Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well it has been a bit since I've updated the blog.  I thought of it today and realized I missed coming here and sharing my poor grammar and weak ideas.

Hopefully in 2014 I'll update more.

Early in 2014 I plan to post my annual "favorite" cds of 2013.  Its always a challenge and thrill to get that done, posted with links and the like.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

In 2013 things were pretty good all things considered.

I held my wife's hand...and she let me kiss her (from time to time)
I watched my daughter perform on stage a few times.  Seeing her dreams and passions come out
fill me with great pride.
I've coached my son's hockey team and I've watched him improve with each skate.
I also saw him score his first goal ever.

I watched both of them work really hard in school and see their faces when a good report card comes home.

I touched snow.
I got rained on.
I stepped in a puddle..on purpose.

I skated on a frozen pond.

I watched classic movies.

I looked up at night...and felt really small.

I ate s'mores.

I swam

I listened to some amazing new music.

I laughed.

I danced like a dope.

I stayed with my job for another year.

There were tough times, but like everyone we all fight our battles.  Thankfully I am blessed with good family and friends.  I hope you have an amazing 2014.

Thank you for reading..honestly...seeing even just "one view" brings a twinkle to my eye.