Friday, August 12, 2005

Went for a I am feelin' good.

I was reading a friends blog today about a bike ride he does every year to raise money for cancer research. He does a great job and really makes you feel like you are right there with him. I poked around some of his other posts and read
one on how he ran into a "snobby" rider and the comments were about how could he possibly ride this old/heavy bike. It was pretty comical and I think we all, at times, have tried to paint ourselves in a better light.

I few months ago I rented Super Size Me, the film in which a guy eats nothing but McDonalds for 30 days. It is an amazing watch and i encourage everyone to see it, just to see what else he covers (no its just one big mac after the other).
After watching it was very hesitant to ever eat fast food again. One hard thing, that is all cultural, is that I have 2 young kids that like McDonalds. I am not talking freak out take me there or else, but every other month or so Nuggets and fries and some playland hits the spot for them. Its all "harmless" i like to think, part of growing up right? Then I read the book fast food nation. Now I can hardly look at McDonalds or fast food without turning up my nose. I am not the picture of
perfect health, or a fantastic eater, but I feel like i am slowly making some changes.

On a recent road trip McDonalds was the only option. Two years ago I'd be all over the # "whatever" and make it at least a large. This time around I couldn't even pick up the fries to make sure they were too hot for my kids to eat. It was not fear but I felt like I had made this major break from a food that I once liked to eat. Mind you the place smelled wonderful and memories and sensors in my mind were going off like "eat me, eat me, go up and order something damn you". I didn't.

It was just interesting to look around and see all the adults sitting there..diving in..enjoying it Heck maybe its there "one time a year" treat. Dunno..and I don't know what point I am trying to make but if you go way back to paragraph one it got me thinking about how I sat there feeling better than everyone else and feeling like i am making a good change that works for me...and for that I was lovin' it.


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