Thursday, December 20, 2012

Culture..or a Vice?

A group of folks at work were talking the other day as we often do. The topic came up on how people “get in to things”. What was meant was, how does one person love photograph, the next person music, the next person chess. All of these are under that “for example” moniker. Everyone dabbles in things, art, literature, sports etc but what pulls people in to certain things that “become them”.

Look around your office, or school. You know the jock, the music geek, the person that can craft like crazy, the person that can bake like a champ.

Could it be the “culture” of those activities? It must be.

I began playing ice hockey in elementary school. For better or worse, I stepped away from the game during high school, but now I skate weekly as part of pick up game. Going to the rink, getting dressed, chatting with guys that I only see once a week and then going out and having fun. The sights, the sounds..and yeah the smells are make for part of the experience.

People might say “yeah you wouldn't get it” when you ask “Why do you play ________, or how do you listen to __________”. It is not even that you are negative about the topic. Jazz music for example people might find challenging, while the next person loves to dissect the whole thing.

How can one join this culture as well? There are things as of late that I have been thinking that I love the whole “culture” that surrounds it.

Old School Cocktails – maybe its “Mad Men” but never has one TV show made me just want to get a decanter and leave booze out. Have a bucket of ice on hand..ready to go. I like beer, I like the glasses, the colors the ambiance of a dive bar. Something about “cocktails” though. Perhaps because I am not even sure what is in stuff, or how to order things. I like it all.

Smoking culture – see “mad men” again. Face it, if smoking wasn't bad for you, everyone would do it.   We realize its not good for us and the cons are so “out there” for us to grasp but I like the whole “culture” of smoking. From the smell of a pipe...lets face it..last time you smelled one? To watching someone hand roll a cigarette. Even the art of cutting and prepping a cigar is pretty cool to watch. The ash trays, the fancy lighters. Maybe I need to look back to the “golden age” if you will of smoking. A pack of generic smokes with a disposable lighter...i can see it not being cool. Think, unfiltered, hand rolled cigarette with a cool pedestal ash tray, and at the very least , chrome zippo lighter...get it yet?

Coffee - I am a coffee drinker, but 95% of what I drink is decaf. Long story short, I worked for a guy that drank a CRAP load of coffee and often he'd buy. One day I tried to keep up...and lets just say next to a bad hangover the caffeine shakes were enough to keep me away. I drink 2 cups of decaf a day during the work week and maybe one on the weekend. I can have “real” coffee, but will do so only in a pinch. Again, the culture of it though. I wish I liked the espressos and cappuccinos. The art of making them (well) and enjoying one on a sidewalk cafe. I struggle with Iced Coffee as well, but when I see someone with that ice filled light brown liquid I long to like it....but I can't. Its just not very good cold to me.

Running – of all things! It is something that anyone can do. Strap on some sneakers and hit the road. Sure you need to worry about knees, dogs, cars and all that..but every time I see an ad for a 5K or a person running I want to get out and do that....2013? Who knows.....

Most things are probably what you grew up with. My Dad smoked a pipe for years and years, so I associate that smell with him. Odd that these are all seen as “vices” that I wrote about too.

What about you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


sorry for the lack of updates.  Working, shopping for the holiday, working...working...and gearing up for the year end list(s).  Something new soon.

Thank you as always for stopping over.