Monday, August 29, 2005


..was good but tiring. A note to single do you do it?!

This week we see new releases from Kanye West as well as Death Cab for Cutie. Target has both cds for less than 10.00 so I plan to go that route. Who'da thunk I'd
shop for cds at Target of all places? Kanye got great reviews in on so lets see if those indie snobs are right. DCfC I am pretty new to. I can't say it was the OC that got me in to them, rather an opening slot for Pearl Jam last fall that did the trick. They are getting a lot of press since they are an "indie" band selling out to the majors. I've heard its 1/2 we shall see. More to follow I am sure.

Currently on the cd player - Slint 3-9-5 (amazing)


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