Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We've got a problem.....

Seems that "Innetech" has a a slight...


From what we have been able to get from the messages sent on a daily basis about how we should stop being slobs is that in an effort to control the buggers the pest control company has suggested we "throw food away" and "Seal up in containers" what we are not using. I have come up with a great idea to rid the building of these varmints and no it is not this guy either.

What you do is you offer one week off for each mouse found and captured. I guess the mice are pretty brazen in they will hang out it co-workers desk drawers (always the most frail woman that works here too). The door slides open, she shrieks, oh its comedy on so many levels.

I am sure there is some way we can jazz up the prize too. I am sure there will be people going nuts knowing full on the head of one of these buggers is a week off. Heck, lets not even go that crazy with a week, how about a day off? I am telling you if I pull open my drawer and I see one of those little bastards I am stepping on it.

Need an ipod? How about a slick new cell phone?? What about a Nintendo Wii.

Man the possibilities.

Like George Carlin said "Its thinking up stuff like this that kept me out of the really good schools".

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Pt . 2

Hopefully you read part 1

The Bracelet Part 2 - Some Response(s) including family.

So after I posted that little web entry I didn't think much of it. Meaning, I didn't go back and edit or what have you.

Then one day...I got an email, that lead to a few. Here are the e-mails, (names edited per the request)

The first was from JL in June of 2005.

Today I came across your article on The Bracelet, and I am now writing this as.......... I really don't know, except to say that Elbert Bush, my sarge, was an exceptional person. I knew him while I was in college so many years ago. He was one of my ROTC instructors, and a very good friend. Elbert was at my commissioning in August, 1970, and received my first "official" salute, thereby obtaining the engraved silver dollar to go with it. We later parted, and as I went to training and on to West Germany, he returned to Vietnam. I learned several years later of his MIA status. This hoping and wondering continued until April of 2000, when I by chance went to the Virtual Wall website and found that he had at last returned home. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for The Bracelet, it moved me tremendously.

Of course I responded quickly

Hi JL.
As noted in my "story" it all seemed somewhat "cool" at first to just have the bracelet. Now with all the "Livestrong" colored bracelets I have gotten a few more people asking me "what it means". Its always an interesting story to share with folks and even getting people to look at sites like the pownetwork.com and make donations to get bracelets. I was born in 1970 so the war is nothing but print and pictures to me but just wearing the bracelet has made me realize what an amazing sacrifice these people (and you) have put forward on our behalf. Now as the father of 2 small children and living the "American Dream" you and all other soldiers I could never thank enough. I am glad I was able to give you a smile and perhaps a feeling that even the "common" man cares..and really would like to say thank you.

Warmest Personal regards,


From JL a few days later.

Todd, glad you responded. Yes you can use my commdnts, but please not publish the e-mail address. Again, thank you for your article. I lost several good friends in Nam, one a high school buddy who was killed with the 101 Airborne less than a month in country, JW. I sometimes have a little guilt that I did not serve in Nam, but it wasn't meant to be. Anyway, thanks again for your dedication to the memory of these warriors. PS- if you are a reader, you might want to read Rick Akinson's Long Gray Line sometime. Really hits home.

After a few days I got this:

Todd, I finally broke down and wrote to D, and got this response. Thought I'd pass it on. Hope this finds you ok. I'm winding down my last year here with the State of Arkansas, and planning on becoming a full time trout bum by this time next year. Have a goodun'!

From: SM
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 9:13 PM
To: JL
Subject: Re: Elbert- my Sarge

Thank you for writing this message. I was a very small child when my father was at ASU....I have a couple of memories of the Jonesboro area. My father's birthday is a week from this coming Thursday, October 13th. My mother and I are planning a trip down to Arlington to place some flowers at his gravesite. Thank you very much for writing and saying such great things about my father, your thoughts and prayers mean so much to me and my family.


This was the note that was responded to above

Don't know if you'll get this, and I have been a long time deciding on sending this... I knew your father whiel I was at ASU in Jonesboro, ar, ert was one of my ROTC instructors, and I considered him a very good friend, and he was possibly the most influential person I knew during the years I was there. I learned of his MIA status while I was serving in West Germany, and only learned of his return in April 2000. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for sharing him with me over the years, and I am forever saddened at the loss of this great man. God be with you and all of Sarge's family.

Area 4, Osceola

Finally in October of 2005 I got this:


I was given your email address by JL. He had emailed me about my father, Elbert W. Bush. He said you had an interesting story that I might like to hear. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

I responded (of course quickly)

I wore one of those bracelets for a lot of years with your dads name on it. After he was found and given a proper burial I just posted my thoughts on wearing it on my web site. Here is the direct link.
(old link)
I am not sure what really to say, its odd to hear from someone so close to him. I just did something small out of respect.
I hope you enjoy the story and a few pictures.
Warmest personal regards

Finally the last response:


Great story....I have to thank you very much. One of the best friends I have on earth was introduced to me by a similar method. He had bought my father's bracelet at the Vietnam Memorial as well. He found me back in 2001 and he mailed me the bracelet, to say the least we've been super tight every since. I've even taken him down to Arlington with my family.

My father's birthday is this coming Thursday....if you have a spare moment, say a little prayer for him. I'll be heading down to Arlington to give him some flowers and it makes me feel so good that there are people out there like yourself who do care.


So that is the story of the "bracelet".

Looking back and reading this again has filled me with some sense of pride. I am not sure I'd ever be able to do what the men and women do in our military. I am glad most of all that someone was touched by such a simple act.

Take a moment this weekend to thank a Veteran.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Pt 1

I had posted this on a web site a few years ago. Since Memorial Day is this weekend
I wanted to "re-post" in blog land with the hope that a few other people might see it.

This is Part 1 (don't worry neither is too long) I edited a little bit on some "tense" (past/present) but the dates you see were the actual dates.

The Story of the "bracelet"

One of the longest commitments in my life had and has been to a bracelet. Yes, of all things a slab of metal strapped around my wrist. The bracelet is a POW Bracelet that I got initially because I thought it would be "cool". 12 years later I actually got to take it off, for very good reason.

POW Bracelets were worn by family and friends of War Veterans either MIA or, never had their bodies recovered. It was a testament to the spirit to get the hero's and family members home.

I put the bracelet on the evening of a friend of my family's wedding after another friend returned from Washington D.C. with a bracelet he got at the Vietnam War Memorial. The bracelet simply read:

SSGT Elbert W. Bush
USA 01-08-73 SVN

On one end it read MS and the other had the POW logo

I put it on and that was that. Over the years I got the "is that a medic alert bracelet" or is that an "id bracelet". The most interesting thing is that I had the bracelet on for years and I would go weeks with nobody asking me about it, then in the course of one week I'd have 3 people ask me. After telling them it was "something to do" most people commended me for my efforts but nothing prepared me for a day at the post office.

I was at the counter and the gentleman helping stopped, looked and asked "May I ask if that is a POW Bracelet"? I answered him yes and we began to chat. The key thing is I have no association at all with the Bush family it was a random name on a bracelet at first. The man was very happy to see someone "not forgetting". It seems he was in the Vietnam War and was very moved that I made the effort to not forget. It was a simple exchange of words but this came about 10 years into wearing it on a daily basis, only removing it for a brief moment now and again for a backside cleaning.

One day I searched the web to see if he was ever "found" or brought home. Finally he was home. Identified only by a few teeth Elbert Wayne Bush was "home".

At this time I felt it was "okay to remove the bracelet". I wasn't sure what to do next. Do I send it to the family, what do I do. Sometimes the web can provide good information and I found a site called POW Network that answered all my questions. The best option for me was to place the bracelet at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC. Elbert W.Bush was removed from my wrist officially on June 25, 2002.

A lifelong friend of mine, who at the time was working for the US Army in the D.C. area was contacted and I asked him if he could place the bracelet at the wall for me. He was honored to take up the task.

The same day a new bracelet was "purchased" (i.e., donation to the veterans) and the process will start all over again. The same day (June 25, 2002) that Mr. Bush was removed

USAF 06-17-66 SVN/ON

was placed on my wrist. And so the saga will continue.

The bracelet was placed at the Wall and my friend took some pictures.

Photo One is the entrance to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C.

Photo Two is Elbert W. Bush on the wall

Photo Three is the bracelet at the wall and it was placed directly behind the wreath that President Bush laid out for Veterans Day.

It now almost seems cliché when you hear "thank a veteran" but in these times I realize what it is they do for our country and I would like to say "thank you".

To get a bracelet you can go to any Army/Navy Store, the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. or on line Pow Network.org

Some links:
To order your own bracelet: Pow Network.org
Mr. Bush's Biography: here
another w/a picture : here
To "adopt" a Veteran : click here

Part Two Tomorrow - A family responds.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

about time...

FINALLY it seems that someone will knock some of these college athletes down to earth.

Well done! Footballers to clean the stadium


Grateful Dead Radio is due to launch this summer on Sirius. Should be cool stuff indeed.

not a lot to post..took the day off yesterday to deal with some school things for the kids and all is looking good for the fall.

TV season is done for me so its time to read some. First..i need to catch up on magazines! man those things breed when you are not home.

I think that is it..

Monday, May 21, 2007

Schrute Bucks..

That didn't take long...

Get yours here
or the Stanley nickel right here

Friday, May 18, 2007

I wanna see your smiling face before the new day begins

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. This "dust off" was thanks to not one, but THREE mentions of said artist on some non music blogs over the last week and a half. If you have never heard this artist give the mp3's a listen you may become a fan. You can stream em, or save em to your computer.

Thanks as always for reading.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crappy day?

Yesterday I went to lunch with some co-workers to grab a sandwich/salad. If I told you I got a salad you'd never believe it, but I did.

Anyhow the location of this place requires us to "loop around" so we take the highway back 1 exit.

We were starting to get off the highway and there was a guy outside his pickup truck picking up a scatting of papers. One of the women in the car says "He must have lost something important to get out and clean up those papers" (it looked like 8-10 sheets).

Then we see it.

What appears to be a brand new, "larger" stainless steel grill on its side.

"Holy CRAP!" I yell, "Looks like his grill fell out of the back of his pickup"

That is one time a person is allowed to respond to the question "How was your day?" With "Crappy".

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ahhh drat...

Well hockey is now over for me for the season. Last night the Providence Bruins lost game six to the Manchester Monarchs 2-1.

The first period was great. A lot of emotion, very quick and tough played game. The first period ended 1-1. We were looking okay. Manchester went ahead in the second and that was all it took. The Bruins got a power play with a smidge over 2 minutes left. 1:45 left they pulled the goalie..it was 6 on 4 and some great wheeling around in the offensive zone. Alas, the game ended 2-1 with the PBs being on the downside.

I stood around to watch the players shake hands and noticed that after the Bruins shook hands they came back around and stood as a group on their blue line. Manchester left the ice and then it happened...

The players all raised their sticks and waved to the people left in the seats. The ovation was thunderous. A 100% class act move. I have never ever seen that done (barring a said fan appreciation night). A few players gently laid sticks over the glass to younger fans.

Class actions from a classy organization. Sure the hot dogs are cold and the sodas overpriced but all that is secondary to the product on the ice in my mind. My payment has been recieve and I await the scheudle for the upcoming season.

Rest up guys, enjoy the summer and see you in the fall.

Monday, May 14, 2007

F**King all F**k it to hell..

NBC released its fall line up (show time wise) and guess what...

The Office will be on at 9pm.

Great..real great. Up against CSI and Grey's Anatomy. Sure CSI may have lost some lustre but was that show out of the top 5 all season?

that makes three things I watch (or like to watch) at 9pm on Thursdays.

Rumor has it John K is sleeping w/freaking Renee Zelwig-ah...eewww so nasty.

Way to kill off a great show NBC..well done.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Charlie’s daughter died whilst giving birth to Billy Jackson’s child

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. Upon clicking your are either going to say "awww yeah" or "who?" Either way check it out..trust me okay?

Thanks as always for reading.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mothers Day

Just a quick question for the moms that read this blog.

What things do you like on Mothers Day? Time off, breakfast or dinner..a simple sign of affection from the family/husband..perhaps flowers or a gift card? Basic simple stuff no?

I read recently NOT to get women anything electronic. Then yahoo today has the top 10 electronic items to give mom.

What gives?

Before you say "uh oh March hasn't shopped yet" I just want to say "I have" and I am done. Just trying to make converation.

On a side note the Providence B's fell to Manchester last night 3-2. Series tied 2-2. I get a LEAST one more game on Monday. Lets go B's!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Providence Bruins are up 2-1 in the best of 7 series. Last night little march and I took in the game and it was just great. Even taking away the win just hanging w/little march was a blast. She'd rather have "one more fried dough" than see an extended 5 on 3 powerplay but still...

All the goals last night were "special teams" goals. Providence had a Short handed and Power Play and Manchester had a powerplay.

Headed to the game tonight with Dim
and I think the cast of characters I sit around may give him some "blog fodder".

Lets Go Bruuuuuuuu-Ins!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dorky Dad alert.

This weekend wasn't too bad. My parents had asked for some help doing some yard work so little march and I headed over and worked for a few hours. I was amazed at the hard work little march put down. Even her grandmother commented on how hard she had worked. Towards the end you could tell there was burn out so she collected pine cones (a full handle grocery bag full of them) so we can burn them in our backyard fire place.

After spreading close to six yards of mulch little march and I headed for home not before we stopped for "Free Comic Book Day". A local group of people who dress up in Star Wars costumes were there to take pictures with. Now before you scream dorks..they pose for pictures for charity only. Little March was not too sure about posing then I said I would with her and she hardly stood still for the pictures. The organization is/was 501st Legion so check em out (dork or not the costumes are unreal)

That is about it..we crashed out hard that night..too much hard work.

Dull post sorry..but felt that the 501 needed a mention.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Susan and Norman, you're so normal.

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. A pretty impressive and revolving door of musicans played on this record, its worth a read. (i'd say that if I didn't write it)

Thanks as always for reading.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

just random stuff

No real direction on this post but here goes.

YES - Providence B's win game one last night to go up 1-0 in the best of 7. 6-3 win. Awww right.

Why does coffee taste so much better with cream? Sweet lord. It is rare I ever use cream but when I do..man oh man...wow.

I saw and ad today for the the new Coors Light Label. I guess the Mountains on the label turn blue when the beer reaches "ideal temperature". This company has more stuff built in to their labels. Are they not the same beer that has the label that "won't heat up your beer from the heat of your hand" or some crap. It is still really a horrible horrible beer none the less.

A guy last night in pickup hockey did "something" to a knuckle on his pinky finger. It was not broken but sweet lord if that thing is not some shade of purpleblackorangeyellow today...

The "game" was good fun last night. There is a guy that plays now and then that is just freaking amazing. Seriously. Fast, unreal hands, an amazing shot. Just awesome to watch and even better to skate with, but you think you are just making him mad by missing a pass or screwing up. He doesn't care. He is one of those guys that could score each time he shoots but he doesn't shoot very often. Rumor has it he got asked to the Bruins camp a few years ago and his half speed is my full speed x2.

I think that is all I have on the brain at the moment...