Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween..

Last year I posted some "pointers" for Halloween. You can read em

Not much has changed. Have fun, drive slow on your way home. If you break the rules I hope you are chased down.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Act Now..Act Fast..

Paste Magazine is offering readers the chance to subscribe to their magazine for "whatever they choose". Paste comes out 11 times a year and has a cd sampler with every issues.

If you so desire you can sign up for the deal..You can do so.."quickly" right here

Monday, October 29, 2007

Few quick things...

Okay..being from Boston lets get this outta the way. Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on a World Series victory.

Bunch of stuff to talk about but no solid direction. Saturday, I had a gap in time and was able to watch about 5 minutes of the Bruins game. No sooner did I turn it on then did this go and freaking happen...

Kids watching to boot..time for dad to answer a lot of questions. I didn't want to turn off the channel because I wanted to know what he was etc. He got released but not a lot of details barring a broken nose and concussion. Sunday morning Littlest March tells Mrs March at breakfast "We watched hockey..and someone got hurt really bad". A smidge of an update is here.

I've got a few other things..but I'll save em...ohh the tease I know.

Friday, October 26, 2007

She had so many devices everything that money could buy

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out. After last weeks Jazz post I've gone mainstream again for perhaps a very guilty pleasure.....

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Serj Tankian - "Elect the Dead" cd review

Serj Tankian
"Elect the Dead"

When front man Serj Tankian and his band System of a Down, decided to take a hiatus it didn't take the band members long to get itching to be creative. Of the four, Serj is the first to release a solo album and in just one listen you can tell he hardly slowed down in his output of work as well as writing. Serj, who claims to write "all the time" (he has a book of poetry out as well) runs the gamut of emotions on the 12 tracks.

In the truest sense of the word (almost) Serj has a solo album. He wrote it, produced it in his home studio, and played most of the instruments himself. He does enlist John Dolmayan of System of a Down and Brian Mantia (Guns and Rose/Primus) as guest drummers but the bulk is Serj and where he may lack in virtuosity all but makes up for in competence. No one instrument really stands out on tracks, there are no extended guitar solos for example.

Tankian, known to be very outspoken on everything from politics to the environment channels his experiences. The lead off track "Empty Walls" opens with crunching guitars and drums followed by that subtle almost calming voice of Tankian before it opens back up again. New and old fans won't be confused as to who this is.
A slighter softer side of Tankian appears on the piano led "Honking Antelope". The song kicks in after the first verse, but fairs pretty well as a "quiet/loud" track. "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" has some unique musical layers at the intro and Tankian delivers some incoherent banter until the song grows some, then Tankian unleashes lyrics at a machine gun pace. This particular track one could see Tankian being most proud of, as it really does some different things, yet remains a collectively strong track.

Tankian must not sleep as he has videos for each of the 12 tracks up on
You Tube, has been on the road promoting "Elect the Dead" for close to two weeks before the the October 23rd release date. The crowds have been ravenous and respectful of Tankians efforts, perhaps longing for a song from his currently on hiatus band, but Serj has a message to sell and its called "Elect the Dead".

If Serj was wrestling any demons while making this record he pinned them to the mat quickly and effectively. Fans of his prior work will not be turned off as what he does on Elect is not a far stretch, but its a satisfying listen to new and old fans.

His myspace page is here and the cd is out now so you can get it pretty much anywhere fine music is sold.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Now this is some top secret stuff.

Due to this blog and Forgotten Disc Friday I get the occasional e-mail from bands about reviewing their cds and what have you. Over the last few months I have gotten some goodies from a New York based promotions group. The latest cd that was sent to me was the debut/solo release from Serj Tankian. He is/was the lead singer of the band System of a Down.

The cd arrived Friday or Saturday and I opened it up and the cd was inside..but it was packaged unlike anything I had ever seen so I wanted to share.

Front Side:

What is says in a nutshell - This disc is watermarked and can't be copied..if it is we can trace it back to you.

Back Side:

Nutshell - Once i open it I agree to the terms..if I don't want to I need to call a phone # and overall..i am responsible for "leaking" the cd etc.

Once I opened it:

Nutshell - this was under the flap "THANKS FOR AGREEING ENJOY THE MUSIC!"

Hahaha that part is the best.

On the cd itself it tells me who the cd belongs to (printed right on it) and the site (s) associated with me.

Review is forth coming. Oh yeah the cd is out today.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another review

If ya care here



Boston had a big sports weekend. The Red Sox won and will go to the World Series. Mrs March is from Cleveland so it was a tougher series than in the past. Of course "anyone but the yankees" is always key.

Raking leaves on Sunday I was listening to New England Patriots game on Sirius. It was the Miami feed of the game and holy cow the commentators for the Dolphins HATE that team. The team is 0-7 but boy they were like a bunch of drunks cussing out the team. "This is the worst backfield I have ever seen play". Funny and sad all at the same time.

Quietly, my beloved Boston Bruins are 5-2, and 6 points out of the top spot in their division (they have played 2 less games than Ottawa who are 1st). They won on Saturday night in a shoot out 1-0. Check that, Saturday afternoon. They moved the game to 4pm so fans could watch the Bruins and then have plenty of time to get home or whatever for the Red Sox. I bet nobody watched the B's game at 4pm either.

We went to dinner Saturday at a local restaurant that has 200 TVs and it was just after the game ended that we walked in..i didn't see hockey on a single screen. Oh well, they can keep winning quietly I'll be happy.

Otherwise the weekend was good, weather wise it was excellent. We got lost in a Corn Maze and just had a quiet weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Friday...

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out. Its a Jazz cd today/this week so that might sway folks one way or the other.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Office stuff

If you are a fan of the office and saw the intro last week you know about the "DVD Box" going in to the corner of the screen.

Download a screen saver version of it

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High on Fire with Mono: Living Room, Providence RI 10/12/07

*see the bottom of this page for a link to buy this poster

High on Fire
The Living Room, Providence Rhode Island
Friday, October 12, 2007

Support - Mono, Panthers and Coliseum

Rumors had been around since earlier this year that Mono was going to take a good year off from touring (at least in the US). When I saw this show announced a few months back, and then saw that a Providence show was added it made it even more of a no-brainer to attend.

I arrived at the Living Room shortly before 10pm and Panthers were wrapping up their set. Hit the Mono merch booth for two things. The first was the live dvd that won't technically be out in the states until next year. I am not really a live DVD guy, but after I saw the trailer (which you can view off that link) I had to get it. I also wanted to get their latest b'sides collection. The always gracious Tamaki took my money and I told her to keep the few bucks in change. This band doesn't have some lavish tour bus and I dig em enough that hey the few bucks might go to a few coffees in the morning. That being said I settled in to my usual spot at the Living Room about 15 feet dead center.

The band set up their gear and the lights went off and we were off. Guitarists Yoda and Takaakira "Taka" Goto often sit when they play. Yosunori sits back at his drum kit and waits for his queue to come in hard and heavy. Tamaki, on bass, always is fun to watch as she sways back and forth to the music.

Much of their music begins quiet and slowly builds to the most chilling audible experience. The audience was talking some but then they'd hit down hard and whoa..everyone would be silenced. As much as I love Mono the set lists don't waver too much song selection wise and they always seem too short. In an opening slot they did a stand up job nailing it down in about 45 minutes and the line at their section of the merch booth seemed to speak volumes they got to some folks. The band did play a new song as the set closer. It still is "Mono" sound wise but never grew to a rousing swell that we are used to. That is a good thing as the band is changing ever so slightly.

After what seemed like ages High on Fire took the stage. Guitarist/Vocalist Matt Pike to the right, Drummer Des Kensel in the back on the drums and new(er) bassist Jeff Matz to the left. During sound check the bass was so damn loud I was tempted to leave. Honestly it was obnoxious and I had ear plugs in. Once the band settled in and the levels were set it was much better.

High on Fire is a band that I have liked since I read a stunning review on their first record The Art of Self Defense. Its not something I can personally listen to every day but the heaviness of the record just hits you right when you need it.

The mix had some issues here and there, and Pike, if he is known for anything vocal wise its a growl so one can't come out and say they couldn't tell what he was singing, since you can't understand it on the record either.

The set list for High on Fire was:
Waste of Tiamet
Eyes and Teeth
Death is this Communion
Rumors of War
Face of Oblivion
Cyclopean Scape

There was no "encore" the band was pretty chatty between songs and the audience was pretty ravenous. There were a lot of devil horns and fist pumps laid down. Pike left the stage with "We are High on Fire don't forget us". Not sure what that meant, the band played here a year ago as well (or was it 2 now?) anyhow Providence is not a main market for bands so we were happy none the less.

High on Fire has an official page here. Of course there is a myspace you can check out.

Mono image taken from here
The bands official page is here. Download a show from the archive

You can buy that poster


Monday, October 15, 2007

Short kid based post....

This weekend I was given long extensive lessons on

How to Jump in to leaves

Given by Littlest March Age 5.

-First Dad rakes the leaves while I "help".
-Get a running start.
-repeat x25

Funny thing is each time I jumped (or slowly tipped over) I was told REPEATEDLY I was doing it wrong.

If anyone can jump into leaves "wrong" its me.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Always pimpin'

Another cd review is up here

Greed is a sin so don't lead me in.

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Queens of the Stone Age : Lupos, Providence 10/9/07

Queens of the Stone Age
Tuesday October 9, 2007
Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, Providence Rhode Island

Support - Retisonic

Queens of the Stone Age kicked off the latest leg of their US tour last night in Providence. The surprisingly undersold venue was treated to a set list that played heavily off the bands latest released Era Vulgaris. The ravenous fans ate right off the plate.

Personally I am a big fan of the band. If you check out one of my trade pages (scroll to Queens of the Stone Age) you will see I have a sickness.

The latest album didn't really hit me at the outset and trading live shows has changed a lot so I hadn't heard much of the new material live. I was actually somewhat "ehh" on going to the show.

In the end I was damn glad I did.

The band took the stage shortly after 9pm. Facing the stage way over to my left was Troy Van Leeuwen. The always impeccably dress guitar, keyboard and utility man has been a great constant the last few tours. To his left was keyboardist and guitar player Dean Fertita. On the drums was the always shirtless, and always heavy hitting Joey Castillo on drums. Front man, guitar and all around leader of the band Josh Homme in the center. To his left was bassist Michael "Mikey Shoes" Shuman.

Opening with "Burn the Witch" from the 2005 Lullabies to Paralyze the band wasted little time. The light show was more expansive than in past tours and the band really went full tilt. "Misfit Love" from the new cd was next and really did a lot to sell me on what I had been missing on the new release.

**mp3s have been taken down**
The setlist was
Burn the Witch
Misfit Love
In to the Hollow
Little Sister
Battery Acid
River in the Road
In the fade
Turnin' On The Screw
Do it Again
3's and 7's
Make it wit chu
Sick Sick Sick
Go with the flow
I Think I lost My Headache
Regular John
A Song for the Dead

The show flowed nicely and Josh, usually one for some chatter, kept it short. He invited us to get drunk and dance and that was really about it, barring the obligatory "thank yous". The band really seemed to hit their stride a little later in the set really playing off one another. The band seemed to take some songs in directions they had not taken them before. Some had longer intros and others had better segue and jams coming out of them.

17 songs in about 75 minutes..the band was cooking and was really down to business.

The pro's - the playing. The band is a good unit. QOTSA have always been a revolving door of musicians (for better or worse) so it was nice the band was really clicking. Also Misfit Love..only took me to the second tune to realize I needed to listen to the cd again.

The Con's - the brevity of the least in its feel. Also Make it Wit Chu is a dull tune and placed in sort of a bad place in the set. Also, the girl at the merch booth demanding a free shirt because the one she bought earlier had been "stolen". F- there lady.

Overall it was a good show and money well spent for me personally. If you want to find out more the bands main page is here. They have a myspace page here. See them on tour. Check the dates here.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No wonder the music business is screwed..

I won't rant on long about the obvious issues but had to share.

Yesterday Band of Horses released their second album and its a record I have been waiting for. The band is on Sub Pop so the chances of it landing in "Target" for example, at least right now are pretty slim.

Working from home today I teetered on the idea of mail ordering it. I have seen it for "not too" expensive. Even has it for $7.99. I am not sure I could wait so I called the closest record shop to me is FYE which is the SHITTIEST "record" store ever. For selection and prices. I called to see if they had it..and they did. That was a good sign as I had to run an errand to a store right near it.

I shuffle in to the store around lunch..waddle to the "B"'s and find the cd.

Its 17.99


I am sure if there was actually anyone else in this store they'd have heard my jaw hit the floor. Are they serious? $17.99 for a single cd. I understand its on an "indie" label and that keeps prices "up" but really..are they kidding me? I saw the Hanna Montana cd that little march was 24.99. I kid you not..24.99. Thats a double cd but most stores realize your target demo is kids 6-12 and that would take Little March about 4 months of chores to pay off. Who are they kidding???!

I don't think I'll be putting my feet inside one of their stores ever matter how bad I need something.

Came home and ordered it on I gotta freaking wait.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hopefully this keeps up...

We had a long weekend and the weather for the most part was really quite good, and unseasonal for early October. Sunday we did the Essex Steam Train ride. Littlest March is very in to trains right now so it was a pretty good hit. Overall it was a little pricey (shocker) but the kids had a good time. We then visited with a friend of Mrs March for some conversation and snacks.

Saturday we had an interesting moment, one that I am actually proud of.

The set up: Saturday was really nice and Littlest March wanted to go over to the playground at his school. He took some chalk with him and Mrs March headed out. Sure enough 10 minutes later Little March, who didn't want to go wants to go. So we walk over.

We play and draw some stuff with the chalk in the parking lot and all that. Harmless stuff.

Fast forward to about 10pm Saturday night. Mrs March and I settle down to channel surf and we hear the pitter patter of feet coming down stairs. Little March is upset and asks if she could please speak with Mommy. Well, that conversation lasted a bit as I ended up going to bed and moving Little out of our bed etc.

The next morning I asked what the concern was. It seems Little had written some kids names down on the pavement near where they'd line up to come back in from recess. She didn't write her name just "Hi Mary" or what have you. Little March was worried that the school would find out she wrote this and that she'd get in trouble. She was very upset and concerned. We were "this close" to going over Sunday to wash the chalk off but it rained saving us the visit. Little March also was in a confession mood and told Mrs March she was involved in a little "teasing" session a few weeks back regarding another classmate.

Little March was open with Mrs, and was sorry for what she had done in both cases. I am not shocked or upset with her actions, I am actually glad she realizes what she did might be wrong or mean. The chalk issue all in all was harmless. Sure if she wrote on the school, or wrote inappropriate things I'd certainly have issues. Overall I am glad she is honest and seems to be turning out to be a pretty great kid..i hope it continues.

Friday, October 5, 2007

I wrote a letter and told her these words.

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out.

Once again we are near the end of the alphabet and the album title is numbers..rather than letters.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Sea and Cake : Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA (mp3's too!)

Sea and Cake
Remis Aud, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Ma
Sunday, September 30, 2007

Support - Meg Baird

Living in Mass my 'whole life' somehow the Museum of Fine Arts has never been something I had been to. That is until this year. Back in July I headed there for the first time to catch Tortoise and had just such a great time. The "venue" is quite small, good sight lines and most of all 99% of the people that go to a show there respect music and don't talk during the show. Its perfect, and a perfect setting for Chicago band "Sea and Cake".

After waiting "far too long" in line outside the venue for opener Meg Baird to be ready to perform we were let in. I settled in to my seat about 8 rows back dead center and was ready for it. Meg Baird performed a solo acoustic set that didn't do a whole lot for me personally. Most of all I just wish that acoustic guitar players could realize that they can play up tempo songs. She didn't really say much between songs until a technical difficulty forced her to. She told us the songs she had played (all cover tunes) and that was about it.

The stage is pretty small at the auditorium and Sea and Cake were spread out nicely. Archer Prewitt (guitar) was out setting up his gear before the rest of the band took the stage. The band laid out (as I am facing stage) Lead guitar and vocalist Sam Prekop on the left, Archer in the middle pretty much, seemingly out of place, but none the less STUNNING bassist Eric Claridge off to the right and drummer John McEntire in the back. The band said some quick hellos and launched in to "Up on Crutches" from their latest release "Everybody". The band was tight and focused and the audience ate it up. The band outwardly looks like your every day run of the mill office workers, slightly geeky yet stunningly competent on their instruments. The band has been on break for four years but released this record and are on their second run of shows (at least thru boston).

Although the band is not wildly crazy on stage its hard to choose someone to focus on. Sam had lyrics on poster boards at his feet, referencing them now and again. Archer would get animated now and then but had such a series of foot pedals he was focused on the task at hand. John is in Tortoise as well and many see him as sort of an indie rock god (myself included) and Eric, whom I mentioned seems out of place, as he is a little more heavy set, had a trucker hat on, with a pony tail out the back and he stood like a rock but I haven't seen fingers move on a bass like that in AGES. Such complex bass lines just tossed out there.

The set was a little on the short side, running about 1hr and 10 minutes but it was under $20.00 and the venue is fast becoming a favorite of mine for its selection of artists as well as the fans actually shutting their yaps and silencing their cell phones. Barring the two overzealous fans that were towards the front of the room everyone shared a great moment with Sea and Cake tonight. The guitars have a certain "jangle" to them and the drums are tight and the bass just layers over it all. Bands like this are few and far between matching some pop sensibility with strong playing by the band.

Here is the set list that's your thing.
Up on Crutches
Crossing Line
The Biz
Mr. F
Jacking the Ball
Bonus Track
Exact to Me
The Argument

I tried to take a picture, it came out badly so I put it away.

This is just a picture of the set list.

That being said I decided that I'd upload this show so that you in turn can download the show. So here it is:

**mp3s have been removed 11/2/2007 4:45pm ET***

Up On Crutches
Crossing Line
The Biz
Mr. F
Jacking the Ball
tune up
more tune/banter
tune up
banter/its okay to dance
Bonus Track
Exact to Me
The Argument

A few notes on the list etc.
Why are there so many "banter" tracks? - The band tuned up and when I convert the DAT to CDR the cd recorder views more than 3 seconds of "silence" as a track skip. Rather than remove them from the download they are there so the show flows better..but if you just want to download the songs that works too.

The last song I can't figure out..anyone know what it is? Its none of the left over tracks from the set list etc.

If you are "new" to the band and just want to sample their sound check out Jacking the Ball, then Mr F. Just my suggestion(s).

For you tech geeks - Recorded w/Sony ECM717->Sony D8 DAT @44.1 kHz. Taped dead center about 10 rows back. Don't like mp3's well drop me an email or comment and we can set up perhaps a "trade" of a "lossless" version. Music is here for a few days and will be taken down not only without notice, but at the artist or labels request. If you are one of those folks please drop a note and I'll pull it as soon as I am made aware.

Finally, the bands official site is here. They have a myspace page where you can hear some studio stuff. Also a quick link to a list of their cds on that you can purchase.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

For all the moms...

For all you moms..

as a note..sometimes when you click the image it plays 1/2 and then stops..the link if you desire is here to the same clip.

Trailer for new Sigur Ros dvd.

Sweet mother of all that is good an holy.

There is no denying i bow at the altar that is Sigur Ros. Personally I find them the most breathtaking band out there right now. Hailing from Iceland the band played a few shows last summer, mostly unannounced, and the result is what you see as part of the trailer.

Watch it here and when you are done..let me know when we can book a flight to Iceland.

Stuff this awesome just isn't fair sometimes.

Well done Sigur Ros..well done.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Boo-yeah..take that ticket brokers..

If you have a child, students, nieces/nephews under 12 anywhere near you, chances are pretty good they know of, and are probably fans of Hanna Montana.

The latest Disney product has 2 big selling albums out, a tv series and all that jazz so sure enough a concert tour was looming.

Little March is a fan and I have no problem with it. I bought her the latest cd and inside was a card to sign up on her website..with one option being getting access to pre-sale concert tickets. We waited months (the cd came out before summer I am pretty sure) but with the concert on sale looming I figured I'd look in to it.

Sure enough this "card" was for a free "30 day trial" on the site. Figured I'd log in, enter the code, get the ticket code and be done with it. Nope. Have to enter my credit card information so that after the 30 day trial is over I can just be "ready to go" to the tune of 29.00 per year. Ummm ahh NO.

Fast forward to about a week ago. There are three area shows to us. Each is the week before Christmas but the best of the selection for us is in Providence. Then the Internet gets abuzz about how pissed off moms and dads are about tickets for shows being sold out and that online brokers and ebay have TONS of tickets for massive prices. It went on an on and on. Suddenly the people that go to concerts one day a year realize tickets are inflated to begin with. When you've got a young kid that wants to go you can get upset. (if you really care ebay her name and tickets..its amazing what A) people are asking B) the stupid parents that buy them. 1,300.00 for a pair of tickets I kid you not. 1,300!!!)

Tickets went on sale Saturday at 10am. I logged on to 2 computers and had everything ready to roll.

10am hits and I hit refresh once..whammo I can enter my ticket # request then enter that cryptic password thing..PC1 is "searching"

PC 2 I get in do the same and it pops up some message about no tickets matching my request..its 10:01.

The first PC pops up the money shot. I have 2 tickets..but they are up high and far away from the stage..but "knowing better" I clicked buy now. If I let them go I'd never get another pair.

I have done the ticket races for U2, Bruce Springsteen and Phish and never EVER saw the system show that message so fast. I am sure the system was overloaded and that folks got tickets maybe after 10:05..but I'd be stunned.

Confirm the purchase..walk in to the living room and tell Little March we have 2..I tell her they are not the best..but she is grateful. The coolest part is the show we are going to is Wednesday before x-mas..the other local shows are Friday and Saturday so she can wear her Hanna Gear to school the next day (I know..I am in DEEP here).

Later in the kitchen I say "Who is going with you me or mommy?" I get the the finger pointed at me.

I am not going to talk for 2 weeks leading up to the show so I can scream my head off...