Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the News

In early March 2009, an asteroid the size of a ten story building passed the earth 44,000 miles away. A similar sized asteroid exploded over Siberia in 1908 flattened 500,000 acres of trees.

Adult entertainment businesses are still doing well in this economy. Several states are now looking to raise taxes on dirty magazines, adult toys and strip clubs. The one law in call the "Pole Tax". Associated Press

The number of of vehicle repossessions in the US last year hit 1.67 million. - USA Today

The median price for a home sold in Detroit in December 2008....$7,500.00. - Chicago Tribune

Police in a small Texas town pulled of 147 motorists on their way to a casino in Louisiana and threatened to charge them with 'serious crimes' unless they gave up cash, jewelry, cell phones and even their cars. Police say that that the seizures- almost all from non whites- target drug traffickers, even though in these 147 cases, no drugs were found.

A Pennsylvania Amish man was sentenced to 90 days in jail because he refused to modernize his outhouse. The man said his religious principles forbade him from obtaining the permits and installing a holding tank for waste from the school that is used by about 20 children.

A 62 year old woman accused of stealing $73,000 from her church told the police "Satan had a big part in the theft".

A new poll found that 25% of young women questioned would rather win "Americas Next Top Model" than the Nobel Peace Prize. Half said they'd marry and ugly man if he were rich.

An 18 year old man in Hungerford U.K painted a 60 foot penis on the roof of his family home to see if it would appear on google earth. It was discovered by a helicopter flying near by. When his dad asked him about the image he only responded with "Oh you've found it?"

One in five military age Americans is too fat to join the armed service. -

Of the 373 Obama administration jobs that require Senate confirmation, only 43 have been filled. Many potential nominees have been disqualified because of tax, nanny issues or other blemishes on their record. - Newsweek.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool Band Alert - Like Bells

Today I was going through my mail when my in-box began to flash. I clicked over and began to read an email about this band. It all sounded really "right up my alley" so I dove in more. What I found on the mp3's really struck a chord with me. I just dig it a lot.

Here is the bio and some more information I dug up.

A brief synopsis of the band: Predominately instrumental music from three Oberlin College / Conservatory students---but with pop sensibilities and an ear for melody.

Like Bells "Like Bells" CD / LP (ltd of 300, 100 on white vinyl) / Digital
Release Date - May 19, 2009

Like Bells is a mostly instrumental band formed in 2006 by three students at Oberlin College/Oberlin Conservatory of Music (a breeding ground of sorts for indie rock royalty). Behind the ivory tower fortifications they have developed a personal and honest musical style. Like Bells draws on a wide swath of musical influences, and evokes feelings of the Dirty Three, Do Make Say Think, and Sigur Ros---but with their unique approach to songwriting, stay distinct from all.

Like Bells write songs that challenge listeners without alienating them with songs of epic length and esoteric instrumentation—a frequent lynch pin in the instrumental band toolbox. Rather, they pay strict attention to melody—often accomplished by minimalist vocals, or the beautiful strings of Garrett Openshaw soaring high over the effulgent under structure created
by the intricate drumming of Will Mason, and the inspired and uniquely tuned guitar work of Gabe Baker.

Within the short confines of traditional song lengths, Like Bells transport the listener with melodies that are simple, complex, beautiful, and powerful. Check out the recommended tracks below, and then the whole album, for illustration:

Atlas – A classic opening track for an album that showcases the band’s approach to songwriting. Beginning with simple guitar and drums, the song unfolds seamlessly around the principle melody, only to return to solid footing at the end.

Nothing Collapses –Delicate interplay between plucked violin and guitar, with minimalist vocals elicits a feeling of vintage Promise Ring before transforming into a violin driven song that would make the Dirty Three proud.

The instrumentation, songwriting, and performance on this record ranks Like Bells solidly in the Pantheon that is Oberlin’s musical alumni.

Check out this very cool live video.

Like Bells Self-Titled album will be released as a Ltd Edition LP (with digital download) and CD on May 19th, 2009.

For more information on the band check out their myspace page or their page on their label (Exit Stencil).

Look for the band on tour with two local shows (to me) that are already circled.

June, 11 2009 09:00 PM - Pa's Lounge(18+) 345 Somerville Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts - $8

June, 12 2009 08:00 PM - TBA , Providence, Rhode Island.*
*my gut is AS220 but who knows.

Enjoy I sure did!

Do you want some cheese w/that w(h)ine?

I am excited that the Boston Bruins did/are doing so well in the playoffs so far. I can kinda sorta do without the fair weathered fans though. Its getting old really quick and we are not even that deep in the playoff run.

People want to have "small talk" with me about the team, the game(s) etc and it bugs me for some reason. I've always sorta wanted people to care, but now I am not so sure!

Funny how that works.

90 degrees today..60 tomorrow...30 degrees is a lot..but I'd rather 90->60 vs. 30->0!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Canine devotion, time can't erase

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

One of my current favorite bands and I haven't really given this one the old front to back in a long time.

Thanks to all for reading.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Right On!

Congrats to the Boston Bruins with their 4-1 win over Montreal, sweeping them in 4 games. Onward and upward!

*claps hands*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Superdrag - Paradise Boston 4/11/2009

Paradise, Boston MA
Saturday, April 11, 2009

*I wrote this for melophobe, but its not posted I don't know whats up...

Back in 1996 Superdrag burst on to the scene with a college radio and MTV buzz worthy track "Sucked Out". The Knoxville Tennessee based band would work tirelessly to get their music to the masses but after three tries on Elektra records the band was dropped and guitarist Brandon Fisher and bassist Tom Pappas had left the group, leaving singer guitarist John Davis and drummer Don Coffey Jr holding Superdrag together. Even with all that, the band decided to take a hiatus after a blowout show at the Paradise in Boston. In 2007, Pappas and Fisher rejoined the band for a "reunion" tour. The guys had so much fun they worked once more to bring a new record of material "Industry Giants" which was released in late March 2009.

In the shadow of Boston University the streets were filled with revelers after the hockey team had won the NCAA final four, and the passion and heat from the street was brought into the club.

Taking the stage shortly before 11 the band kept it stripped down. The four guys with just a "Superdrag" banner suspended behind them. Singer John Davis took the microphone, said hello and told us we'd be part of a live album. The audience erupted as the band launched in to "Slow to Anger" the lead off single from the new record.

For the next ninety minutes the band would cover material from each of their records, dipping deep in to their catalog, but not alienating the fans that might know the "singles".

Pappas works the stage like a madman, with animated rock poses and head bobs. Fisher, who seems like the shy guy in study hall, would toss in some great guitar fills as Davis would hold the lead vocal duties. All the while, the bearded Don Coffey Jr would hold a steady, yet hard back beat to all of the beautiful noise on stage.

Another stand out from the latest record was "Ready to Go" where Fisher took the lead vocals and would repeat "hey hey ready to go" and Pappas and Davis would respond with the same lines and the song evolved in to what makes Superdrag such a terrific band, the overall sound. You are drawn in with the poppy lyrics, the punchy bass lines, it is all part of the package.

Davis asked us if we wanted to be heard on the record and based off our "noise" we'd given consent to appear on the record and we were all asked to sing "Sucked Out". The band would hardly slow down for the final few songs of the main set. Nary taking a break, and even tuning guitars mid song to keep things going. The main set ended with "Destination Ursa Major" and the band left to an enthusiastic applause.

A few moments later drummer Don Coffey appeared alone on stage. He expressed his sincere thanks to the fans, and "band families" in the Boston area for years of support. He then asked if it was past midnight (it was) so he said "It's John Davis' birthday lets sing him happy birthday to get him back out here". Of course the audience obliged and the very humbled and gracious Davis appeared on stage. There were two cupcakes with candles in them that Davis blew out and enjoyed a few bites of as the band tuned up for the encore.

Davis, thanked us again said "Happy Easter" and they began "True Believer". They'd continue at a torrid pace and wrap things up with the live show closer "Rocket" extending out the jam at the end of the track leaving everyone hot, sweaty and elated.

In another classy move the band has done the last two times, they hurry off the stage and rush to the merchandise table. There they sign, pose and chat with fans. The band which may have had issues with everything from labels, to each other at times, put that all aside and make the fans even more aware of how happy they are that someone enjoys what they do.


Monday, April 20, 2009

8 Things....

I got tagged by Dim sooooo....

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. My batch of home brew to turn out okay.
2. The Boston (and Providence) Bruins deep play off runs
3. The wife and kids to return from a long weekend trip out of state.
4. A few days off midweek this week
5. Warmer weather
6. mowing my lawn for the first time of the season.
7. Two U2 shows in September
8. Dexter, season 3 on DVD and watching the last disc with Dim

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Brewed beer
2. Cleaned up my back porch in preparation of ripping it down
3. Folded laundry
4. Helped my brother burn some brush
5. Bought some new shoes
6. Read the Sunday paper
7. Fed the cats
8. Talked to the wife and kids

Eight things I wish I could do:

1. Not ever need to worry about money
2. See every concert I wanted to and not be broke or tired
3. Teleport myself
4. Not care about the little things
5. Eat bacon every day
6. play professional hockey
7. see a million faces and rock em all
8. do voice over work (movie trailers, audio books, commercials etc..)

Eight TV shows I watch:

1. Dexter
2. The Office
3. 30 Rock
4. CSI (Vegas only)
5. Saturday Night Live
6. Simpsons
7. Boston Bruins Hockey
8. Stuff on Discovery HD/Nat Geo HD etc

Eight people I tag (if they want.. ):

Well Dim tagged most people that I'd feel free to play along at home...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stay the night but keep it under cover

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

After a week you may have stressed over getting your taxes done, easy in to this classic mid 80's brit pop shan't (is that a word?) disappointed.

Thanks to all for reading.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It was only game 1..but the Providence Bruins lost 3-0 last night. Game 2 on Friday.

Boston Bruins have at it one vs. Montreal.

Monday, April 13, 2009

When it rains it pours I guess...

Its been a light year for shows for me so far. Up until this past weekend the only show I had been to was Adele. (my review of it here) Saturday I went to see Superdrag (review forthcoming).

There are always shows "on the radar" you know, if time, money etc were no object. Come late may, early June I could be in a world of hurt.

On Sunday May 31st Phish is playing Fenway Park. I don't have ticket(s) yet..but I'd go, and even went so far as to try my luck with mail order. Check out this great Fenway Teaser!

Wednesday June 3, Jane's Addiction and Nine Inch Nails at the Comcast Center. I have seen both these bands in their prime and this would be more of a nostalgic trip than anything...if I could snag a single, somewhat close I'd be hard pressed to say no.

Thursday June 4, TV On The Radio at the House of Blues. The downside to this is I hear security is a major hassle there and not sure I am up for it (with everything else going on!)

Friday June 5th is Isis at the Paradise, ticket in hand for this one

Saturday June 6th - Phish (again) at the Comcast Center. I got lawn seats, and this was their first local show since the "breakup" so I'll hit this.

Sunday the 7th, doves return to Boston at the House of Blues, the new cd is okay, but I am not dying to see them after what a week that could be!

whew..don't think I can do all this....

Friday, April 10, 2009

The bartender must be crazy, He's such an irritating host

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

I think many of you will know at least "the song" from the band. The record was a lot of fun to go back and listen to.

If you celebrate Easter, have a nice "holy/holiday" weekend.

Thanks to all for reading.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a post..well sort of...

The last few days have been pretty good around here..well barring the weather.

The Boston Bruins clinched "the east" and the Providence Bruins are headed to the play-offs again this year. I went to the game this past Sunday (Providence Bruins) and I always get the game notes so I can see the rosters etc. On the cover of game notes it told how the team had made the play-offs for the 11th year in a row and had done some crazy feat like 15 out of 17 seasons they have made it to the play-offs. Sure we want the team to "get deep" but its good to know its not a struggling franchise.

Been on a tear with Netflix as of late. In recent weeks watched "Milk" (Sean Penn I thought was great and I knew so little of the back story behind the was well worth the time). "Rachel Getting Married" was okay. Tunde from TV On The Radio was pretty good I thought and Anne Hathaway was good, up to a point. It was sorta a little too long, but I can see her getting an Oscar nod. "Slumdog Millionaire" I thought was "okay". It had its moments and was a clever story line. Danny Boyle has directed some great flicks in the past like "Shallow Grave" and "Trainspotting" so he had a lot to live up to with me. I was pleased,but didn't feel like I missed much not seeing it in the theater. "Wanted" was another one (this past weekend) and it was so awesomely stupid. Sure its a shoot em up type movie,but some parts are so unrealistic that it frustrates you. Mrs March would have never ever sat thru this ever..but my suggestion..get a six pack of domestic beer..some popcorn and toss this on if you had a bad takes little out of you to sit there..and some of the gun fights are pretty awesome.

I've been to ONE concert this year so far. It is way off for me, but in the next few weeks I hope to see an up tick. I was slated to see a few over the last few months but so many little things come in to play. Shows on weeknights well over 1hr from the house, bands going on stage at 11:30 at night..stuff like that. I hope to see Superdrag this weekend and one of the two Kings of Leon shows later in the month. I got U2 tickets, for both shows, but those are in September. Phish I have tickets for, for June and they just announced a show at Fenway Park. I loathe shows there. It is sorta a "thing" now, and it needs to stop. The sight lines there are not the best and it doesn't do much for the sound. I saw Springsteen there but have ignored the likes of the Stones, Police and Dave Matthews for the reason(s) of it being a not so great live concert venue.

Hope to get on the golf course a little, toss the kayak into the water..who knows. Its easy to plan stuff..its the following thru that poses the problem.

Hope Spring has sprung for you and you get outside when you can.

On to the play-offs and concerts!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you ever wake up and find yourself alone?

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

This is a pretty well known band, but this record, on top of it being their best, appears to be overlooked far too often.

Thanks to all for reading.