Friday, August 26, 2005

Rock on TV at what expense?

i check this web site now and then called and it tells you all the bands that are going to be on late night television. I never stay up, tape or watch them but its always interesting to see who is getting tv exposure. For some reason right around the 11:30 start time for those programs I saw a show on VH1 called "Gene Simmons Rock School". I clicked on it to see what it was all about and it was going to be on at 9pm. Figured if I had my chores done I'd sit down and check it out.

I am not a reality tv person AT all. Sure I watched the Real World 20 years ago when MTV catered to my age demo and I admit season 1 of the Osbournes was comical but that is about all I have ever seen. The idea in Rock School is Gene, the bassist from Kiss, goes to a stuffy, very old school in England. The kids are
amazing musicians, all under 15. Gene is going there to teach them how to "Rock".

Its a train wreck and I could not turn away. For starters I find it hard to believe that the 'staff' off this school had no idea who Gene was, other than a "pop star form the USA that has had some success". Sure I can see the kids maybe not knowing who Gene is, but they MUST have heard or seen images of Kiss at one time.

The overall goal is to teach these kids how to rock, teach them guitar, bass etc and they get to open for Motorhead in six weeks. No pressure. Why do we put kids through stuff like this? I recall reading a few years ago a story about
the pressure on kids when they broadcast the Little League World Series. Suddenly these little leaguers are on major networks, being covered via the media. I live in a pretty big sports town but they don't televise minor league baseball, or even college baseball on any regularity..but suddenly they thrust these "tween" kids on to TV. There is something wrong with that. I am all for competition
and teaching kids how to win and lose, but at what price.


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