Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red Sparowes in Providence

Took a drive down to providence last night to catch Red Sparowes. They were the 2nd of three bands one the concert schedule so I did what I needed to do around the house and then headed out around 9, figured I'd get there about 930 and RS would be on around 10ish. WRONG.

2 bands were added. I missed one totally and got there for the whole set of some horrible hardcore band. I understand on some levels what hardcore bands are about (I had a phase too) but its so pointless when its not hardcore show. Red Sparowes
are memebers of Isis and Neurosis which are these "heavy" bands sure but no screaming vocals. So I dealt with whomever it was then I was checking the merch table out to pass some time. I checked out another bands schwag to get a feel or them. They were called Zombi and one of the cds said "if you like soundtracks to John Carpeneter films and Rush you get the idea" (I am paraphrasing here).
Figured what the heck, I'll run tape for them they might proove interesting enough. They were okay, a little heavy on the Korg keyboards but not horrible.

Red Sparowes were next and its always cool to see a band for the first time. I have no idea what the members look like or how the great record "At the soundless dawn" will be live. The band even had a backdrop and "visuals". The bummer is that the stage (although big) is not high so a good 1/2 of the screen was lost in the drummers face and guitar players waistlines.

With all that Red Sparowes delivered a great, albeit way too short a set (31 minutes?!) How the heck do you have a cd of 75 minutes and play less than 1/2 of it?

After they were done I just bailed on Breather Resist. I have no idea who they are anyhow. If they turn out to be the next big thing I'll kick myself for sure.

Yeah I taped it and it sounds good.


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