Tuesday, February 27, 2007

March has a "night at the Bruins game"

Last night I went to see the Boston Bruins play the Atlanta Thrashers. I had gotten "free" tickets as part of my "season" tickets with the Providence Bruins. It was a fun time even though the Bruins lost but there are things I just have to share.

Sweet lord. I love me a good hockey game and love it even more when I get to sit in the stands for it. Nothing ruins a game when you have a super obnoxious fan sitting in front of you that knows everything about the game, feels they should be on the ice and to cap it all off this fan is a female.

I am not being sexist here because if it was a dude I'd write the same thing....(just read on.)


Ho-lee-crap. All she did was yell about Bruins defenseman and captain
Zdeno Chara.
She sounded like she smoked 1200 packs of cigs a day too.

I like to cheer a great play or hit. Groan when a post is rung or the ref misses a call (cuz we can see the action better 1150 feet above the ice).

She would not stop. She'd stand up when the Bruins would break out. She'd point and yell at Bruins goalie Tim Thomas
when he made a routine stop. If he'd freeze the puck after a Thrashers flurry she'd say "Okay now Timmy is yelling at them to step up". She'd then follow it with "Come ON CHARA BE A LEADAAAAAAAAHHH".

Now after about 5 minutes were played in the first period 2 "older women" came to our row and sat next to my buddy and I. I'd say comfortably these two women were in their mid to late 50's..if not early 60s. Two ladies out on the town.

My buddy leans over and says "Oh lord what is this?"

I said "You watch...those two women will teach you a thing about the game"

After some further seat adjustments one of the ladies sat to my left and she and I had the best most intelligent hockey talk during the game. She understood the art of the triangle, she knew the calls before the refs. She was just leaning back in her seat...she'd quietly comment and I'd turn slightly and agree. "Why is nobody in front?" "Why do they just dump the puck in?" "Come on back the guy up on the rebound for the one-timer". She was awesome.

Now define a fan of the game. The lady that shows up with a Bruins Jersey signed by some players that spends her evening being passionate about her team but ruining it for everyone by screaming and showing their complete lack of knowledge of the game? Or, the fan that quietly enjoys the game, understands its not easy, yet bleeds black and gold?

I would sit next to "smart" fans any time.

Now there was just as bad "male fans" too. I get a charge out of these guys that complain that beer is 7.50 yet they have 2 in their hand almost done and are in line for two more. Classic.

One rule I'd love to start is that any arena that has a "jumbo tron" that encourages fans to act all crazy to get up on it have an age limit. That age. 10. Nothing is worse than seeing some 3/4 in the bag 20 something raising their 7.50 plastic cup of Bud Light and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ING. If you are under 10 go wild..have fun tell your friends on the playground. If you are older than 20 think of what a tool you'll sound like in the office. "Dude we were drunk and I waved and woooo'd on the jumbo tron".

Also the other trend that needs to stop is the constant barrage of music at the stoppage of play. How many times can I hear "I I I I I" (Crazy Train) or the opening riff to "Welcome to the Jungle". Its played out and its stupid. If a player is making a million dollars a year and hearing "Machinehead" by Bush gets them all "jacked up" trade them..today. I want silence..and if you need to get us to chant Here we go Bruins then play it on the organ. Sounds of the game...the PA for penalty information and goal information. Otherwise STOP it all.

I'll keep complaining...and I'll keep going. I am a sucker on so many levels.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Dull..time to pruge..

Over the weekend we "laid low" which is good. I paid off some bills and went to put things in my "file system" and just realized it was time to see just what was in there. Okay I have been saving stuff way too long. A quick "Hey Mrs March how long should I keep these stubs and this paper work etc?".

The response was music to the ears "Well for those particular...six months". Holy crap..i had stuff since 1998.

Thus began the "shred fest". Its fun to read some old statements that indicate you were once young and had free time to wine and dine your wife (I spent how much on dinner for two??!"). Seeing old checks go buy, old cell phone bills (I know..what I do have those saved for?!)

After a solid hour of shredding with the help of Littlest March (which slowed the process down some) I realized there is much more to do. It looks like you only need to keep cancelled checks until they "come back to you". Save them if it was a check for a "donation" or "home improvement". Otherwise those returned Master Card statements..SHRED em.

I need one of those massive hopper shredders..man its cleansing...and I am addicted. Gimme more to SHRRRRRRRRRREDD.

Man I am so lame..

"How was your weekend?"
me - AWESOME I shredded paper for like 1.5 hrs!

There is something to be said for on-line paperless banking.

Friday, February 23, 2007

She sees a four eyed cartoon monster on the TV Screen

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. Hope you stop over and give some stuff a listen.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I think I am sick..well I am..but there is something wrong

This morning on my ride to work I decided I'd stop and get a coffee. After the holidays I got a fair number of gift cards to Dunkin Donuts (thanks Cash, KP and Jocular) but I haven't been using them for one reason or the other. Today was going to be the day.

I prefer to go in to the store usually, I am not sure why but its a preference of mine. I place my order and as the young man fills my cup with delishious goodness he pauses and asks...

"Would you like a donut to go with this?"

My heart races..the whole ride there I said "no donuts..none". See I have this "thing" about donuts. I love them. I have been known to say "If I were ever to find a genie and be given three wishes..the first would be to make donuts and bacon the healhiest things you can eat".

To further my "issue with donuts" I have "control" issues. I can't have one. I just can't. Dunkin Donuts, although tasty, have the nickname "Shrunken Donuts" as they are about 3 bites worth at best.

So there I stand...asked the question..gift card in hand that could unlock a dozen donuts EASY. I could eat them in the car...and bring in 10 or 8 or 6 for co-workers that share the love.

Suddenly..out of nowhere..and before I could stop myself I said

No...Thank you anyway.

There is something wrong...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Researchers in Dublin have found that 100% of all Irish currency they examined had traces of cocaine.

10% of US College students think that Martin Luther Kings famous "I have a dream" speech was made to advocate the abolition of slavery.

In 2005 51% of women did not live with a spouse, up from 35% in 1950. Most say this is due factors such as women marrying later, living with men out of wedlock, divorcing and not remarrying etc. (NYTimes)

The US devotes only 0.2% of its farm land to food grown without pesticides. Americans eat 42% of the worlds supply of organic food. (Wired)

20% of Americans have nicknames for their car. 30% think of them as either being male or female.

Apple has sold more than 2 billion songs off iTunes. That worked out to 5 million per day or 58 songs per second. (APress)

The most popular car to steal in the USA : The 1991 Honda Accord. A car is stolen in the US every 25 seconds. (Money)

Got a fat dog? Good news the FDA has approved a drug that will help obese dogs.

Of the 535 members of the House and Senate only 25 have come under fire in combat (Newsweek)

5% of Americans qualify as "Compulsive shoppers" (Money)

Reflecting the #1 New Years resolution the market share of the top 10 web suits in the diet category soared 57% in just a 24hr period (From 12/31 to 1/1) -NYTimes

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is one of those days....

Today is one of those days music fans live for. (well music fans with the same taste(s) as me). Not one, not two, but THREE records you have been waiting for all all due today.

The first is from

The band is Explosions in the Sky.

You can order it here because there is a 100% chance your local Target won't have it. Also the band will be on Conan O'Brien tonight or this morning..basically brush your teeth before bed on 2/20 and stay up until you see them. Its going to rule.

Also due today are Jesu (the whole album is streaming there) as well as the long overdue USA proper release of The Magic Numbers. Its called
Those the Brokes and its been out in the UK since November.

Ahhh the sweet sweet sounds of new tunes. The best part is I haven't heard a snippet of any of them. I don't like to download or hear sneak peaks..I want it all at one time.

Good day indeed.

hmmm..the Magic Numbers might not be out today....

Friday, February 16, 2007

This is a mystery not to be solved.

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. Hope you stop over and give some stuff a listen. Join me this week as I blow the proverbial dust off another record that should have laser burns in it from the number of times the cd player spun this.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Man..check out that sweet ride..

No really, check it out. How flippin' sweet are those bikes? In poking around some I found I can buy one off ebay for the cool price of ohhhhh about $800.

I don't remember these particular bikes growing up but there always seemed to be that one kid around that had something slick on his bike. It might have been that Evil Knievel bike hand grip that you'd put on your handlebars and roll it back and forth to have you bike sounds like a motorcycle. For use it was a paper clip and a baseball card. Usually it was any card as long as it was not a Boston Red Sox player because before cable it was hard to even know other players names.

Not even sure where I am going on this post..but its such a cool picture.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yeah hope your Hallmark Holiday is okay...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Umm hmmm

You know those little candy hearts that taste like chalk and have a shelf life of 10+ years? Well you can design your own message on one here. Too bad you are limited to 2 lines of only 4 characters...

Monday, February 12, 2007


Some people are just way too motivated.

also check this out...

Whats going on here? Seems there was a Physical Education teacher in Iowa that wanted to start climbing, but being in Iowa they didn't have much to climb. So, this guy took a hose and started to spray down Silos. The ice on some of these gets to be over 4 feet thick..

Friday, February 9, 2007

Like a great big hit of acid just waiting to be taken.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Random Stuff...

David Wayne Sharpton has won major prizes in the Georgia State lottery..three times in as many years. 2004 he won 350,000 2004 1 million and 2005 2.5 million. He has won them on scratch tickets, has no "secret method" and will keep his job as a repairman of restaurant ovens. When asked if he felt "rich" he responded "I guess..i have a good circle of friends, a good job and a beautiful wife".

A guy in Illinois wanted to see how honest people were so he spent a month dropping wallets around his home town with $2.10 in them and a fake $50 gift certificate. He got back 74 of 100 wallets. Of the 74 all had the $2.10 and gift certificate.

Under-Tec underwear has created a pair of underwear called "gas eaters". They have an airtight design and have charcoal filters in them.

An Argentine soccer fan sued the man who tattooed a penis on to his back instead of the logo of his favorite team. The artist is appeared was a supporter of a rival team.

The fast food industry is bent at the Kevin Federline Superbowl ad saying that it was "demeaning" and that depicting Burger flippers as losers is "negative. Also, Taco Bell offered him a job.

A few weeks ago the Iraq war's 500th amputee was airlifted back to the US. Of the 22,700 US soldiers wounded in the war 2.2% have lost one or more limbs. (Time.com)

In Germany, for a price you can have a weather system named for you. A high pressure system for example will cost you $385 (New York Times)

Males drivers have a 77% higher risk of dying in a car accident then women (AP)

A Starbucks in Beijing's Forbidden City may be shut down due to a news anchorman saying that Starbucks is an "affront to Chinese Culture". Over 500,000 people signed an online petition to have to close. (Financial Times)

59% of commuters experience road rage travelling to and from work. (Money)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Man....so tempting.

Rumor has it that the Police will play in Boston at Fenway Park the home of The Boston Red Sox in late July.

I am sure ticket prices will be obnoxious and I did see Bruce Springsteen there a few years ago. Mrs March is a bigger fan than I, but he was still a decent show.

Fenway does "One show" a year. I kinda wish this was not the venue to play at. Not sure why bands (or people) think this is a good venue for a show.

Ahh well. If its not too crazy I'd like to try and go. I was 12 when they toured last.

Monday, February 5, 2007

One of those once in a lifetime chances..

A few weeks ago my brother, who coaches his sons youth hockey team (as well as refs in his spare time) asked me if I wanted to "Skate with some former Boston Bruins"? I wish I could say my response was immediate, but after checking the family schedule I was able to play. The game was this past weekend.

Now, for most of the locals that read this the two "bigger names" were these two:
John "Pie" McKenzie

and Ken Hodge

As you might be able to tell these guys are no spring chickens, but let me tell you, they made minced meat out of 98% of us out there.

The "local" team was mostly made up of coaches and assistants etc from the town my brother coaches in. There was some "space" so I had the chance to play. The first game was 25 minutes, run time then they took and intermission to clean the ice and take pictures etc. Then it was another 25 minute run time game with the team I was on.

It was no check and no slapshot other than that "rules" were applied but anyone that took this 'serious' needed to have a reality check.

What we all quickly learned is that even the guys that played 1-2 seasons with the Bruins and never really made it per se could skate rings around us. (there was a program of the players and some listed played 2-3 seasons tops with the bruins and I don't even remember them). Anyhow when they could turn it on they did and they made us look like fools. Now you might say "well that is easy cuz you are horrible". I might not be the best but there are and were some good players on my team that were left w/jaws hanging.

You realize how fast the game is.
You realize really how graceful a game it is.

There was one guy "Brickley" (now its not the play by play guy for the Bruins but his "brother") who never even made it out of the Bruins farm team. That guy FLEW. I mean FLEW. Could stop on a dime and toss a quick pass to the tape of a waiting player and wham. And...HE NEVER "MADE IT!"

All in all it was a great time. It was over way to fast but honestly they were beating us good and we lost 8-2 in the end. Good laughs and its something I'll never forget..that and the moment I was in the corner w/McKenzie and he toppled over. It looked like I knocked him over but he just fell...he got me back later though.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Stars leave the morning, Sleep clouds my view

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