Monday, April 20, 2015 you been?

Some news here.  After 20 years with my former company I decided to step away.  It was time.  I just was. 

Hard to leave the people more than anything but the thought of something new feels "good".  Terrifying too.

So, maybe some fresh stuff to post about as I "start anew".

Thanks for hanging out.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

When something ends???

For the last few years I've had the pleasure of coaching my son's youth hockey team.

I've spent hours behind the wheel, eaten far too many donuts and other fast foods than one really should. Spent hours coming up with practice plans, communicating to parents, figuring out "lines".  It could have been, and should have been a full time job.

Then today, in a playoff loss I had the sudden realization that it might be......done?

My son will be a Bantam next year.  Bantams are 8th-9th graders and its the first time that "checking" is allowed in the game.  I think he is very worried.  I am a bit too, but its easy for me to say "try to deal with that part of the game" when I am not on the ice with him. 

Its been a blast and maybe a few days, or even weeks he will perk up at the thought.  Still hesitant perhaps, but willing to take the shot.

Being 100% selfish I hope he continues to play.  As a 44 year old guy I still love the game above all other sports.  I am fortunate enough to skate once a week with like minded adults.  Its a laid back,fun skate usually concluded with trash talking and beer drinking.  Ahh the glories.

I often wonder why we don't remember the "last time" for many things.  The last time you laced them up, the last time you were in a rink.  We remember the last time we were at a bad restaurant...but the really life/important things.  I am lucky to live not too far from the ocean (okay about 1hr) but closer than most of the USA.  Still when I go to the beach for the day I never seem to think "Could this be the last time?"  What if I got a job transfer?  What if "life gets in the way".


Anyhow..I hope its not "the end" just a slow speed bump tossed at us at what might be the right time.

Time will tell.