Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Something I think I want to try to do..

On a recent drive to the Midwest (see other posts) I was staring at the road thinking about all the people that spend time driving. Truck drivers of course, but bands in the backs of vans going from city to city on a shoestring budget came to mind. Dunno what that has to do with what I want to post. As I drove I started to think about seeing as many NHL games in the different arenas. There are 30 NHL teams and me living in New England I can get to a fair # of games in a reasonable amount of driving time. I'd need to sit down with a good map and a schedule but I think it can be done. I am not saying I will do them all in one year (the wife would NOT be happy neither would my wallet) but I was thinking a game (or 2) on the road each year. Lets cut out the west coast and northern Canada arenas for the moment. For games that would require flying (lets say to Florida) try to get both the FLA teams (Lightning and Panthers) done in that one trip. Again that would require some "luck" in that perhaps you could travel on a Friday see one team on Saturday and then the other Sunday. Nashville/Atlanta and Carolina are in that "same" area (i know its far but play along). The west coast would need to be like that. Do SJose and LA in one trip. I have only been to California one time so why not go back for a few days..see some games. I think my rough plan is to start next year. Really the first reason is I need someone that might want to do it. The other good thing is I have friends/relatives in some areas so the trips could be two fold. I have a high school friend in the LA area, a cousin near the Coyotes, Inlaws a few hours from the Bluejackets and Wings (more to get to the wings but) and a buddy that is just as sick as I am in our nations capital. So...who is with me. I was thinking a weekend trip to see the Rangers is a good place to start..but I can't stand them. I think I will start getting a map out now.

Oh..here is a list of the arenas..a little outta date perhaps..but it helps.


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