Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rock and Roll..

How freaking rock and roll is this?????!

Monday, January 30, 2006

My favortie Records of 2005.

2005 for me personally was one heck of year. Some of my favorite bands released cds and I heard some great new music. When i poked around the web at other peoples top 20 or whatever of the year I was stunned to read "This year blew". I had to cut my list down to 25 and left out some of my other favorite bands from past years. Mostly the reason for that is their cd came out..i listened to it but it didn't floor me and get me back to listen. At the end of the year that left bands like Kinski, High on Fire and Dead Meadow, amongst others outside looking in.

Secret Sahmati Award (thanks to Bill Hickey for this name) Every band/artist is bound to have a dud now and then.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl.

So, this is my list of FAVORITE records of 2005. I hate to say best (well barring most of it) but I don't want to come across as being pretentious.

Honorable Mention - They Might Be Giants - Here comes the ABCs. Its a kids record and if you have kids you know that once they like
something you are going to hear it over and over and over. If you have kids or nieces,nephews get this cd you will not be disappointed. From the opener "The Alphabet of Nations" (Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, France....) to the theme to the Higgly Town Heros you will be hard pressed to not have your feet taping and rump shaking.

Now the list.

25) System of a Down - Hypnotize/Mezmerize - I know its 2 different cds and I am cheating but I honestly couldn't complete this list without giving them the nod. It could be argued that these 2cds released months apart would have made a stunning single cd, that didn't happen but still you'd be cheating yourself if you didn't at least listen to each of these once.

24) The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan - their live show should have no bearing on my liking of this record but they pissed me off good in providence. Jack is a super guitar player and there are some catchy tunes, now if I could get that 10+ minute encore break filled with tunes I'd move em up. Previous list appearance: Elephant #6, 2003

23) Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV. Its a shame they get compared to Rush all the time, and if not being compared to rush they just talk about the band members hair. No band out there is making as complex tunes that tell as story this well that is so far 3cds and counting.

22) Clem Snide - End of Love - If someone were to ask me what Clem Snide is all about I'd point them to the final song of this cd.The track "Weird" says it all, and no the band is not weird, it is that the overall sound sums them up perfectly. Previous list appearance: Soft Spot #11 in 2003

21) Stars - Set Yourself on Fire - I saw them open for Death Cab for Cutie and they blew me away enough to grab the cd the night of the show.

20) Death Cab for Cutie - Plans - The same basic principal of time and distance ruining relationships has been strongly maintained, and sounds just as any Cutie album should.

19) Broken Social Scene - Self Titled - a rotating cast of band members actually helps makes this band stronger. lacks the "newness" of You Forgot in People but a strong follow up to one of the more buzzed about cds of the last few years. it is all over the map, musically speaking, but the more you listen to it the more is grows on you.

18) Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw. The day I created my blog I needed a name and "march to the sea" was playing from this record and it just sounded cool. Totally instrumental and really nice and thick it felt a little like leftovers from their last cd. When I need to get my heavy on, this does it. Previous list appearance: Australasia #19 2003

17) Sufjan Stevens - Invites you to: Come on feel the Illinoise. Rumored to be the 2nd in a series of records devoted to the 50 states (Michigan has been done). If this is the case, and they are even close to being this good you'll see his name appear at least 48 more times on my lists

16) The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute - I like a challenging listen. I like to be rewarded for my time spent listening and money spent. If you are looking for a catchy 3 minute pop song look elsewhere. Sometimes off in their own world and then thrust under the "prog rock" logo they seem to stray but the rewards outweigh the disadvantages. Previous list appearance: De Loused in the Commatorium #1 2003

15) Common -Be -Rap and hip hop rarely win me over. I like the lyrically smart and strong sense of musicality on my "rap" records. Kayne West produced this record which helps add to the catchy ness. His sixth release seems focused and heartfelt. Try doing that when you are not trying to pop a cap in someone's ass.

14) The Magic Numbers - S/T - The foursome made up of brother and sister duos has all the harmonies you'd want from a modern day Mams and the Papas. Nice to hear people sing, and sing well.

13) The Darkness - One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back - Perhaps only the second record of the year to bring the biggest smile to my face for the sheer simplicity and excellence of it all. Sure you hear Queen but the band doesn't shy away or deny them as an influence. Listen to Hazel Eyes and you'll get it. Previous list appearance: Permission to Land #5, 2003

12) Beck - Guero - A return to the more up tempo Beck that I (and probably most) prefer as well as a little more focus. He is not as upset this time around and it shows. The first 1/2 of the record is far superior to the latter half. E-Pro opens the record and is a great lead off single. Girl keeps the lightheartedness going
Previous list appearance(s): Odelay # 4, 1996 Midnight Vultures #4 1999 Sea Change#11 in 2002

11) My Morning Jacket - Z - A little less reverb and a lot more soul. Stand outs Gideon and Off the Record show that Jim James has one of the best voices in rock today. Previous list appearance: It Still Moves #2, 2003

10) Kanye West - Late Registration - Most appealing about Kanye is he sticks to his guns and whatever he touches seems to turn to gold. Rap and Hip hop are a far cry from what I listen to on regular basis, let alone buy, but this is one hell of a complete package. Two records into his career are setting up nicely for a strong impact.

9) Animal Collective - Feels - full fledged songs rather than soundscapes. But why bother describing this album, it's fruitless. If you're a bit daring in your music tastes, I highly recommend this electrifying album.

8) M.I.A - Arular - If you can pin down what genre this record is let me know. As all over the map you can be without sounding pretentious. Hardly a record you can put on and sing to either but the record as a whole collection needs to be in your collection

7) Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn - With songs titles as long as the songs are in length this cd is not overly technical for an instrumental outfit. The perfect sound track to the end of a long night out.

6) Lightning Bolt - Hypermagnetic Mountain - Providence noise band Lightning Bolt do what is not easy create a pretty listenable and structured "noise" record.

5) Big Business - Head for the Shallow - some may say a poor mans Death From Above 1979. Take away the laptops that DFA uses and you get Big Biz. The first 2 tracks on this cd punch me in the stomach and then step on my head. When Jared yells "OWWW" during the lead off track "O.G" you'll have spat out some chicklets as well after being head whipped. Remember this heaviness is brought to you by two members.

4) Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine - one need not waste time on the whole backstory on this release. Put all your silly reasons you think you hate Fiona aside and give this one a listen you shant be disappointed. Previous list appearance: When the Pawn Hits..#5 in 1999

3) Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabyes to Paralyze - There is no denying my devotion to this bands output. As strong a record as I feel it is, if the band could be one cohesive unit from tour to studio I think it would pay off tenfold. It may be the weakest of their career but it smokes many releases of 2005
Previous list appearance: Self Titled#17 in 1998, Rated R #1 in 2000, Songs for the Deaf #1 2002

2) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - S/T - People say they have the worst band name in ages. I am the uber geek on them. Grabbed the cd when they were still packing them up from their apartment in NYC. A cross of the Talking Heads meets Violent Femmes this record didn't come out of the player for 3 months straight. if you don't like whiney vocals you may be put off, but the pop quirks on this record are flat out great

1) Sigur Ros - Takk - No Takk you. Takk which is Icelandic for Thank you couldn't be more appropriate. Thank you to the label for taking a chance on this, thank you to Sigur Ros for making music that causes me to think and realize that music can still make you well up. If they ever released this in a multi channel cd format I'd never leave the house. Easily the record of the year
Previous list appearance(s): Ágætis Byrjun #1, 2001, ( ) #3 in 2002

Friday, January 27, 2006


Monday or Tuesday my 25 top favorite cds of 2005.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two cool sites

People tell me i need to watch 24 and this map might make more sense..but I know a few of my avid readers watch 24..so have fun with this map of where Jack has been.here

Not that you need more spam..or more of a hassle in life. but I like the idea of hassleme
Put in something you need to be hassled about and Ta-Da...

I am a geek like the next guy

I dig Star Wars
but even this R2D2 PC is pretty over the top. I didn't watch the video as it is in spanish.

Sort Stuff...

Today is a big day for razor maker Gillete. They are rolling out this new FIVE blade razor. I commented on this months ago when I heard it was in the works. I do a hell of a lot of damage with ONE blade what is four more gonna do to me?! The new one is called Fusion and of course its around 8.99 at your local store. The other day I got one in the mail...for free. Of all the bizzare mailing list things I get every now and then they toss you a "gift". Now I just need to decide when to shave off this beard I have been growing.

I watched the taped version of Love Monkey and I really liked it. I am a fan and being a self proclaimed music snob its quite accurate on my sentiments about the music business as well as the good and bad that is out there. A co-worker said it best "It will never last because I liked it and it was a good show". True that (double true). Kudos for dropping in The Magic Numbers "Mornings Eleven" and letting a good minute plus of it go during the ice skating scene.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cool blogger link..

I was checking my statcounter page and I was looking at someone that had made a 'fresh hit' I went to see how they came to find my page/link and saw they used
Blog Search. I just tried putting in something that I enjoy reading about and wham..a whole list of things. You may have known about it..I didn't.

Oh..office fans. New episodes end in MARCH cuz Steve is gonna do a movie.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Total Randomness...

That mine in West Virginia where 12 miners were killed (Sago Mine) has been sited 273 times for safety violations since 2004. The owners have paid $24,000 in penalties, the single biggest fine 440.00 or roughly 0.0004% of the company's annual profit.

Mehmet Ali Agca who shot the Pope back in 1981 was ordered to be released by the Turkish Prison that held him. There is fear that if Agca is let out he may be killed for knowing the whole plot.

Patrick Swayze plans to become a rapper. He is already known in the hi-hop world as "Craz-E-Dawg"

80% of the US Marines killed in Iraq thus far would have survived if they had better body armor. (new york times)

A five day weather forecast today is as accurate as a two day forecast was in 1980 (associated press)

Only about 45% of American High School students study a foreign language. Of those..70% study Spanish

New York is home to 69 licensed horse-drawn cabs. To drive one you have to pass a test about horses..but no questions are about how to navigate a horse-drawn carriage thru the streets.

On Jan 9th Phantom of the Opera became the longest running Broadway musical at 7,486 (one more than Cats). Some crazy #'s.
if you laid out all the playbills handed to the audience you'd have 43,000+miles of paper, almost enough to cover the globe..TWICE. Phantom has 3 cast members
still on board from the beginning. They have sung the same show, 8 times a week for 18 years.

Most likeable brand icon characters? The M&M guys. Also in the tops were Pillsbury Dough Boy, the aflac duck???! and Tony the Tiger

An estimated 15% of web users don't use search engines. They put a .com at the end and hope for the best.

More on Stewart...

saw this when I went to Boston.com
Copeland on his new movie.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Two things..both music related..

I was checking out Yahoo! news late Monday and I saw a story on the buzz around this years Sundance Film Festival. I guess a film called Little Miss Sunshine had some big bidding war (already added to netflix
to cover myself) by I read the article and I found a blurb on this guy..

Seems Stewart Copeland (most notably from the Police)was mentioned with on a short paragraph that read:

Music documentaries such as "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man," and former Police drummer Stewart Copeland's "Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out" also found rabid fans.

Curious indeed..he is an amazing drummer.

I'll tape it but you gotta try to check out Love Monkey
tonight at 10pm on CBS. For music fans its great. last weeks was good and I hope it stays strong. I won't be able to watch till Wed night..but I plan to tape for sure. Rumor has it that musical guests will appear each week (leanne rimes this week) and Ben Folds in the future. The music producer or guy that oversees the tunes used is Nic Harcourt and he has an amazing show called Morning Becomes Eclectic. More than one show on my cd trade page is from his studio sessions.

PT Barnum was right.

There is a sucker born every minute and its me.

A little backstory first. I embrace technology, I really do. I have an mp3 player, dvd, a computer and even a cell phone. What I don't have is all the gadgets that go along with a phone. I don't have text messaging, call waiting, call forwarding none of that. I think having a cell phone can be helpful and I really only use it on rare occasions because that is what I am used to. Recent college grads I work with, this is all they have. No more phone calls to the house where mom or dad might pick up..but that is not where I am going here.

At home we don't have caller ID. It seems like an expensive silly option that the answering machine can cover. While I am at it..i can't stand Call Waiting either. Nothing gives you more of a "YEAH FUCK YOU" when you hear "Can you hold on I got another call". Piss off..call me when you are done.

So, I use the answering machine as my "screener". The phone rings and most of the time I am standing right next to the phone and if I know who it is, SURPRISE, I pick up. 9 times out of 10 its a hang up (ie telemarketer).

Last night the phone did its ring, got the machine and then no message. About 2 minutes later it does it again, then again. Now the third time I think I should bite the bullet and just pick it up cuz my mom and dad could be in a ditch. I like to think I am popular but I can face the music too.

Sure enough when I pick up its my local police department looking for money. (Finally getting to what I wanted to talk about).
So Mr.Police man starts to tell me how they need money and all the money goes to the town etc. Now I do donate money, granted not as much as I'd like at times, but 25.00 here, 20 there I can do on occasion. How can I NOT donate to the police? I live in fear they sit with the map of the town and put and X over the names that do not donate and then drag their feet when a 911 call comes. (I know I am being silly so any police that are reading I know you'd not do that). It is the same fear that I have when I get teenagers trick or treating. Part of me wants to give them a piece of my mind while the other half of me stands there and just gives fistfulls so the bastards won't egg my house.

I understand the need to raise money, heck I need money too. Last fall was the breaking point. I had one organization call and ask me for some money. I decided that this time I just couldn't do it, even 10.00. I didn't want to be mean, but we had given a few hundred (yes HUNDRED) to the Hurricane Relief and the holidays were coming. Again, I realize they need to make money somewhere but the person got out and out rude. Here was out it ran out (lets join where it gets good)

organization - Can you donate our 150.00 amount?
March - Umm no.
Org - Okay that is a lot....how about 100.
M - nope
Org - can you help us at all today?
M - this time i can't. As you noted I have donated to you 4 other times this year
Org - Well Mr.March we do appreciate those donations but we need the donations now.
M - well I'd love to help as as you noted I have been counted on in the past but we donated some money to the hurricane relief a few weeks back.
Org - oh..well this organization really needs your help.
M - I understand, but I just don't have the money
Org - Nothing huh?
M - no, like I said the next time I can help.
Org - these people REALLY need your help Mr. March
M - (finally pissed). I understand your need to raise money but when I say no I mean no. I have donated in the past, I was planning to in the future, but you being so aggressive and angry about me NOT donating has put a very bad taste in my mouth regarding your organization. I realize you have a job to do but when I politely tell you that I can not, at this time, help you please drop it, or take me off your calling list of donators.

So, out of the 20000 times I have been asked for $$ I say nicely that I can't help "RIGHT NOW" one time and I feel like I am going to hell.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I need some help!!

Did anyone see the show on cbs called "Love Monkey" (tues at 10 ET). I taped it..but the tape ran out before the end..how the heck did it end?!?!!?!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Soup on your head....

one of the blogs I hit with much frequency is dim city dimmings
He had a rant on cambells soup a few posts ago..and I saw this and had to post it Soup on Your Head

Finding Nemo : Swimmin w/the Jellies....

Trust me..i don't wanna swim with them either but man this is impressive.
jellies as big as a dude

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Stolen from JennyG
as well as Rusty

My horrible lame attempt to be funny

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
Child Actor
Underwear Model
Taste Tester for Ben+Jerrys
World Class Pain in the Ass

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over
From Justin To Kelly
Bring it On.
Dirty Dancing 2.

Four Places You've Lived
Mom and Dads basement
thats it.

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
Trading Spouces
Trading Spaces
Trading Bodily Fluids
The Jewlery Channel.

Four Places You've Been On Vacation
Instanbul (not Constantanople)
Revere, MA

Four Of Your Favorite Foods
bacon wraped in bacon
bacon wrapped donuts
bacon wrapped w/cheese and donuts

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now
back in my padded cell

Four Sites I Visit Daily
Kevin Federline is the next john lennon.com
my blog to stroke my ego
Strawberry Shortcake.com
your favorite band sucks.com

Now the real dull (true) ones..

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
Record Store geek
Pharmacy Technican
Radio DJ

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over
Shawshank Redemption
Napolean Dynamite
Tommy Boy

Four Places You've Lived
then where I am now. I am a LOSER!

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
The Office
CSI (Original)
Grey's Anatomy

Four Places You've Been On Vacation
Stockholm Sweden
Dublin Ireland
Cape Cod

Four Of Your Favorite Foods

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now
seeing an NHL game in another city
On tour w/a band that I enjoy
Snorkling the Great Barrier Reef

Four Sites I Visit Daily
my blog to stroke my ego (serious)
sigur ros

I am so freaking rich it is scary!!!

Sweet freaking goodness. I stumbled upon this site. You put in your "yearly salary" and then hit "show me the money" and it shows you how "rich" you are compared to the rest of the worlds population. Scary! What is really scary is when you put in say 500 as your salary the stats are STUNNING:

You are in the top 79.91% richest people in the world. There are 1,204,819,277 people poorer than you.

Holy freaking CRAP! I put in my current salary (at least a ballpark #) and it was amazing that I am one of the richest people in the world! Could have fooled me.
Check for yourself here

Now if making all that money didn't make you feel better you can try to one up this dude:

Yep..he has the worlds longest EAR HAIR?! Come on Guinness..how can bad hygiene be a world record?! Read about this dill hole here

Finally, lets hope this
gene pool gets emptied out soon..its very shallow right now that is for sure.

A linky tuesday...

I have no real set plan for today so here are some things to pass the time for you.

I heard today that comedian Dane Cook is going to do one (maybe two) shows at Boston's TD Bank North Garden. This is an impressive move. In front of 17,000 people he will do a stand up for an upcoming HBO special. Not shy about the ticket prices though. If you are really in to him there are links for pre-sales off his site. Not sure who he is? Check out his monologue from Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago. It was the highest rated episode in the last 2 years.

Speaking of SNL that whole Chronicles of Narnia thing just keeps rolling along. There have been over 3 million down loads of the video. I hope they are smart and they cash in and do a part two. Check out The Lonely Island for where these ideas stem. I am still not tired of that skit.

Last night for dinner I had chicken that was encrusted with Doritios!!! It was great. Break em up, eat a handful before coating the chicken and bake it up. (well I made that step up) Good stuff.

Adding to the excitement of last night I had HOP (Head on Pillow) at about 9:10. Pretty early for me but with a 3 year old that has been sick and paying us visits at 2am it caught up to me. I didn't hear anything until my alarm went off today.

Finally, I have to say CBS has my interest in Love Monkey. From the looks of things its supposed to be a character that runs or works for an indie record label. I hope they contact me for the soundtrack. Also we get to see what Brandon has been up to since he fled 90210 for a job in Boston at the end of 98 season (god I know way to much about that)


Monday, January 16, 2006

Finally...a releae date..

New Built to Spill record on April 11th. Been a long wait..should be worth it!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cluster Maps

That thing is pretty cool. It shows you where you get people clicking on your web page. I'd say that most people find me via that "next blog" button and just come upon it. I think the people that do read this I know pretty well..and a few (hello JennyG and Rusty) are in PA. Still its cool to see where the hits come from. KK Noted "You will have a huge dot over MA and that is it". Its pretty cool none the less. If you want..click on it..then add it to your blog.

The guy that I found it from has hits from all over..but he tapes live shows and posts the mp3s on his site..his looks like the face of a McDonalds employee with all those red dots. Over time mine will look the same.

Happy Weekend.

Friday, January 13, 2006

March..XXX wants to reconnect!

Last night before my Thursday night television I decided to check my home e-mail. First I need to ask, why do I even have more than one email? Oh yeah so I can get "personal" emails as well as dozens of opportunities to get free Viagra and watch co-ed nude teens. That has to be the reason I have not one, not two, but three e-mail addresses.

So I was deleting at a fast pace when all of a sudden I got a message that read something like this.

MARCH - XXX wants to reconnect with you! The message was from Classmates.com. If you don't know what it is (not sure how you can't) its a place where people from your high school and college and sign up for free to "connect with lost classmates" but to actually send a person an email you have to pay for this "priviledge". There is so many places I can go on classmates, the people I didn't care that much about to begin with and the cost but that has been done over and over.

Why is this message a "shocker"? For one, I am not a paying member. I have my name up there and if someone wants to read my amazing profile of all the exotic lands, people I have bedded and movies I have been in well they can just click away otherwise its just something I signed up for on a whim and rarely go back to.

So this message from XXX was actually from my first serious girlfriend. We dated for about 4 years but it ended (she dumped me) going on 14 or 15 years ago now.

I'll admit I am "curious" to hear what she is up to. I have seen her since, but it was shortly after we broke it off and she had a chance to go to Australia and New Zealand. She left a note in my mailbox saying she was in town and if I wanted to go for a walk and just talk that would be great. So we did. It was nice to see her and hear about her trip. It was something she always wanted to do. When you are in highschool you have all these divine plans and it was nice to hear someone reaching on of their goals.

Fastforward now 13+ years. Do I spend the $15.00 for 3 months to "re-connect"? Do I ignore it and come across as an arrogant ahole. Honestly if it was "free" to respond to her message I would but toss in the fact I need to spend money to do so...ehhh.

Torn..we shall see.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kinski melts my face.

I was working from home yesterday and even though I have more music at my "fingertips" I had "nothing to listen to". I should be listening to some 2005 releases and getting my Favorites of 2005 in order but per the norm I got lazy. There is one 2005 release that may or may not make my list. The band is called Kinski. They hail from Seattle and are nothing like the bands my mom would jump up and say "ohh they have the seattle sound!". This year they released a cd called "Alpine Static" and its a pretty good piece of work but I decided to go with one of the re-issues. I threw on "Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle". What makes this record unique (at least for Kinski) is that there is a tad bit of vocals on the record. Right now if a band does NOT have a singer it seems to grab my attention more. Anyhow I have listened to the third track on the disc which is called Newport about 5 times in a row. Not because of the "rare" vocals even but for the sheer balls out guitar "snog" that goes down. The song is 5:01 according to my iTunes player and at about 2:22 it just freaking takes off. A true sign on a great song to me is when I sing the guitar, bass, drum parts and air jam the important parts. (see my talk about Jesus of Suburbia from Green Day). It just smokes..awww yeah. They have some mp3's on the site but not an mp3 of this tune (bummer for you). If you wanna get yer rock on instrumental style check some of the goods out here. You can thank me later.

Well that was over quick.

Last night I went to see The Boston Bruins play the San Jose Sharks in Boston. It was a pretty big deal regarding this game.

I am a Hockey fan first, Bruins fan second. Earlier this year the Bruins traded the captain of their team Joe Thornton in a move that caught many folks off guard. After the trade was done I logged on to the Bruins site to see if the Sharks were gonna head back to Boston at all this season. They were so I quick grabbed up my ticket(s) as I had in my mind it would be a "rare" sell out for the slumping and not so fun to watch Bruins.

Arrived to my seats in the highest section of the arena but I could see everything. Five minutes into the game Thornton was ejected from the game for a boarding/intent to injure and that was that. The Bruins put on the kind of game you'd expect to see from a division 5 college team. It was awful. Outshot 17-3 (or close to that) in the first period alone. It was a long night and the B's got shelled 6-2. Regarding the "hit". Joe admitted he should have gotten a penalty and even his victim (Hal Gill) said he felt it was a pretty clean hit.

What surprised me the most was when I got home and watched the footage on the three newscasts. I know there is bias in the media but it was surprising. In a nutshell it was like this:

NBC - Here was the hit, tossed and that was that.
CBS - Here is the hit, a questionable call at best, fans don't get to see the return as much as they like.
ABC - (before showing the footage). Okay there was a reason this guy was traded, he is not a leader he takes dumb penalties at dumb times (goes on a rant) shows the hit and says "what a jerk/idiot, you can't be a leader from the locker room.

Finally I have to say to the Boston fans you have done it again. After the game gets out of hand you cheer for the opposition, cheer when the goalie makes a routine stop, and then cheer when after allowing 5 goals he gets pulled to a series of cheers. Its a freaking embarrassment. I understand being a fan, being frustrated and the like, but can't we win AND lose gracefully? Trust me, I'd love to be the arrogant sore WINNERS and being the losers is getting old but why...why? The team needs HELP not a bunch of critics. No wonder nobody wants to play here. Passionate fans are one thing, rude fans are another.

I have to share a few of the Section 320 (and surroudning sections) verbal groans as sometimes all you can do is laugh.

- Someone please throw me out of here!
- Will you check him please not ask him for a dance!

I try to remain positive, back to the senseless crap you expect from this blog tomorrow.

Monday, January 9, 2006

weekend update..2 days later.

So I dropped the ball on getting my Sirius radio stuff this past weekend. Its not that I didn't go an look into it all but when it
all came down to buying the stuff I was not going to have everything I "wanted" at a reasonable price. Sure I could have grabbed the $250.00+ S50 but I don't need "that much". Every place I went had one part and not the other that would allow me to listen at home/car/work etc. I went to one place and actually made my way to the register with a unit that was gonna set me up in my car and I did something I hardly ever do. I stopped, and really thought about what it was I was getting. I put it back and said "I can wait to get everything I want at one time". I was proud of myself. That happens so rarely for me. As far as the radio thing I have nobody to blame but myself for "waiting".

The trend continued when I went to a local record shop and put the new Strokes cd back. For 2 reasons..one I am not all that keen on the first single, second, I forgot a coupon that would get me the cd for 7.99. So in the span of 30 minutes in 2 places I put something back I just didn't need...it then continued. I went to Borders to get a replacement book for my 3 year old (long story). I had to order it..so I could leave another place having not spent a dime. I went over to the magazines to have a look and 2 different music mags struck my fancy. I walked around w/them while I looked at the "sale" books. After a few moments that little voice came up and said "Do you really need this magazine for a single page blurb on a band you like?" I went back and put the 2 of them back and left having again, not spent a dime. This is rare for me..very rare. I always seem to buy crap I don't REALLY need. (then again what do we really need barring food/water/clothing/shelter) 2006 is shaping up pretty good if I can keep this kind of restraint up.

I still sing the Chroni -WHAT-KLZ of Narnia now and then and it still brings a smile to my face. Some person made bobble heads of them and sold em for over 200! I am pretty sure its the same person that did the bobble head for that Jesus Jumper from Trading Spouces. Anyhow if ya care the link is here.

Fact or Crap...the answers.


1) Crap- Readers Digest is the most widely read publication in the world (11 mil in the USA alone)

2) Crap - He did so once on 5/21/80 in a cartoon titled Soup or Sonic. When the creators began the cartoon, they created
a few rules all of them needed to adhere to. One was No dialogue ever, except Beep Beep and another was
that the audience's sympathy must remain with the coyote.

3) Crap - With more than 10,000 lakes Minnesota has more miles of shoreline than any other U.S. State. Its shores total
90,000 miles which is more than the shorelines of Hawaii, California and Florida combined.

4) Fact - The most recent WCup in 2002 was watched by 42 Billion people. 2 Billion for the championship game alone. To put things
in perspective, the last superbowl drew an audience of 132 Million.

5) Fact - All gasoline is pumped from the refineries into the interstate gasoline-pipeline system and stored in above ground tanks. Those "famous"
additives places like Shell and Exxon advertise as beneficial to your car are added when the tankers fill up for distribution to the individual stations.

6) Crap - Tea contains more caffeine per POUND of leaf than coffee does per pound of beans, but a cup of brewed black tea has about 1/2 the caffeine of a cup
of brewed coffee. Some types of tea (green) have less caffeine.

7) Fact - 2.6 Million of the estimated 26.4 in the USA call California home. Florida with 1.9 million is second. Alaska holds the record for % of civilians
who are veterans - 17%.

8) Fact - Leo Hirschfeld came to the USA in 1896 and set up a small candy shop in New York City where he hand rolled and wrapped this candy
creation whose recipe he had brought from the old country.

9) Crap - The Yankees adopted the stripes on April 12, 1912, eight years before Ruth was on on the team

10) Fact - An average speed of 25-30mph in the larger species is common. Their average cruising speed is 10mph.

11) Fact - The recessive gene on the x-chromosome accounts for color blindness. This does NOT mean that every girl born of a color blind father
will be color blind; she simply inherits the genre. Men can not pass the gene on to their sons, since they give their sons a Y chromosome, not an X.

12) Fact - Bats are the largest species (985) of all known mammals, making up 23% of all know mammals by species.

13) Fact - Microwave ovens heat food by sending out small radio waves (microwaves). These waves are reflected off the oven walls and onto the food. As
the waves penetrate the food, the water molecules in the food begin to move. It is the molecules' vibration that heats the food.

14) Fact - It is very very rare, but it can happen. In China a man took a blood test to prove he was not the father of twin children. Evidence proved that he was the father of one, but not the other. The woman then admitted she did have sex with a second man within a 3 day period at the time of conception

15) Crap - Their fur is made up of CLEAR hollow hairs.

16) Fact - Introduced in 1976 the Apple 1 was like a circuit board - it came without a keyboard, power supply or monitor. At auction, the Apple 1 has been sold for $12,500.

17) Crap - it is 102.6 feet. Named "General Sherman" its stands 275 feet tall and it is the largest (in volume) tree in the world. Its mass is 10 times greater than that of a blue whale.

18) Crap - The game can be traced to 16th century Italy. A new York toy salesman named Edwin S. Lowe renamed it bingo after its arrival to the USA in 1929 when he overheard someone accidentally yell "bingo" instead of "beano" (beans were used as card markers)

19) Fact - While it is perfectly acceptable to say "Congratulations" to a groom, it goes against the rules of etiquette to use the greeting "Congratulations" or "Good Luck" with a bride.

20) Fact - In late 1891, Asa Chandler purchased the secret formula from inventor John Pemberton for $2.300. Chandler concentrated on the fountain drink sales rather than bottling. In 899, Chandler sold the exclusive rights to bottle the drink across most of the USA to 2 attorneys for 1.00.

21) Fact - The only presidents to have signed the Declaration of Independence both died on its 50th Anniversary.

22) Fact- Neither does Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or American Samoa. The reason for daylight saving time is to make better use of sunlight during the season changes. In other parts of the world, this event is called "summer time".

23) Crap - They'd be 34-22-33. Before 1998 she would have been 39-23-33. That year Mattel altered her by reducing hips and bust and added proportion to her waist.

24) Crap - His name is Bingo. The sailor is Sailor Jack. They appeared on the box starting in 1918

25) Crap - The roadrunner reaches only 12mph whereas the ostrich has been known to run 45-50 mph.

26) Crap - They were classmates at Pasadena Playhouse acting school, but both earned the distinction of being voted LEAST likely to succeed. Ironically, in high school fellow actor and comedian Robin Williams was also dubbed least likely to succeed, but he also earned the distinction of being voted most humorous.

27) Fact - John Harrison has tasted more than 180 million gallons of ice cream. He prefers tasting his ice cream at 10 to 12 Fahrenheit to max the flavors and
numbing the lounge.

28) Crap - Toto earned a good salary for a dog of $125 per week, a hefty sum compared to that of the munchkins who made only $50.00 per week, but
was less than Judy's weekly take home pay of $500. Nonetheless, Judy made far less than any of the other lead actors on the set. Ray Bolger, who played
Scarecrow made 10 times Judy's salary

29) Fact - It was used to fasten down tools and alleviate boredom. 300 Million eggs of the stuff have been sold since its launch in 1950.

30) Fact - Noted for his astonishing talents in art, architecture, engineering, and various other subject, da Vinci wrote his notebook entries backward so that only those "in the know" could decipher his writings.

31) Fact - Besides having 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 8 staircases it also has a tennis court, jogging track and swimming pool. The original pool commissioned by FDR in the 1930's was covered by Richard Nixon in 1969 to accommodate White House reporters in what is now the press center. Gerald Ford had an outdoor pool installed in 1975.

32) Crap - Only 2 countries, the USA and Soviet Union, had launched manned spacecraft in to orbit. It was not until October 15, 2003 that China became the third country to claim this status, sending 38 year old Yang Liwei on his historic journey.

33) Crap - Louise Joy Brown of England was the first on 7/25/78. Since then more than 1 Million have been born via the in vitro process.

34) Fact - The tin can used to preserve food was invented in 1810 by Peter Durand of London. It was not until 1858 that Ezra Warner invented a way to
open these contraptions. Until then, people were instructed to use a chisel and hammer. Beer cans were introduced in 1935.

35) Fact - In 1752 the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian calendar in Great Britain and the American Colonies. The day the change took place was
September 2, 1752. Because the Julian calendar was 11 days BEHIND the Gregorian calendar, the next day was September 14, thereby completely skipping September 3 through 13, 1752.

36) Crap - Orville was involved in a flying accident in 1908 that killed his copilot. Orville died of a heart attack in 1948. Amelia Earharts plane disappeared in 1937 over the Atlantic ocean. It is believed she crashed but no one knows for sure.

37) Fact - The architecture and chemistry are similar they can be used in grafts to help human bones heal quickly.

38) Fact - They earned a gold album in 1984 for the album Run DMC". They were the first to go platinum (King of Rock in 85) and the first to appear on Saturday Night Live.

39) Fact - In the 1930's there were 75K drivers compared to 40K working now.

40) Crap - Arthur Guinness of Kildare County Ireland created it. In 1759 he rented an old brewery in Dublin for $70.00 a year. The term of the lease was 9,000 years and included 12 horses. By 1930, one in every 10 men in Dublin worked for the brewery.

41) Crap - It was a pack or Wrigley's Gum. In 1974 the Universal Product Code was ready to be applied to every item that would be produced and sold.

42) Crap - When he was 14, after he started Kung Fu, he took up dancing and later won the Crown Colony Cha-Cha Championship at 18. He used the balance and footwork skills he acquired from dancing throughout his martial arts career.

43) Fact - Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin was upset by the unfair treatment of prisoners who were put to death. Aristocratic criminals were allowed a quick and
painless death, whereas commoners were subjected to public, slow and torturous forms of execution. Guilloton pushed for more humane methods to be used for all classes.

44) Crap - Although written as a memoir from the perspective of a one time geisha the novel was actually written by a white, American born male born in Chattanooga Tennessee (Arthur Golden)

45) Crap - they lower their heads to the ground when they sense danger. The male uses his bill to dig nests and move eggs around, which is often mistaken for them
"burying' their heads.

46) Fact - Since pasteuer was not a physician, many people in the medical field laughed at his theory that such a thing as germs exist and might cause disease. Luckily,Pasteuer continued to work and did more to further medical progress. On top of all that he invented the process that is still used today that helps keep milk from spoiling.

47) Crap - Its the doll.

48) Fact - Their eyes are the size of basketballs.

49) Crap - Snails sleep a lot and even hibernate. Some desert snails can doze for three to four years!

50) Fact - Disney was able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom in California for 11 years, but died in 1966, 5 years before the Florida location opened.

51) Crap - In order it was Augustus Gloop (pipe) Violet Beauregarde(blueberry) Vercua (a bad nut) then Mike TV.

52) Crap - The film was released in 1979, six years after US Troops were sent home from the war.

53) Fact - Evel (born Robert Craig Knievel) would utter the phrase during interviews after completing the stunt. He retired in 1976 after injuring a bystander.

54) Fact - Nolan Bushnell, created Pong and Atari and also launched the first Chuck E. Cheese Pizza time theater in 1977.

55) Crap - It was American Vogue who put Beverly Johnson on its cover in August of 1974.

56) Crap - 57 people were killed or never found. It is also estimated to have killed 7,000 big game animals and 40,000 salmon.

57) Crap - Its is kitchen fires.

58) Fact - 20% lighter to be exact.
59) Crap - Reference books agree that the damage was done well before Napoleon was in Egypt. Besides weather the Turks got to it in the 14th Century and in the 18th century it was shot at by the Mamaelukes who ruled during that time. Napoleon actually brought scholars along with his troops to the area to actually study the artifacts of the region.

60) Crap - The original was made with iron girders and overlaid with a copper sheath.

61) Fact - chocolate contains theobriomine, which, in sufficent quantities, is toxic to dogs.

62) Fact - Its "brain" is scattered around its body thus the head is not needed to stay alive. They can live a month without eating but they need
water about 1 time a week. Since the headless roach can't drink without a head it dies of dehydration in about 1 week.

63) Crap - It was stuck on an island called Isla Esdpanola (now Haiti). It was taken apart and used to create a fortress he called La Navidad

64) Crap - It was Orange County CA. Opened in 1992 and filed for bankruptcy just 8 years later.

65) Fact - he had one that was belonged to Frederic Chopin

66) Crap - it is full of stray cats. Locals have taken to feeding them believing in the superstion that feeding feelines brings good luck.

67) Crap - it takes 30 to 40.

68) Fact - the letter s that the former president used for his middle initial was a compromise for the names of his grandfathers. Anderson Shipp Truman and Solomon Young.

69) Crap - although in 1988 it was begun to call pork "the other white meat" pork contains as much myoglobin, an oxygen-storing pigment that contains iron, as veal does. The more myoglobin the meat has the redder the meat.

70) Fact - although an actual date can not be pinpointed it is believed to have originated in Persia and then spread to Tibet, China and Japan. Warriors played polo as a form of war training.

71) Fact - night butterfiles (and moths) have ears on their wings. They are used to help elude bats.

72) Fact - Dice was also made from ivory and stone.

73) Fact - it was introduced in the USA as such and the English market as the Stowaway.

74) Crap - its 94. In October of 2000 Mark Hogg ate that many on Regis Philbin's show.

75) Crap - Botts dots are actually those raised markers you see on the highway to help keep you in your lane at night.

76) Crap - its called International Orange

77) Fact - She did hold on to her title "Princess of Wales". As part of the 1996 settlement she received more than $20 Million as well as $600,000 per year but was forbidden to use her position to profit from commercial deals.

78) Fact - he survived a brutal car crash in 1954 during a drive from Las Vegas to L.A. He lost his left eye

79) Fact - Introduced in 1961 by Procter and Gamble. They did not have fastening tabs though.

80) Fact - It was a top 20 hit in 1970.

81) Fact - In 1947 5,000 toys were distributed in Los Angles by Marine Reservists. It was so successful it was 'formed" in 1948. Walt Disney designed the logo.

82) Fact - Flood causing hurricanes, tropical storms and torrential rains kill more people in the USA than any other weather occurence. Most deaths are caused
when people walk or drive in flooded areas.

83) Fact - They roll in mud to cool down but it also causes a durable layer of mud to form to their skin. Cows and sheep can sunburn as well.

84) Fact - instead of teeth in the upper front of their mouth cows have a tough pad used for chewing their food.

85) Fact - by definition the word graffito can refer to one symbol or to several elaborate sentences written on a public wall.

86) Fact - there are 2,598.960 to be exact.

87) Fact - in addition to turkey they ate eel, swan and dried berries.

88) Crap - the truth is that color of the matador's cape doesn't upset the bull at all. Like most mammals, bulls are color blind. Its the flapping and waving of the cape that irritates the bull

89) Fact - The greater the # of pennies the longer the nail. This orginated in Englad in the 15th Century. People paid a certain # of pennies for 100 nails of that size. For example 2 pennies would be traded for 100 two penny nails. The penny measurement is abbreviated by the letter "d", which comes from a Roman coin called a denarius.

90) Crap - In the adventure "The Crooked Man" the famous detective makes several deductions about his assistant Dr.Watson based onWatson's appearence. Watson exclaims, "Excellent", whereto Holmes replies "Elementary".

91) Fact - Its been around since the early 19th century. It has fallen out of favor as advances in antibiotics and modern surgery took over, however some doctors still use the parasites to clean out dead tissues from bed sores, gangrene, leg ulcers and stubborn infections.

92) Fact - other famous alums: Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Martin Sheen, Denzel Washington, Alex Rodriques, Derek Jeter and Bill Cosby

93) Fact - The French, who were instrumental in introducing cards to Eurpoe and the new world bestowed identities on picture cards. The king of hearts represents Charlemgne, the king of diamonds is Julius Caesar, clubs=Alexander the Great spades is the biblical King David.

94) Crap - it was Apollo 17, the last misson to land men on the moon. The total surface travel distance on the moon during this mission was about 22 miles.

95) Crap- its awarded in Stockholm Sweden. Named after endower Alfred Nobel who was a Swedish industrialist and the inventor of dynamite. The awards for
liturature, economics, chemistyry, physics, and physiology or medicine, along with the peace prize are presneted on the anniversary of Nobels death 12/10.

96) Fact - If in the cooking process the wine is reduced to "dry" (no liquid remains, just a syrupy glaze), the alcohol has evaporated.

97) Crap - she was created in 1921 to solve a mail crisis. People were mailing a fictitious kitchen expert after a Gold Medal Flour promotion. Crocker came from a recently retired director of the company, and Betty was used because it sounded "friendly".

98) Fact - Built in for the 1893 Worlds Fair by George W. Ferris. Fair organizers wanted to outshine the Eiffel Tower, which had been revealed at the Worlds Fair four years earlier. The wheel was later abandonded, then demolished in 1906.

99) Fact - this rule is very strongly enforced. No amount of money will be accepted for the box alone. It must containa Tiffany & Co. article that has been sold and for which T+Co is responsible.

100) Fact - The game was never released under any name other than Twister but it was called Pretzel as it was designed and sold. In 1966 it came out and was the first game in history to use the human body as a full-fledged playing piece.

101) Fact - Music was initially used to cover up some of the noise in elevators and to soothe riders who were afraid of falling.

102) Fact - The cork should not pop. As the saying goes, "The ear's gain is the palate's loss". Popping the cork destroys carbonation. When opened properly, the cork should come off with a quiet sigh.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Fact or Crap..some friday fun

I got a calender Christmas 2004 that was simply called "Fact or Crap" and it was a fun trivia calender. After a few months I realized I should have saved some of the "better ones". So, here for you is some fun. Answers on Monday.


1) Fact or Crap- TV Guide Outsells Reader's Digest.
2) Fact or Crap -Wile E. Coyote never caught the road runner.
3) Fact or Crap - Florida has more miles of shoreline than any other U.S. State.
4) Fact or Crap - The World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world.
5) Fact or Crap - All gasoline is shipped from the refinery in the same pipeline, no matter which oil company is buying it for resale.

6) Fact or Crap - A cup of tea has more caffeine than a cup of coffee
7) Fact or Crap - California has more war veterans than any other state.
8) Fact or Crap - Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.
9) Fact or Crap - The New York Yankees adopted a pinstripe uniform to help Babe Ruth appear slimmer.

10) Fact or Crap - A Dragonfly can fly 25mph.
11) Fact or Crap - Every girl with a color blind father will inherit the color blindness gene.

12) Fact or Crap - Nearly a quarter of all mammals can fly.
13) Fact or Crap - The walls of microwave ovens help heat food.
14) Fact or Crap - Twins can have different fathers.
15) Fact of Crap - Polar bears actually have light yellow, not white, fur.
16) Fact or Crap - The original price tag on an Apple I computer was $666.66.
17) Fact or Crap - The largest living tree is 42 feet in circumference.
18) Fact or Crap - Bingo was invented by church elders as a way to raise money.
19) Fact or Crap - Etiquette dictates that it is improper to use the term congratulations when greeting a bride.

20) Fact or Crap - Bottling rights for Coca-Cola were sold for one dollar.
21) Fact or Crap - Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826

22) Fact or Crap - The Virgin Islands does not observe Daylight Savings Time
23) Fact or Crap - If Barbie were a real woman her measurements would be 36-24-36
24) Fact or Crap - The Dog on the Cracker Jack box is named Jack.
25) Fact or Crap - The roadrunner is the fastest bird on land.
26) Fact or Crap - Classmates Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman were voted most likely to succeed

27) Fact or Crap - The official taste tester at Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream has his taste buds insured for $1 Million.

28) Fact or Crap - Toto earned more money per week than Judy Garland in making "The Wizard of Oz"

29) Fact or Crap - Silly Putty was used to fasten down tolls on Apollo 8.
30) Fact or Crap - Leonardo da Vinci\ wrote his notebook in mirror images.
31) Fact or Crap - The White House has a bowling lane and movie theater.
32) Fact or Crap - By the year 2000 only three countries had launched men in to outer space.

33) Fact or Crap - The world's first test tube baby was a boy.
34) Fact or Crap - The can opener was invented 48 years after the invention of cans.
35) Fact or Crap - September 10, 1752 does not officially exist in American History
36) Fact or Crap - Airplane pioneers Orville Wright and Amelia Earhard both died in plane crashes.

37) Fact or Crap - Coral can replace human bone in surgery
38) Fact or Crap - Run DMC was the first rap group to earn a gold record.
39) Fact or Crap - There are fewer cab drivers in New York City today than there were 75 years ago.

40) Fact or Crap - Guinness Irish Beer was actually created by an Englishman
41) Fact or Crap - A deck of cards was the first bar-coded product ever scanned
42) Fact or Crap - In his homeland, Bruce Lee was considered an awkward dancer.
43) Fact or Crap - The guillotine is named after a reformist who was trying to eliminate the death penalty.

44) Fact or Crap - The novel "Memoirs of a Geisha" was the first published autobiography by a woman who lived as a geisha.

45) Fact or Crap - The ostrich buries its head in the sand when it senses danger.
46) Fact or Crap - Louis Pasteur discovered cures for anthrax, silkworm disease and rabies.

47) Fact or Crap - The Yo-Yo is the oldest known toy.
48) Fact or Crap - The giant squid has the largest eyes of any animal.
49) Fact or Crap - Snails never sleep
50) Fact or Crap - Walt Disney died before Walt Disney World opened to the public
51) Fact or Crap -The first child to be eliminated in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Veruca Salt.

52) Fact or Crap - Apocalypse Now was released five years before US Troops pulled out of Vietnam,.

53) Fact or Crap - Evel Knievel coined the phrase "Kids, do not try this at home"
54) Fact or Crap - The creator of Atari also started the Chuck E. Cheese franchise.
55) Fact or Crap - Hapers Bazaar was the first major publication to feature and African American Cover girl.

56) Fact or Crap - The Eruption of Mt St Helens in 1980 produced no casualties.
57) Fact or Crap - The leading cause of house fires in the USA is burning candles.
58) Fact or Crap - McDonalds eliminated close to 1 million pounds of waster per year by making its straws lighter.

59) Fact or Crap - Napoleon's troops shot the nose off the sphinx in Egypt.
60) Fact or Crap - The statue of liberty's framework was made of steel
61) Fact or Crap - Chocolate can be toxic to dogs.
62) Fact or Crap - A cockroach can live for a week with its head cut off
63) Fact or Crap - Columbus's ship "Santa maria" met her fate at the hands of pirates.

64) Fact or Crap - The first Planet Hollywood was opened in New York.
65) Fact or Crap - Liberace owned 39 pianos.
66) Fact or Crap - The Colosseum in Rome is home to a pack of stray dogs.
67) Fact or Crap - It takes 3 to 4 cashmere goats to make a sweater.
68) Fact or Crap - The "s" in Harry S Truman does not stand for anything.
69) Fact or Crap - Pork is a white meat.
70) Fact or Crap - The oldest team sport in history is Polo.
71) Fact or Crap - Butterflies have ears.
72) Fact or Crap - Ancient Egyptians made dice from bone.
73) Fact or Crap - When it was first launched the Walkman was called the Soundabout
74) Fact or Crap - The World record for most worms eaten in 30 seconds is 75.
75) Fact or Crap - Botts Dots is the condition a horse has when infected by a botfly
76) Fact or Crap - The name of the paint used on the Golden Gate Bridge is called "Sun Kissed"

77) Fact or Crap - In her divorce settlement Princess Di was stripped of the title Royal Highness

78) Fact or Crap - Sammy Davis Jnr. lost his eye in a car accident.
79) Fact or Crap - Pampers was the first disposable diaper.
80) Fact or Crap - Sesame Street's Ernie made it to the top 20 with the song "Rubber Duckie"

81) Fact or Crap - Toys for Tots was started by the US Marine Corps
82) Fact or Crap - Flooding is the leading cause of weather related deaths in the United States

83) Fact or Crap - A pig can get sunburn
84) Fact or Crap - Cows have no upper teeth.
85) Fact or Crap - the singular form of the word graffiti is graffito
86) Fact or Crap - There are more than 2.5 Million possible poker hands in a 52 card deck

87) Fact or Crap -Lobster was part of the first Thanksgiving.
88) Fact or Crap -In bullfighting, the matador's cape is red to make the bull charge.
89) Fact or Crap - Nails are measured in pennies.
90) Fact or Crap - Sherlock Holmes never said, "Elementary, my dear Watson"
91) Fact or Crap - Maggot therapy is used to tread bedsores
92) Fact or Crap - Brad Pitt is an alumnus of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America
93) Fact or Crap - Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history

94) Fact or Crap - Apollo 12 brought back rock and soil samples from the moon.
95) Fact or Crap - The Nobel Prize is awarded in Zurich, Switzerland.
96) Fact or Crap - The alcohol in wine evaporates when it is exposed to high heat.
97) Fact or Crap - Betty Crocker was a Cub Scout den mother.
98) Fact or Crap - The Ferris wheel was invented to rival the Eiffel Tower.
99) Fact or Crap - One cannot purchase a "Tiffany Blue Box" by itself from a Tiffany & Co. store.

100) Fact or Crap - The original name for the game Twister was Pretzel.
101) Fact or Crap - Elevator music was first used to encourage riders to talk to each other.

102) Fact or Crap - A champagne cork should pop loudly, because that signifies bad air leaving the bottle.

Good luck!

Thursday, January 5, 2006

What to do

I'll admit that I am a Howard Stern fan. When he first got to be bigger I tried to ignore it, then I got sucked in and I can honestly say I really enjoyed 95% of what he did. It was part of my day. It has been pretty big news that he has gone over to satellite radio in a move that could be groundbreaking or suicide. I really think he is going to get a lot of people to move over. A lot already have.

I have been poking around and asking current users if they like and all seem to give the same response I had when I got an Ipod. "What took you so long?!" I need to get the hardware, hopefully this weekend. I want to get a unit that I can use at home, work and in the car of course. If I am gonna spend the dough I want to use it as much as I can.

I have time on Saturday so I want to pull that trigger!

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

2006..a look ahead

Its that time of year. Time when Gym Memberships go up, salad consumption goes to an all time high and we take a few moments to decide "what are my resolutions for the new year". There are some that say "I never make them" Others (like me) make them and then break them.

Resolutions are, at least I think, a method to make you a better person. Lots of folks like to start diet, exercise or what not..and all that is great its just the issue of sticking with it. So I decided that this year I wanted to do stuff that would make me feel better on whole. So I give you my list of "Goals NOT Resolutions" for 2006.

1) Go skiing at least one time this year. I used to ski a few times a year. The last few years I have not strapped them on. Sick day is forth coming and a day of skiing is in the cards.

2) Play at LEAST 2 rounds of golf. Not 9 holes either. I was on the golf team in high school. I used to play 2-3 times a month as I "got older" then I stopped cuz who honestly can spend that amount of money and not be around for 4+ hrs on the weekend?!

3) Portion Control. I use this as an easier method of "dieting". I have started eating better due to higher cholesterol. I could do a lot better. What this all means is I need to order "small". On the rare occasion I order a sub I'll get small. Stuff like that.. Leads to..

4) Eating Leftovers. We make a good amount of casseroles and the like at home. Seems like after the first time around it sits, then gets tossed. Which leads to

5) Brown bagging lunch. If I can do 3 and 4..5 will be easy. I have been good about bagging lunch and I am actually only in the office three days a week now so if I can bag 2 of the days I come to work I'll be in great shape.

6) Kayak at least two times. See #1 and 2. I know I need to make the time but my wife has a new work schedule so buzz off if you think I am just lazy and life isn't just about "ME" all the time.

7) Drink 64oz of water a day. Note to self..drink it early..cuz the rides home can be LOOOONG.

8) Hike Purgatory Chasm and Blue Hill w/my six (well by then 7) year old.

9) Read a book a month. (no not magazines!)

So its just 9..nothing major and things I feel I can cross off my list that I have actually DONE.

Happy New Year I hope you all reach your resolutions or goals of 2006!

Thank you for reading as always.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

11 days and counting...

I chatted to a few people today via IM. I needed that. I have not been to the office for 11 days now. The last day I was in the office was on Friday 12/23 for 1/2 day. I brought my 6 year old w/me as well because she was not feeling the best and she had no school. Since then I have been doing the holiday thing and "parenting". Its exhausting. How do single moms do this?! I love them (both my kids) very much but today I was so ready to go to work. Then last night the wife tells me "Did you hear tomorrow we may have a nor'easter" (out of towners that is a mild/heavy snow). My mind raced..and for a fleeting moment I was somewhat sad that I might..just MIGHT not make it to work Tuesday. Well it happened..snow fell, daycare lost power, school got cancelled and March said "what the hell..what is one more day?"!. Here I sit..inside from sledding already and 2 kids that took a whole 5 minutes before crying that snow was somewhere it shouldn't be. I have the shortest fuse..I hate when I feel like this. So they are watching TV and I am at the CPU...but its just about time to get up.

11 days...Mother in law came..with the boyfriend. Christmas was not one not 2 but THREE days long with more trash than I have ever seen. I ate, and ate and ate. It was great..but I "miss" work somehow.

Christmas was pretty quiet. We went easy on the gift giving as adults. One of the coolest things I can say I got was Stairway to Heaven. Its a books about Rock "Stars" gravesites. Its a cool read and it tells you about the artists final day(s) and some of the cemetery traditions. For example Lisa Left Eye Lopez of TLC people leave coins on her grave and nobody knows why. Also I was somewhat bummed to read that the "bust" of Jim Morrison has been removed from his grave in Paris because it was stolen so often. Now its a drab marker rather than the cool statue. Rock fans, or music fans in general would find this book interesting.

march returns to the office..(he thinks and hopes) tomorrow.

Monday, January 2, 2006

Happy New Year

Okay a very short update.

Happy new Year..now you need to scroll down to see the hoff.

More updates beginning tomorrow. Thanks for checking in.