Friday, July 29, 2005

Most Recent Live Shows

Howdy. Well I am doing this blog site cuz I really like live music (and music in general) Within the last 10 days I saw 2 shows. Both which were excellent. The first was Lightning Bolt at AS220 in Providence. I got there "just" in time as it sold out. It was very very hot, and real steamy and very loud. They are always good and always louder than hell. Then monday I went to see Pelican, Big Business and Panthers at the Living Room. I normally tape live shows and I ran tape for all three..but when I got home the Panthers and BBiz show didn't record for some reason. Pelican, who I wanted to see the most did tape. I am jacked...listening to it now and it makes me smile...ear to ear.

1st Time

I am pretty much fumbling around at the moment. I could and should be "working" but heck this is a lot more fun to learn.