Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who are you/Time to hit the Zoo!

Okay I have 2 things to add right now.

First - since about the 4th of July I had not shaved. For the first time in my life I grew a beard. Not the best time of the year I know but it was "something to do". My wife and kids both got used to it and seemed to like it. Yesterday I decided that it was time for it to come off. When my 6 year old got home from camp I got a long stare "what happened?" I turned back around to get a napkin or something and she was crying. She was SO upset I took my beard off. It was bizarre. I told her i'd grow it again and she seemed to like that news. Its bizarre, she has known me longer WITHOUT a beard. Heck I did not miss shaving AT ALL.

some lighter fair *i think*
I saw this in the Wall Street Journal. To give paying visitors a more entertaining view of the animals, most Zoos are putting paper-mache "prey" stuffed with meat in predators' cages. Lions, Tiger and other big cats attack the fake prey, rip them apart, and feast on their innards.

I understand this on some levels..but going to a zoo with 2 kids its hard enough to keep them from screaming "the _____ just pee'd (or pooped). How do you explain the circle of life as a tiger tears apart an animal. Nightmares..this might keep people OUT of zoos.


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