Friday, March 30, 2007

an underwater guy who controlled the sea

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. This one is considered by many to be a classic and once you look at it you'll wonder (probably) how I can even consider it "forgotten". Ahh well click over and read on.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sloganize it!

Hit this page and put in a keyword..then let it create some slogans for you.

I entered in toddiet123 and had 2 funny responses.

Things go Better with Toddiet123
The Real Smell of Toddiet123


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My big date night.

There are many things I just 'don't get' and the craze of "Dancing with the Stars" falls under that umbrella.

While on Youtube a few days ago I came upon the clip you see below. Trust me you need to watch this. If dancing w/the stars was even CLOSE to this I'd be its biggest fan. That is some A+ stuff.

Okay since we have our dancing shoes on lets talk a smidge about my big date last Friday night.

Little March had a "Father/Daughter" dance to attend. When I got home from work Mrs.March was curling up her hair. She had on a dress and fancy shoes. She was ready for our night out on the town.

The dance was in the middle schools cafeteria. We arrived and the party was well under way. This was our second dance so I pretty much knew what to expect..Little March huddles with her gang and I stand off to the side doing my best to not be a dork, geek, total embarrassment (all of which is pretty much impossible).

They do a decent job and you can get your pictures taken, have some snacks and what have you.

Little March has learned some line dances over the last year. She can do the "Cotton Eye'd Joe", the "Macarena" as well as "Cha Cha Slide". I have to admit its pretty funny to watch 50+ 7-12 year olds do the Cha Cha Slide (its somewhat like the "Electric Slide") Yeah its pure audio torture to us adults with far superior taste in music but all you need to realize is this dance is NOT ABOUT YOU!

Someone needed to tell the DJ that. Total headscratcher songs played:
"Sweet Home Alabama" (where is the downbeat on that song to even do the side step dance)

"Sweet Caroline" okay its a "thing" here in Boston at the Red Sox games..but have you ever really listened to the intro? That song is SLLLLLLLLLLLLLOW to build up. Sure enough most kids left the dance floor to get food.

"Brown Eyed Girl" like the song or not..its just not a song to dance to.

They had a drawing for some prizes and Little March has this thing about "contests". She feels she "Never ever wins so why bother entering". Its okay that she didn't want to enter because she was too worried about losing but part of you wants them to learn to be a good sport win or lose. So, while she was off dancing I snuck over and entered her. No harm no foul right..she had no idea.

Well she won a prize. We we getting our "prom" picture taken when about 8 of her friends came running "YOU WON!! YOU WON!" She was stunned. The prize was a gift bag w/a bear in it, a journal notebook, some stickers and candy. She didn't care..she loved it.

The dance ended and our date continued to Dairy Queen. Last year there was nobody there, this year a fair # of kids showed up. Little March sat w/her buddies and again I quietly stood off to the side eating my blizzard and letting her giggle like an 8 year old girl should.

Was it my idea of a fantastic night out? Hell yeah.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Well it has happened. This very post you are reading is my


I am stunned on many levels. First that I had even 499 things to talk about.

I google'd things like "500th post" to see what others wrote on their 500th post. Its pretty much what you see here. Can't believe I wrote that much nonsense, amazed people are around and comment from time to time etc.

Well its true. I don't have a ton to add other than thanks, and thanks for putting up with my bizarre take on grammar, spelling, font, prose, use of pronunciation (is there a comma due there?)

Anyhow..thanks. Here is to 500 more..of which at least 1 will be "quality".

Brewing up a post on the "father daughter dance" this past weekend...who the hell plays "Sweet Home Alabama" at brownie/girlscout dance?

Friday, March 23, 2007

High School Musical On Ice

When I run stat counter I get more hits on High School Musical stuff than anything else it seems. If you are a parent there is a good chance you know there is a HSM coming this fall "ON ICE". My blog gets hit w/key words like "pre sale password" etc.

I have it..if you me and I'll tell you how you can sign up to get the password. I am not just going to give it out as that bad boy has people bidding on it on ebay. Part of me wants to help folks NOT bid on the stuff..but if I post the PW any dope can have it and try to make a buck.

Man come along an' he chased us out in the rain.

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. It's a tad more "unique" this week. Hope you'll stop on over.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Explosions in the Sky - The Middle East, Cambridge 3/21/07

Explosions in the Sky
w/Eluvium and The Paper Chase
The Middle East(downstairs) Cambridge, MA
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For the second time in just a few days I headed off into the night to go check out another show. This time around it was Austin Texas' ownExplosions in the Sky. The band is currently on the road in support of the fantastic All of A Sudden I miss everyone

The band which is four guys are a totally instrumental band. The music is at times quiet and then at other times chaotic and fierce. It is never, ever a dull moment. There are only 2 other bands that make me feel this way when I see them live so its great to be so "blown away" and pleased.

The band took the stage just about 11am and the sell out crowd was ravenous. It ranged from aging hipsters like myself to the younger college crowd. All eager to see/hear this band that has been getting more and more press (all good press too)

Part of the charm of an EITS show is that there is no gaps between the songs. It is like one long track. They might do a quick guitar tune but there is a swirling guitar chord being held so it never gets totally quiet.

During their shows one experiences "moments". You are chilled. You are thrilled, you are entranced. Its just such an auditory orgasm plain and simple. As the song "Memorial" begins its a single guitar but the band continues to swell and swell. It gets louder but not really 'faster'. The band churns as a cohesive unit and then as the final chords are played the band swings their guitars high in the air (like the image) and the downbeat fires thru your chest. It is flat out epic. As the song neared completion and again only the four song of the set I said two things. First, "They could end right now and I wouldn't care", and, two, "How can they follow that up?"

Well they did.

awe·some Show Spelled Pronunciation[aw-suhm]
1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
2. showing or characterized by awe.
3. Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

The biggest issue during the night was the constant barrage of "WHOOOOOOOOOOs". I am all for being excited but it got almost obnoxious.

At one point as a song faded, and I'll admit it was funny at the time, the band was coming off a blistering high and from the side of the room you hear one person yell
"Hooooooooooooooooooooooo-leeeeeeeeeeeee SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!" It was perfect and summed up what we all felt. The guy should have waved and walked out after that because what followed was a barrage of screamed "THANK YOU!!!!" as they would begin songs. What was once funny got old quick. The people around me would mumble "okay dude enough".

After 60 minutes the band left the stage to a thunderous roar. They are not a band that does "encores" but when they lights and PA music didn't come right up we all got hopeful. Sadly we didn't get it. Munaf Rayani came out and said "we are really tired but we always get chocolates on our I wanted to share some". He was pretty genuine in his thanks (and if you saw them you'd believe they were wiped out)

If they are coming around you and you can even still get tickets I can't suggest seeing them any stronger. Rest of the tour dates are here.

Their myspsace page is here and you can check out some tracks.

The tour poster for last night looked like this. If they are not sold out you can order them from the artist directly right here. They are $20.00 US and are very limited (less than 100)

First image taken from here. That picture was actually taken by Brad Second taken from here


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How smahhht ah ya?

I ran into a link a few weeks ago that was pretty fun.

Basically you go to a site and as soon as you get there a clock starts counting down from 10 minutes. The task? Name all 50 of the states that make up the USA. Spelling is your enemy here.

at the end of 10 minutes you will see what you missed.

Try it out

Remember..time starts as soon as you get on the site.

I got 49 and sat and sat and sat on the last one for 3+ minutes. I won't say what I missed but its not a small state by any stretch and I don't want to leave hints.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March goes to the Movies..well the couch...

Last night I finally got to watching Fast Food Nation. It is a sad state of affairs that I am not a heavy reader, but this film is based on a book of the same name that I did actually read.

It is a decent read and it covers everything from the underpaid workers to conditions in the slaughter houses etc. Couple that book with Super Size Me and I really started to take a look at what I ate and where. I am still a meat eater but this book and film made me pay far more attention.

When I heard Fast Food Nation was being made in to a film I was wondering how it could be possible. If you read the book its not a novel in so much its a story of various people and places. I was just as suprised when I heard American Psycho was being made in to a film (I felt there is NO way that could be made in to a movie that did not carry at least an NC-17 rating).

Fast Food Nation does a good job of telling a few stories and weaving them together even if the characters may never meet face to face. It shows how money and power can do both good and bad things (depends on your side).

Overall I was pleased with the film. It tells a decent story and I am all for something that gets you to "think" a little. Read the book, see the film and decide if you think you are doing the right thing. Again, I haven't stopped eating meat, but I have slowed down and chosen a little more wisely for sure.

Oh and if you are worried about a constant barrage of slaughterhouse images..well there is a scene but its part of the story.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Isis Live : Middle East, Cambridge MA March 17, 2007

w/Jesu and Zozobra
Middle East Nightclub, Cambridge, MA
Saturday, March 17, 2007

It waits basically the whole of winter to snow and it finally does so the night before I need to head in to the city and park. Sorry to the folks that went to see Isis the night before in all that mess. I called the club early in the afternoon and got the set times. **groan** Isis due on stage at 11:45pm. Oh well, ticket paid for gotta make the effort.

I arrived late (partially because i wanted to the other part due to the parking) and I missed all of Zozobra. From what I have been able to gather it has a member (or a few) from another Boston band, Cave In.

Picking a 'good spot' I settled in for Jesu. They had a rough run of luck and were unable to join the band at the right time for the tour due to visa issues. They finally were able to join the tour a night or two early (they were not on the bill w/Isis on Friday). The band set up their gear, then left the stage to do the whole "rock star" walk on.

Jesu (pronounced "yayzu") is the brain child of Justin Broadrick who was once in the band Godflesh the band unloaded a wonderfully "sonic" show. There were points where it was just flat out too loud but overall the audience was thrilled and screamed right along at the song intros and conclusions. The band did a pretty short set (they could be able to pull from 2 full lengths and eps) but still it was just right.

The set for Jesu
We All Faulter
Friends Are Evil

After about a 30 minute set change Isis took the stage. Amps touching the ceiling the band unloaded its post metal slug fest to the sold out crowd. The band, which formed in 1997 in Boston has since moved to LA. The band has many friends and family at the show and the little stage banter that comes from them is to thank them for their support.

The setlist was posted to a message board and the poster noted it may be a tad out of order:
Wrists of kings
Not in Rivers, But in Drops
False Light
In fiction
1000 Shards
Holy Tears

Once I get my recording worked out I'll be able to confirm, or make edits.

Overall Isis offers heavy music for the thinking man. Most of the lyrics are "screamed" but it fits the genre. Most of the tracks run well over 6 minutes and the lyrics are very brief so you are left with the onslaught of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

Not sure how much longer the Middle East will be able to hold these juggernauts.
Pictures from the show by a


Friday, March 16, 2007

it's so simple to overlook every little thing i do right

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. Its a little "heavier" than usual so that may sway you one way or the other.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Man..I can't win.

This was a recent conversation w/Mrs. March.

First the set up.
Recently I started to get Men's Health magazine delivered to the house. I got it as part of one of the 972 fund raisers my kids do. The first issue arrives and I am flipping thru and of course stumble upon the obligatory sex survey.

This survey lays out how you can increase your odds of your wife/girlfriend being more in the mood doing less obvious things. For example 80+% of the women polled said that "If he did the dishes even SOMETIMES I'd be thrilled". Or "vacuuming" stuff like that.

Tootin my own horn time - I do the dishes every night..and I am never asked.

So the conversation.

Me - Hey this poll said that if I do dishes "most" of the time you get all hot and want to have sex more often?
Mrs - Huh?
Me - well this survey says all I have to do is the dishes "Sometimes" without you asking and the nights I do them you'll be so overtaken with desire we'd have sex.
Mrs - thats what it says huh?
Me - Yep
[after a pause]
Me - I think I'll stop doing the dishes..then the 2 times a week I DO do the dishes without being asked we'll almost assuredly have sex.
Mrs - You try that and the opposite will'd get none

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A welcome diversion..

I am in the minority on a lot of things, but on the cutting edge of others.

I don't get "March Madness" at all. I just don't. I have a hard time beliving someone actually caring how "Wright State" does. Now if it had to do with a million readers being "mad for this blog" well then that would be grand but I realize that is not the case.

Then again I don't get the appeal of this idiot either.

Being a music person
Band Madness offers me equal parts fun and 100% frustration when the "good bands" get passed over. Just as a note the site seems to be up and down..and there are 500+ bands so it will take you some time to get thru if you so desire and you updated your freaking NCAA Brackets.


Monday, March 12, 2007


Saturday I bore witness to something that the late, great comicMitch Hedberg once commented on.

I was in line waiting for coffee and the guy in front of me wanted a reciept for his donut. "I need a slip of paper to proove my purchase". Ho-lee-crap. It was a comedy of errors that morning. I had one of my 20 gift cards to re-deem but the staff being "swift" keep asking who they can help in line. Since Mr "I need a receipt" is in the front the line only gets bigger as folks buy a single coffee but only have a $5.00 bill. After a few minutes the woman that made my coffee looks at me and says "Why are you still here have you not cashed out?" I just smile...seems that the paper has jammed the recepit printer. We wait...and wait. Finally the manager comes over and hand writes him a slip.

On to other thing(s)
Looking to make a quick buck? If you can find it that is. Marvel Comics have killed off the yawn inducing super hero Captain America. Well seems people see dollar signs before their very eyes. Search ebay and you'll see. Try
this search or even this one and see for yourself. Remember..each issue costs just 2.99 on the "newstand". Also if you are a comic nerd look out for issues 1 and 2 of Steven King's The Dark Tower. It will be Seven issues and 2 are already hard to find.

I think thats it..sorry its not much.

Friday, March 9, 2007

When it's my moment in the sun Oh, how beautiful I'll be

First a quick ego stroke:
Thanks again to Annoyed for a terrifc entry last week. He posted the link to a few pages and the site got a few hundred additional hits. I hope those folks may come back. Thanks again Annoyed!

There is a new entry over at Forgotten Disc Friday. The mp3 stuff should be corrected for now. I am using a pay service now so barring a bazillion hits and downloads there shouldn't be as much of a rush to download/listen to the tracks.

One STRONG suggestion. On the download section there is a cover tune (well two) but check out the one that is listed w/the studio recordings. It's awesome.

Thanks as always for stopping over.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I wish I understood computers and programming better..and I work with computers.

Daylight Saving Time is forth coming and there has been talk about how since its earlier it will throw off PC's and what have you. I have a computer that I use totally for work that was given to me by the company and it does the trick just fine..but its running Windows 98. I guess Microsoft has no "patch' for this DST change so who knows what will happen next week when I try to work from home.

The MP3s I have been hosting on this site and Forgotten Disc Friday have been getting some action. So much so I exceeded my free limit for the month. So I decided I'd up my account to a "pay" version and see how that holds up. I log on this morning and I can't get to my account. A little later I am able to enter my charging information and it tells me that information has been cancelled...then it tells me its updated..but I have no additional space? I am confused. There is no customer service # but I have sent them e-mails. One about the "cancelled charge" of course.

Just want it to be up and running.

To fellow bloggers in NJ - did you win Mega Millions???! I had a quick flutter this morning when the first report is that there was no winner and the lottery might be as high as 470 Million come the next drawing. Then 15 minutes later there was reports of two winners...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Looks like I gotta update my mp3 file sharing account. Seems that between my TV on the Radio show and the FDF stuff I have used up all my downloads for the month!

I said I wanted the hits..guess I am getting them...

Monday, March 5, 2007

TV on The Radio - Lupos Providence, RI March 1, 2007

TV on The Radio
Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI
Thursday March 1, 2007


Brooklyn New York's TV on the Radio began the latest leg of their US Tour in support of the fantastic
Return to Cookie Mountain album released in 2006. Heck it came in at #7 of my favorite cds of 2006.

When the tour was announced this was the only New England date and it was just as well. It was in Providence as its just closer/easier for me to get to.

Arriving shortly after 8pm I missed all of the opening bands set. I settled in to my spot about 25 feet back slightly off center and waited for the show.

Just about 8:30 the band arrived on stage. After some "tune up" the band began with "Young Liars" from the album/ep of the same name. Lead singer Tunde Adebimpe would work the stage wonderfully all night. Guitarist Kyp Malone was to his right and behind him a bit was bassist Gerard Smith who held a rock solid role this night. David Andrew Sitek was on guitar as well to the left of Tunde. Behind them all of course was drummer Jaleel Bunton.

The band played a not incredibly long set. What it lacked in length it all made up for in passion and excellence. Even for the opening night of a tour the band was rock solid. It will only improve as the band continues to tour. Kyp broke a few guitar strings and David just has a blast. He is very animated and is often seen singing right along even with no microphone.

A little beyond the half way point of the set Kyp tells the story of four guys from Brown University showing up to sound check with their horns and some sheet music. The guys asked the band if they could "sit in". It went well enough that TVoTR invited them to perform. The track was "Blues From Down Here". The four horns (well 2 saxophones, trumpet and trombone) all had to share a single microphone but all in all it worked. I am sure the kids had a great time. In a shocker (kidding of course) you can see video footage of said event here if you so desire.

The band left the stage to rousing support after "Satellite" and returned to do "Let the Devil In" and they closed it all out with "Staring at the Sun".

In about 1hr and 20minutes it was all done. Well worth the dough.

So if you so desire here is the show for your download.

Mp3s are removedYoung Liars
The Wrong Way
Wolf Like Me
Blues from Down Here
Wash the Day
Let the Devil In
Staring at the Sun

**If you like this please support the artist by purchasing one/two/all of their releases**

Few things
1) Please don't sell this stuff ever. mp3s are for your personal use or to share with others, don't ruin it for others.
2) mp3's will be up for about a week then pulled down. Sooner if the band/management etc requests so act fast (they will NOT be reposted)
3) I like comments/feedback. How did you find the blog? what did you think of the recording? Postitive and Negative feed back only makes me want to do it more (and do it better). If it goes well you will see a lot more get posted. Please leave a comment!!!

Recording was done w/the following gear:
Core Sound Binural Mics->Rolloff(filter)->Sony D8 DAT @44.1 kHz

There was simple yet cool concert poster for sale at the show. I didn't grab one but I am tempted to do so cuz posters are cooler than t-shirts these days. If you want to order one you can do so here

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hey Spanish Johnny, you want to make a little easy money tonight?

Happy Friday.

A new Forgotten Disc Friday post is up. This week special guest Annoyed makes a welcome (and wonderful) return. Click on over and be wow'd!

Thank you as always for reading.