Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Contest Winner(s)

Congrats to
Tess and Jacob winners of the Sonic Youth Book!. Look for your books next week (I'll get to the post office later this week).

Hope to run more in the future.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cry and whispers sing in muted pain

Happy Friday to you! Hopefully the sun is out in your area (its been 10+ days and counting of mist/overcast here).

Hope you might check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

This week a band that was really only big in the Boston area at the outset, but after years away they got the appreciation they so richly deserved and earned!

Thanks to all for reading.

also, don't forget to enter the contest. We draw winners on Monday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Running a contest!!

People just love to win stuff. Jump over to Forgotten Disc Friday and see how you can win a copy of book about the band Sonic Youth.

Here is the book you can win.

Jump over to FDF for all the details.

Thanks to Suzanne at Da Capro Press for the copies.

Good luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I can't recall the day that I last heard from you

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

This week an alternative music "juggernaut". I am sure most people have at least heard of this band.

Thanks to all for reading.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Might Be Giants - Berklee, Boston MA 6/13/09

They Might Be Giants
Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA
Saturday, June 13, 2009
All Ages Family Show

A few years ago we were able to see They Might Be Giants do an in store for the"Here Comes the A-B-Cs" record. They played a fun filled 30 minute set but it left us all wanting more. Time has passed, a second kids record was released (Here Come the 1-2-3's) which won a grammy and the band would do a smattering of all ages shows from time to time, but we never seemed to time it right.

The mid afternoon show appeared to be just about full with families ready for a fun afternoon of music. The band arrived on stage shortly after 3pm and played for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Right before the show a roadie came to the edge of the stage with about 10-12 "Foam Fingers" and he proceeded to hand them out. My oldest got one and my youngest stood waiting his turn and the roadie went to get more. Alas, an overzealous child took the finger from my son and he was not too thrilled. A happy ending though, thanks to the dad sitting next to us, he offered his daughters, saying she had one for a prior show. Thanks to that Dad whomever and wherever you are.

The guys were all smiles and greeted everyone with band introductions and asked everyone that had a camera phone to take it out and shoot pictures. The guys each waved to the cheering masses and then began "Fibber Island" which comes form their first kids record "No".

The band would hardly slow down keeping the audience well in the palm of its hand and just having a whole lot of fun. Singer/guitarist John Flansburgh noted that this would be the most audience participation based show we'd ever be involved in. We'd clap, we'd dance, we'd sing it was a full on fan participation type show.

John Linnell would rotate between keyboards and accordion while drummer Marty Beller would leave his drum kit to sing "Alphabet Lost and Found" and he would camp it up a lot during his "lead vocal duties" running around the stage. Bassist Danny Weinkauf would also have his "lead singer' hat on as well when he sang "Paleontologist" (something like that..from there next cd Here Comes Science) as well as "Where do they Make Balloons".

About 3/4 of the way through the set they had the confetti cannons go off and you'd think the kids all died and went to heaven. Grabbing it by the hand full and stuffing in pockets for "later use?", it didn't matter.

The band wrapped up the main set and left the stage for a short time before returning for a two song encore. The final song was a very spirited version of Istanbul Not Constantinople. I apologize in advance as I can't recall the trumpet players name (if anyone knows please update me) as he was great. His playing was great on "Dr Worm" and Istanbul.

If you have kids ages 4-12..or kids of that age available to you..go check out one of these shows, they are so much fun.

Updated - Found the set list..so here it is.
Band Intro
Fibber Island
Alphabet of Nations
I want to be a Palentologist
Never Go to Work
Particle Man
Alphabet Lost and Found
Clap Your Hands
4 of 2
Robot Parade
Figure 8
Where do they Make Balloons
Bed Bed Bed
One Dozen Monkeys
Graveyard (On set but not played)
Instanbul Not Constantanople...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You don't say??!

So Friday I get home from work and there is a large box at the Front Door. I put it away and don't think much if it

Sunday I am in the yard and see something hanging on the door.

Thanks for this...really since you left the package where you said you would. Did they need to do this??

(sorry I tried to rotate it about 10 times and it told me I didn't have the ability to edit it??) oh well..crick your neck..sorry.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Phish - Comast Center, Mansfield,MA June 6, 2009

Comcast Center, Mansfield Ma
Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well, we can make it a bakers dozen. This was my 13th show. I am sure it pales in comparison to many, but from what I could tell at this show I was 12 up on many.

The band had taken a hiatus in recent years, only allowing for their mystique to grow even more. Many younger fans at the show(s) by all accounts. The key will be to see if the young fans can also turn in to the "smart fans".

Having "seats" on the lawn is less than perfect in my opinion. I am a music fan first, so the "masses on the grass" are sort of kept out of it so much. People were fine, cool, fun you name it..but I felt so far out of the event at times it was frustrating.

The band had reformed, cleaned up and are even prepping a new studio album. A show at Fenway Park earlier in the week had fans buzzing they were "back". Everyone was hoping for a really strong show and what we got, at least to me, was a split decision.

Opening set one at about 20 before 8 was "Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan". Sort of a honest to goodness what the heck sort of tune. Don't get me wrong, they sounded good and looked to be having fun but it was sort of an odd set one opener. They played "Nothing" next and that got some bodies moving but I think many were sort of wondering where the band was going to take the music this night.

The band got moving a few songs later on "Golgi Apparatus" and that really seemed to spark the audience, but we sorta went up and down once more. Sparkle was okay and then Gotta Jibbo, a fun song, but just a mid tempo sorta track.

The rest of the set to me was largely forgettable. Sorry to the hardcore fans, but I call em as I seem em. Too many mid tempo, slow tunes. I am all for diversity but it was just wasn't happening.

On the plus side was the solos were tight, the music was even, nobody was way up in the mix..and the lights were great.

Set one ended about 10 before 9 and the set breaks, which before the hiatus got to be really far to long, was pretty short. They hit the stage again just about 9:20. Not sure if that is because of the strict 11pm curfew or what, but I didn't mind.

Set two I figured we'd really get a ripping opener, but once more I was left with a headscratcher in "7 Below". Our patience (well mine a least) was rewarded when "Fluffhead" was played. It was fun, explosive at times and real tight. "Scent of a Mule" was much the same and they kept it fun with "Heavy Things". It felt a smidge out of place, but at least it was uptempo. The one two punch of "Harry Hood" and "Possum" had the lawn just reeling and we were calmed down with an extended "Bug" to wrap up the main set.

The Comcast Center has a history of being the worst venue ever to get out of after a show. I had talked to my buddy before the show about leaving at the encore and we decided to see how we felt.

Both of us were sort of ehh on the show. Set one was sort of a dud but set 2 was really strong so we wanted to see what the encore was.

They began with "Contact" so we started to walk. It being an open air show we could hear a fair amount. They also played "Julius" but we were at the gate by that point. A smart move. We got to see the show and didn't have to sit for hours.

Overall it was a hit or miss affair. I wanted more of a ripping show. I am not the fan that needs to hear a song that hasn't been played in 600 shows. I just want to hear some good tunes and have fun. The best news is that the band seems to clearly be having fun and the playing was very tight. That is a good sign.

Will I go again, sure. One show a band like this can not be judged on.

The whole set:

1: Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Nothing, Back on the Train, Golgi Apparatus, Sparkle, Gotta Jiboo, Lawn Boy, Let Me Lie*, Taste, Makisupa Policeman, Prince Caspian

2: 7 Below, Fluffhead, Scent of a Mule, Heavy Things, Harry Hood, Possum, Bug

E: Contact, Julius
Notes:* debut Phish performance (from Trey's solo album "Bar 17")


Friday, June 12, 2009

Whoops there goes another pint of beer...

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

The artist this week has a rabid following but may not be so well known to mainstream audiences. This is a great record, glad I went back to this.

Thanks to all for reading.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Isis - Paradise, Boston, MA June 5, 2009

Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA
Friday, June 5, 2009
Support - Pelican, Tombs

Friday night Isis ripped through a 90 minute set in front of a sold out (packed to the gills honestly) set at the Paradise in Boston. Isis, who were a "Boston band" for a few years relocated to Los Angeles a few years back, but when they come through their hometown it is often a great set as friends and family come in in droves to support the band.

Currently on the road to support their 2009 release "Wavering Radiant" the band focused on the new record but did dive into their extensive back catalog as well.

Singer/guitarist Aaron Turner took the stage and waved hellos and the band, after some quick tuning were right into it. The sound was deep and booming and the band was really feeding off one another. Keyboardist/Guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer had a rather laid back role at times focusing on the keyboard vs. the guitar, but when he did play there were three guitars going. Bassist Jeff Caxide has the most "punched' bass I have ever heard (live or studio). I am not sure what effect he uses but his bass notes have this unreal "chime" and punch all at the same time.

The set didn't lack on pure power. The band really can fall in to an extensive heavy hitting groove and the band was feeding off the energy. Turner, who sings with the gruffest howl of anyone making music never waiverd, I am not sure how he feels at the end of the show because it sounds like it "hurts" and he has no backing vocal support. That can be the "put off" point for some fans, and even the audience was barking out requests emulating Turners voice. Personally I have to say I do prefer their instrumental stuff more, but the last few records have focused on vocals, so I don't see them reverting back, at least full time ever again.

Chicago band Pelican was the middle slot band. The band recently changed labels (now on Southern Lord) and touring on the bulk of their 2007 release "Cities of Echos". They opened with "Far from Fields" from the aforementioned record and proceeded to really get the audience into their set. Guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec. Lebec with his non stop head bop feed off the break neck back beat and rhythm of brothers Bryan Herweg (bass) and Larry Herweg (drums). Trevor de Brauw is also on guitar and he also plays like this is his last show, just putting it all out there. The band has a new ep called "Ephemeral" of which the title track was played. The biggest treat of the night came when after about a 30 minute set we were informed it would be last tune. Odd I felt since Isis was not due on stage until 11:20 and it was only about 10:30...but the band launched in to an epic version of their track "The Woods". The studio version is a 12 minute plus gem, but this extended that beyond my expectations. The audience, was left like the band, exhausted and elated.

**sorry I didn't see Tombs**


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boring..but cool...

Had a big milestone this past week. My current mode of transport..the 1998 Honda Civic hit 200,000 miles.

Moments before...

We have a milestone

Nothing like taking a picture on the road..but I was looking up..I swear.

It has been a great car, little or no issues (knock on wood) and I am still on the original clutch.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to...

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

This week I listen to a record that I had on cassette tape, and bought it for one song on that. Upon re listening this one might go back on the shelf for a while, it didn't wow me. (way to sell the readers march)

Thanks to all for reading.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the News

A Los Angeles woman hired a stripper to pose as “her” for her 10th High School reunion. To pull it off she used an ear piece to the stripper to feed her information.

The $100 Million President Obama has ordered cut from his $3.5 trillion budget represents a reduction of 0.0029 percent. If a family with an income of $100,000 cut a comparable amount from its budget, it would spend $3.oo less over the course of a year. – The Christan Science Monitor

The Wall ST Journal was the only major US Newspaper to show circulation gains in the six months from October 2008 through March 2009, although it only grew by less than 1%. –The Associated Press

Sales of over the counter sleeping pills are soaring. Advil PM sales are up 16% during a four week period in March. Some say its because people are worried about the economy. –The New York Times

A New York court has ruled that golfers are not legally required to yell “fore”. A doctor recently lost an eye during a round of golf when a friend struck him with an errant shot. The victim sued saying he should have yelled “fore”. The court felt that getting his is an “inherent danger” to the game.

An 82 year old German called police to complain that someone was playing the same song over and over at all hours. The police checked, and it was one of those greeting cards that played music, that would open and close with the breeze from the window.

Researchers presented volunteers with five types of mashed up food, including pate, duck liver mousse, and dog food, and found that only three of the 18 were able to correctly distinguish the dog food from the others.

The fuel efficient Honda Accord was the best selling vehicle of any kind in the US in April surpassing the Ford F-150 pickup. Its is the first time since October 1991 that the Accord has been the top seller. – USA Today

Remember Joe the Plumber? Well he is leaving the Republican Party because it supports excessive party spending. Samuel Wurzelbacher said, however he opposes any cuts in defense, social security, medicare, or medicaid and noted that he keeps his kids away from “queers”.

More US Households have only cellphones - about 20% than landlines at about 17%. 60% still have both. – San Jose Mercury News

Between 50 and 100 million animals are used every year for scientific and cosmetic research. – The Economist

About 1 Million immigrants became US Citizens last year- the largest one-year surge in history. – LA Times

Over the past two decades, General Motors posted losses of $60 billion- more that its total profits amassed during the previous 80 years. – Financial Times

In 2006, there was not a single trading day when the Dow Jones industrial average rose of fell by 2% or more. In the first quarter of 2009 alone, there were 21 such days. –marketwatch.com

Florida prison officials are apologizing for using 50,000 volt stun guns on children on “Take your Sons and Daughters to Work Day”. It was reported 43 kids were stunned at three separate prisons, most with their parents permission.

11% of the US population between 35 and 44 are now living with their parents or in laws. –New York Times

The New York Yankees are charging $80.00 for a tablespoon of dirt from the old Yankee Stadium. The same dirt costs the Yankees about 4 cents a pound. –Bloomberg.com


Monday, June 1, 2009

First batch of homebrew

About 15 or so years ago I decided to try my hand at making beer at home. It went pretty well...but I never made it again. A few months ago I decided it was time once more. I got all new stuff and decided to get it rolling.

Being a fan of Nut Brown Ale I decided that was what I'd make. The brew process was pretty easy and the bottling went fine. After 2+ weeks in the bottle it was time. I got em nice and cold (I know..cool is better) but wanted it cold.

Here goes....

Okay..we are ready. Beer, glass...opener.

A good pop off the top of the bottle. The foam was easy to control.

A view from above.

Almost done. It was pretty smooth, cool enough, not a ton of carbonation..we have been burp free!

Done! I am overall pleased. The big bottle just ease in the bottle process..and it makes drinking all the more fun. I've got about 20 more bottles to go, already trying to think what I'll do next.