Friday, February 29, 2008


I am going to show my stupidity here..but you are all used to that.

Today on the radio I hear that $4.00 gallons of gas may be here before Memorial Day, and that $3.50 would not be out of the question as early as April 1st. Yet, somehow, we sit here. What I mean is NOBODY wants wind turbines, NOBODY wants to use solar..everyone just wants cheap gas.

In a recent issue of Popular Science they talked about installing these turbine like blades on highways. They'd attach them to those signs that stretch all the way across the highway. They say that the wind caused by the cars passing by could power a few homes. Sounds like a good idea, but what I have noticed around here is there are so many cars hardly going 10MPH on the highways during rush hour not sure how it would work. Sarcasm aside, why not?? I am sure the reason is there is no money in it, nobodys pockets to line.

I guess it really bothers me that we have so many options that appear to work yet so little is being done to get folks to convert. Everyone feels that solar takes too much to even get going (meaning huge panels to get a music box to play). They want to place turbines off the coast of Cape Cod and all the rich boat owners are bent that it will ruin such a beautiful water way. Get off your effing high horse..oh wait its easier for you to bitch it costs you 150.00 to fill up your boat.

I'm going for a walk.......

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Made me laugh...

Last week Tiny Fey returned to SNL. Overall it was "moderate" but this part from weekend update was awesome (at least I thought). No matter you opinion of Hilary its a pretty funny watch.

This weekend is Ellen Page (Juno) and freaking Wilco

Monday, February 25, 2008

End of an era...

Not sure many really care but I decided to delete my account for the podcast version of Forgotten Disc Friday. I am sure you are all devistated. For those that listened, thank you. Like "new coke" some ideas just don't work.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The time has come (well it came in the last week or so).

They Might Be Giants have released the long (trust me) awaited follow up to "Here come the ABC's" with what else... Here Come the 1-2-3's.

One of the few kids cds that doesn't make me want to blow my head off. Check it out if you have kids, or young kids around that enjoy music. The DVD that comes with it I have yet to check out but its "videos" using puppets, animation etc.

Samples and details can be found here

Get this, and the other if you don't already have it. (No! and Bed Bed Bed are also great)

If anyone has a lead on four seats together for their show in Portsmouth NH on March 29th drop me a note. We took the kids to see them doing an in-store for ABC's and it was a blast.

Happy listening.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


last week I fell ill with the plague that is probably running thru your office, town, school etc.

Wednesday I left about 30 minutes early and it all fell apart from there. I got home and Little March was waiting for pizza for her b'day dinner. I lasted one slice I think, a small bit of ice-cream and her gifts then it was off to bed.

I missed Valentines day.
I missed Friday
I missed Little Marches "kid" party Saturday.
I felt a little better finally on Sunday but still had to cancel going to the Foo Fighters show on Monday, to "Play it safe" you know.

Returning to work has been "oh so wonderful". The lottery around here is 220 Mil tonight...gonna stop on the ride home..because one of the only things worse than being sick is needing to work for a living...sometimes I think being sick is even better cuz you can drink Juice and watch daytime tv.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday to Little March..

I am a proud father of course, but of a Nine year old??! How did that happen so fast?!

Happy Birthday Little March!

Oh yeah and belated (but I did go to her house and have dinner/cake) to my Mom who had a birthday on February 11th.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are people serious?

I am not sure if this ad is running near any of you but here in MA there is an ad for Russell Stover Chocolates. In the ad are these mid 40's guys RAVING how great this valenties chocolates in the heart box is. They go on to say "I'd hate to see what happens if I don't bring home the chocolate". Nothing like making men look even more stupid. I won't buy their chocolate out of spite now (it sort of blows anyhow).

I was reading on Yahoo today "What Men Really Want for Valentines Day". The only thing I agree with they said was "A steak".

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A night at the movies, and some ideas...

Last night little March and I went to see that Hannah Montana 3D movie. My mom bought her the ticket(s) as an early birthday present.

Like most films, before it started they had previews but 2 of them were for 3D films coming out.

The first was for Journey to the Center of the Earth If you see the trailers in 2D you'll sort of be "ehhh whatever CGI etc" but was freaking awesome looking in 3D. Good or bad reviews this just looks like "fun".

The second was from the makers of "Nightmare Before X-mas" and it uses that stop motion stuff..also looks VERY cool. Its called "Coraline" and its not due until 2009.

They also had a trailer for the U2 3D film as well..and they have come a LONG LONG way (with all of these films) from Jaws 3.

Regarding the Hannah movie it was a concert film, with some backstage stuff. It was pretty entertaining honestly and the 3D stuff is just really good now. The band and Hannah didn't point too much or be too campy, but you really felt like you were there at times. (oh the screaming!!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mmmmm breakfast..

Sometimes when they make things "easier" they don't make it any better....

I give you:
Batter Blaster thats right folks, pancake batter in a whip cream cannister..

Now if they could do this w/Bacon I'd never need to leave the house...other than to go get more Bacon Batter.