Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'll take a bowl of awesome w/a side of awesome.

I got home from work yesterday to two great things...lets go with the cool then the cooler.

A few weeks back I must have signed up for something somewhere (and I wonder why my freaking credit card gets breached) but I got a smallish' package from Universal and I opened it up and out poured:

That's right, buttons. Pins, Flair you name it. The idea was used to promote Universal programs for Emmy consideration. SNL, Leno, Conan, House M.D., Heroes et all..of course the best one...

Maybe I will do some sort of prize package and give some away..not that one though.

To add to that, I had a package.

Cracked that open and inside was this:

That's right, its a cake sized Whoopie Pie. Here it is out of the package even more:

It is massive. It is well over 5lbs and is said to serve 9 to 12 people..hahahahahaha..9 to 12..right.good one.

I had sent one of these in the past to my brother, and this year he hooked me up for my birthday. A massive gut bomb shout out to my brother for this..i need some milk. Oh, order yourself one of these cakes from Wicked Whoopies. They send stuff fast on your schedule..and if the cake is as good as the regular Whoopies I am in for a treat.

I'll cut the "cake" tonight at 7pm..bring your fighting tools and a glass for milk.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Howdy part 2

Well if that isn't a fine how do you do?

Vacation was decent enough..ate my fair share of bad stuff.

Coming back to work has been ehhh. I was able to check email occasionally during the week and it was nice to delete "spam" and other stuff so when i arrived at the office today I was able to sort of "dive right in". Still..getting up early today..not so cool.

I'll have something else to add soon enough.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Still alive...

currently on vacation...

should be away from a computer...

but I guess it is my crack....

Looking forward to a lot of reading when I get back.


Friday, July 18, 2008

What happened to the attitude you used to have in school?

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the News 7/17 edition...

had a fair number of these ready to lets do it..

Only 6% of men wear ties every day to work.

A Tennessee man is suing his church for 2.5 million dollars, claiming someone should have been there to catch him when he collapsed in religious ecstasy.

The McMurdo research base in Antarctica recently stocked up for 2 months of darkness. In the shipment, 16,500 condoms.

A Massachusetts apartment building burnt down because of the fumes from 45 gallons of gas a couple had been saving.

To curb her boredom David Beckham bought his wive a vineyard for her 34th birthday.

The presidential contenders this year so far have spent $201 million on television commercials. In 2000 it was just 37 million. USA Today.

The day Tiger Woods won the masters (a Monday in an sudden death round) Wall St trading fell 71 million shares.

A six year old boy in Illinois was approved for a credit card with a $600 limit. He filled out the form correctly and listed his birth year as 2002 and income as $0.00.

Al Gore's energy consumption in his Tennessee home rose 10% in 2007. He consumes 50% more electiry every month than the average American does in a year.

One in four adults in New York City is infected with the genital herpes virus. This is 7 percentage points higher than the national average. - Associated Press.

A Chicago public school system gave a new car to a 12 year old girl as a reward for her perfect school attendance record.

Pele, the Brazilian soccer icon, was recently mugged in Sao Paulo. He shouted "I am Pele" to the group of young men, none were impressed and took his watch, chain and cell phone.

With the high gas prices Americans drove 1.4 billion fewer highway miles this past April than in April of 2007. -

Network TV news coverage of the war in Iraq has scaled back. The three big networks evening newscasts have devoted 181 minutes to Iraq, compared to 1,157 minutes for all of 2007. - New York Times

Gym memberships fell for the first time in a decade in 2007. - LA Times.

The IRS is trying to reach the 5 million folks who haven't filed their tax forms needed for them to qualify for the federal stimulus checks. Most are veterans or senior citizens who have not filed.

Frederic J. Baur, the deceased designer of the Pringles Potato Chip can, had his cremated remains buried in one of his inventions.

Lillian Cox of Florida just had her drivers license renewed for another 3 years...she is 101 years old.

A dutch man who pressed his bare ass to a restaurant window pressed just too hard, it broke and he had many wounds.

AAA is now reporting more road side calls for drivers who have run out of gas. With the high cost, fewer are actually filling all the way up. Associated Press

76% of American commuters drive alone to work - USA Today

Vinyl records and turntables have spiked in sales 500% every year for the last four years. The Boston Globe

Venice has banned the feeding of pigeons in St Mark's Square. There are an estimated 60,000 pigeons and they have been known to attack tourists with food, on top of making a mess. LA Times.

8 months left in President Bush's term has seen the quiet exit of administration officials leave for new jobs. 56% of the 1,100 jobs under Bush's direct control are vacant or filled by temps. Washington Post

Spam sales are up 9% in recent months. Associated Press

If you factor in live performance royalties, cd sales and other revenue sources, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" could eventually generate $572 million dollars in revenue. Portfolio

Oprahs has seen her ratings fall and her magazine readership fall by 10% in three years. New York Times


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random stream of things...

I keep hearing how great the new Batman movie is, and how this is/was going to launch Heath Ledger. As horrible as it sounds, am I the only one that thinks there wouldn't be as much fuss if he were still alive?

A Foo Fighters song just came up..."Monkey Wrench". Every time I hear the Foo's I think what Dim once said regarding the band and how strong a guitar player/songwriter Dave Grohl is. He said something like "Imagine if Nirvana actually let him do more".

I was flipping around the channels the other night and passed a show about "exterminators". I think its a series. I sort of hate those shows on many levels. When I see homes over run with Mice my first reaction is "how does one let it get this bad?" Then, for the rest of the week I think my own home is overrun with every sort of vermin imaginable. Note to self..skip that show.

How the heck did we get to the "middle of July" already? I had a chat w/a co-worker about how I haven't been to the beach this year, and I am not sure we will get there. The little Marches are not ravenous for the beach so that doesn't push us to get our act together either.

I was thinking the other night, you know how people do those holiday newsletters about what is going on with them, and most of us sort of make fun of getting them....honestly..don't you really like them? I much that I was thinking of doing one this year.

In the last week I have gotten thru about a 15 magazine backlog. Sort of makes you wonder how you can let it get that bad, and then take 1.5 hrs to "get through" them all.

Littlest March was outside in his pedal car the other day and I was looking at my front walk. I was thinking it would be cool to have the time, money and skill to rip that out and lay down a nice brick walk. I got so caught up in how awesome it would look and that everyone that saw it will ask me if it was a pro that did it..and when I tell them I did it they will beg me to do a walk at their house and I can work outside, on my own terms for 8-10 months out of the year. Then I grabbed a bowl of chips and soda and fell back in to my comfort zone.

It is going to warm up the next few days..and I think I actually like the heat when it is on my terms. Meaning I hate it when it is hot and I am in the car, but the idea of t-shirts and shorts and moving slowly just to not break a sweat..something about that.

Chili Peppers on the radio now...remember when soccer moms had NO idea who they were?

Speaking of soccer moms..well, of soccer at least, I can't get little march to commit to another session of soccer. Littlest tells me he wants to, but he also tells me he is Peter Parker (aka Spiderman shhhh) before I drop the registration fee me and Peter err Littlest need to really talk.

I got bit by the Mtn Bike bug a few weeks back and its been a slow process to find time to get on the bike. I bought a decent warm weather shirt as well as a new pair of shorts..the tags are off of them, i just haven't gotten them dirty yet.

Just was reading on a box of Mini Wheats a banner that said "Clinically shown to improve kids' Attentiveness by nearly 20%. Good thing they said kids..because I got half way through reading it and lost interest.

That's enough...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boris - The Middle East, Cambridge MA, July 11, 2008

Middle East, Cambridge MA
Friday, July 11, 2006
Support - Torche, Clouds

A few years ago, in many of the rock magazines I get, I started to read of this band "Boris". The band had released a record that was making all these year end best of lists. After reading a few, and realizing it was music that I'd probably like I decided to check out the album "Pink" that had been getting such great reviews. After getting that record I started to slowly gather a cd here and there. Earlier this year "Smile" was released to glowing reviews. A grabbed the cd and tried to wrap my head around it. They are not a band for everyone, and even at times can be too much for even me. The end reward has always proven to be great. All that being said, once I saw they were playing locally I had to grab a ticket.

It was not a particularly out of the ordinary hot day but when I arrived and had my ID checked I felt the doors open that lead to the downstairs room and the wall of hot air rushed up. This was going to be a hot one. Musically I hoped for hot..but it was going to be a sweat box.

The 575 capacity room was "sold out" and as I entered the room Torche was wrapping up their set. I checked out the merch table for Boris. They had a slew of merchandise (the new cd alone is their 14th release). T-shirts, posters, cds, dvds, rare limited vinyl and what have you. It was fun to look over the things and see what some people were picking out.

Between bands the club actually lets people outside to smoke so the front of the room tends to free up some. I decided to make my way about 15 feet straight off the center of the stage. It was hot, real hot just standing there. Once the sold out room shuffled back in I knew it was going to be something.

Taking the stage about 11:30 the members set in front of their instruments. To my left (facing the stage) was guitarist Wata. She had a Les Paul guitar and a stack of Orange Amps that towered over her. To the center was Takeshi who played a double neck guitar/bass and sang the lead vocals. To the right was touring partner and collaborator Michio Kurihara on guitar and tucked in the back, shadowed by a massive gong was drummer Atsuo. The audience roared in approval as the members settled in and "Flower Sun Rain", the lead off track from "Smile" began. Atuso after warming up the gong sat in his drum seat and played the tambourine over his head. The track is very mellow for a Boris tune. As the track faded most of the people in attendance knew it was time to give the amps a work out.

The guitar/bass amps were stacked so high to the ceiling it was crazy. If there was under 6 inches between the tops of the guitar amps to the ceiling I'd be shocked. Sure enough we didn't need to wait long as the band hammered out the one/two punch of "Buzz In" in to "Laser Beam". The audience, not hot enough it seemed started to actually mosh a little. Atsuo would fire off drum rolls and shout into his headset microphone while Takeshi and Michio laid down the big riffs...but the biggest noise came from the smallest member Wata. She tore up her guitar. She didn't move around much, but she didn't need to. She was busy melting faces with her monster riffs.

The set list was the entire new cd "Smile" performed. The first few tracks were from "Smile" then "Pink" and "Floorshaker" were thrown in before the band returned to completing the "Smile" set.

Atsuo continually fired off his "wa-hoos" and other cat calls from behind the drum kit. He arrived on stage in a fully unbuttoned silk shirt, white gloves and that comical headset mic..but he never failed to entertain.

Due the the language barrier there was little stage banter at all outside a cat call and the introduction of Michio.

As the set drew towards a close the band began the 16+ minute untitled album closer. Stretched well beyond 16 minutes it was a wall of feed back drenched with e-bow and delay. Atsuo beat the tar out of his gong then rushed to the edge of the stage before diving out and crowd surfing about half way back on the floor before being returned and bashing the gong further. The wall of sound was almost un-nerving at times. I have been to a lot of shows and a lot of loud shows but how people stood there with out ear plugs is a mystery.

Had the heat not been so bad (I swear I had puddles in my sneakers and I was just standing there) the band may have come back for an encore, but who knows. The little I have read they usually renter the stage and their gear useless after the final song so who knows.

Full set:
Flower Sun Rain
Buzz - In
Laser Beam
My Neighbour Satan
Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sk Ki- No Ones' Grieve
You Were holding an umbrella
untitled (last track on Smile)

Overall it was a decent show. Had a rough week so this was just what I needed to unwind some. If you want to find out more, or hear something from them check out the bands myspace page, or their official page

Even more on Wiki


Friday, July 11, 2008

Severe language warning... be warned..i am pissed

I swear..sometimes a watch it..cuz...right now calls for a massive


some shit stain stole a credit card of mine and used it..not once but a few times.
greasy fucking asshole used it to register some domain names, send is trailer trash life partner flowers and other fucking shit.

fucking fuck it all to fucking fucking hell.

Mother FUCKER..not this week, not ever.

my fucking fingers are tired from calling credit card companies
my fucking ears hurt from listening to what to do
my fucking chest hurts from my heart beating so god damn fucking fast

to whomever you are..where ever you it up fucker..because from today on may your armpits be infested with the swarm of a thousand locusts. may your crotch be infested with every scary bump, blister, mole, scab, boil and ingrown hair possible. I hope you get hemorrhoids so bad that even baby wipes won't work..thus forcing you to use a washcloth on a stick to clean yourself. i hope you don't get a date for prom, i hope you get a flat tire during rush hour (probably in your stolen car) i hope you are one person off the "lucky 1000th visitor". I can't wish you death because that is mean and a threat so

i hope your asshole grows over.
i hope your hair falls out
i hope you rip the worst smelling fart in front of the boy/girl you long to date
i hope your favorite cd skips on your favorite track
i hope you have hangnails on EVERY finger
i hope when you order mayo on your sandwich you get mustard
i hope tom cruise moves in next door to you
i hope (if you work) every meeting is scheduled around lunch time
i hope everywhere you go there is single ply toilet paper
i hope you bite your tongue and cheek during your next meal
i hope you get 1000 email chain letters a day
i hope you wipe your ass with poison ivy
i hope someone ruins an ending of a movie before you see it
i hope that in said movie cell phones ring, people talk and babies cry
i hope you lose your car keys
i hope you get gum on your shoe
i hope only ketchup water comes out of the bottle onto your hot dog

you fucker I fucking hate you.

seriously..asshole..fill out a credit card form and run up debt like almost everyone else.

Fuck i am so fucking pissed.

I saw the sun go down and now it's comin' up...

File under: Wow.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today has officially sucked...

Just been a long day with a series of problems. Sort of a saving grace that I am home to deal with them, but man, I am wiped out from this. I am sure tomorrow or a few days from now I'll be able to smile about all this..but man I hate days like this.

In a nutshell..
Go to start laundry this morning..water on the dryer and basement floor. Clean up.
Later realize its probably the shower/toilet upstairs. Go and flush.
Come back to basement..water.
Call plumbers. One tells me 140.00 just to come "look". Thankfully I get one.
We poke around..think *maybe* septic heart stops.
I dig out the cover..we check..nope..looks as good as a septic tank can.
Flush toilets on one floor to be sure.
Flush toilet on second floor and we've got water in the basement.
He has to cut the old pipe to remove.
Pipe comes out after 2 diamond blades and about 45 minutes
Pipe has 'stuff' in it. Thankfully tarp and buckets there to catch.
He wraps up his work. I pay him...
He leaves. I clean up the rest of the stuff.
Go to wash my hands in bathroom
Water comes pouring out from under the vanity.
Back on phone..laughing to plumber that was at the house earlier to hide my "i am gonna kill someone voice"
He says he is still *working* and can come down later/today.

I offically hate water today..and I am fast getting to be broke.

Monday, July 7, 2008

In The News : July 7th

Schools around the country began to institute a minimum grade of 50, rather than zero. Educators said the adjustment would encourage student performance.

The number of aliens crossing the US border has dropped in the last 18 months. Various reasons such as better security, as well as a poor US economy has kept many 'home'. Only 859,000 were caught trying to cross the border, down from 1.07 Million in 2006. - Newsweek.

Gas stations that use the "scrolling numbers" can not register prices of gas higher than 3.99. There are about 8,500 of these in the US. - Washington Post.

Americans throw out about 27% of the 350 million pounds of food they buy every year. - New York Times.

With energy costs soaring new homes are actually being built "smaller". One builder in Oklahoma is building 1,800 square foot luxury homes, down from 6,000 sq feet just a few years ago. Money.

A Minnesota man who struck and killed a dog is suing the dogs owners for the damages to his car.

Americans threw out, or recycled, 68 million televisions last year. Washington Post

One in five cars sold in the US in April of 2008 was a subcompact car, up from One in Eight just 10 years ago. - New York Times

Thirty years ago (in mid May) the first spam, an invitation to a computer demonstration, was sent to users of Arpanet, the Internets predecessor. Now, business will spend an estimated 42 billion fighting e-mail spam this year, up from 34 billion last year. Washington Post.

An author of 12 guidebooks admitted to cutting corners recently, so much so he wrote about Columbia from his home in San Francisco. The author said he didn't have the money to travel and got information from a woman he was dating.

More than 1,300 Catholic schools in the US have closed since 1990. Enrollment in the US now is about 2.3 Million, down from a peak of 5.2 million in the early 1960's. - USA Today

Taxpayers in 2008 spent an average of $207 on tax prep, up from $185 three years ago. The self employed tax payer paid an average of $444 to put their takes together. Associated Press

A Canadian company has created the male version of the wonderbra..but its for flat bums! The company is called "Bottoms Up"

A man in Texas was arrested when he tried to cash a check for $360 Billion dollars. He told police he was starting his own record label and the money was from his girlfriends mother to get the label off the ground.

Retro eyeglasses are so popular now that many retailers provide them with "clear" lenses. - Wall St. Journal.

In the last 6 months there have been 15 near misses on US Airport Runways, that is twice the amount in the prior 6. - NY Times.

There is only one company that makes pinball machines, Stern Pinball of Melrose Park Ill. They make 10,000 games a year and 90% go directly to peoples homes or to Europe. - NY Times.

Once again, the New York Yankees have Major League Baseball's most valuable franchise with an estimated value of 1.3 billion. The Florida Marlins are last...with 256 million. - Forbes

The number of disabled veterans has jumped by 25% since 2001 to 2.9 million. - Associated Press

One week, middle of May, marked the first time in more than 10 years that a Harry Potter book was not on the New York Times best seller list - New York Times.

NASA is offering test volunteers $17,000 each to spend 90 days in bed. Sound good? Well there is a catch. Your feet will be slightly elevated over your head to see how the body responds to a lack of gravity over a long period of time. -

Playboy enterprises last week posted a 3.1 million dollar first quarter loss on an 8% drop in revenues. Sales are suffering as consumers are finding adult content elsewhere, much of it free. Crain's Chicago Business

The House of Representatives last week voted to revive the steel penny. Steel pennies cost seven-tenths of a cent to make compared to 1.3 cents to make a copper one. - The Boston Globe.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence day...

Thanks to everyone that fought for our freedoms.

Have a happy and safe long weekend (for all my US readers) everyone else..have a happy and safe weekend as well!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dianogah - The Grant, Pawtucket RI

The Grant, Pawtucket Rhode Island
Monday, June 23, 2008
Support - Helms (and 2 others)

A few years ago now, a super hip co-worker of mine, who played bass far more often than I did asked one day if I had heard of the band Dianogah (pronounced Dye-ah-NO-gah). I had not and he handed me the cd called As Seen From Above.

Now, being a not so average bass player to begin with I was impressed right out of the gate since Dianogah were a trio, but it was two bass players and a drummer. Sure the bass had some rock bottom lows, but the melodic other bass played so well off each other it was infectious. I bought that cd, and each one as it came out. I seemed to be "late to the band wagon" and Dianogah seemed to not be touring so much due to other obligations. Then it happened..I saw they were coming to Boston, that's good..but then a show was added about 20 minutes from me in Pawtucket Rhode Island. The venue I had never heard of, it was called The Grant but I was going to get there no matter what.

The night of the show arrived and when I got in and paid my cover I went down some stairs to a sort of "common" area and a band was playing. If the room could hold 100 people I'd have been stunned, but the setting was perfect. I was going to see the guys up close and personal.

Jay Ryan and Jason Harvey are the bass players and Kip McCabe plays drums. On the latest record (not out till Sept) they had Stephanie Morris sing a little and plays some guitar. She was there as well and would factor in on a few songs. After waiting through three bands it was finally Dianogahs turn. The crowd had thinned out even more which was too bad, but all the more room.

Facing the band it was Jay, Kip, Stephanie (on occasion) then Jason. They opened the show with "At the Mercy of the Mustang" which is on the 2000 album "Battle Champions". It was, in a word, awesome. Kip hits the drums with a vengeance while Jason holds down this great quaking bass line...Jay on the other hand, is high up on his fret board playing sort of a more melodic high run of notes. Its sounds epic. The punch is there, something that stands out on the records.


The band who is touring for "Qhnnnl" (pronounced like Kennel) had the cd for sale (which I grabbed) so a few of the songs were very new, but they spent a lot of time on that record which is fine. They are working a little more with vocals now. Stephanie added a nice touch to the overall sound, but I am not sure if the room was not the best. I had a hard time hearing her, but had a hard time hearing most of the vocals, it could just be was not bad by any means.

Jay is a funny story teller, speaking of how the amps had sort of had issues in Boston the night before and how they tracked down an amp repair man that was actually a tech for Aerosmith.


The show was too short for my taste (inside 40 minutes) but it was well worth the wait. The guys (and Stephanie) were all very friendly and seemed genuine in their thanks for coming out to the show.

The full set list:

At The Mercy Of The Mustang
What Is Your Land Mass
A Breaks B
Es Posible Fuego
Maria Which Has Had Her Heart Completely Fucked Up
You Might Go Off

Check out the bands official site here. Check out some samples on their new and old stuff on their myspace page.

Read more on wiki

Be super hip, and grab the new cd "qhnnnl" before the masses via mail order here. (get something else too!)

Jay Ryan is a talented artist as well. Check out his site here or a quick and dirty way to see his work here

Jason designs books. Check it here

Thanks guys! It was a blast, hope it wont' take so long to see you again!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stevie Wonder - Comcast Center Mansfield Ma June 22, 2008

Stevie Wonder
Comcast Center, Mansfield MA
Sunday, June 22, 2008

Check another one off the list.

It may sound bad, jaded, or even elitist but with the ever changing land scape of music you can easily ask yourself who is on your "must see" list of bands or artists. Having the ability due to time, age and being pretty close to a major city seeing bands is not too hard. The "list" fell by one more artist last week, when I finally saw Stevie Wonder.

Billed as a "Wonder's Summer Night" it was going to (hopefully) be a hit driven marathon of a show. Well it was.

Arriving on stage with his daughter (and back up singer) Aisha Morris Stevie took the microphone to a thunderous roar and standing ovation. He spoke of the recent NBA Finals, the political race and what have you. He was very silly, almost giddy. He sat center stage with 2 keyboards facing out towards the audience and full grand piano to one side. He was backed by 13 other members. The stage was almost overflowing but the sound almost seemed to warrant him having that many players on stage. Right behind Stevie was his long time bassist Nate Watts. (I read he has been his bass player for 30+ years!). Behind him was drummer Stanley Randolf and on risers both sides of him was Munyungo Jackson and Fausto Cuevas, who were each on percussion. In front of them on each side was two guitar players Errol Cooney and Kyle Bolden. We also had two keyboardists way over to the left, and right. Roman Johnson and Victoria Thodore held down those spots. Whew, keep going here, tack on two horn players Ryan Kilgore and Dwight Adams up to Stevies right, and finally three back up singers. Ryan Kilgore was the male and two females (one was Aisha Morris).

The crowd was mixed and ready to have some fun, but most of them sat down as "As If you Read My Mind" began. The music was well mixed as we went in to "Master Blaster (Jammin') and the audience was well on its way to head bobbing along.

Being a taller guy, and close to the stage I was trying to play along but come "Higher Ground" it was time for me to get up and have some fun. People followed suit.

The band was tight, and Stevie would rely on hand motions to signal to the band for an extended solo or what have you. We'd alternate between a guitar solo, then a keyboard solo all the while Stevie would hold court.

Stevie asked the men in the audience something along the lines of "How many of you have used my music to get with your lady?" The crowd both cheered and laughed and Stevie had a laugh as well. He'd try to tell a story later and people would shout and he'd say "I can't speak while you are" and imitate a noisy animal or something, it was clever and humbling.

Stevie had Aisha over to the keyboard to sing solo on "I'm Gonna Laugh you out of my Life" and it was not too bad, and as she got up to head back to side stage to get back to her backup singer role, Stevie took off with "Isn't She Lovely". A little later Stevie went seeking a female that was dancing the best, to dance with him. What would ensue was pure comedy..and Stevie was all smiles per the norm (the woman was thrilled to boot)

They really had us in the palm of their hands and happened.

About 20 before 11 Stevie mentions something about a DJ, a contest and what have you. A woman won the chance of a lifetime on a local radio station..a chance to sing with Stevie. Sound cool? Sure...but you'd figure something like this would be better planned out. Sort of "here are 2 songs you can choose from and here is what we can do". Well they began to talk and decide what they wanted to do. They ended up doing "Living For the City" which they had already done. The upside was it was about one verse, chorus etc and then Stevie said "I have another one we can do..come with me". So he sits her down at his piano and they launch in to "Superstition" For the next 10+ minutes he'd sort of feed her the lines and the band sort of played right along. A money song was sort of brought down honestly. No offense to the woman in her spirit and voice..but this would end up being the show closer (no encore) and it is SUCH a great song you sort of want to be greedy based off the price of the ticket et all. Still, it was great and could have been even greater.

You should see him once if you get the chance. A few more pictures are here as well (after the set list)..but the spot light never strayed Stevie and I was getting a horrible glare off the keyboards...oh well you get the idea.

The full set list:

As If You Read My Mind >
Master Blaster (Jammin')
Did I Hear You Say You Love Me
All I Do
Knocks Me Off My Feet
Higher Ground
Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing
Living for the City
Golden Lady
Keep Fooling Yourself Baby Girl
Sweetest Somebody I Know
I'm Gonna Laugh You Out of My Life*
Isn't She Lovely
Ribbons in the Sky
Have a Talk With God
My Cherie Amour
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Sir Duke
I Wish
Do I Do
Living for the City **
* sung by Stevies Daughter Aisha
** contest winner


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pearl Jam - Comcast Center June 30, 2008

Pearl Jam
Comcast Center
Mansfield, MA
Monday, June 30, 2008
Support: Ted Leo and the Pharmacist

It has been countless times, not more than many folks, but still last night was my ninth time seeing Pearl Jam. It began in 91 when a "Who the hell is Pearl Jam" opened up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers/Smashing Pumpkins show at the Walter Brown Arena over at Boston University. Times have changed, but the band has only gotten stronger over the years. Even with my review of both the Stevie Wonder and Dianogah show(s) due to be posted, I went ahead and did this while it was really fresh in the brain.

The band, who sold out Saturday night as well, took the stage about 8:45. This was the final show of a short burst of shows. Often times, at least in the minds and opinions of the fans, the second show in a city is often better. We all sort of knew we were in for it when the band opened the show up with "Wash". The crowd would not be let down from here on in.

My seats were very close and off to guitarist Stone Gossards side as you can tell by the picture(s) there were a few decent moments to capture.

For the sake of brevity I'll hit on a few of the hot, and honestly not so hot, moments of the show.

- The "main set" was just under 70 minutes long, and the band rolls out NINE songs over 2 encores. It is time, to either ditch the opening band, or go to two sets. I know the band is "passionate" and has high energy etc, but still, the business with leaving the stage for 2-3 minutes, with a catalog as vast as theirs, well I digress.

- Even flow, and Alive, even though "played out" are still money songs. The solo, both a Mike McCreedy guitar solo as well as a Matt Cameron drum solo were both as exciting as they were flashy..which sometimes can bore, but not tonight. Great work.

- Stand outs from the "main set" were also "Animal" and "Given to Fly"

For Encore 1 Ed and Bassist Jeff Ament took the stage, only Jeff took an acoustic guitar. McCreedy positioned himself near the drum kit with a video camera in hand and the the guys went into "Bee Girl". It was a very rare treat. Betterman->Garden and Why Go wrapped up that encore, and as stong as it was, imagine if they'd have kept "going" after the main set.

The Second encore began with "No More" with Ed solo. It was a massive sing along and Ed tossed out his political leaning and had a little bit of preachy moment, but he was overall pretty good about it. Once->Footsteps and Alive were to follow and the band would wrap it all up with "Rockin in the Free World" and they had Ted Leo come back on.

Here are a few more shots when Ed/Mike walked well over to my side:

The full set list:
Wash, Last Exit, Save You, Severed Hand, Animal, MFC, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, 1/2 Full, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Education, Satan's Bed, Whipping, Glorified G, Do The Evolution.
Encore 1 Bee Girl, Who You Are, Better Man(Save it for Later), Garden, Why Go
Encore 2 No More, Once, Footsteps, Alive, Rockin' In The Free World