Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 - A nice look back.

2016 – It has been a pretty wild and rough year for many but I decided to get a little corny and write down some things that made 2016 pretty darn ok. Just my thoughts, feel free to share yours.
In 2016:
I celebrated 20 years of marriage.
I watched daughter act in a play she wrote with friends, sing on the town common, remain on the high honor roll and national honor society, work for a paycheck, apply to and visit colleges, attend her first prom and get publicly called out for her volunteerism in front of a crowded room.
I watched my son score a goal in hockey, take a liking to mountain biking, witness him willing to spend many hours with his grandparents, work hard in school and see the results of that hard work (hello honor role) and continue to watch him grow in to one of the most selfless people I know.
I got to coach my sons hockey team.
I had parents thank me for coaching their kids.
I did a DIY project and didn’t swear (too much)
I saw Star Wars and Finding Dory with my kids.
I met some hockey players when I skated on the Dunkin Donuts Center Ice.
I mailed a personal letter to a Boston Bruins legend and got a response.
I made people laugh and groan with a bad joke every week.
I got to see my favorite band play live a few times and tell them to their faces how much I adored them.
I get to hang out with some awesome friends when I see those shows.
I saved for a drone, flew it 200+ feet up, took pictures, crashed it(not in the same flight) fixed it and flew it again
I got to see backstage at the House of Blues in Boston.
I saw Pearl Jam at Fenway Park about 6 rows from the stage.
I took my parents out for breakfast.
I’ve bought some awesome music this year.
I’ve bought way too many coloring books.
I actually read a few books.
I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
I ran (well that is to be debated) not one but TWO 5Ks this year…and finished.
I donated to charity and recycled more
I went to an aquarium
I completed a fun money saving activity (more to come)
I went to a job that I admittingly enjoy and feel like I make a difference.
I watched some great TV shows (Designated Survivor, Stranger Things, Walking Dead)
I played ice hockey every week in 2016 outside of one week when I was on vacation.
I ate cheese and I drank beer
I hung/hang around with artists, teachers and BBQ masters and home brewers, I know people that have written books and recorded music… I am impressed and envious of their passions.
Chewbacca Mom still makes me laugh.
I know this is all me,me,me..but take a minute and be thankful now and then..its much better.
2017…you are up. Let’s do this.

There you have it, I wrote the list a few times and kept emailing myself versions.  I know I wrote this:
I rented kayaks with my family, paddled a river in NH and got caught in a torrential rain storm for the bulk of the paddle.

That one makes me smile. Miserable when it happened, but I don’t think any of us will forget it.