Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a post..well sort of...

The last few days have been pretty good around here..well barring the weather.

The Boston Bruins clinched "the east" and the Providence Bruins are headed to the play-offs again this year. I went to the game this past Sunday (Providence Bruins) and I always get the game notes so I can see the rosters etc. On the cover of game notes it told how the team had made the play-offs for the 11th year in a row and had done some crazy feat like 15 out of 17 seasons they have made it to the play-offs. Sure we want the team to "get deep" but its good to know its not a struggling franchise.

Been on a tear with Netflix as of late. In recent weeks watched "Milk" (Sean Penn I thought was great and I knew so little of the back story behind the man..it was well worth the time). "Rachel Getting Married" was okay. Tunde from TV On The Radio was pretty good I thought and Anne Hathaway was good, up to a point. It was sorta a little too long, but I can see her getting an Oscar nod. "Slumdog Millionaire" I thought was "okay". It had its moments and was a clever story line. Danny Boyle has directed some great flicks in the past like "Shallow Grave" and "Trainspotting" so he had a lot to live up to with me. I was pleased,but didn't feel like I missed much not seeing it in the theater. "Wanted" was another one (this past weekend) and it was so awesomely stupid. Sure its a shoot em up type movie,but some parts are so unrealistic that it frustrates you. Mrs March would have never ever sat thru this ever..but my suggestion..get a six pack of domestic beer..some popcorn and toss this on if you had a bad week..it takes little out of you to sit there..and some of the gun fights are pretty awesome.

I've been to ONE concert this year so far. It is way off for me, but in the next few weeks I hope to see an up tick. I was slated to see a few over the last few months but so many little things come in to play. Shows on weeknights well over 1hr from the house, bands going on stage at 11:30 at night..stuff like that. I hope to see Superdrag this weekend and one of the two Kings of Leon shows later in the month. I got U2 tickets, for both shows, but those are in September. Phish I have tickets for, for June and they just announced a show at Fenway Park. I loathe shows there. It is sorta a "thing" now, and it needs to stop. The sight lines there are not the best and it doesn't do much for the sound. I saw Springsteen there but have ignored the likes of the Stones, Police and Dave Matthews for the reason(s) of it being a not so great live concert venue.

Hope to get on the golf course a little, toss the kayak into the water..who knows. Its easy to plan stuff..its the following thru that poses the problem.

Hope Spring has sprung for you and you get outside when you can.

On to the play-offs and concerts!!


At Tuesday, April 07, 2009 8:39:00 PM , Blogger Trish said...

great to-do list here, march.

I've been on a tear with our queue too - but instead of new releases I am looking for older, little known flicks. A good variety of action, comedy, drama and a few cheesy disaster movies is what I'm feeling like right now.

Son17 says "mom . . . there's a reason they're little known and it's usually 'cuz they're bad"

huh, we'll see.

At Wednesday, April 08, 2009 8:05:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

Go Bruins! I wasn't overly impressed with Slumdog, but I really liked Milk. Trainspotting traumatized me because I happened to be eating dinner during the scene where he goes down into the nasty toilet.


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