Monday, April 15, 2013

Life - An Update.

Haven't posted something like this in a being a personal blog and all..sometimes it can be semi therapeutic right? Mostly post about music and the mix stuff up some.

First thought I have to mention music. My other blog, “Forgotten Disc Friday” is still going..strong I can't say..but today I posted the 300th “flash back”. When I first started it I had some blog chums help me out. Three of them I don't even think blog anymore. The task has been with me for a few years. Some weeks I have 2 or 3 ideas..and can get rolling, then others I stare at my cd collection and wonder what the heck I am going to do. I always feel like the sun is setting on that blog. It doesn't get much traffic from what I can tell, and very little interaction via comments. Not that comments are the be all end all..but some interaction would be nice.

My youngest wrapped up his first season of Hockey. It was his first organized sport as well. He was placed on the right team (the lowest skill level) and after a few weeks I found myself on the ice helping, and then making my way to the bench to help there too. I loved that part, and, call me crazy, I think I want to head coach come this fall. It is just my personality. Figure if my kid is on the ice at 6am and I need to sit in the bleachers? I'd rather be on the ice.

The season was pretty good, they were just shy of .500 I believe. My son didn't find the back of the net, but had a few assists. There are parts of his game he needs to work on, but he seems to like it, at least he tells me that. In the end I just want him to love the game. Its only going to get faster and even more competitive as he goes along. I gave up on it for a few years around the time hockey was brought to my high school. One major regret of high school for sure. These days I skate at least once a week in a laid back pick up league...I have more laughs than goals and it is exercise after all, so I feel it is a good thing.

Still with hockey the Boston Bruins are doing well enough, although the media and fan boys seem to indicate otherwise, but I'll leave that alone. The Providence Bruins, whom I have a partial season ticket for, have made the playoffs. This is really great news for such a good and fun team. I have one more game to go to before the Calder Cup run starts. The only bummer to those games is you never really know “when” they are until a day or two before. Lots of juggling schedules, but I am excited. I've seen them get in to round 2 with my tenure of tickets, but that has been it. Looking for a deep run.

TV and movies
Bruins games these days. The shortened season means there is a game on every other day. I like this.

Otherwise most stuff goes to the DVR. I have 2 episodes of “Hannibal” waiting. I've heard okay things, and I am a sucker for stuff like that. “Mad Men” started up, the wife and I watch that together, one of the very few things we watch together. She wasn't impressed with the season opener, but it has potential. I am waiting for Dexter (the series final season) and then Breaking Bad (also another conclusion). Walking Dead is a mixed bag for me. I always recorded it, but I could wait until mid week to “get around to it”. Dexter, Homeland, Breaking Bad..those I have to watch asap.

Saw “Zero Dark Thirty” recently on DVD. I thought it was okay. Sitting on the shelf are “Argo” and “Lincoln”. I need to get to these. The issue is the kids are up until after 9, and to start an R rated movie with the wife (who wants to see both) is nearly impossible. Everything seems to be 2+ hours these days. To those looking at “long waits” for these two on Netflix I apologize. ** update** watched Lincoln...have to say..its good..but BOOOOOORING. Whoa. Tread lightly on this one.

The good news is there is no news. Usual stuff. Work, school for the kids and a few activities. We are busy with busy work, nothing too wild. Down time, although rare, is hardly enjoyed. Always feel like I need to be up and doing something.

My 25th High School Reunion is coming up. Its a change this time around. We are the hosts of the annual alumni banquet so “all” classes are invited, including the kids that will graduate this year. Might be a little different from the rowdy drink fests of yore...but its always fun to see people. I know it is not for everyone, but in some odd way I look forward to them. I have nothing to prove to anyone, I just go, say hi, share a laugh and then leave. Its easy. Funny how some people hold on to baggage for 25 years. Then again there are 2 teachers I'd like to tell off...but......

So that is really about it. Cool and rainy here in New England. Lawn needs some help and I am ready to get out there. Blogs are not what they used to be on this level. Whenever I hear a blogger that “makes money” I wonder what I've been doing wrong (well lack of posts don't help, neither does a lack of direction or grammar).

I'll be around...hopefully some hockey playoff posts and more music per the norm.

Thanks for sticking around..leave a comment if you read..I’d love to “follow back” with like minded folks.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Matt Jaffe and the Distractions - band to watch?

Few things - yes he is young (18)
Yes he has touches of Elvis Costello and The Talking Heads in him.  That good, becasue Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads heard Matt perform at an open mic.

The trio is still working on new material, but in the meantime check out their first single
Back of Our Eyelids

His official site is here so be on the lookout.