take too long to either send or receive my dvds.

10. America's fascination with celebrity. Leave these assholes alone.

11. This nagging cough, I cough so hard I see plaid sometimes.

12. Warm toilet seats.

13. Single ply toilet paper..Seriously..we end up using MORE cuz it sucks so bad.

14. Generic brand Orange Juice.

15. Having nothing good to write on my blog, thus resulting in a random best of/worst of.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ever have one of those weekends?

I ran one of those 50/50 weekends. Saturday it rained (shocker) and me and the marches laid low for the most part. The whole day I was waiting to head to a co-workers party so I was ready I tell you.

Mrs March got home from work and the littlest march had fallen asleep in the middle of the living room floor. Mrs asked me "When are you leaving?" I said that I was gonna eat dinner w/the family and do the "bed time stuff" to which she said "Why?, just go now". Ummm okay. I quick showered and was ready to go until..

I get downstairs and Mrs March is checking the temp on little march. 101.2. She says that I should go but that I needed to be home by 11pm since she was still on call.

It had rained most of the day but finally it was trying to brighten up. It was not freezing out either when I arrived. My host was there setting up some tents so we chatted and then tapped the keg. yes..tapped a keg. I can't tell you the last time I have been to a keg party.

Some people started to roll in and we fired up the grill. There was no more than 6 of us there just chilling. After some phone calls the party seemed to heat up.

Up next was to "really get going" and that meant drinking games. Now mind you I love em as much as the next person but in a rare moment of responsibility I chose to watch. I had a sick kid at home, was going to be home alone w/them again Sunday (toss in swimming lessons to boot) and I needed to drive. I never was very good any of the games but man they are fun.

All of a sudden the party really seems to get going. There is a bon fire and some dudes are tossing about everything you can think in to the fire to keep it going. Most of the party guest were playing "flip cup" and the beers were really flowing. It was fun to watch. A few other co-workers were there that I knew so we all hung out and had some drinks and laughs. Before I knew it..keg was tapped and folks were getting ready to head to a bar. That was (sadly) my queue to call it a night. I can't wait to hear the stories!

I get home and check on little march and he is WIDE awake and hot to the touch. I get him some water and turn the fan on him. I lay on the floor and just hang out until he drifts back to sleep.

Sunday rolls around and little march wants NOTHING to do with being up. We have to take older march to swim lessons so little march finally wakes up and off we go. We get to the pool and its hot and smelly (chemically) inside and I am sure little march had a stomach churn. We sat in the hallway until class was over and then headed home. Little march perks up when we walk past the vending machine and asks for some candy so I cave and buy them both stuff.

We arrive home and little march (who went to bed without dinner and had no breakfast) I figured he was ready. So he gets inside before me and hits the fridge and grabs his milk..uh oh! He has a sip and puts it back. I make PBJ and he has 2 bits and goes "oh no daddy!". I grab a bowl and he unloads his lunch. Poor guy just can't keep anything down. I push the rest of the sandwich aside but a few minutes later he grabs it, and finishes it. He seems to be perking up and is asking me when we are going to mow the lawn.

He was good for the most part of the rest of the day, but had another spike in fever and was in bed (for the night) at about 5. He was wiped. I was bracing for the worst today but guess who was up before 7am and VERY hungry....little march. We "seem" to be back in order.

Take out the sickness and the weekend was real fun. I haven't been to a "kegger" with people 10 years my junior in YEARS.

Friday, June 9, 2006

What is really at the end of a rainbow?

Friday on the brain.

A fresh Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. This weeks (and hopefull more in the future) contributor is Annoyed. He has been a fan of FDF for a while and wanted to join in. I am happy to report that I am glad he has jumped on board. As always if you find your create muse in telling others about your awesome taste in music drop a line and we can work something out.

Thanks again Annoyed!

Enjoy, discuss and as always, thanks for clickin on over.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

March gets yelled at....

I could further get yelled at for this by google but here goes. *march throws caution to the wind*

Near the top of my blog you see "ads". They are free to add to your page (if you so desire) and you can make money based off the clicks you get. My brother had been using ads and seemed to be pulling down some "okay" dough for doing nothing. The idea is pretty slick, the ads themselves are relevant to your recent posts. You may have noticed my ads have been for ipod stuff, or Pearl Jam.

So I cheated. I'd go to my page and I'd give each of the ads a click. Thats a big no no. Its not like I sat and rapid fire video game style clicked, i'd click each ad once a day and be done with it. I'd generate a whopping 0.02 for myself. (drinks are on me in 2012).

The other day I get an email (and it was pretty funny on some levels) about how my ads have been "illegally" clicked or what have you. It went on to say that I can't ask people to click on them or create a program that auto clicks or what have you. I understand on some levels as it shows the advertisers 'false numbers". Basically because I'd click and back right out of the new page. They send you a check when you get to 50 or 100 dollars so see the last paragraph about drinks in 2012.

My favorite "warning" was: If you are clicking your ads to "make sure they work" you don't need to. Damn I was gonna use that as my defense. I never have bad links or spelling errors on this page!

On to a different subject:

I was reading recently that Pat Robertson can leg press 2000lbs?! I poked some and if you google Pat Robertson leg press you can see images of it.

Wonder what kind of ads I'll get for a Pat Robertson reference (damn it I did it twice!)

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

This is awesome..

These guys put mentos in diet coke bottles to make fountains..its so very very cool. (you need quicktime)

check it out here

damn it..

damn it. i had this really great, I mean A+ post about getting a new ipod the world, the meaning of life, the secret to great sex as well as information on JFK and Hoffa. I hit thought about it then BOOOOOOOOM. Lost the post.

Blogspot gets an F- today.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


During intermission of the Oilers vs. Hurricanes game I was flipping around some and I landed on VH1 and they were doing one of those "fabulous lives" segments. This one was on the new baby from Angelina and Brad. Are they effing kidding me? Seriously?

A fabulous day, let alone life, of a less than 4 week old involves keeping their food down and not crapping thru a diaper ruining an outfit..its really that simple.

For some reason I was frozen. Awe struck on so many levels.

The worst of the worst came to the "gifts" that companies were sending the couple. The idea being that people will see this kid in a certain name brand and suddenly the masses will run out and buy it.

Now being a father of two I think I can speak for just about every parent when I say "If I could give my kids everything I would". I just can't. So, they make due. Brad and Angelina wanted some $3,000 stroller, my kids got a $150.00 one that was safe, portable and functional.

The worst of the worst was some pacifier company. They made, get this, a $17,000 pacifier for the baby. It has over 200 diamonds in it.

Are they F**KING KIDDING?!?! What a colossal waste of time, money and diamonds.

I am not saying pacifiers are bad. My kids didn't use them (they never liked them) so if I got a gift like this I'd never use it for so many reasons. It is too much money, it is too fancy, and what if the kids doesn't take to it!! (You have to wonder if they are stupid enough to let the kid use it).

Then I heard on the radio today that People magazine won the "rights" to the first published photos of this kid. Somewhere in the ballpark of $4 Million. To the parents credit they claim all the $$ will go to charity.

Seriously..when this kids overdoses at 14 don't come crying to me.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Office Season 2 on dvd...

You gotta wait..till September.

Friday, June 2, 2006

I won this time Ikea...I won this time..

I have to admit that I like stuff from Ikea. Its not horribly expensive and, at least what Mrs March picks out, is pretty sharp looking.

What I don't like is the fact you need to put the stuff togeher. How the hell does a bookshelf that is over 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide come in a box that is 12 inches long and 6 inches thick? Its the Ikea elves I swear.

Mrs March and I have wanted to get a real patio set. Now that the little marches don't fall out of chairs so easily we thought it was time. So a few weeks ago Mrs March went and spent way too much money at Ikea on a bunch of stuff, 6 of which were deck chairs as such.....

So my job is to put SIX of them together. Now we only want to put one together so we can be sure it matches the table and is not to high/low etc.

So I take the box (which is the size of a shoebox it seems) and I open it. Mrs March taught me 2 ikea purchases ago to lay EVERYTHING out and count the bolts and what have you. I do so.

And then..there it is..the bane of my existence.

*sorry its get the idea and I am not retaking!

Not only that..there are THREE of them. Cuz making the freaking size bolts/nuts be the same size makes no sense right?

I begin to put the chair together and honestly it went pretty well..until I was done. I try to "recline" the seat back and the damn thing can only go 2 back (out of I think 5) before it hits the base. "This is not right says Mrs. March". Well its late so lets deal with it later.

2 weeks later I get a few minutes so I decide to try a second chair, just to see if I can figure out what I did wrong. After about 10 minutes in I figure out I had hung one part wrong. The chair was still not fully reclineable, but nobody was going to collapse it or what have you by sitting in it.

I got in the zone, by the 4th chair I didn't even need directions. I tell you bolts were tightening themselves it was awesome. Then I get to the last chair and it took me at least 1hr to do. Stuff would not line up, i had to attach, unattach at least 3 times. My back hurt, the phone was ringing, the radio was playing crappy songs and I bet it probably started raining.

I am one of those people that once hip deep in a job I want to finish it. I had a bunch of other chairs that went together like a freaking lego set but man this freaking swedish piece of shit was giving me the business. Mrs March comes out and says "wow you have been busy" and all I can do is (look for kids) and say "F'ing things man...I can put em together in 10 minutes now I can't get one to work in an hour". So I flatted boxes and cut them up for the recycle bin and have at it again...and I complete the task. All of them recline and my fat ass dosen't make em fall apart.

Now we need to weather to cooperate and there can be some grillin and swillin.

Wolfmother Live at the Paradise

Wednesday May 31, 2006
Paradise, Boston MA

Not since the young lads in Silverchair has there been as much buzz, so it seems, over a new Australian band. Wolfmother made its return to Boston Wednesday in support of their self titles Interscope debut. The sold out crowd was in for a treat. The Psyhic Ills opened the show and I only caught the last 2-3 songs of theirs. It was nothing to write home about for me personally. After some shuffling around it was time for the band to do their thing.

Wolfmother is just three guys. Andrew Stockdale, the rail thin singer guitar player with an afro that rivals Marc Bolan (T-Rex), Omar and Cedric of the Mars Volta AND any 70's ABA Player. He was (as you faced the stage) to the left, drummer Myles Heskett was in back on the drums, and bassist, keyboardist Chris Ross was on the right. For a band with such a big heavy sound they didn't have stacks and stacks of amps. That was the first thing I really noticed. The stage (although not huge) allowed for plenty of room for the band to stretch out. They did.

Wolfmother is a mix of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. They have a retro sound that is for sure but name me a band that doesn't these days. The band didn't leave much space between songs in the early part of the set. Stockdale did introduce a fair number of songs, and dedicated the radio staple "Woman" to the ladies of Boston. The band moved along very quickly as noted until the jam out of Woman. There was some technical issues that caused them to do a "jam" of sorts while the roadies worked to fix the bass rig. Mind's Eye wrapped up the main set and during the keyboard break the band could have easily launched in to Deep Purple's "Hush". The organ was freaking rocking.

After a little longer than necessary "break" the band returned, with Chris being last. I think he was pissed about his gear being on the fritz. The band still was working on some technical issues before starting up Colossal was just that once it got rolling. Chris and Andrew did their best freaks outs and really got the crowd fired up. Ending with the Joker and the Thief we all wanted more, but knew it was not happening. I left, smile on my face, glad I mad the trip.

Barring the technical issues it was one of the finer "new bands" I have seen in ages. I will file them under the "bands I need to see anytime I get the chance".

You may know them (a little) for the latest ipod ad in which Love Train is used check that here.

Also check the video for smokes.

Full Set:
Apple Tree
White Unicorn
Love Train
Where Eagles Have Been
Technical Difficulty jam
Mind's Eye
Joker & The Thief


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Barkeep..round of redeyes...

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