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Buckethead - Showcase Live - Foxboro MA, August 30, 2011

Tuesday August 30, 2011
Showcase Live, Foxboro MA

Support – Wolff

Sort of always been curious about seeing Buckethead live. The guy has played in the jam band area, to Guns and Roses. His mask, long hair and trademark KFC bucket on his head all add to the fun, curiosity and what have you.

I landed the tickets for free the day of the show, but after seeing him I'd have paid, and will be willing to do so in the future. Free is good, but hey can't always be free right?

I arrived at the club around 8:40 and the opener is on. Its this dude called Wolff. I kid you not, its a solo dude playing the tuba. He is looping it through all these pedals and stuff. It was freaking really really cool. Can't be late the next chance I get to see him live.

Time passes and I realize that there is just a line of Amps up on the stage. No guitars but noticeably no drums. The crew gets together whatever needs to get ready and the large movie screen backdrop starts to play. It is some odd (and really horrible) looking monster movie. One of those, so bad its good creature double feature types. This would play for the duration of the show. It wasn't sidetracking and at times I thought/wondered if he was trying to play a soundtrack for it.

Buckethead arrives on stage with two large robot like hands. He gestures towards, and over the audience. He then removes the gloves and straps on his Les Paul. For the next solid 40 minutes he doesn't seem to even slow down. Opening with “Jordan” he set the tone quickly. The audience was eating it up. The backing track(s) all night packed a wallop. It was freaking LOUD in the club. His stuff was all sequenced well enough he hardly had to even step off the front of the stage to make adjustments.

He moved around the stage a fair amount. When he did stop he'd often do these robotic like movements. The combination of the mask, hair and bucket make for quite the sight.

Buckethead just wails. He opened with "Jordan" and basically tore the place down. The sequencers and all that were his "backing" band. He moved around a lot, and does this cool robot stance when he plays from time to time.

After a bit he takes a break from the guitar and does this 2-3 minute Nunchuck demo. He is pretty good at whipping those things around. The beat is heavy and he gets to the center of the stage and just goes crazy. He ends that and grabs a bag of toys and starts handing them out. The audience down front seems to be his attention as only one toy appears to be “thrown” and even that is not tossed very far.

Once done playing Santa he picks up the bass and plays that for about10 minutes or so, then goes back to the guitar. Yes, he is pretty darn crazy on the bass two.

He has two buttons on his guitar that make it sound really choppy. It is called a “kill-switch” and it cuts the sound of based of him pressing the button. He is so comfortable and accomplished with what it can do he offers the guitar to fans to press from time to time.

He did tease a few songs, including the Star Wars theme and Imperial Death March. Also was a tease of an Anthrax song. I didn't notice it, but a few people around me said it was an Anthrax tune.

Toward the end of the show he seemed to be having a tech issue. It ended up being his wireless, so he switched to wired and wrapped up the show. He didn't wave, didn't say thanks of course and it was just sorta "over".

All in all, Pretty freaking cool. The one little thing I'd like to see/hear from him is a little cleaner solos. Its run through so many effects and distorted/delayed etc it can make anyone sound good, but the dudes hands are MASSIVE and he plays about as fast as anyone I've ever seen live.

If anyone has the full set, please post in the comments.


Made it through the storm...

Made it through the storm here on the East Coast intact. Got a few things coming up..stick around okay?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its time for a good touring festival...

Why can't Lollapalooza being a touring festival anymore? For a few years it was the show of the year for me. I'd arrive early, stay late, and soak in “just” the right amount of bands to make the day (always hot and sweaty) well worth it. Then I'd go home. I bought food, I bought band merch I left with a glowing review.

They were done well, not a ton of bands and just the right mix. Didn't like a band on one stage, you'd check the second stage, didn't like that you'd check a vendor booth, done with that? Grab a bite to eat.

I miss that. The shows would start early, bands playing in daylight hours (Nine Inch Nails at like 12 noon anyone?).

There needs to be a mid sized touring festival for Alternative/Indie Rock. I know the Vans warped tour is still at it, but they pack 30+ bands on that bill. I know its still successful due to moderate ticket prices, but I think it would do even better if there was 15 bands tops and you alternated between two stages vs 3 or 4. What the heck do I know though?

There are some metal festivals, but barring Ozzfest I've never been to one. When I did go to Ozzfest that was done right as well. Two Stages with MAYBE a 5 minute lay over. So Motorhead is on their last song on one stage and Megadeath is warming up their PA music on the other, if you move it, you'd be in your seat/area by first song.

I've never been to a big weekend Festival. Sure stuff sounds neat, on paper, from the comfort of my home. Give people a days worth of music then send them home. Once you toss in camping I always just hear “rain”. Bonaroo looks and sounds cool as do many others.

I'd take a day off work for a day long festival. I don't even need to like/love all of the bands. I like the atmosphere and there is no way you are going to appeal to everyone. I have the most experience with Lollapalooza. You'd have 2-3 “upcoming” a long time indie buzz band, a rap act, maybe a heavier band, maybe funk, then your current 1-2 punch headliner. A wish list is easy, getting it to come together is something that needs to happen.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beer Fest..out doors in summer???! Yes.

Indian Ranch is on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Webster less than an hour from Boston.

Fourth Annual Summer Brewfest at Indian Ranch August 27
Lakeside festival features craft brewers from New England and beyond, music, food and games

Indian Ranch is known for offering music lovers a chance to see some of the nation’s greatest country, classic rock and pop bands in an intimate setting steps away from the sandy shore of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. However, on one day each summer, music takes a back seat to beer, as Indian Ranch hosts its annual Summer Brewfest. This classic event provides beer aficionados and novices alike the opportunity to come together and sample more than twenty-five different craft beers while enjoying delicious food, listening to live music, and engaging in plenty of fun and games. This year, The Fourth Annual Summer Brewfest takes place at Indian Ranch on Saturday, August 27 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Participants at Brewfest will have the opportunity to sample local, regional and international micro-brews, craft beers and malt beverages. Attendees are sure to recognize Sam Adams, Harpoon, Narragansett, Sierra Nevada, Guinness and Red Hook Brewery. These breweries will be joined by local craft beer brewers including Worcester’s own Wormtown Brewery, Blue Hills Brewery, Wachusett Brewery, 50 Back American Lager, Ipswich Ale, Clown Shoes Beers, Paper City Brewery , Watch City Brewing Company and Sherwood Forest.

Other New England brewers taking part in the festival include Vermont brewers Magic Hat and Long Trail Ale, Maine brewers Peak Organic and Geary Brewing, Woodstock Inn from New Hampshire and Olde Burnside from Connecticut. National brewers taking part in Summer Brewfest include Widmer Brothers from Oregon, Kona Brewing Company from Hawaii, and Goose Island from Illinois. International brews include Estrella from Spain and Innis & Gunn from Scotland. In addition, Malt Beverages Woodchuck Cider, Jeremiah Weed and Mike’s Hard Lemonade also will be available at the festival.

However, the Summer Brewfest is more than just beer. From paddle boat rides to pole-ish horseshoes, fun and games will be in full swing on the beach at Indian Ranch. The Racky Thomas Band, known for their traditional Chicago blues, acoustic country blues, and gospel sounds, will perform throughout the afternoon.

And what is a Brewfest without food? BT’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge, voted one of the Top Ten BBQ Joints in New England by the Boston Globe, will be dishing up Southern BBQ. In addition, perennial favorite Tiny Tim’s Café and Catering will be serving food pulled pork and other grilled items and the Uxbridge First Night Committee will be selling Del's Lemonade and Loaded Baked Potatoes.

Summer Brewfest takes place Saturday, August 27 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Less than an hour's drive from Boston, Providence and Springfield, Indian Ranch is located at 200 Gore Road in Webster, MA. Tickets are $20 prior to before August 13, and $25 thereafter. Tickets for Summer Brewfest and all concerts at Indian Ranch are available at the Indian Ranch Box Office during regular box office hours, online at, all Ticketmaster outlets or call 1-800-745-3000. A service charge will be added to the price of each ticket. Summer Brewfest and all concerts at Indian Ranch are rain or shine.

Tickets are available at, all Ticketmaster outlets or call 1-800-745-3000. The Indian Ranch box office will be open for on sales, please call 508-943-3871 or go to for updated hours. A service charge will be added to the price of each ticket. All events are rain or shine. No refunds.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No..who have YOU seen in concert?

Being in to music as much as I am I like to talk with fans of all ages an hear about their concert experiences. I may or may not like a band, but its always neat to hear about peoples "big" shows, or the shows that get you to react "Oh saw ______".

So it got me to thinking. I am not sure I know anyone that saw Led Zeppelin live. Even the re-hashes of the band every few years. What I am talking about is the full on 1970's version. Same with the Doors and Jimi Hendrix..but I do know someone that went to Woodstock in 1969 and did see Jimi play. This dude I believe to have went too, vs others that may have claimed to have been there. I had a customer at work that saw Bob Marley and the Wailers..but don't know of anyone else. Other "icons" (again all subjective) Janis Joplin (no) but Frank Zappa (yes).

My wife saw "The Who" but not with Keith Moon. (I saw them as well before John passed away). My cousin saw The Clash. My oldest brother Marvin Gaye, the Clash and the Talking Heads for example.

Age plays in this I understand. Some bands disbanded in the 80's..while others, well they didn't make it out of the 70s (as a band..or alive) so that factors in to it.

I don't know anyone that saw AC/DC with Bon Scott. The Grateful Dead with Pigpen is another one that as eluded me.

Not sure where I am going with this, just felt like babbling I guess.

Check..check 1, 2