Friday, May 25, 2018

Some TV Musings... like whats been going on?  We are finally starting to feel like spring here in the Northeast and that usually means many things, one being the end of some tv seasons.  Few things have struck a chord with me as of late, and with TV being such a big part of people’s lives (watching/discussing) I figured I’d put something out there.  The blog gets few hits these days, but for now it’s an outlet…so here goes.

(Oh possible spoilers, so be careful)

Major Networks

Designated Survivor – By the time this gets posted season two will be in the books.  I am really a nonpolitical guy but this show is very entertaining.  The whole idea of it is compelling to me and for the most part the show seems solid.  Few gaps, eye rolls and “come ons” smattered around but overall I find it entertaining.  I think the most rolls and “come ons” have to come with Agent Wells.  Just the whole “rogue” cop doing everything on her own, breaking the law etc. is just old.  It’s hard to root for her.  You know a screw up is coming and some farfetched bull crap exit looms.  I get that we need someone on the “outside” to keep driving the stories but almost every scenario she is met with I say “I can’t even get worried”.  Overall I like it.

Rosanne – yeah it’s a reboot.  Hollywood is out of ideas etc etc, but I still find this show solid.  I honestly laugh out loud at least once per episode and I rarely do that.  I was a fan when it was on originally but I know my attention drifted at the tail end of the original airings, but it picks up well.  I can explain in 2 minutes who the characters are and it’s easy to identify with one, or all.  No flashy cars, no fancy house just that real feel to it.  Makes it charming to me.  Happy it’s back and happy it’s doing well.

*** edit May 29th**  Rosanne has been cancelled.  Shame it came to this, but Ms.Barr brought it on herself.  

Expanded Cable

Into the Badlands (AMC) – Now on to season 3 it continues to be entertaining at the very least.  When the show get me to “think” I get annoyed.  Its one long action movie and the recent plot with XXX perhaps killing XXX mother could prove interesting.  XXX can’t control his “gift” which is getting old, but we’ve seen through other characters it slowly seems to kill them.  A few too many “almost got em” moments as well but the fights are just awesome.  They are so well done and I like some of the cool camera stuff they are doing.  Right now, for me it’s that show I DVR and “get to when I get to”.

The Terror (AMC) – So this is/was based off a book of the same name and in the book everyone dies…yet I read that it may come back for a season 2.  It was wonderfully shot and acted well, but by god I needed to turn on the subtitles.  Lots of long scenes of dialogue that I know I’d miss some key elements had I not been reading.  This show, for me, needs to have a “book club” type meeting after each episode.  What did you take from that moment, why did this moment happen?  People are/were watching to warrant a second season, but it might be hard for me to come along.


Billions (Showtime)
– I get confused a little easier than I’d like to admit with this show.  The who is that guy and why do we love/hate them and WHAM we are reminded why they are the way they are.  Not a huge fan of a “single” Bobby, but the show hasn’t gone down some lame womanizing, booze fueled, drug, overspending elaborate travel montages.  Sure we get they are happening and one episode seemed to end with him being totally bored with it.  Hope we keep that gap.  It cheapens it all and leaves little hope for the re-kindle which I want.  His wife was always had some great lines and used her power of persuasion well.  Wags and Taylor are two other equally great characters.  Paul Giamatti is cast so well in that douchy want to slap the crap out of guy…he should win every award for acting.  Steals the scenes he is in.  Only a few episodes left and the addition of John Malkovich could make for an interesting season 4.

I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime) I keep waiting for this show to REALLY grab me.  Almost too many characters (think ER during its prime).  It’s hard to like one and start to root for them.  They are all on that same level, few nods towards that next step in their career then an odd shift.  The story line with Goldie and her daughter hopefully is over.  She is a strong woman and needs to get backing in to the Mama Bear (that takes no shit) role.  Fiercely protective of her comics and venue they could go that route.  Only two episodes in to season 2, will need to see where we go.  I’d like it to REALLY take off and get me talking about it more with friends, right now I feel like if I were to mention it I’d get a lot of blank stares.