Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I didn't think this was possible..

The other day (and today matter o'fact) I was packing "Ritz" crackers into the kids lunch bags/boxes. I noticed on the box it read "Now Better Tasting".


A Ritz better tasting than in the past?

Seriously? Is that even possible?

So I had one..okay 3, and better than in the past dunno...but damn these are the Cadillac of crackers.

Monday, April 28, 2008

They call it playoffs...

Watch out boring sports post..oh first..little march had her first soccer game "loss". They lost 1-0. Little March was sort of "glum" about it but seemed to get over it quick enough.

On to the sports..

The Providence Bruins are in round 2 of the Atlantic Division Finals. Games 1 and 2 were this weekend in Providence.

Saturday night the PB's took on the Portland Pirates. The crowd was pretty decent with a smidge over 3900 in attendance. The atmosphere was great and the Bruins ended up winning the game 4-0. They had 40 shots on goal. There were three decent fights and they were the kind of fights were the guys really hated each other. They had that look of fire in their eyes. Bruins tough guy Steve MacIntyre took on Mike Hoffman and what made this fight odd was that Hoffman left his right glove on. He landed one or two but "Mac Attack" (I didn't call him that..the other ticket holders near me do/did) went nuts at the end and took him out. There were 44 minutes of penalties in the third period alone. A great fun game and we left on a high note.

Sunday afternoon the teams faced off again and this didn't take long to get out of hand (scoring wise). 3300+ took in this game and were treated to a 7-1 Prov Win. Providence goalie Tuukka Rask was hardly tested. The down side was about 1/2 way into the third he lost his shut out. At that time he has only 12 shots taken on him. Under worked perhaps? Martins Karsums had a hat trick and it seemed like everyone was getting on the score sheet. The team sort of coasted thru the third, but they scored 4 goals in that period. It sounds odd, but it seemed over well before that.

The teams head to Portland for games 3,4 and 5. Hopefully I won't have another game until we are on to the next round.

If you are in the area, check one of these games out. The price is right and the action is top notch.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Meditating in the zone, all alone

Three weeks in a row (and I am on vacation today no less).
Forgotten Disc Friday awaits your visit.

There was a time when radio and the press thought this band was going to be big..they did "okay" but sadly they peaked at least commercially with this release.

Thanks as always for reading (or clicking over) and have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dead Meadow - Middle East Cambridge, MA 4-20-08


Dead Meadow
The Middle East Downstairs
Cambridge, MA
Sunday, April 20, 2008

After a two or three minute sort of siren, drone the band took off with "Ain't Got Nothing (To Go Wrong)" which leads off then new cd. For the next ninety minutes the audience was thrust into the psychedelic, stoner drone. The tracks at times seems to lumber along and drummer Steven McCarly would have these monster fills with hardly even moving. His kick drum was a marching band size bass drum on the floor. He was slightly elevated via a riser and the trippy lights would wash over his drum kit. He was a man on a mission and really held things together. Bassist Steve Kille was the most animated, sort of a bass player all over his section of the stage. He'd jump and sway as the grooves got deeper and deeper. The sounds that he was pulling from his Rickenbacker bass thru two full Orange cabs shook the bowels of the place.

Jason Simon was vocally buried in the mix. After the first song he asked how we were and how it sounded and a few people said "turn up the vocals". It is not that Simon is a great singer, but when someone is in front of a mic and you can hardly hear them you sort of perk up and get frustrated. It was never worked out to my liking personally and at times Kille would drop these sonic bass bombs that would get the whole place shaking. Simon would have a few moments to shine as a guitar player as well with some great epic riffs tossed in for good measure, but then he'd trip them out good with a series of effect pedals.

When the band would hit instrumental interludes they'd really shine. On some levels I'd almost prefer if they were totally instrumental, but I'll take what I can get. It might not be for everyone and I swear the band got good and baked before the show but if you like your rock sort of slow and plodding with a lot of bottom to it, check out Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow official page, their myspace page as well as a little on

Image taken from
this blog post. Credit to that person somehow.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well that was fun..

It was a fun ride but the Bruins lost last night. It would have been something if they were able to pull this one out, but just not this year. Considering the team was picked to finish 15th they had a strong strong showing. It was really fun to watch these last few games and people started to warm up to hockey once more.

On a lighter note the Providence Bruins swept their series 4-0 with an OT win last night in Manchester. They will take on Portland or Hartford next. Congrats to the PBs!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Morning Jacket -New Music - Free download!

My Morning Jacket are set to release their new cd "Evil Urges" on June 10th. For you approval..check out a free mp3 for the song "Evil Urges".

Here is the album cover as well:

So enjoy the music, and check them out on their official site or their myspace page. They will be on
Saturday Night Live on May 10th.

More on the band/release:

(June 10; ATO Records)

"The world today is such a confused place. Things that people think are good values are obviously twisted, but there are other things considered evil that obviously aren't. There is real evil out there, but "Evil Urges" is about how all of these things that you've been told are evil really aren't, unless they're actually hurting something or somebody." -Jim James

There's an old saying that every human cell in the body is changed over a period of seven years, thus every seven years we become a new person. If this is the case My Morning Jacket has defied this idiom by collectively shedding its skin innumerable times since its inception a decade ago in Louisville, Kentucky.

The past several My Morning Jacket albums have each reflected the passion that the band shares for music of all categories while continuing to nurture their signature aesthetic. Stylistically, Evil Urges is the album that My Morning Jacket has been making for almost ten years. Their previous work has emboldened them with the confidence to continue to grow in ways few artists would be capable of achieving. Admirably, Jim James' songwriting manages to remain as organic and cohesive as ever, making their musical leaps forward fluid, logical, entertaining, and inspiring.

More than ever before, the band treated the studio itself as a musical instrument for the recording of Evil Urges. Thus co-producers Jim James and Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, White Stripes) truly collaborated on the band's most ambitious and convincingly executed album to date.

Although their last album, Okonokos, has been hailed as one of the best live albums of the new millennium, My Morning Jacket is a band that holds no desire to merely replicate their past work. As kinetic and transcendent as their legendary shows are, the band is not attempting to achieve concert realism with the recording of the new album. Within opening track, "Evil Urges," alone, this focused eclecticism is immediately evident. It is clear that My Morning Jacket have officially outgrown their 'best live band' label. Now, Jim James (guitar, vox), Two Tone Tommy (bass), Patrick Hallahan (drums), Carl Broemel (guitar) and Bo Koster (keys) are ready to be the best band, period.

Sunday, April 20, 2008 this is what it feels like....

Saturday night be Bruins tied their series with the Canadiens in a game that went back and forth for the third period. The Bruins, once down 3 game to 1 have fought back and tied the series.

Then, in Sundays Paper there was a FEW articles about the Bruins, just not the 2 or so that appear the day after a game.

It was nice to see the coverage, and the win (I even heard they flashed the score at the Red Sox game).

For a lot of years around these parts its been very hard to escape the New England Patriots or the Red Sox. Sure it is great they are good teams but my interest is sort of in passing. If they win, great..if not..oh well. With the Bruins it is different...its nice to feel how every other sports nut who roots for the Sox and Pats feels for once. Part of me almost wishes I cared for how the Celtics do.

And...the Providence Bruins won in OT Saturday night as well..they are up three games to zero.

Its a good day/weekend to be hockey fan.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I kissed her once and now I'm able to walk the mile, crack the smile

Back to back weeks! Need to do this more often. Forgotten Disc Friday returns.

Something from the "third wave of ska" so be warned, or excited. Either way I hope you'll check it out.

Thanks as always for reading (or clicking over) and have a nice weekend.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Date night..

Need to get some rest because tomorrow night I got a hot date with Little March. She and I will be going to our third father daughter dance. Oh yeah, its gonna rule. This years theme: 50's Sock Hop. After the dance our tradition is Dairy Queen. Watch out the Marches are going for a night on the town!

On a side note.
Boston Bruins are down yet another must win game tonight.
Providence Bruins won game one 3-2 in OT.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aww we go.

Tonight the
Providence Bruins begin their quest for the The Calder Cup vs. The Manchester Monarchs. The teams face off a the 'Dunk' tonight and Friday at 7:05. Sadly I need to miss these first two games.

Before you readers get all bent, yes I do realize the Boston Bruins are in a playoff chase of their own. As much as I love em..well....if I say it I am not a "believer". Well prove me wrong..other Boston teams seem to be able to do it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Reading can be fun...

File under sad but true.

I finished reading the first book of the year for me. I read "Killing Yourself to Live".

I did enjoy it. The overall idea
is that the author, Chuck Klosterman who works for Spin magazine drives to various locals where musicians met their demise. I actually read the book in about 2.5 weeks which is VERY fast for me.

Since I loved "No Country for Old Men"..I decided to get the the book..the odd part just in flipping through it..NO Punctuation (at least when characters speak). this might prove an interesting challenge for me but sort of knowing based off the movie might help me plug along. Lets say the clock is ticking as of "now" when you read this as to when I gut on this..going in...3 weeks. Lets see.....

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Radio Station around the nation....

Forgotten Disc Friday returns.

One of the acts best releases. Better than their "big one" at least to these ears.

Thanks as always for reading (or clicking over) and have a nice weekend.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Slap Shot, The Bruins, a great cause = loads of fun.

Sunday was a great time. I can't say enough great things about all the parties involved, they made things run as sooth as possible and it was just great. Here is a rough time line of things.

Dim and I arrive at the rink about 11:30. We exchange hellos with a few folks at the
Arc of Greater Boston table. I say who I am, why I am here and who I am looking for. A gentleman rushes off to find my contact "J".

J meets us both in the lobby moments later. We exchange hellos and try to work on getting on the same page. I am here as the PA Announcer. We had most of the information lined up before hand and we just went over some of the technical things. A little more of what they'd like to have me do.

The game I am doing the PA for pits a local business Yale Appliance vs.the Bruins Black and Gold Legends. Adding to the Black and Gold are guitarist Robbie Merrill (guitarist) from Godsmack as well as cast members from the film Slap Shot
Scheduled to be there are Yvan Barrett
who played goalie Denis Lemiuex, Paul D'Amato who played Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken and Allan Nicholls who played Johnny Upton. Also, the famous "Hanson Brothers" were going to be there as well.

Dim and I, geeks to begin with are also geeks about hockey. This was a thrill, just the thought of seeing and perhaps meeting the guys keep us giddy all morning.

Dave, from Yale took us down to the locker room to meet the guys. Dim and I had purchased Slap Shot movie posters and were hopefully optimistic that the guys might sign the poster. We enter the locker room and the Hansons are on the far end. If you can believe it...Steve Carlson (one of the Hanson Brothers) was actually
puttin'on the foil. I kid you not, he had the tape and the roll right next to him.

Each of the Hansons extended their hands and were very gracious with signing. Now part that makes this story even cooler is that the guys from Slap Shot (barring the Hansons) had not seen each other since the film. Yvan who was not skating signed and then Alan signed. The only one missing was "Dr Hook". Dim and I headed out of the locker room to let the guys get ready. No sooner did we get out of the locker room then do we see Dr Hook coming down the stairs. He posed for pictures and signed both our posters. His comment to me before signing was "Where should I sign the poster" to which I said "Anywhere" and he tries his name once and says "It doesn't show up so good right I'll do it over here". He posed for pictures with Dim and I and he talked like we had known him for years. (More on this later).

Game time approaches and we get the PA Announcing rolling.

The skaters come out and do a short warm up before we do the intros. Yale Appliance guys are first and the audience of friends and family are ravenous. Its an electric event.

I then intro the Black and Gold Legends. If you didn't grow up a Bruins fan many of the names might not sound familiar, but these guys all deserve a lot of credit for their time and efforts. Tim Sweeny, Andy Brickley, Bobby Beers, Don Marcotte, John McKenzie as well as Ken and Kenny Hodge were just a few of the guys involved. After the Bruins were introduced I rolled over to introducing the Slap Shot guys and the ovation was great. Everyone was ready for the show.

During the anthem this moment did not occur.

The game started. The Hansons got the call to start and no sooner does the puck drop do they drop the gloves...with the Referee! It was a lot of fun to watch..and the ref sent them all to the box. The penalty box was right next to us and Steve was quick to say "What was the call??? What is the Call??" I handed the mic over to him and let him have some fun. As you can tell by the picture we were *that* close to them.

The game continued and the Hansons would get out there and skate, with the long hair flowing behind them. Johnny Upton sort of sat back on Defense and let the Hansons have a fun time. They'd emulate a few of their film moments but grabbing sticks, all three of them would pile on a guy in the corner and when one of them scored they all skated to the front of the net, sat in a row and pretended to bait and fish the goalie.

The first "period" ended after 25 minutes of "run time". At the end all the guys posed for a picture. We did then did a "Shoot to Score" prize (small target on the net and if you get the puck in the hole from center ice you won a lease on a car for 2 years). The third person to go couldn't even hold the stick the right way..and you know what..when she "shot" is came *that* close with it going in. In all my times seeing this done I have never seen one *that* close. It was unreal, funny and sort of unsettling too.

Both teams posed for pictures after the end of the first.

They cleaned the ice and the players came back out for the second period. The Hansons and Slap Shot guys did not skate the second period opting for a meet and greet where they were true professionals, singing and posing for the next 1hr +.

The game ended, handshakes were done and Dim and I worked our way back to hand off the microphone etc.

Dim actually had a good idea about going upstairs to meet they guys and getting pictures done. Smart move as they still had their "Chiefs" shirts on. We were about 20th in line (mind you a good hour of these guys in to signing) and they never stopped. They chatted with everyone, posed, signed just about everything thrown at them. It was great.

Dim and I saw "Dr Hook" off to the side and we chatting with him once more. He was, as noted, so down to earth and flat out cool. Dim commented to him at one point how Slap Shot, barring the outfits, was really timeless. Tim commented that it was how the film was made. They had no stunt men, all the actors actually skated, there were no car chases or explosions. He went on to say he had no problem with being most well know for this role. He continued on by talking about his next movies (2nd movie he did after Slap Shot was The Deer Hunter). He said he was grateful for all he had, done things people could only dream of. Very very very cool guy.

We waited our turn and quickly had our pictures done with the guys and off we went to the "After party".

We arrived at the British Beer Company and settled in to a table in "our area". Before we knew it food was rolling out. Drinks were being poured and everyone sort of realized it was "done". J and all her hard work had paid off. A few of the Bruins came and hung out, the Slap Shot guys were all there sans Johnny Upton. Dim and I chatted some more with Dave Hanson and he told us that after a few more "events" they are headed to Vancouver to make another film. Yes they will be playing a role that made them famous..only this time as the coaches of young kids!

I have a Bruins book that over the course of time I'd like to get filled with a few more signatures. At the event I was able to get Ken Hodge Don Marcotte and Andy Brickley
to sign the book. Andy Brickley (aka "Brick") does color commentary for the Bruins on NESN but has been getting some national gigs as well. A very cool guy and he gave me a nice compliment about my PA work. I had to quickly say "Do you think there is a future in this for me?" He smiled and just said "You never know". It is all good, he was real nice.

Dim and I sat around for a while and met a few more people from the Arc of Greater Boston. We had a few drinks, ate a LOT of food and then decided it was time to end the day.

We said our good-byes, expressed a world of thanks to all involved and headed out.

A day, which I won't forget for a long, long time.

This post would not have been possible if not for
The Arc of Greater Boston
Yale Appliance
the great folks from the Boston Bruins
The Hanson Brothers
The guys from Slap Shot
and to my man w/the camera Dim

Thank you all...

Where does one even start...

What a weekend..WHAT A WEEKEND.

Little March won her first soccer game.

Saturday night Explosions in the Sky brought a sold out Lupos to their feet.

Sunday...well lets just say Sunday will stick with me for a long long time.

The picture is just a teaser. Lots more on both the concert and the Bruins Black and Gold w/Cast members from Slap Shot. Lots more.

Thanks to Dim for helping me Sunday and for this picture as well as others I'll toss up.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Yes..its on..

Weekend is shaping up nice. Little March has her first soccer game then later that night I head to Lupo's in Providence to catch Explosions in the Sky. I am jacked. This will be their last tour for a bit so it will be even better.

Sunday I finally have the emcee gig for the charity hockey game.

Details and pictures to follow I hope.

Have a good weekend..i hope i sure do!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New REM cd.

Four years in the making R.E.M have returned to the glory that 90% of their US audience remembers. A few hangers on like myself have sort of let them "find themselves" on the last few records, but so far this record is a return to the glory of great records like Life's Rich Pageant as well as Automatic for the People.

Welcome back guys, glad you found the electric guitars once more.

The cd is out today..and you can find it for less than 10.00 in most places like Target, Best Buy and Circuit City.

If you have ignored their last few records this won't seem things have changed much, but if you have those last few, this is a welcome relief.