Friday, September 29, 2006

The Raconteurs : Lupo's Providence 9/28/2006

The Raconteurs with Dr.Dog
Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI
Thursday, September 29,2006

With just one record part of me knew this was going to be a quick in and out show from Jack White (The White Stripes) new project. Its very hard to call it just Jacks project. Brendan Benson is a great guitar player in his own right and the rhythm section from Jack Lawrence (bass) and Patrick Keeler (drums) who split their time with this outfit and the Greenhonrnes. Dean Fertita added some keyboards and the occasional guitar lick as well.

The band took to the stage about 9:15 and quick launched into Hands Outtro and Intimate Secretary. The audience was ravenous and the band feed off the cheers. The stage set up was pretty stripped down. Its hard to argue that before going in the biggest selling point and most known name was Jack White. The cool part is that Jack actually seemed to let Brendan lead this band. Well, at least for a while. Brendan sang a fair amount of the songs as did the obligatory "band intros". Jack and Brendan feed off each other well, sometimes sharing the same vocal microphone for the harmonies. Jack Lawrence would always hold down his bass parts and I'd always look at him and I'd think he was a left over (or long lost brother of the Hanson brothers) from Slapshot!. Patrick played on a super small drum kit but man he could hit them, and work wonders with them

Songs were stretched outside the 4 minute mark which was a good thing. Mid set the band was keeping all the songs flowing one to the next. Each time you'd thing "Bang Bang(My Baby Shot me down)" was about to end, they'd sort of nod at each other and just kept going.

The main set ended with "Broken Boy soldier". Acoustic guitars feeding off electric and the lights going wild, it was a perfect set closer.

The band left for a quick set break and came out and did a cover of the Shocking Blue song "Send me a Postcard". (thanks dim!) It was a rocker but based off the people around me at least it was pretty unknown. The lead off single from the record "Steady as She Goes" was next. The band asked for people to clap along and did a quick and dirty version of it. After a blast solo Brendan and Jack sand the chorus almost "in the round" it was pretty cool.

The pinnacle of the show had to be the "epic" version of "Blue Veins". Jack White used his microphone once more that was facing to the rear of the stage. If you have ever seen the White Stripes Jack has microphones all over the stage. Almost like he can "stop here and sing" if he wants. It had some vocal effects so you could tell its purpose on this night. The solo that Brendan and Jack laid down, then further brought out by Jack was amazing. I recall reading a few years ago Jacks name mentioned as one of the best guitar players and many people groaned. God news for you folks..he is that good.

When all said and done the band put down their instruments, came to the front of the stage and joined the audience in applause.

The set list if you are in to such things:

1. Hands Outtro/Intimate Secretary
2. Level
3. Hands
4. Together
5. Yellow Sun
6. It Ain't Easy
7. The Bane Rendition/Store Bought Bones
8. Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
9. Broken Boy Soldier
10. Send me a Postcard (Shocking Blue cover)
11. Steady, As She Goes
12. Blue Veins

Can't stop now don't cha know?

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. I hope you'll stop on over. I think the ladies of or about my age will dig this entry.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


i had a few e-mails and comments my way today about "How come you had no updates to your blog today?"

Not really sure I have here is some random crap to read late in your day.

- I play hockey on Tuesdays. It got cancelled last night because the Zamboni was broken so I stayed home and watched The 40 Year Old Virgin. It was funny but way longer than a comedy needs to be. I'll prolly toss it a 3 star (outta 5) on Netflix.

- My mother in law was in town this weekend. She is actually VERY nice and the little marches love to see her. After a trip to the local Target the kids came home with "Potty Putty". (its so cool but I can't find a link anywhere). Anyhow its this soft version of playdoh in a "play toilet". You stick your thumb into the goo and "brrrrrrrapppp" it farts. Its SOOOOO awesome. Last night little march was working on her homework and there I am in the kitchen braaap braap brrrrrrrrrrrrapppp. "DAD I CAN'T CONCENTRATE!!!" Sure enough I say "I'll stop" and I go to put the lid back on but "OOOOPPPS MY THUMB SLIPPED and BRRRRRRRRRRRAPPP". hahahahhaa.

- two shows on the docket. Tomorrow The Raconteurs at Lupos and then Tool with Isis on Friday. Isis is playing a headlining gig at the Living Room in Providence next Wednesday..GOTTA hit that too.

I think thats it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A little guide to remind me...

46 movies i have not seen but I am pretty sure they suck.

1. Kazamm!
2. Dirty Dancing 2 Havana Nights
3. Glitter
4. Gigli
5. Bring it On
6. Road House 2
7. Cool as Ice
8. From Justin To Kelly
9. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
10. Maid in Manhattan
11. Mannequin 2: On the Move
12. Hitch
13. Oceans 12
14. War of the Worlds
15. Monster in Law
16. In Her Shoes
17. Fun with Dick and Jane
18. 50 first Dates
19. The Fantastic Four
20. Bewitched
21. Taxi
22. 13 going on 30
23. Under the Tuscan Sun
24. Firewall
25. Miss Congeniality 2
26. Guess Who
27. Mona Lisa Smile
28. American Psycho 2
29. Fear Dot Com
30. Take the Lead
31. Shop Girl
32. Just Married
33. Dude Where's my car
34. Deuce Bigalo European Gigolo
35. Joe Dirt
36. Chopper Chicks in Zombitown
37. Bringing Down the House
38. Beauty Shop
39. House Party 2
40. Ghost Dad
41. The Super Mario Brothers movie
42. Car 54 Where Are you?
43. Gymkata
44. Harlem Nights
45. Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow
46. Stop! Or My mom will Shoot.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Man this bums me out....

Littering sucks.

I am finally back to (at least trying to) walk during lunch. The building I am in is located on a pretty busy street with a lot of "industrial park" like buildings on it.

While walking I waddle along quietly, yet swiftly to the sound of whatever happens to come up on shuffle on the ipod. Traffic speeds past but I do my best to soak up the sun/cool air. The eyes wander to the edge of the road and the wooded areas...all riddled with trash.

Littering is stupid but what makes it even worse is when you know it was "purposely" done. We have all been to a picnic where a few dozen napkins go flying and we do our best to gather them all up quick, but when your microwave breaks is your first instinct to put it in your Cutlass Supreme and "take it for a ride?" I don't get it.

Spotted recently...a couch AND a dryer amongst the usual rubble. Now I am sure we must blur the lines regarding a definition..I'd assume the couch and the dryer are "illegal dumping".

I am one of four total people at my home. On trash day I pull out ONE trash barrel. The people across from me (same # of people) has at least 5 barrels of trash....never a recycle bin.

Not sure where I am going with this at all other than to give some of you a "walk down memory lane" with that old PSA.

sadly submitted:


Friday, September 22, 2006

Super Addictive Friday site....

Fifty "dark movies" are represented in the poster, which doubles as a clever ad for M&M's Dark Chocolate. If you see something you recognize, click and type it in. If you're right, the box turns green.

Try your luck here

**if you wanna cheat/find out what you missed:
here is all 50

Their walls are built of cannonballs, their motto is Don't tread on Me.

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. I hope you'll stop on over. My gut tells me this weeks version is gonna go 50/50. 50% will groan..50% will be sayin' "all right!"

Thursday, September 21, 2006


This sign is on the street leading to littlest marches daycare.

I am not normally a yard sale guy..but this one..THIS ONE I'll be at.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A look at our own "Innitech"

I work in a company that hovers around 2400 employees. Like most companies we have an internal web page that has news and announcements as well as cafe menus and classified ads.

I will admit that I have bought and sold things off the in-house classified. Having kids grow out of strollers, or high chairs etc. Why not get a few bucks for a "high chair for grammys house?"

The issue is, you'd swear some folks seem to use it almost like their own ebay/craigslist. Dim and I often will forward each other stupid entries and I have to share some of them as of late.

Wanted - lawn mower, I don't have a big yard so I don't need anything fancy if you want to give one away let me know I am getting desperate.
*dude a "cheap" mower will set you back less than $150.00. And if you are getting "desperate" its probably already too are a tool.

Wanted - snow blower. It can be new or used just want to be ready.
*new? its called THE STORE!

For Sale - Kids puzzle, only missing 1 or 2 pieces but still looks "good" $5.00
*perfect! I'll get a puzzle for little march, let her work on it for 15 minutes the FREAK OUT she can't finish it

Wanted - Child safety gate, my daughter is starting to walk and we are looking for a gate for the top of our stairs so she won't fall.
* hey my kid "might" fall down the stairs but we will hold out for a "sweet deal" on a gate.

Wanted - Ice Hockey Helmet - Youth Size - Hi, I'm looking for a helmet for my son. Something in good condition with a cage. Preferably HECC Certified. Thanks! Price: neg
*cuz god knows you can never skimp on safety!

Wanted - TI 84 calculator - I am looking for a TI 84 calculator for my daughter. If you or anyone you know has one that they are not using and are willing to sell, please call or email me. I do need asap. Thanks
*if not asap "whenever" cuz god knows when you'd actually use this calculator in the "real world"

For Sale -Ralph Lauren Cologne - I have a bottle of Ralph by Ralph Lauren I believe it's the biggest bottle that they sell (3.4 oz bottle). I purchased it and decided I do not like the scent on me..I have used it maybe 5 times since xmas...I figured I might as well sell it to someone who will use it. I believe we paid $50 for it I do not have the box it came in. Am asking $25.
*tell us about it "not smelling good".

For Sale - Tigger Stuffed Animal - I am a Disney fanatic and I purchased this Tigger stuffed animal a few years ago for $ is in great shape. it has never moved from my bookshelf..this item is unique because when you push in the stomach he talks. I am trying to downsize on my stuffed animal collection and am afraid he will be one of the ones to go. Can take photos if interested pls let me know. Price: 30.00 or best offer
*nuff said..we work with "grownups" remember?!

For Sale - Decorative Mirrors - 12 decorative mirrors/squares, in wood framing. 9 black and 3 brown. 6.25 inches long. These can make a really nice design on a wall or be placed in a hallway. Price: $1each or $10 for 12
*if they "look so good" why are you selling there Martha Stewart??!.

For Sale - Movies - Titles on VHS, priced individually: Apollo 13 (4.00) Armageddon (4.00) Jerry Maguire (3.00) The Godfather (6.00) Murder at 1600 (3.00) Kiss the Girls (4.00) When Harry Met Sally (4.00) The Deep End of the Ocean (4.00) Price: varies
*someone charging more that 1.00 for used VHS tapes. This person needs to be beaten with a tire iron.

For Sale - Baby Hedgehogs - Adorable, healthy baby hedgehogs will be ready for new homes in about 6 weeks. The litter consists of 5 albino and one chocolate colored baby. They are wonderful pets but do require a dedicated owner. Please review the link for information regarding these cute little guys. Email me if you are interested in purchasing. I do have photos. Price: 100.00 Ext:
*is this legal?! Honey no dogs..but I got a sweet deal on a hedgehog at work today.

This is just a "sample". I will do my best to post some of the other good ones as they pop up.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This makes me smile...

If your toes are not tappin during this and a smile doesn't come upon your face you are dead..its that simple.

No its better than good...

This past weekend I watched Everything is Illuminated and, wow. It was terrific.

In a nutshell Elijah Wood plays a character that "collects" things. Upon the slow demise of his grandmother he is given a photo of a woman with her now deceased grandfather. He goes on a quest to find her in the Ukraine. The grandfather was a displaced Jew during World War II. Upon arriving in the Ukraine he meets his interpreter and their (blind) driver who is the interpreters grandfather. Its funny for a bit, then gets serious and heartwarming and yes a little confusing. It is one of those films that once it is done you say "wow that was good" then a little later you say "no it was real good".
*I want to talk more about stuff but it would spoil it for you if you wanted to see it*

The official "site" is here with trailer(s) and other stuff.

Strongly recommended.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Why is it?

why is it....

....every time I pick my nose it's full again in 5 minutes?

.... I can't eat less than 4 plates at an all you can eat buffet
....I can't but help complain for the next 4 hrs of stomach pains

....I can't win the lottery?

....I can't read more than 4 pages of a book and not get bored, no matter how "good it is"?
....I can't walk into a bookstore and not want to buy 2 or 3 books?

....I can't get my boss to let me work from home 5 days a week?

....I can't understand the fascination with reality television?
...I get angry when someone says they "don't get" the Office.

...I loathe everything that has to do with American Idol?

... I shudder at the thought of eating McDonalds
...I'd be the first to suggest Taco Bell?

....there is a fascination with celebrities like Diddy, J-Lo etc..what have they done that I missed? can't get a live person on customer service with out typing in an addition 76 numbers and waiting 20 minutes?

....ipod updates to an 80 gig version within 3 months of me "updating to their latest version"? sends me the stuff I am "ehhh" on seeing vs giving a long wait on the stuff I want to see? is not the national pastime?
yet loses to freaking basketball in the ratings?

....i get angry when people don't buy albums by their "favorite bands".

....I get get pissed when a pro athlete I like gets "ripped off" on his contract dollar amount when I am *this close* to needing a second job to feed my kids? doesn't seem to snow "as much" as it did when I was a kid
...when I am shoveling the car out at 5:30 in the morning it is "way too much".

....I want to slap the shit out of anyone over 21 that complains MTV doesn't show videos any more.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Sweet lord..the Bud "real men of genius" radio ads..i thought there were only a few..but wow.


I am an odd bird.

Why is it that when I read this news story (it is short) the most shocking thing I find is the fact that someone thinks a microwave still costs more than $150.00.

With the focus I gave to my birthday candles.

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. I hope you'll stop on over.

Also, if anyone wants to write one up..drop me a note.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the news....

British censors will remove any and all footage of "Tom" from Tom and Jerry fame, smoking. Some of the cartoons are over 50 years old.

The fast food industries "quick" attempt to offer healthy meals appears to be over. Burger King introduced the QUAD stacker (yep 4 patties of mystery meat) cheese and bacon. Hardees? They have the "thickburger" which is 2/3 a pound of beef, EIGHT strips of bacon and three slices of cheese.

Currently the USA spends 1.23 cents to make the penny.

80% of parents surveyed said they did not think alcohol or marijuana was available at parties their kids attended. 50% of the teens polled said that in fact they had attended parties were both substances were present.(LA Times)

President Bush has issued 99 pardons during his 5 years and seven months in office, the lowest rate for any postwar president. Clinton -457 in 8 years, Reagan 406. (Ass. Press.)

There is a baby boom in post Katrina New Orleans. Last year there were 33 births per 1000 women, this year 41 per 1000. - (LA Times)

The IRS has warned recipients of Oscar Gift Bags to pay taxes on them. For the first time ever the Oscars bag will come with a tax form. (

Workers playing fantasy football cost employers as much as 1.1 BILLION a week in lost productivity during the NFL season. (The Washington Times)

With all that "self checkout" you can do now, soda and candy sales at grocery stores have fallen 45%. The consumers are too focused on "scanning" to go for the impulse item(s). (Business Week)

The grain needed to fill a 25 gallon SUV gas tank with ethanol could feed one person for a year. (Fortune)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spotted last night...

Last night I took little March up to the local "Party Store" to get some ideas for Halloween. She wants to decorate the lawn a little this year and has gone thru about 10-12 "ideas" so far of what she wants to be.

As we roamed the isles I stumbled upon this gem:

Yep that is right...its a skull beer funnel. The "tube" is the spinal cord. I gotta admit it is pretty clever but explaining the idea of a "drink funnel" to a 7 year old, you lose a LOT in translation.

Her response after all the explanation - "Moms and Dads sure are goofballs"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Random Stuff...

People are silly...

Heard on the radio these two:

It seems that Boston University plans to "ban" cursing at their sporting events. The school says it in no way violates the first amendment. Students are quoted as saying "What the fuck?"

Harvard University said that they will no longer do "early admissions". Their reason: early admission usually only works for the wealthy because they are more organized, minorities and the poor miss out on this early chance. Read that reason again...and make of it what you will.

Other stuff.
Proving that people love money more than they hate someone...Eddie Van Halen said he'd like to work with David Lee Roth again.

Some 16 year old girl is suing the band Buckcherry because they used her in their "Crazy Bitch" video. The girl, who was found via myspace (SHOCKER!) had to transfer schools due to the racy video.

Man..people are silly.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Friday, September 8, 2006

With a rhythm hittin' harder that Larry Holmes

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. New this week is a short blurb on what caused me to "blow the dust off this one?"

Also a curious reader asked "Where I come up with the subject line/title"..usually lyrics..selected totally randomly from this weeks installment.

If you click over...thanks!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

I had heard the rumors..thank god they are true.

The NFL announced it was banning the use of Gary Glitters "Rock and Roll Pt2" at their games. The reason actually had to do with his run-ins with the law and not the fact the song just flat out sucks.

When he was busted the first time a few NHL teams were the first to jump on the "No more RRpt2". The Bruins were actually one of, if not the first.

Honestly, you won't miss it. I am all for removing 99% of all music played DURING sporting events. Barring the organ at a hockey game hearing "Welcome to the Jungle", "Hells Bells" and "Machine Head" it all just needs to end. Let us just take in the sounds of the game and not drown out the "expert on all sports" who had 16 domestic beers before the game.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

How I met my linked blog buddies...

Links are funny. People are thrilled to be "linked" (myself included). The other day I was thinking "Where did these people come from" since when I started I didn't know anyone in blog world. So I decided to break it all down.

I am not gonna link here but I will go in order as to what you see over under my "blogs"

Forgotten Disc Friday - my second blog devoted to checking out records I love(d), giving them a full on listen again and seeing how I can convince you to check it out, or skip it totally. Recently it got a mention on

KK - a former co-worker who has moved south. He is an avid bike rider and all around decent dude. Any time I'd ever think about eating a donut I'd wonder how he'd react and then I'd drive right past. Granted I never ate carrot sticks instead, I just didn't stop for donuts.

Jenny G - when I first started blogging I used the "next blog" button to see what was out there. Like playing Russian Roulette I passed a series of sites before landing on hers. She loves pop culture and seemed "funny". I added her to my faves then after a few comments said "I am gonna link ya". She was the first "stranger" i linked to as well. Her pop culture references are worth the stop over and she is a fan of the Office so its all if I could get her and everyone to stop watching American Idol......

Brother B - my other brothers brother. Can't tell you the # of times I have botched my template and sent a frantic IM. Always fixes the template right up, now if he can help w/my grammar and content..

Dim - current co-worker. Actually met at work when I saw him grab a Hum cd at a local music shop. He is a hockey fan, a music lover and a pretty funny dude. His posts are always worth waiting for honestly. New to Dim? Read his post on "myspace"here (well scroll down to the July 7th entry). If you don't laugh you have no soul. And yes that is the real Dim in the images.

SammyJoe - known this dork for 35 years. Joined the military but when he got "higher up" he refused to tell me if the government was hiding the truth about UFOs. Bigfoot and who really shot JFK. He is legally allowed to carry a gun now...for WORK!. They never called to ask me for a character reference...but if I ever get a speeding ticket in Virginia I know who to call.

Sharon - friend of KK. Got to know her via KK and his love of the band moe.. Sharon has seen them some huge # of times. She teaches spin classes and posts her play lists as well as some cool recipes now and then.

Rusty - she is good friends with Jenny G. Got to know her thru comments on Jennys blog. Again, kept my eye on her then added her as a link. Recently she moved to become a teacher. We are all waiting for the stories! Also if you love Luke Wilson and NASCAR look no further. The woman loves her NASCAR.

Emetic Sage - current co-worker and actually my supervisor. He writes posts that are filled with big words and he loves watermelon. He used to love blogging and always complains he gets no comments on his blog but he is the last person to comment on mine. We used to be giddy about updates to Lozo and Fresh but there is a new "Sage". He walks at lunch (copies me) and said "No" to cake yesterday....F-.

KP - current co-worker and arch nemesis to Emetic Sage. We love KP and wish he'd update his myspace blog more but he said he'd only rant about work and I am too scared to be yelled at in cyberspace.

Annoyed - i tape and trade live concerts. One day I was on and there was a message board or bulletin board post about "check out my angry blog" or something. I was new to blogging so I decided. Funny freaking stuff man. He is recently engaged and his significant other has started a blog ( i need to link I know). He has a second blog as well that tells the twisted stories of his youth. The new impending nuptials should be what I like to call "Blogging gold" when he fights with DJs and caterers.

Brad - if I am allowed to have a blog crush on anyone its brad and his page. His cluster maps look like the final scene in War Games, he LOVES music and posts his recordings. Call it blog envy this blog is the jam.

Lars aka Guinness Tooth - "met" via the Sigur Ros message board. Passionate about music and cars. Go check his site out and click his flipping ads.

Lozo - another "lucky find" under the next blog button. I read his best of and thought it was some good stuff. I added to faves then asked if he minded me linking. He hates the Yankees and loves masturbation and hockey (don't we all?)

Diddyone - former co-worker. she only updates like every 2 weeks and was recently promoted to a manager at her company so i expect updates to be even less frequent. She never comments. She used to IM with me and sing guitar solos of songs playing on the she is all "important".

Darren - he is one of the moderators of the Sigur Ros message board. He has some very cool pictures on his blog of places I probably will never see. He also moderates the message board of one of the best bands on the planet..nuff said.

BH - met this guy when I was a disc jockey at The River. He was on before me and we were uber dorks for the same bands. Each week we'd trade cds of bands the other needed to hear. New to the blog world he needs a job that lets him post more often.

Hebrew Hero - current co-worker and also pretty new to bloggin. I'd say Sage and I were responsible for getting him to, if you have read his blog on behalf of the Sage I'd like to apologize if you have clicked over. He loves his steak too.

Fresh Air Lover - I think Sage found this blog first. she edits articles for a living and amuses us with her stories of trying to find "Mister Right". Her office stories are a riot. She updates just about every day of the week too which is key.

Pog - friend of current co-worker that actually worked at my current place of employ. She lives in Ireland now and started a second blog called "Sucky Cd Sunday" in response to my Forgotten Disc Friday. She is a good one to link as she comments and starts fights with Sage.

Hotwire - I *think* i read some of his comments off Fresh Air Lovers blog. Seemed like a cool guy so I started "watching him". Sports fan, music lover and dad like me so I had to add. Cool recent posts are his Steely Dan review as well as his own going 100 things about me.

Popculture - this is the USA Today pop culture blog. She updates 3+ times a day. Add this link and you'll know everything you need to in the world of music/movies/tv.

Pitchfork - the web site music fans love to hate. Nuff said as one day they will read FDF and come calling...i swear its gonna happen.

Rare Records on Ebay - This is always a great read. Even if you don't know the band/artist Chris Ott, a former writer w/ will check out those "rare items on ebay" and lets you know the 411. He is the first guy I'd actually admit to not wanting to even start a game of Rock and Roll Jeopardy against.

Sigur Ros - just a link to the bands main page.

Live Show Trade Page 1 and 2 - I attend a LOT of concerts and tape most of them. This is a list of my "bootleg" collections". Why 2? Well both are free, one is better than the other and crashes less often etc..long story.

Dreams of Genevieve - she posted a Sigur Ros review once on the board and I checked out her blog. She writes the way I wish I could. Clear, well thought out grammatically perfect.

Ryans Smashing Life - the most recent add. After I went to see the Foo Fighters a few weeks ago I google/blog searched some keywords. He posts a SLEW of mp3s. He knows his stuff, check it out.

Hip2beSquare - another Boston music lover. He added both this page and FDF without asking me..he just liked it I guess. So I like him back!

There are a few other blogs I have been reading off each of your links I hope/plan to add soon. Ramblin Rose, B(aka Running with scissors) Annoyds better half to name but a few.

Got a blog I need to check out..(no f'ing spam you losers) toss it in the comment box. And if you wanna share some linky link action lets roll!


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

First day of school and a funny way to remember Steve

A little late this year for some reason. Anyhow little march is off to second grade. The best news is she is THRILLED. She was up at 630 and 40 minutes before the bus was to arrive she wanted to go "out and wait for it". I am sure that "I hate school" will be here sooner than later.

Weekend was pretty low key for a "long weekend". Mostly due to the weather but all in all, it was a long weekend so it was not totally bad.

Very little today sorry for the lameness.

This is one way to remember Steve Irwin...

Monday, September 4, 2006

RIP - Steve Irwin.

He was always a little too excited, but fun to watch. Story

Friday, September 1, 2006

Given up on whiskey, taken up with tequila

A new Forgotten Disc Friday segment is up. Thank you as always for clicking over.