Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey Ya..Charlie Brown Christmas Style..

After you are done some more as Dim comes up with some creative new Peanuts specials.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just a question...

Did any "fan of video games" actaully get a Playstation 3?

It seems like every one that was sold has ended up on ebay.

Nobody I know has one or even knows anyone that has one. (Granted I am way out of the video game sales target demo) but I work w/a fair number of younger males that are the target demo.

Its thinking of crap like this that kept me out of the really good schools.


Some people are just too clever.

A Seinfeld montage about the rise and fall of Kramer.

Check it here

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I might actually watch..

If american idol was like this..i'd just have to watch.

I wish I knew what they were saying and what he was (trying) to sing.

A+ stuff.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Roundup...

Hope for you American readers your (hopefully) long holiday weekend was good. (and any non-US readers hope your weekends were good). On to the roundup.

I sat down and watched Everyone Stares this weekend. It was the self shot "documentary" on the rise of the The Police. Stewart Copeland narrates the relatively short dvd considering the time it took to shoot. All in all I was pleased. As you'd imagine the audio is less than great being shot on a handheld but you get to see the meteoric rise of this band that really was massive. I am surprised that Andy and Sting tolerated the camera on "all the time". On a few occasions (at least in the film) Stewart would put the camera on a tripod and used a trigger to turn the camera on and off. If you are even a casual fan of the Police you'd dig this.

Turkey - I love it. Honestly part of me waits all year for this and I usually have 2-3 plates of the hot stuff..then sandwiches that night etc. We hosted this year and I reaped the rewards of the leftovers. I need to sadly report that I am sick of turkey. I had it 6 times in three days in various forms and I am sick of it....yeeeccch.

Sunday - Little March and I went bowling. We had a coupon for a free hour of "bumper bowling". I love that bowling keeps score for you now and its actually pretty fun w/the rails up blocking the gutters because GOD do I suck at bowling. March had me in one game by..get this..30 pins. (I am not 100% sure how to keep score) but for example it was 60 her..30 me...then I started to "try" and it got even worse. I think I pulled something too.

When we got home I wanted to set the DVR. Little March had begged to stay up late to watch an American Doll Movie on the Disney Channel. She wanted Mrs March to sit with her so I wanted to set up the DVR for our Sunday programs.

I turned on the New England Patriots, Chicago Bears game to just get the score. At one point they went to the broadcast booth. It was Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. For some bizarre reason I was drawn to not only look but STARE at Aikmans hands. These things were freaking
massive. They stuck out of his dark coat and I trembled. You know what they say about a man with large hands? He wears big gloves.

I think that is it...I gotta go heat up some Turkey Soup.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day(early/on time..depends on when you click

Not sure I'll update tomorrow while basting the bird so I hope you are enjoying your turkey day (and then some). Back to the crap you expect in a few days after I awake out of my food coma (ELASTIC WAIST PANTS!!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Little March was on a roll..

Last night Mrs March had a meeting to go to so it was me and the kids. We were playing in the playroom and for some reason for the 2.5 hrs before I had the crappy 1-2-3-4 Come on Baby Say you Love me..5-6-7 TIMMMMMMME by Miami Sound Machine stuck in my head. I have no idea where I even heard the song last to get it in my head but it was every few minutes while playing dolls ahem I mean trucks and what have you I'd just bust out
Come on Baby Say you Love meeeeeeeeeee

This went on for a good 15 minutes.

finally little march tosses one of her 2677 Barbie dolls to the floor and says...

"Dad..has anyone ever told you that you are SOOOOOOO Annoying?!"

touche little march..touche..

A little later I told her that she could watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. She got changed and settled on the couch. I put littlest march to bed and came down to watch.

At one point Snoopy starts to set up the table. They used a ping pong table. After getting it set up Snoopy does a quick game by himself. He is back and forth across the table. Little March sits up some from the couch and says "Dad, He has some SKILLS!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

News in print...

I had more of these but can't seem to find the file....

-In espn the magazine recently there was a blurb on the # of pages for "sports rule books"

Tennis was #1 with 284 pages
NHL 264.
Third was the NFL at 140.
Lowest was USA Table Tennis with 5 pages of rules

-Not sure any of you saw that big college football brawl a few weeks back between Miami and FIU..well seems the police took 700 kids to the game as part of a "join a team not a gang" program.

Ohio State beat Michigan this past weekend 42-39. The winning state lottery in Ohio that night 4239.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Well I'm Convinced the Whole Day Long that all I learn is always wrong

Happy Friday to you and yours.

a new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up.

Hope you'll click on over.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2006 Blog Award nominations..

Have a look at the categories

You can nominate your blog even.

I know of a few music bloggers that should get a nod (Brad/Ryan!)

Oh yeah..I went there.

The company I work for has a pretty relaxed "dress code". Its a little lighter than business casual but not full on flip flops and shorts.

Also, a perk is I get to work from home 2 days a week so my wardrobe at this time need not be huge. Still, I like to find some comfortable casual pants when the time for an update or replacement is needed.

Over the summer while trolling an outlet I stumbled upon a pair of brown cords that actually fit and were nice and boot they had an elastic waist band.

I am officially my father.

Needless to say on the ride home last night after wearing them for the first time I thought about how great my new pants were. The bummer is they were the only pair on the rack. Had they been something I found in a regular department store I'd be headed back to get a rainbow of colors and join the elastic waistband nation!

I definitely have my thanksgiving dinner pants picked out!

(man this post blows)

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Cult - Hampton Beach Ballroom 11/9/2006

The Cult
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
W/the Bangkok Five and The Strays

Since about 1985 I have been a fan of The Cult. Some of my fondest memories and favorite records came from this band. The first song I learned on the bass guitar was "She Sells Sanctuary".

About 2 months ago a friend from highschool shot me an email that pretty much read as such:

Hey man what are you doing on November 9th? Dunno was my response. "We are going to see the Cult in New Hampshire". Okay very cool. I was supposed to go with this guy as well earlier this year but for some reason I couldn't make it. My bud (Steve) went on to say that he kinda went a little crazy on the ticket and that he got the "VIP" Package and in that we'd meet the band. Sign me up!!

Fast forward to last Thursday.

I met with Steve at his place of employ and we shot up 15 or so minutes from his office to the Hampton Beach area. For those of you that don't know about this area its beyond crazy during the summer and dead in the winter. It was a ghost town as we looked for a place to eat. We headed out of the area some to eat and then headed back. Kick ass parking space and we headed in. We had to hit the will call window to get the "passes" and what have you. After trying to get a camera in (no dice for him.but I got my smaller digi in) we hit the car again, then went into the venue.

I had never been there. Its a long HUGE room with the stage on the side about 1/2 down in to the room. We got there pretty early and stood thru the 2 opening bands. They were not horrid, but nothing to write home about either.

Finally the Cult hit the stage. It was about 10:15 and the band could have gone on at least 15 minutes earlier but they made us wait. The crowd, which was one for the ages I tell you. Running from the aging hipsters to the soccer moms and dads getting a night out to a dad with his 12 year old son in a cult shirt, we were ready to rock.

Opening with Lil Devil we were off to the races. Ian Astbury clung to his microphone and worked pretty hard to get us rolling. Billy Duffy, off to his left, solo'd in his trademark style. Drummer John Tempesta and Chris Wyse on bass (2 guys that have stuck around w/Ian and Billy) as well as a second guitar player Mike Dimkitch all played really well off one another.

Ian, who has a voice that I have loved for ages, seemed hesitant at times and often would sing a complete chorus a full octave lower. He seemed to speak more the lines of "Sweet Soul Sister" rather than try to get up in range. Musically the show is ton of fun. They hammered thru the whole catalog going oldest of the old to hitting a track off the most recent studio album (granted that was 2001).

Rather than going track to track here is the set w/ any notes on it.
Lil Devil
Sweet Soul Sister
Electric Ocean
The Witch
Spirtwalker (holy crap!!!)
Revolution (Ian dedicated this to our "new government and said Welcome back America")
Phoenix (smoked)
Edie (Ian and Billy solo acoustic)
Fire Woman
Peace Dog
Rise (this was great showing the last studio album had far more potential)
Wild Flower
Love Removal Machine
She Sells Sanctuary (still a top five greatest song ever for me personally)

So there it was. The show was fun and we jumped around like dorks and airjammed and fist pummped..I was a total domestic beer swillin rock fan tonight.

After the show the VIP passes were to get us back to meet the guys. We were told to stand "over here" for a few minutes. As we did this more people showed up. About 15 or so people and they had passes that were not the same as ours. They were just "after show" passes. We waited...and waited...and waited. A super obnoxious, drunk girl cuts in front of Steve in line and says "I am first to meet them!!!" She went on and on and Steve just said "Well it would be nice if you asked". Her response "I am cuter than you". Oh man..its been about 20 minutes since the band has been off the stage..its now just about midnight and we are waiting..(Oh and we both have at LEAST 1hr and 15 minute rides home). Finally a guy comes to us and says " and your guest (me) come with me". We follow the manager and the obnoxious girl grabs my arm and thinks she is coming w/us. We get about 1/2 way to the other side of the venue and Steve goes "She is not with us". The manager smiles and says "I figured that out!" We drop her off to the "other backstage" (where the aftershow pass people will go) and he takes us back.

We enter a small room and he said "let me make sure we are all set". He offers us a beer and John Tempesta is standing there. We exchange pleasantries and have a drink. The manager comes back..says "Okay we are ready".

We go around the bend and are greeted with:
"Guys..this is Billy Duffy". He was sitting on the couch and he stands right up, puts out his hand and we are all of a sudden "old buddies". He demands we sit..are we all set for food/drink? he asks. For the next 20 minutes its just me, steve billy and the tour manager. Its freaking awesome. We talk about past cult tours, we talk about Billys side projects. He seems impressed we know of
Coloursound and other works. He tells us that Mike Peters and he will be climbing to Mt. Everest base camp in the fall of 2007 and do some "recording" for something to do. I can't begin to tell you how down to earth he was.

I stared to wonder where Ian was though.

A few moments later Ian comes down the hall. Holy SHIT its Ian Astbury! Again we chat w/him for a few minutes. Ian is a lot quieter, and although "nice", part of me felt he would like to have cut this "experience" short and just got to bed. We talked about his work with the 21st Century Doors, his solo works (I asked when his 2nd solo record was coming out as I swear I read it was completed....its not). Ian and Billy both singed a bunch of cd sleeves for us and posed for some pictures. After about 40 minutes all told Steve and I realized it was time to let them go.
We did chat some with Chris Wyse as well. He told us he was starting a bass teaching web page and that we should shoot him a message (steve does web design). We talked about how highschools are dropping music programs too (not even sure how we got there but we all rolled our noses in disgust).

Oh, one other thing. The band is going to be shooting a DVD that will have all sorts of drop down menus to choose angles (as the dvd plays) as well as all angles of stage set up/break down from the beginning of the day to the end. It was going to be shot in NYC.

We say thanks over and over, shake hands and Ian shuffles off. Billy then says "I wish I had more to give you guys". The tour manager gives us a banana and a packet of coffee. Billy is looking high and low for "something". I say to him...we like guitars and I'd take your Gretsch.

Out in front of the stage Billy is looking for his road case or something. He wants to give us some guitar picks. He finally says "You guys are from MA right?" We respond with a yes and he asks if we want to be "guest listed" for Hartford CT on Saturday night. "I really think you guys are great fans and I get a good vibe from you so lemme get your names and I put you on the list." He then says the coolest part.."I realize it might be hard to make it so I would not be mad at all but if you made it that would be cool".

Billy Duffy just freaking "guest listed" us.

Steve and I headed off and when it came to Saturday we didn't go. It was an amazing chance to have 1 on 1 with them and even though he was gracious as can be it felt a long way out of the way to get a guitar pick honestly. I'd rather keep that memory and the time spent with them that getting a guitar pick.

Awesome time.

Here is a picture of all the stuff I got signed, the set list and the VIP pass.


Friday, November 10, 2006

No it's not a joke it's cards on the table time

Saturday is Veterans Day. Friday many get the day off to remember. Please remember not just today but every day.

Thank you.

also a new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Broken Social Scene w/Do Make Say Think 11/8/06

Broken Social Scene
w/Do Make Say Think
Lupos Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI 11/8/06

This has to be too short for the moment..but it was amazing. I got there about 15 minutes before Do Make Say Think took the stage. I have been wanting to see them for a while now and I was not let down at all. Members traded off instruments during the show, 2 drummers pounded away in unison. It was great..and just about 1hr for a set (not bad at all for the opener).

The good news was the gear that DMST used was pretty much used by Broken Social Scene so the stage change over was quick.

Even though the band was marred at the outset w/some vocal and microphone glitches they continued on. At times there was over 15 people on stage and the band fired as a well oiled machine.

J Mascis (most notably from Dinosaur Jnr came out and just ripped his guitar solo to shreds. The audience went wild.

The band spoke a few times about "not sure when we will be back..but it will be a while" delivered a 1hr and 55 minute (no encore) set that left me breathless.

Catch them if/when you can and thank me later.

Taking 1/2 day and we are off Friday..i'll update more I swear.

** Image taken from here

Here is a poster from the show:

get one for yourself here

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Some fun links for Tuesday

Before we get to the links..wanted to share this.

I read the other day that "Diddy" wants to be James Bond. Correction, the first black James Bond. Since he is putting it out there I'd like to toss my hat in the ring then. I'd like to be the first middle 30's, "husky built", slightly balding, pale skinned, father of two, bacon and donut lovin redheaded irishman to play bond. Come on Diddy..who DOESN'T Want to be Bond? He gets the cool cars, the women, amazing gadgets, women, guns, women and he always ALWAYS wins. Now, where do I sign?


I have had a few of these in my favorites..Decided to post some cool/fun links to check out if you desire.

1) It is a well known fact I just don't read enough. Mostly I say "Oh I liked____" but wonder what might be like it. Well check out
What Should I read Next. Put in the book you liked/read and it will give you some suggestions. I think the avid readers might need to tell me if its good/bad etc. Overall I was impressed.

2) One of the things that keeps me from reading is TV..I'll admit it. I like movies and sometimes netflix is "in transit". So if you have cable check For fun I put in Shawshank Redemption..and lemme say I can get my fill.

3) Most people have "googled" their name one time or another. Check out
How Many of Me. You put in your first/last name and it will tell you how common your name is (good news my first name is 99.9% male). There are 77 people in the USA that share my name. Only 3 of Mrs March, 12 of Little March and Littlest March...5.

**updated** - not sure how good this is,
Jocular put in his name and there were zero matches. We know he is one in a million billion trillon..but there is something up.

4) Finally. Ever see a commercial and wonder "What is that song?" Check out
Music from TV Commercials to help you out.

Okay..don't blame me if you get ZERO done today.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Chuck Palahniuk responds to your letter

Saturday the mail arrived as it does any old Saturday. As I dreaded hitting the mailbox for one more catalog and two more bills I was excited to see "a package" It was this


I read the return address and it read "Palahniuk" and an address in NYC for his publisher.

Chuck Palahniuk had responded to my letter!

A few weeks back I read on Pop Candy a story that author Chuck Palahniuk was going to take a full month to respond to "fan mail". In the last year (I think?) Rolling Stone magazine had written an article about Chuck and how when he responds to folks he always puts in "prizes" if you will in the packages. Chuck's most famous book is probably Fight Club (thanks to the movie of course). Anyhow, I read the "rules for submission" in which they aid "Tell Chuck something you hope to accomplish as well as a recent accomplishment". I tossed something together quick. Asked him what music he listens to, if anything, when he writes, sealed the letter and that was that.

I cut open the package with glee..what was in here? I shook it like it was Christmas morning..cut it open to reveal this:

It was packed to the top with goodies and FILLED with confetti.

I moved thru the was great. Here is a few of the things out of the box:

Next I came upon not one but two cds. They were called "Chuck Palahniuk's Tour Stories Volume 1 and 2". CD1 on the inside read "Bedtime stories for "me" and the second cd was signed:

Finally I came upon the letter back to me. It was 2 pages long and he answered my questions. In my note I spoke how I wanted to help Little March (7 year old daughter) learn to ride her bike w/out training wheels, and how I got some recognition recently for my other music blog on Here is his letter (not sure how good it will be blown up but)

and this was his signature on the second page:

So here was all the loot laid out:

The coolest of the cool came in a small white box that was signed. The last paragraph on page one he said that he didn't write all day the day he wrote to me but he made me a necklace. The three center slabs are Chinese, yellow opals..between those are carnelian agates then tigers eye and disks of citrine. Next comes yellow adventurine and gold coral. Chuck collected rocks on book tours and got the passion from his father. The final sentences were the best "My dad was a rock hound, and I've caught the bug. Please be careful what passions you pass down to your kids.

Here it is:

The stones spell out to (my full name) from Chucky P..its very very cool.

So here is the inventory of what was in the box:
A whole lot of confetti to pack it in...
2 page letter from Chuck
1 packet of pop rocks
2 packets of flower seeds (money plant and Forget me nots)
2 Superballs
1 Beanbag dog (which is my power animal)
1 Fake cut off finger
1 Whitman Sampler
1 small box of Jnr. Mints
1 pack of birthday candles
1 Christmas ornament
2 cds (personalized)
1 egg of Silly Puddy
1 small box of crayons
1 small coloring book
1 magnetic chess set
10-15 glow in the dark stars and planets
1 very large temporary tattoo
1 necklace made special for me.

Little Marches comment when all was said and done..."I want to write to him so I can get a box of prizes!"

This was one freaking cool piece of mail.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Earth Tone Suits You...

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up if you care to click on over.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

That was pretty cool.....

Yesterday my show review for the Hold Steady seemed to get some "external" hits, meaning that not the usual suspects came to this blog.

In using statcounter I found that I had 375 page loads with 300+ "unique" visitors yesterday. Some folks might say "that is not a lot" but I run in the low 100's for unique loads..

The first one that caused a lot of traffic was This pretty funny post that gave a link to random musings. The main web page gave me a fair amount of traffic.

Today it seems like my story is further being told here.

There is video out there now of the drunkin you can see for yourself

Review from
Review from the Boston Herald

I am flattered at all the new visits and some pretty good comments about how others were there and felt the same, while others chose to disagree that is all fine and good.

I can only hope that I can provide other "compelling reasons" to stop over to this blog..but thanks..Seriously once more for somehow stumbling upon my little spec of dust on the vast world wide web (who calls it that?)


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The Hold Steady - The Middle East, Cambridge 10/30/06

The Hold Steady
w/Sean Na Na
The Middle East, Cambridge MA
October 30, 2006

About a year or so ago I started to read some amazing review for
Separation Sunday by the Hold Steady. I decided it was time to check it out and I was glad I did.

Recently the popular music web site Pitchforkmedia.comgave the latest cd by The Hold Steadyits highest review of 2006 for their latest cd "Boys and Girls in America".

The final night of this version of the tour stopped off at the Middle East in Cambridge on Monday night. I snagged up my ticket a few weeks back and as the show approached I dove head first in to Sep. Sunday and Boys+Girls..I was ready. The show was sold out and it was sure to be a grand old time. The reason I felt that way was outside of the pitchfork review the band has been getting some good press for their live shows.

I arrived about 10 minutes before opener Sean Na Na. For a sold out show there was plenty of room to move so I decided I would move 10-15 feet off the front of the stage. Sean Na Na was "okay". Their between song banter was pretty funny and the music was okay. My opinion on them would change later.

After about 40 minutes or so the band left the stage and the change over to the Hold Steady took place. At this point the 574 other people that had tickets decided it was time to arrive and get within 20 feet of the stage. Being on the tall side I moved back a little but felt "I have been here I will stand here".

The Hold Steady walk out to a raucous wave of applause. Singer Craig Finn fiddled with his guitar but found an "issue". So the PA music was brought back up and the band rummaged around the stage for a guitar pedal. After a few minutes they were ready to go and the band launches in to the lead off track from B+Girls "Stuck Between Stations". It freaking rocked...I was pretty close to a jaw on the floor was everything I had hoped for. The song ends...and the bass player has tech issues.

Craig makes a fun joke about how being nice to the opening bands helps when your gear dies you can borrow stuff. So after a few minutes they decide to play a totally different song that just needed keyboards and vocals. After that passes the bass seems to be up and we are off to the races.

For the next little while the band just cooks along. It has its "moments" but all in all I am pleased....until.

..Sean na na decides to show up.

Sean Na Na had been asking for shots during their set and the 5 guys were pretty well off when all was said and done. The guitar player just started walking around the stage..singing various parts..drinking..asking for name it. So barring the "gear issues" the band soldiers on. Shot after shot arrives up on stage. At one point Tad (guitar) even motions "enough already".

So the band(s) proceed to get drunk Guided By Voices style..I mean they are ALL throwing beer/jager shots you name it back. Its getting messy..and flat out uncomfortable.

At one point Craig makes fun of Sean Na Na calling them "star fuckers". The reason being is in the smaller TT the Bears place next door Albert Hammond Jnr (guitar player from the Strokes) was playing. I'd actually pass Albert on my way out of the Middle East but I digress. Craig said..oh Sean Na Na goes next door to Star Fuck. It was kinda funny..but 2 minutes later..the rest of Sean Na Na arrives on "hang". Even more shots are passed the point where Craig actually tosses his into the audience.

Sean Na Na makes total asses of themselves. They all join in on backing vocals for songs. The guitar player takes off his shirt and rolls on the floor, each member takes at LEAST 1,000 flash photos. Some drunk dude (I think from Sean Na Na) starts playing the keyboards...which reminds me..not sure if it was before or after this..but the keyboard cut out and "lost power".

The main set ends and I am kinda put out honestly. The guitar player from Sean Na Na is going to each of the 3 microphones on the front of the stage "COME ON BOSTON..CHEER!!!" People behind me are yelling "get lost" and "wrap it up". He has no clue. The band comes back out on stage and the same shit continues. The singer from Sean Na Na arrives with Craigs glasses on saying he is "Craig" and "how awesome was Sean Na Na". I had been taping the Hold Steady set and at this point I was ready to stop and leave.

The band starts to play and its just sloppy and getting to be embarrassing. When all else fails..pull people up on stage. So by the end of the last song the stage had 40-50 people on it (and its a small stage let alone with gear on it). The club is getting pissed and worried about safety and the lights start to come up. That is my queue to get outta dodge. People behind me are yelling "what the fuck is that?" and "Come on". I knew it had a potential to get ugly..and it was already 12:35 it was time to get in the car for the 45+ minute ride home.

There were moments I felt like I was I was about to "get it". I was about to see what the press had been saying was so great. I can appreciate the bands bonding on the tour and this being the last night of the tour having some "fun" but with the tech issues and the shit that Sean Na Na pulled its gonna be a tough ticket to sell me next time around and especially on a weeknight. The tech issues were so prominent and "long" when they happened I actually was hoping the band would offer a refund.

The cd is one of my favorites of the year and I will have a lifetime to stew over what I liked and didn't like.

The Hold Steady has a potential to be one of those bands that restores your faith in rock and roll and a a live concert experience..but they just didn't have it Monday.