Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool Band Alert - Like Bells

Today I was going through my mail when my in-box began to flash. I clicked over and began to read an email about this band. It all sounded really "right up my alley" so I dove in more. What I found on the mp3's really struck a chord with me. I just dig it a lot.

Here is the bio and some more information I dug up.

A brief synopsis of the band: Predominately instrumental music from three Oberlin College / Conservatory students---but with pop sensibilities and an ear for melody.

Like Bells "Like Bells" CD / LP (ltd of 300, 100 on white vinyl) / Digital
Release Date - May 19, 2009

Like Bells is a mostly instrumental band formed in 2006 by three students at Oberlin College/Oberlin Conservatory of Music (a breeding ground of sorts for indie rock royalty). Behind the ivory tower fortifications they have developed a personal and honest musical style. Like Bells draws on a wide swath of musical influences, and evokes feelings of the Dirty Three, Do Make Say Think, and Sigur Ros---but with their unique approach to songwriting, stay distinct from all.

Like Bells write songs that challenge listeners without alienating them with songs of epic length and esoteric instrumentation—a frequent lynch pin in the instrumental band toolbox. Rather, they pay strict attention to melody—often accomplished by minimalist vocals, or the beautiful strings of Garrett Openshaw soaring high over the effulgent under structure created
by the intricate drumming of Will Mason, and the inspired and uniquely tuned guitar work of Gabe Baker.

Within the short confines of traditional song lengths, Like Bells transport the listener with melodies that are simple, complex, beautiful, and powerful. Check out the recommended tracks below, and then the whole album, for illustration:

Atlas – A classic opening track for an album that showcases the band’s approach to songwriting. Beginning with simple guitar and drums, the song unfolds seamlessly around the principle melody, only to return to solid footing at the end.

Nothing Collapses –Delicate interplay between plucked violin and guitar, with minimalist vocals elicits a feeling of vintage Promise Ring before transforming into a violin driven song that would make the Dirty Three proud.

The instrumentation, songwriting, and performance on this record ranks Like Bells solidly in the Pantheon that is Oberlin’s musical alumni.

Check out this very cool live video.

Like Bells Self-Titled album will be released as a Ltd Edition LP (with digital download) and CD on May 19th, 2009.

For more information on the band check out their myspace page or their page on their label (Exit Stencil).

Look for the band on tour with two local shows (to me) that are already circled.

June, 11 2009 09:00 PM - Pa's Lounge(18+) 345 Somerville Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts - $8

June, 12 2009 08:00 PM - TBA , Providence, Rhode Island.*
*my gut is AS220 but who knows.

Enjoy I sure did!


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