Friday, August 19, 2005

I am a beer dork sometimes...

Last night on a ride home from work I decided I wanted to have a beer. It had been a few days (I hardly drink ever). So I stopped off and did a little "window shopping". I saw these new Budweiser Aluminum Bottles. I was curious..4 16oz bottles in some slick new package. I'll admit I don't mind Bud. My oldest brother told me years ago to get a taste for it because no matter where I'd go in the world, Budweiser wouldn't be too far off.

I decided I'd get a snobby expensive micro brew instead and made my way to the counter. I made some small talk with the store clerk who I know is one of the owners.

"How does one redeem aluminum bottles" I ask.
Ummm well that is a good question. MA does have a 5cent redemption.
He thought for a few moments and said
"Well I can't put them with the bottles and I can't put them with the cans..what AM I going to do?"!

Dunno man. I guess it will get colder faster and for a longer time..but I thought beer people HATE beer in cans. Keystone beer once marketed itself as having some "lined" can to make it taste like beer from a bottle. I am sure I'll grab some just to try it out and one up the whippersnapper kids I work with.

If ya care here is their product info:

Budweiser Aluminum Bottle

The Budweiser 16 oz. Aluminum bottle is just the package to encourage on-premise sampling. The four pack 16 oz Aluminum bottles targets Convenience, Grocery and Drug stores. Aluminum bottles make a big impact on your customers. The package is perceived as "sophisticated" while having a cold taste and stays cold longer.

Brand Role: Innovative packaging is key to reaching new consumers for trial and sampling. The Budweiser Aluminum bottle will help to grow distribution, conduct sampling events to build image and trial in target high-end accounts

Target: Contemporary consumers 21- 27.

Product: Budweiser is the beer by which everything should be judged. The perfect balance between drinkability and refreshment. Always uniform. Always distinctive. Our Exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste, a smoothness, and a drinkability, you will find in no other Beer.

Packaging: The Budweiser Aluminum bottle is available in 24/16 loose case and a 6/4 ALNR packs featuring pry-off caps (not twist off).

Marketing: The Budweiser Aluminum bottle will be supported with a Sell-in Brochure, POS, PPG and Signmaking templates.


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