Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Count your blessings.

Last nights Netflix was the documentary "Born in to brothels". Filmed in
India it tracks a photographer that shares her passion with some kids that were
born to prostitutes and still live in the red light district. Its an amazing watch but depressing all at the same time. The parents are gone, addicted to drugs, dead or prostitutes, yet these kids someone seem to be "normal" if that can even be used fairly. They all appear to have food and they are working on getting in to school.

In watching it does make you angry that these "parents" are so mean to the kids yet they continue to do their chores and take pictures.

Breathtaking at times for its visuals it will put a lump in your throat as well.

I need to rend Dodgeball or something..time to "dumb it down" some.


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