Friday, September 28, 2007

I can feel no sense of measure

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cool show and what??

Last night I sat thru Dirty Sexy Money on ABC. I kinda dug it, which usually translates to 4 episodes and cancellation. It has potential for sure.

on to other things...

As of late Littlest March has been doing a lot of the "why" questions. He is 5 so this is pretty normal. Rather than why he uses "how come". Its funny and the questions are way beyond his, as well as my, realm of knowledge. As of late he is just way in to "time". He loves digital clocks and telling you what time it is and asking what time it is and how long will it be before______?

The other day he got me good. He was wondering why the "second numbers" only go up to 59 and no higher. Being clever I said "The clock doesn't know how to count that high, or write if for you!". I thought i had him. "Why daddy?".

Little March hears us and comes in the room and says.."Well there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour" Wow..i was impressed...but then it comes again

"Why 60"

We stood there...ummmm ahhh. So using the internet I found the reason here.

Read that (if you want) and I ask do you explain that to a 5 year old.

"Well son it has to do with base 10 and .......

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random stuff

- I can't do it either Mr.President.

I have not been to a concert since early July. Its been way too long. If things work out I will be at the Kings of Leon, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Manchester Orchestra on Saturday night at Lupo's in Providence. The best part o that is the whole show will be over by 10pm so its not too late a night. Sunday I have a ticket for The Sea and Cake at the Museum of Fine Arts. I am looking forward to both. Kings of Leon is touring for a very strong record, Manchester Orchestra has piqued my interest in a live setting over the last few weeks and Sea and the Cake I missed the last time they came through town.

A co-worker brought in donuts today..not Dunkin Donuts but bakery style donuts. Donuts are usually pretty good, but sweet lord these are stunning. I will be handing my co-worker a Schrute Buck for her efforts.

Tomorrow gotta run the VCR and the DVR trying to tape three things. Thursdays is the one night I "enjoy" TV and three things that Mrs March and I watch are on at 9pm on Thursdays. Of course the one I am waiting for the most is The Office although I am curious to see if they are going to kill off Sara on CSI. Rumor has it she had some issues with her contract. I can't understand people leaving hit shows. How long did it take George Clooney to do anything after he left E.R. Where is Eriq La Salle been since he left E.R? Leaving to spend more time w/your family is the only reason I can see. Oh well...

Oh I refuse to watch Private Practice for that very reason. I want this show to fail something huge for some reason.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Has anyone had???


Monday, September 24, 2007

I did it!

I did a home improvement project, well slight repair, this weekend and I did 95% of it by myself AND..AND I didn't curse once.

I had a faucet in my bathroom that had a slow drip. We had to have some other plumbing work done a few weeks ago and I asked the guy about replacing a washer. He told me some mumbo jumbo and that the best bet is to just replace the whole thing (to the tune of 289.00 IF we supplied the faucet).

So I talked to my dad and asked if he could there for support. I will say that I am NOT the most handy of guys. Outside in the yard I am pretty good, but carpentry, wiring, plumbing (even "easy" stuff) freaks me out. Both my brothers are good at stuff but both have kids and homes of their own.

All told the replacement took about 30 minutes..and the key thing is we are not leaking. How long will it take me to stop worrying if it will leak? Mrs March put stuff back under the sink last night so she has faith in my work.

Not ready to take out and replace a toilet but my chest is pumped up with pride.

On a totally unrelated note:
Sunday afternoon the Marches and I went for a bike ride at a "rails to trails" place about 10 minutes from us. On the ride back home
one of these went past us on the opposite side. My question...if you could afford such a car (The 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago starts at $279,900) also I am not sure they make these) but anyway..if you could afford one..would yours be LIME GREEN? I kid you of the coolest looking cars, priced TWO TIMES as much as what we paid for our home passes us on the highway and its LIME GREEN?

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've been preparing for days, I know exactly what to say

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cool Site...

This is pretty neat.

If you go to Geogreeting you can type a message and it will spell the word(s) using images from Google Earth aerial photos of letter shaped structures.

You can see my results here. It is safe for work.


Did you know today is International Talk like a Pirate day?

It is. so shuffle along ya skallywags.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Target and the Office..

Target stores has some deal with the Office tv show.

this blog has page after page with images of all the goodies you can get. Says in the $1.00 bin to boot??! Be sure to check out the page links after each set of pictures so you don't miss anything....SIGN ME UP

Review Link

Another one of my reviews is up here if you care.


Monday, September 17, 2007

This too shall pass.....

Over the weekend I had a few hours to do some errands. Mrs March was working 3-11:30 Fri, Sat and Sunday. I needed to get a new radio for work. You might be saying..Why? I like having a cd player that is not my computer. Turning stuff up/down, pausing you name it..bugs me. Couple that with the fact that some days I load in cds and you'd swear the computer was going to explode. The cds would "whir" so loudly in the computer co-workers would wonder what was going on.

I had a cheapo cd boombox for work and it recently decided it no longer wanted to open to let me put cds in. I did get 10+ years out of it.

I went to some local stores to "look". I don't want anything too fancy. I went to Target, and of all places Kmart..i haven't been in one of those in YEARS. Finally I went to Best Buy. After finding what I wanted (less than 40.00 after all) I just poked around some. Hey, guys are like, BBQ, electronics stores..don't try to understand..just accept it.

Near the video games they had Guitar Hero connected and I had heard about it..but never played. I strapped on the guitar and the idea is pretty basic..a series of color patters scrolls along with the song. You press the color that is on the screen down on the guitar as you "strum" (press another button). The more you get right, the more your rock. Well I just don't rock. It was harder than I ever expected. (Easy level is just as complex as 3 color goes up to 5). I tried it again and completed the song and was given "rock status" but I didn't feel so rock and roll. Its fun to play, you botch a note (or a few in my case) and the audience groans in disapproval. It is fun enough to consider buying..but I don't have any gaming system so I'd have to start from scratch..and right now..I can't go there. So, I hope this will will but I am ready to rock again.

Oh the song I played and botched..."Radar Love" and the game tells you "Made popular by White Lion". Oh...popular and White Lion..never thought I'd see that sentence..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shameless plug again....

A few weeks ago I did a post on Manchester Orchestra on this very blog. Well, the review is up on Transform Online
which you can find directly here

They were on Letterman check out the you tubeage...

Cupids Arrow looking more like Cupids poison dart

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out.

I think some of the female readers may like this weeks, dunno why, but females seem to be drawn to this band some. You can always just stream the tracks on the site too....

What I might have forgotten you may never have heard of, so hey, might be your chance to discover something new...who knows?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meet the teacher Night..

last night it was "meet the teacher night". It is pretty cool to see the kids classes and hear what they have planned for the near future and the whole year. During the "meetings" I started to think of all the things you'd never hear asked (or spoken) at one of these "meet the teacher" events.

- Do you hit our kids when they don't listen? Cuz we sure do.
- School..i remember this..its sucked then too.
- Wow you are just a big a witch as my kid says.
- You got a light?
- Where do I put my empties?
- there is an effective learning tool.
- How do you feel about that "No Child left behind" thingy?
- Can you give me the phone number of that hot mom over there?
- Feel free to take my kids lunch money for your crack addiction.

Ahh this really went no where really....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In the News...

In the news:

An Illinois woman who fell and broke her ankle while trying to dance on top of a bar is suing the bar for $50,000. The lawsuit says that the bar is at fault for not allowing her to climb up on the bar without a step stool, ladder or other device.

and we wonder why the rest of the world hates us....

More? Sure.

In May of 2007 my space confirmed they had 29,000 known sex offenders on its site, all of which have been removed. (for now at least)

Riders competing in the Tour De France will consume as many as 9,000 calories a day. - New York Times

Americans use about 400 gallons of water (family of four) per day. 1/3 of that is used to water lawns. Over 7 Billion gallons of water every day goes this way. -Wall Street Journal

By 2025 1/4 of all American automobile drivers will be 65 or older. - New York Daily News (start your blinkers early)

In a recent Harris poll 83% of Americans see Obesity as being "very harmful" while 79% say smoking is the same.

The latest Harry Potter book sold 8.3 million copies in its first 24hrs of release. Previous one day sale record? 6.9 Million of the "Half-Blood Prince". (NYTimes)

Sales of dolls, action figures and outdoor toys are down, while electronics are up 16.6%. The latest Barbie doll doubles as an mp3 player. - Wall Street Journal

There is (or was) a TV station in Hawaii just recently with the call letters KUNT.

Nationally 46% of people summoned for jury duty actually show up...most get out of serving anyway - Associated Press

Among two income households, one quarter of wives now earn more than their husbands - Seattle Post Intelligence r

In 2001 spam accounted for 5% of Internet traffic, today 90%. there are 100 billion unsolicited commercial messages every day - The New Yorker

47% of dogs in the US sleep in their owners bed - New York Times

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has commissioned a yacht company to build him a second yacht, at 260 feet long. He is the owner currently of the second largest, the 454 foot "Rising Sun". The reason for the new boat, Ellison can only "dock" the Rising Sun in industrial ports. - The Wall Street Journal.

Since 1994, Gregg Miller has sold 240,000 pairs of "Neuticles". They are $919.00 testicular implants for dogs and cats. - Business Week.

A Bone marrow transplant in the USA costs $400,000. In India, $30,000. - Forbes

China accounts for 73% of the worlds' beer consumption - Wall Street Journal


Monday, September 10, 2007

Another post with no direction..

Just stuff firing off here.

I am kinda glad I am old enough to not care...the MTV Video Awards were last night (based off reading my music news web pages). I know, insert joke here about "They play videos?" or what have you..but remember..if you are over 25 and "care" you are pretty sad.

Sirius started up an all Grateful Dead station and so far its great. I was lucky to see the band twice. Mrs March a few more times than I but that pales in comparison to many others. A lot of people are indiffernet on the band, but a live show playing on a road trip = awesome.

Speaking of tunes...I head the new Band of Horses tune. That link is to their myspace page. Check out the first track under the "streams" called "Is there a Ghost". It starts of a little "slow" but builds. It kicks 100% ass. You'll love me. 2007 is hands down the best year for music in a long LONG time.

I was reading Lozo today and he made a comment about how he was watching an NFL game and Fox was showing the Baseball scores. I commented on it, but wanted to put it out there. I think ALL the scrolling bars on the bottoms of tv channels needs to be like Close Captioning. I can turn it on or off. I hate stations like MSNBC that have to scroll stuff that they "don't want to cover" but feel they need to tell you. I also get a kick out of how on Sportscenter you will be watching highlights of a game..and the hosts are telling you its a nail biter..then the score scrolls across the bottom of the VERY game they are talking about. Finally, and perhaps its just the TV news that I watch but follow me. The sports highlights are showing "golf" and the hole is hidden underneath the CBS logo or whathave you. The sports guy is saying "Oh look where the hole is...ummm where???!??!?!??!"

So I want to go on record as saying I am the guy that came up with the idea of making those bars being a close caption option. I'll buy you all lunch with my first million.

Wrapping up with the kids...

Littlest March is starting to get the idea he needs to check his backpack for "notes from home". Late last week we did summer reading coupons. Each coupon got tossed in to a drawing for a $5.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble. I did at least 10 coupons for Littlest..cut them up, bagged them and said "You have notes". He came home with the notes. Little March did 10 coupons as well, and won a card so she was jazzed. A lot of "fighting" to get the project done but she did it.

Last night after dinner somehow we got on the subject of "swearing". I am not even sure how we got there..but the talk was about cursing for some reason.

Little March - I know a few swear words.
Me - you do?
LM - yeah..just some.
Me - do you think there are a lot??! (of course there are)
LM - no
Mrs March - where have you heard them?
LM - camp and stuff..not a lot but I have heard some.
Mrs - is it BOYS?
LM - no, the girls mostly
me - whew...
Now we were not asking her to say stuff..we go on about saying its not a good habit, and we don't approve etc. Little wraps up with one that leaves you giggling, and wondering..

LM - well I don't know the really BAD ones.

okay for one you just said you didn't think there were more...and two the ones you know are not bad?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Shameless plug..

another one of my review are up.

Direct link here

I waste nobodys time but my own.

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out. After being really lazy the last few weeks I decided to "bring it".

What I might have forgotten you may never have heard of, so hey, might be your chance to discover something new...who knows?

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

One of those all over the map posts...

Can I be "put under" for the next 12 to 15 years please....
Moms and Dads with 'school age kids may want to join me. I couple of weeks ago I was in local "chain" of department stores called Bob's. I was in line getting "whatever" and the family in front of me was checking out. A Mom, Dad and probably a 16 year old girl. Now we all "look" at what other people are buying, the dad gets "out of the way" and the mom and daughter drop what appears to be 2-3 items on the counter. The daughter was buying thong underwear. I felt creeped out but the dad kinda seemed like "ehhh whatever".

Finally, second day of school..overall it was okay. Littlest March came home with milk money AND an uneaten sandwich.

me -umm what did you eat today?
LM - grapes and popcorn.
me - why didn't you eat your PBJ?
LM - Mrs X told me that it was for lunch.
me - okay, why didn't you eat it at lunch?

I was reeling on a few levels about this. I realize he needs to speak up but how can they, on the second day of school, not rummage thru the kids bags to get an idea of who has money or what have you? (I only filled out about 2000 Emergency Contact forms) I know what the teacher meant as well regarding "its for lunch" as Littlest probably took it out at snack time, but what bugs me is that nobody in the cafeteria saw my kid (or any other kid) NOT FUCKING EATING???!

Of course for dinner he ate a whole package of Easy Mac and some Hot Dog, Grapes and 2 cups of milk.

I wrote an email to the teacher and had about 8 versions..none of which I could get to come off "nice". I don't want to blame her for anything, or tell her she is doing things wrong. When Mrs March got home I told her, and told her I could not write an email without coming across as a complete asshole. (I know I know..march you already are).

So, Mrs March is off work today and she said she'd go over to the school to see what is up. Littlest March is out the door at 8:15, full day of school then an aftershcool program (they have a snack there) but he is far to little to be living a life that is basically vending machine fodder.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Couple of things...

Well the first day of school has come and gone and it seems "okay". Surprisingly Little March had a rougher day than littlest march did, at least that is what she wants you to hear. She was upset about the lack of "snack" and that she had to "hurry at lunch" and that they had "first recess". If life were always this complicated eh? We try to listen and be supportive. "Give it time, its only the first day" but she worked herself up pretty good. We are helping a single mom in the mornings starting today. The daughter and little are good buddies so the friend arrived about 7:45 and the two got to play before we headed to the bus. Things seemed better.

Littlest March came home and had an empty lunch box and no lunch money (that's good it got used!). He is still a little confused as to why he can't leave school and go to daycare after lunch. He did pretty well. He had music yesterday and told me about circle time but that was about all the water I could get from the stone.

So one down and we are in to day two. Things will get better as the routine gets more locked down.


Last night after hockey I was flipping around the late night television shows. I was watching the tale end of Nightline (i don't watch it..I was checking to see if Jimmy Kimmel was on yet). Anyhow, Nightline does a section called "Sign of the Times" and the story was on the latest hot exercise/gym class. Pole Dancing (link is to a CBS story, pretty safe for work image).

The women in the class were talking about how they loved to do it, how they understood how hard the "dancers" work and the like. They never talked to the instructor, but the the class mentioned their favorite part of the class was the "1-3 minute free dance" at the end of the class.

Put out a tip jar and the class might pay for itself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another one leaves the nest...well for part of the day.

Today was the first day of school for Little and Littlest March. It has been an odd few days gearing up for it. Little March is worried about not having "snack" anymore during the day, and who she will play with at recess.

Littlest March begins Kindergarten. He will go "full day" and ride the big bus with his sister. Littlest this past spring went to school 5 days a week but it was 1/2 days and then he'd get bussed back to daycare. He has been having a hard few days trying to get the idea of school and being there all day. He keeps asking "when do I get to daycare to eat?" No buddy you eat AT school. He will show a little concern, and ask when he will get to daycare again 10 minutes later. Both our kids went to the same woman for daycare. Last Friday was the last day we'd see here (on a regular basis) and for the first time in EIGHT years. Its crazy! My kids really loved her (as did we) so it was hard to close that chapter on our lives.

Today they shuffled to the bus stop. Oversized, yet empty backpacks and their minds racing. Of course the bus was late (first day and all) so Littlest March got bored and seemed to drift off here and there. His favorite saying as of late (for anything) "This is taking for-ever!!".

The bus arrived and his big sister took his hand and lead him over. They climbed on and I *think* they both waved.

I am not too worried about today but later this week the rigors may catch up with Littlest March.

I am sure he will be "fine" but I'd feel like and even worse parent if I was not even just a little nervous/worried.