Wednesday, August 31, 2005


First day of 1st grade..that can be a big deal! I ask, how is it that the parents get the homework though?!

When I was done with my homework I sat down and watched the documentary Hype! It was about the Seattle music scene. It seems a little dated now as you'd imagine but over all it was not too bad. One thing I did notice is they didn't focus just on the bands you'd think when you think seattle music. That is what made it better at least to me.

Netflix can not keep up with me right now. I get a movie I watch I return..bring it on!

Blasting out of work early today to grab the new Kayne West and Death Cab for Cutie cds. (well leaving early for other reasons too)

On the headphones - Slint 3-22-2005 cd 2.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Count your blessings.

Last nights Netflix was the documentary "Born in to brothels". Filmed in
India it tracks a photographer that shares her passion with some kids that were
born to prostitutes and still live in the red light district. Its an amazing watch but depressing all at the same time. The parents are gone, addicted to drugs, dead or prostitutes, yet these kids someone seem to be "normal" if that can even be used fairly. They all appear to have food and they are working on getting in to school.

In watching it does make you angry that these "parents" are so mean to the kids yet they continue to do their chores and take pictures.

Breathtaking at times for its visuals it will put a lump in your throat as well.

I need to rend Dodgeball or something..time to "dumb it down" some.

Monday, August 29, 2005


..was good but tiring. A note to single do you do it?!

This week we see new releases from Kanye West as well as Death Cab for Cutie. Target has both cds for less than 10.00 so I plan to go that route. Who'da thunk I'd
shop for cds at Target of all places? Kanye got great reviews in on so lets see if those indie snobs are right. DCfC I am pretty new to. I can't say it was the OC that got me in to them, rather an opening slot for Pearl Jam last fall that did the trick. They are getting a lot of press since they are an "indie" band selling out to the majors. I've heard its 1/2 we shall see. More to follow I am sure.

Currently on the cd player - Slint 3-9-5 (amazing)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Rock on TV at what expense?

i check this web site now and then called and it tells you all the bands that are going to be on late night television. I never stay up, tape or watch them but its always interesting to see who is getting tv exposure. For some reason right around the 11:30 start time for those programs I saw a show on VH1 called "Gene Simmons Rock School". I clicked on it to see what it was all about and it was going to be on at 9pm. Figured if I had my chores done I'd sit down and check it out.

I am not a reality tv person AT all. Sure I watched the Real World 20 years ago when MTV catered to my age demo and I admit season 1 of the Osbournes was comical but that is about all I have ever seen. The idea in Rock School is Gene, the bassist from Kiss, goes to a stuffy, very old school in England. The kids are
amazing musicians, all under 15. Gene is going there to teach them how to "Rock".

Its a train wreck and I could not turn away. For starters I find it hard to believe that the 'staff' off this school had no idea who Gene was, other than a "pop star form the USA that has had some success". Sure I can see the kids maybe not knowing who Gene is, but they MUST have heard or seen images of Kiss at one time.

The overall goal is to teach these kids how to rock, teach them guitar, bass etc and they get to open for Motorhead in six weeks. No pressure. Why do we put kids through stuff like this? I recall reading a few years ago a story about
the pressure on kids when they broadcast the Little League World Series. Suddenly these little leaguers are on major networks, being covered via the media. I live in a pretty big sports town but they don't televise minor league baseball, or even college baseball on any regularity..but suddenly they thrust these "tween" kids on to TV. There is something wrong with that. I am all for competition
and teaching kids how to win and lose, but at what price.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red Sparowes in Providence

Took a drive down to providence last night to catch Red Sparowes. They were the 2nd of three bands one the concert schedule so I did what I needed to do around the house and then headed out around 9, figured I'd get there about 930 and RS would be on around 10ish. WRONG.

2 bands were added. I missed one totally and got there for the whole set of some horrible hardcore band. I understand on some levels what hardcore bands are about (I had a phase too) but its so pointless when its not hardcore show. Red Sparowes
are memebers of Isis and Neurosis which are these "heavy" bands sure but no screaming vocals. So I dealt with whomever it was then I was checking the merch table out to pass some time. I checked out another bands schwag to get a feel or them. They were called Zombi and one of the cds said "if you like soundtracks to John Carpeneter films and Rush you get the idea" (I am paraphrasing here).
Figured what the heck, I'll run tape for them they might proove interesting enough. They were okay, a little heavy on the Korg keyboards but not horrible.

Red Sparowes were next and its always cool to see a band for the first time. I have no idea what the members look like or how the great record "At the soundless dawn" will be live. The band even had a backdrop and "visuals". The bummer is that the stage (although big) is not high so a good 1/2 of the screen was lost in the drummers face and guitar players waistlines.

With all that Red Sparowes delivered a great, albeit way too short a set (31 minutes?!) How the heck do you have a cd of 75 minutes and play less than 1/2 of it?

After they were done I just bailed on Breather Resist. I have no idea who they are anyhow. If they turn out to be the next big thing I'll kick myself for sure.

Yeah I taped it and it sounds good.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Happy Birthday..

to my main man elliot who turns THREE today!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How many cups of...

choose yer poison that has caffene in it. I am normally a decaf coffee drinker and "husky" fella so it would take 4,000+ cups of decaf to do me in..but only 300 something glasses of Diet Coke w/Lime.


does it seem like I do so little socially these days and then
when there is a chance to do something there is 14 things going
on that day/night?!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy B'day Dad.

He doesn't even know I have a blog but still.
Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks for a lot more
than I think I could ever tell you.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Uggh..that will teach you.

I heard on the radio today a story of a 90+ year old woman that
stopped a would be burglar in his tracks. How? She grabbed on to
his testicles and the guy yelled so loud the neighbors called the police.
She would not let go until the police arrived. She was heard saying
"I milked goats for many many year so I know how to grab, hold and tug things".

I am a beer dork sometimes...

Last night on a ride home from work I decided I wanted to have a beer. It had been a few days (I hardly drink ever). So I stopped off and did a little "window shopping". I saw these new Budweiser Aluminum Bottles. I was curious..4 16oz bottles in some slick new package. I'll admit I don't mind Bud. My oldest brother told me years ago to get a taste for it because no matter where I'd go in the world, Budweiser wouldn't be too far off.

I decided I'd get a snobby expensive micro brew instead and made my way to the counter. I made some small talk with the store clerk who I know is one of the owners.

"How does one redeem aluminum bottles" I ask.
Ummm well that is a good question. MA does have a 5cent redemption.
He thought for a few moments and said
"Well I can't put them with the bottles and I can't put them with the cans..what AM I going to do?"!

Dunno man. I guess it will get colder faster and for a longer time..but I thought beer people HATE beer in cans. Keystone beer once marketed itself as having some "lined" can to make it taste like beer from a bottle. I am sure I'll grab some just to try it out and one up the whippersnapper kids I work with.

If ya care here is their product info:

Budweiser Aluminum Bottle

The Budweiser 16 oz. Aluminum bottle is just the package to encourage on-premise sampling. The four pack 16 oz Aluminum bottles targets Convenience, Grocery and Drug stores. Aluminum bottles make a big impact on your customers. The package is perceived as "sophisticated" while having a cold taste and stays cold longer.

Brand Role: Innovative packaging is key to reaching new consumers for trial and sampling. The Budweiser Aluminum bottle will help to grow distribution, conduct sampling events to build image and trial in target high-end accounts

Target: Contemporary consumers 21- 27.

Product: Budweiser is the beer by which everything should be judged. The perfect balance between drinkability and refreshment. Always uniform. Always distinctive. Our Exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste, a smoothness, and a drinkability, you will find in no other Beer.

Packaging: The Budweiser Aluminum bottle is available in 24/16 loose case and a 6/4 ALNR packs featuring pry-off caps (not twist off).

Marketing: The Budweiser Aluminum bottle will be supported with a Sell-in Brochure, POS, PPG and Signmaking templates.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Got a few extra grand to spare?

Man oh man. My cousin (see "weekend" post) send me a few shots
from his digital camera. Amazing pictures. Sure he might have
an "eye" for such a hobby but the quality is just awesome. I
think I'd like one just like it..Until I saw the MSRP is 1,100.

If Nikon wants to send me one..shoot me an email and I'll gladly
do an online review!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pass me the candy please...

I read today that "hot weather discourages exercise"
Are they kidding me? Who paid for this study?! They found that
people in cool, dry climates are far more likely to exercise
regularly than those who live where it is usually hot and humid.
People that exercised the most: Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Utah
and Wisconsin. Least: Hawaii (oh yeah I really want to hit the gym when I am
in Hawaii) Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina.

They could have saved a ton of $$ and just asked me. If its hot you'll find
me camped in the a/c or in the shade not working too hard. When it cools off,
walks, golf, hiking far more fun and less bat wings.


I love netflix. It allows you to rent almost anything you can imagine.
Last night I watched this documentary called Jandek on Corwood.
I read about this dvd a few months ago in a magazine and I just added it to
my queue. Finally it arrived at my house (gotta get thru dozens of other films).
The movie is about a musician simply named Jandek that has released over
30 records but had rarely been interviewed, never had performed live and was
never pictured. The "cult of Jandek" resulted in tribute records and tons of speculation on "who is Jandek". The only downside to the documentary is that it was recorded before he made his first live appearances. As the DVD crept up I "googled him" (that has to be a word now) and he played a few live shows and was going to be doing some more. The music is not for everyone. As many of the people said in the film it seems like he might be writing music of him and maybe one other person. If you get it, great but don't expect to get it. Still a fascinating watch.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Something I think I want to try to do..

On a recent drive to the Midwest (see other posts) I was staring at the road thinking about all the people that spend time driving. Truck drivers of course, but bands in the backs of vans going from city to city on a shoestring budget came to mind. Dunno what that has to do with what I want to post. As I drove I started to think about seeing as many NHL games in the different arenas. There are 30 NHL teams and me living in New England I can get to a fair # of games in a reasonable amount of driving time. I'd need to sit down with a good map and a schedule but I think it can be done. I am not saying I will do them all in one year (the wife would NOT be happy neither would my wallet) but I was thinking a game (or 2) on the road each year. Lets cut out the west coast and northern Canada arenas for the moment. For games that would require flying (lets say to Florida) try to get both the FLA teams (Lightning and Panthers) done in that one trip. Again that would require some "luck" in that perhaps you could travel on a Friday see one team on Saturday and then the other Sunday. Nashville/Atlanta and Carolina are in that "same" area (i know its far but play along). The west coast would need to be like that. Do SJose and LA in one trip. I have only been to California one time so why not go back for a few days..see some games. I think my rough plan is to start next year. Really the first reason is I need someone that might want to do it. The other good thing is I have friends/relatives in some areas so the trips could be two fold. I have a high school friend in the LA area, a cousin near the Coyotes, Inlaws a few hours from the Bluejackets and Wings (more to get to the wings but) and a buddy that is just as sick as I am in our nations capital. So...who is with me. I was thinking a weekend trip to see the Rangers is a good place to start..but I can't stand them. I think I will start getting a map out now. is a list of the arenas..a little outta date perhaps..but it helps.$arena_e.htm

Comfy shoes...

I have been seeing these "clogs" advertised for some time and they just look beyond comfy. I am on the Colorado Cyclist mailing list for their catalog and got a recent one where these shoes were 19.99 (sale). Figured I had some b'day $$ so I'd treat myself. They arrived last night and I tried them on today. Awesome...i need a fleet of them now. Get some..sooner than later. Think of the amount of time you spend lacing up your shoes. Wonder if I could get away w/them in the office. I'd prolly have to wear socks with them and we all know that is a no no.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Too good to not share.

Saw this on and had to just share the can read what its all about on that site.


The weekend was excellent. Saturday we went down to Groton CT to see my Aunt and
Uncle as well as my cousins and their kids. I am the youngest of all the cousins so it was a pretty good gathering of folks. We ate lunch and hit the beach for a few hours and the water was very nice (barring some seaweed). We went "hermit crabbing" and the kids just had a grand time. Yours truly did most of the hunting but my oldest nephew was good at spotting them so that helped. I think in the end we had 20 of them. The kids were going wild.

We then went back and ate and played some wiffleball. The grandparents sat on the deck and cheered the kids on. I am sure they were tickled pink for the next few months. At one point the oldest nephew and I were in the "field" and I said "We need to let the little kids win". This nephew will be 9 this fall and he was a real good sport, dropping balls and throwing the ball away he told me that he was worried that Grammy and Grampie would think he was "bad" at this game but I said to him
they are glad you are playing and making it so much fun for everyone. It was an incredible really was super and their house is one of my favorite if not favorite house I am allowed in to on any basis.

Sunday my company had its annual picnic. It is such a massive spread and it goes for two days. We arrived about 20 minutes after you are allowed to get in. We were in the petting zoo, and on the rides for quite some time until we sat down to eat. We all ate pretty well then went to do more of the fun things. Sadly the weather started to turn not so good and they had to cancel the rest of the day to keep it safe. Surprisingly the kids were okay with needing to be done for the day. I won't bore you will what they have to do and what we did but let just say your local 4th of July carnival can't hold a candle to this "picnic" and its all free for families of employees.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Went for a I am feelin' good.

I was reading a friends blog today about a bike ride he does every year to raise money for cancer research. He does a great job and really makes you feel like you are right there with him. I poked around some of his other posts and read
one on how he ran into a "snobby" rider and the comments were about how could he possibly ride this old/heavy bike. It was pretty comical and I think we all, at times, have tried to paint ourselves in a better light.

I few months ago I rented Super Size Me, the film in which a guy eats nothing but McDonalds for 30 days. It is an amazing watch and i encourage everyone to see it, just to see what else he covers (no its just one big mac after the other).
After watching it was very hesitant to ever eat fast food again. One hard thing, that is all cultural, is that I have 2 young kids that like McDonalds. I am not talking freak out take me there or else, but every other month or so Nuggets and fries and some playland hits the spot for them. Its all "harmless" i like to think, part of growing up right? Then I read the book fast food nation. Now I can hardly look at McDonalds or fast food without turning up my nose. I am not the picture of
perfect health, or a fantastic eater, but I feel like i am slowly making some changes.

On a recent road trip McDonalds was the only option. Two years ago I'd be all over the # "whatever" and make it at least a large. This time around I couldn't even pick up the fries to make sure they were too hot for my kids to eat. It was not fear but I felt like I had made this major break from a food that I once liked to eat. Mind you the place smelled wonderful and memories and sensors in my mind were going off like "eat me, eat me, go up and order something damn you". I didn't.

It was just interesting to look around and see all the adults sitting there..diving in..enjoying it Heck maybe its there "one time a year" treat. Dunno..and I don't know what point I am trying to make but if you go way back to paragraph one it got me thinking about how I sat there feeling better than everyone else and feeling like i am making a good change that works for me...and for that I was lovin' it.

Just a quick one..

Did you know that the guy that invented the frisbee (Ed Headrick) was cremated after his death and some of his ashes were molded in to the flying discs? Tis true..mostly given to friends and family after his death in Aug of 2002 some were also sold to raise money for a frisbee museum. Wonder what those fetch on ebay?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

How much is enough?

I really wanted this blog to be more music based but I have been sidetracked. Right now the Boston Bruins are trying to build a team for the coming season. I am in the minority here in New England in that I'd watch (or attend) a Bruins game well in advance of the Pats, Celts and Sox. Anyhow I am a huge fan of Joe Thornton. Currently Joe is in contract negotiations. He rejected the teams first offer of 5.whatever mil a season. They recently came back and said about 6.5 for 5 years? Joe is "thinking" about it. I don't understand the bushiness/contract side so bear with me. I guess Joe, if he says "no" will basically play for the Bruins this year (barring a trade) and then test his value at the end of the season. In Joes mind he is thinking why take 6.5 a year when I can play for 5 for one year and then pretty much go where ever I want for upwards of 7 Mil a season. I am a big fan of Joes (I know I said that) but Joe has yet to win any NHL Award (top scorer, MVP etc) or as the captain of the Bruins, take the team into the playoffs. He has had good seasons and is a little hot headed (we in Boston call it a passionate competitor). Still I think the Bruins have made a fair and reasonable offer. Joe would be the 11th highest paid player in the NHL. The talk now, and the sad realization I/we have as fans of him is that if he says no he is making a clear statement he just flat out wants OUT of Boston. Would 500K more a season make him suddenly "LOVE" Boston? Its gotten me to think though, how much is enough to athletes. I'd love to have the money to take care of my family, college for the kids, and retirement. If I could give back to my parents 5% of what they gave for me I'd be thrilled. Taking care of my immediate and extended family would be wonderful. Where am I going with this....? I was thinking what my father would say to me if I were to say "Dad, the bruins want to pay me 6.5 million for 5 years but I am thinking of saying no". I know my dad would support me and agree on ONE level that "if you can get more money why not" but I think he'd slap me and say "take it" you never EVER know what can happen. And finally I feel bad for the younger fans. I have a nephew that lives and breathes hockey. When I was younger (before cable and dish networks and the web) we knew a handful of the local players. If the player had no goals all season but one night when we happened to be watching scored 2 or 3 goals we suddenly "That guy" the next day in the driveway. When the US Hockey team won in 1980 we were not NHL players we were no name college kids. Its okay to have "idols" to look up to, to emulate its harmless fun. The issue that I have, even in this getting the information as it happens world we live in, is that kids can't get used to players. My nephew might know someone was traded, but where? He may love a player, beg is parents for merchandise with his hero on it, then after 2 years his idol says "you know your city see ya". I recall when Nomar was traded from Boston. Diehards and fanatics knew it was for the best, but kids were DEVASTATED. It was a name they all knew. If Joe is to go, the Bruins will quickly need to find a hole..can Manny skate? Can David Ortiz clean out in front of the crease? So the Joe watch is on. Rumor has it he has until Monday to accept or decline. Take it take it take it...but somehow I feel like my heart will get broken.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Now that will get cha...

Russian newspapers reacted with glee a few weeks ago when a "spammer" was killed. Vardan Kushir, 35,was notorious for sending out millions of e mails advertising English lessons at his Moscow School. He is believed to have clogged the mailbox of everyone in Russia with an e-mail account. After a lot of complaints someone found out his name and address and posted it on the web. A favorite headline of mine "An Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem". Now if you'll excuse me I need to go orders some Cilais tabs and send some guy in Africa some money while I check the time on my rolex.

Who are you/Time to hit the Zoo!

Okay I have 2 things to add right now.

First - since about the 4th of July I had not shaved. For the first time in my life I grew a beard. Not the best time of the year I know but it was "something to do". My wife and kids both got used to it and seemed to like it. Yesterday I decided that it was time for it to come off. When my 6 year old got home from camp I got a long stare "what happened?" I turned back around to get a napkin or something and she was crying. She was SO upset I took my beard off. It was bizarre. I told her i'd grow it again and she seemed to like that news. Its bizarre, she has known me longer WITHOUT a beard. Heck I did not miss shaving AT ALL.

some lighter fair *i think*
I saw this in the Wall Street Journal. To give paying visitors a more entertaining view of the animals, most Zoos are putting paper-mache "prey" stuffed with meat in predators' cages. Lions, Tiger and other big cats attack the fake prey, rip them apart, and feast on their innards.

I understand this on some levels..but going to a zoo with 2 kids its hard enough to keep them from screaming "the _____ just pee'd (or pooped). How do you explain the circle of life as a tiger tears apart an animal. Nightmares..this might keep people OUT of zoos.

Monday, August 8, 2005

Dress in black...but they'd like that..

I am on AOL with my brothers step daughter and she asks me "what happened to the local newbury comics". What do you mean I say. Its gone..closed. Ha..some joke. I go to their site ( and my town no longer has a store. What the HELL?! I was only on vaction for a week?! How can they possibly be closed?! Every time I went in there it was packed. I always bought at LEAST 2 cds per visit (some law I think). A message has been sent to corporate!! damn it..gimme back my record store. No I can't and will not go to Walmart. Do you think they'd have Clap Your Hands Say Yeah?!

Anyone that knows me knows how hard this hits me. A boot to the face, a paper cut w/salt poured on it the new Creed cd put on repeat and me forced to listen to it. I have no idea. I feel like its a girlfriend that just cheated on me..damn them.

The only good thing for me is now i'll have to "plan" to go to newbury comics..but that will result in a once a month visit at best and probably 100.00 a pop. Damn you..damn you DAMN YOU..

I know you are saying "It just a record store" but if you said that you ain't never been there.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Back home....a little DC for yer AC

Took a week off to head towards the midwest. Nothing like putting 1,500 on your car..*groan*
It was good..on some levels. I'll have more to talk about later. Just wanted to update some...

oh..the ipod was a godsend!

Okay..i just sent this to some buddies so I decided to share. When i get to Cleveland I always take some time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here is just a snippet of what I shared:

It always pains me to watch these poor dads and moms that just want to read and look at the stuff and "take their time". Meanwhile there early teen daughters just look bored cuz they have NO idea who 80% or more of these people are. Its always funny to hear the parents plead w/their kids like "That costume is from David you know David Bowie?" the kids just look at them like "huh"?

So I am in the section that has a ton of the stage outfits and there is a mannequin of Angus Youngs schoolboy outfit. I am standing right next to these 2 girls and the conversation is such
Girl 1" "WHo is #12 supposed to be (the # just tells you what to look at so you can see who is who and perhaps a story about an outfit)
Girl 2 - umm like lets check
G1 - Her outfit is kinda "Avril"
G2 - It says Angus Young
G1 - Who?
G2 - Angus Young...not sure who that is
G1 - Agnes Young or ANGUS?
G1- Is that a boys name?
G2 - Oh like it says here "AC/DC"
G1 - I think my dad likes them. Oh well..lets go.

You kinda had to be there..but still you get the idea.