Sunday, August 7, 2005

Back home....a little DC for yer AC

Took a week off to head towards the midwest. Nothing like putting 1,500 on your car..*groan*
It was good..on some levels. I'll have more to talk about later. Just wanted to update some...

oh..the ipod was a godsend!

Okay..i just sent this to some buddies so I decided to share. When i get to Cleveland I always take some time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here is just a snippet of what I shared:

It always pains me to watch these poor dads and moms that just want to read and look at the stuff and "take their time". Meanwhile there early teen daughters just look bored cuz they have NO idea who 80% or more of these people are. Its always funny to hear the parents plead w/their kids like "That costume is from David you know David Bowie?" the kids just look at them like "huh"?

So I am in the section that has a ton of the stage outfits and there is a mannequin of Angus Youngs schoolboy outfit. I am standing right next to these 2 girls and the conversation is such
Girl 1" "WHo is #12 supposed to be (the # just tells you what to look at so you can see who is who and perhaps a story about an outfit)
Girl 2 - umm like lets check
G1 - Her outfit is kinda "Avril"
G2 - It says Angus Young
G1 - Who?
G2 - Angus Young...not sure who that is
G1 - Agnes Young or ANGUS?
G1- Is that a boys name?
G2 - Oh like it says here "AC/DC"
G1 - I think my dad likes them. Oh well..lets go.

You kinda had to be there..but still you get the idea.


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