Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nevermind Turns 20, a complete album?

Music fans couldn't escape the fact that in September of this year, Nevermind from Nirvana celebrated it's 20th anniversary (September 24 to be exact).

The re-issue of the compact disc came out a few days later here in the USA and I grabbed it. I had a few reasons, the b-sides and boombox sessions piquing my interest for sure.

As I put the cd on and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” played in the “In Bloom” I started to think, has every song on this record been played on commercial radio? Maybe not in heavy rotation like others but I am thinking this record came VERY close to every song getting on radio.

The first five (Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Come As you Are, Breed and Lithium) we hear fairly often.
Polly is next. We might not hear it as much, but it still gets played.
Now we hit the one I think we DON'T hear and that is “Territorial Pissings”. The name alone is going to scare off seven songs in I'll take away one we don't hear.
“Drain You” is next..yep that is still on the radio, but “Lounge Act” I don't recall hearing on the radio, same with “Stay Away”, but I could be wrong with “Stay Away”. I am still going to go with “no”. “On a Plain” is a yes and same with the closer “Something in the Way”. Granted we may get the Unplugged versions of some of the tunes, this is a pretty amazing feat.

Perhaps I just played the record a lot and think I heard songs on the radio

People may love or hate this record for “whatever” reason. Just got me thinking that of 12 songs, nine of them found their way to radio from what I can tell..and almost all of them you could probably hear on any given day on the radio.

Is there another album like that? Zeppelin records maybe? Zeppelin IV. A shorter record with only 8 tracks and the last track I am pretty sure is a cover (When the Levee Breaks). Black Dog, Rock and Roll and Stairway for sure, then Misty Mountain Hop. I could we WAY off on this as I don't usually listen to classic rock radio.

I am not comparing Nirvana to Led Zeppelin (or any other band) on musical merit. Trust me, apples and oranges here. Led Zeppelin were just the first band that came to mind for a record (not a best of) that has a bunch of songs from it still in heavy rotation.

Can you think of anything?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Children's Hospital Boston - Battle of the High School Bands

Are you, or someone you know in a High School Band? Children's Hospital Boston is setting up a battle of the bands

Not only are you doing something very cool that will use the power of your music to help kids you have the chance to record on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus! This is a fully functioning studio that travels the country.

There is a catch. You MUST register and submit a song prior to October 5th to be eligible for this opportunity! (The bus will be at Children's Hospital Boston on October 9, 2011).

To sign up each band must go to This Page

There will be online voting for the bands from January 4-18th, 2012. The top 8 chosen by fan votes he battle of the band is on February 12, 2012 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.

More about Children’s Hospital Boston here

Also, more about the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus can be found here

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life is Good Festival.

I was able to take photos and write about my two days at the Life is Good Festival on September 24th and 25th. There will be more pictures posted soon, but you can see one and read all about it.

Hope you'll check it out right here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farewell to R.E.M.

I come back from lunch and flip through some web pages and social media pages and there it is.

R.E.M. Disbands.

I am saddened to read this so I quickly go and find the best version of why which is right here.

Okay, after reading this I am okay. Well as okay as you can be if one of your favorite bands of all time decides that is enough.

The last few years have been up and down for the band. I am sure when many folks read the band was calling it quits they said “They still make music?” Well sad state of affairs for the music business and album sales I guess.

The last two R.E.M records were strong records. Return to form in some cases with the band focusing on the rock that made “Green” so popular. Sure they were older and wiser and they'd have some deeper lyrics, but the band ALWAYS were big on lyrics.

In the end one can never say never. As long as the band members are alive there is always that “chance” maybe some time away is what they need. Who really knows, it has to be hard though. This is who they have been for 25+ years. Decision not made in haste but done with the class fans have come to expect and appreciate from the band.

Thank you guys...


Here comes a LOT of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd and EMI Music, announce a comprehensive release schedule, to be launched on September 26, 2011, encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand-new single-album ‘Best Of’ collection.

The legendary band, who are still one of the most successful and iconic artists of all time, recently signed an agreement with EMI which has allowed the development of a multi-format program of packages, many containing archive material that has been collated during an extensive process between EMI and Pink Floyd for a range of media formats.

The releases, under the banner Why Pink Floyd?, are designed to appeal to a wide cross section of their fans, with music to excite first time listeners, while super-deluxe box sets will cater to dedicated fans, allowing them to immerse themselves in multi-disc sets, containing alternate takes, unreleased tracks, restored live concert screen films and a live recording of the legendary The Dark Side Of The Moon performance at Wembley in 1974.

A series of different listening experiences have been specially created for this release: in addition to remastered CD’s called Discovery and the Immersion CD / DVD / Blu-ray / memorabilia box sets will be a series of Experience Editions – coupling one classic album with a further disc of related content from that album to offer a deeper listening experience.

Storm Thorgerson, the band's longtime Art Director, has overseen the visual design, including new booklets for all the CD’s, new artwork for the box sets and menus for the DVD content. Respected photographer Jill Furmanovsky, has edited books of original unseen photographs. Pink Floyd collaborators James Guthrie (in the US) and Andy Jackson (in the UK) have been in charge of digital remastering to the highest audio and audiovisual standards.

Pink Floyd film archivist Lana Topham has supervised the painstaking restoration of many historic films from Pink Floyd’s classic era, included in the “Immersion” box sets for The Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here.

First to be available on September 26, 2011 is the expanded deluxe and special edition versions of Pink Floyd masterwork The Dark Side Of The Moon, in a 6-disc Immersion box set and Experience 2-disc versions, as well as a collectors’ vinyl LP and various digital formats. Plus 14 studio albums, digitally remastered will be available separately or as a box set.

Other initiatives will include a digital marketing plan utilising user-generated content to allow fans to make their own creative contributions to the band’s music, plus iPhone Apps which will give a unique insight into Pink Floyd’s recorded legacy.

On November 7, 2011, Phase 2 of the releases will include:

Wish You Were Here - Immersion 5-disc and 'Experience' 2-disc editions, both of which will include bonus material from the band’s 1974 Wembley dates, including a 20-minute tour de force live rendition of ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, as well as a unique recording of ‘Wish You Were Here’ featuring the legendary jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli. A collectors’ vinyl LP will also be available, as will various digital formats.

Released simultaneously will be A Foot In The Door - The Best Of Pink Floyd, a collection of their most well known songs, contained on one album for the first time.

The long-awaited 5.1 version of Wish You Were Here, mixed by James Guthrie, will also be released in parallel via independent label Acoustic Sounds.

The Wall, which has sold 25-million double sets and has become a cultural and political touchstone over the last three decades, will be afforded the same exhaustive treatment on February 27, 2012, with deluxe packages including a 7-disc ‘Immersion’ set and a 3-disc ‘Experience’ edition. A collectors’ vinyl LP will also be available, as will various digital formats.

Pink Floyd’s official website,, will be given a substantial relaunch. Pink Floyd’s Facebook page now has over 11 million followers.

September 26:
All 14 remastered studio albums Discovery editions
Box-set of all 14 albums with photo book
Audio downloads of Discovery albums and box-set
The Dark Side of The Moon – Immersion and Experience editions, vinyl LP and digital editions.

November 7:
A Foot In The Door -The Best of Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here – Immersion and Experience editions, vinyl LP and digital editions

February 27 2012:
The Wall – Immersion and Experience editions, vinyl LP and digital editions

In 1967 the band comprised of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. Barrett left in 1968, to be replaced by David Gilmour. Syd Barrett died in 2006; Richard Wright died in 2008. Pink Floyd have sold over 200 million records worldwide to date.

Friday, September 16, 2011


The greatest band on the planet.

Sigur Rós: Festival from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

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The Vivs - Cd release party at the Lizard Lounge!

The Vivs - CD Release Party Info!

Boston rock band The Vivs will celebrate the release of their newest material, the Why So Dark? EP, playing with friends Bill Goffrier (Big Dipper) and Count Zero at The Lizard Lounge on Septemeber 17th. The EP will be released the same day and features four songs as a sampling of their newest material

Boston-based The Vivs features driving, Brit-influenced rock/power-pop with three-part harmonies and lyrics that are alternately funny and melancholic, but always richly evocative. Karen Harris (front woman), sings low. Terri Brosius, (keys) sings high and sweet. Pete Sutton (bass) sings gravelly right down the middle. The guitars are hazy, melodic, atonal, Richard Lloyd-ish. Influences are varied, from The Kinks, Scrawl, Fleetwood Mac, and trifecta of Smiths: Patti Smith, Elliot Smith, and The Smiths. They’ve elicited comparisons to Bettie Serveert, Yo La Tengo, Throwing Muses, Scrawl, and The Breeders, however they’re pretty hard to nut-shell.

Saturday, September 17th
Lizard Lounge
1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge MA 02138
Venue page - here.

Doors at 8:30
Bill Goffrier/Big Dipper: 9:00
The Vivs: 10:00
Count Zero: 11:00

Tickets $10. Available right here

The band on Facebook

Band page is here


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The English Beat - Showcase Live, Foxboro, MA 9/9/2011

The English Beat
Showcase Live, Foxboro MA
Thursday September 8, 2011

The English Beat are still at it, and seeming to have a fun time while doing it.

One could argue the band was popular in the early 80's, releasing records and touring to ravenous audiences and considering they disbanded by 1983 (I'd have been 13) the chance for me to see them live wouldn't occur until last night.

There are two touring versions of the band, this features guitarist/vocalist Dave Wakeling and no other original members that I am aware of.

Arriving at the club I was able to secure a very close spot, so close I could rest my beverage right underneath bassist Wayne Lothian's monitor. After a little bit of a wait, the band took the stage. Dave looked great, a little fuller perhaps, but still looked healthy and was in good spirits. He was chatty the entire night, hardly a song was not given a little back story. They opened with “Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret” and played a seemingly extended version of it. Once completed Dave talked about how it was about Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister of England) and she was the only one in the world that would not remember that she once was Prime Minister. They'd tackle a bunch of songs off their debut “I Just Can't Stop It” and that was fine with me, as it is one of my favorite records. “Rough Rider”, “Click Click”, “Hands off She's Mine”, “Twist and Crawl”, “Rankin Full Stop”, Can't Get Used to Losing You” were tight and spirited versions. They did the Smokey Robinson cover “Tears of a Clown” to a wonderful response and personal favorite “Best Friend” sounded pretty good, but I wanted that bit more fro the guitars on that great hook. Perhaps I was too close, but the horns, drums and keyboards all filled room wonderfully. Antonee First Class provided many backing vocals and would rap and skat song from time to time as well. Most seemed to be made up on the fly as he name checked the city, town, venue etc.

Yes, we got “Mirror in the Bathroom” at the end, was a great way to bring the night full circle.

They played for over 90 minutes and once done they took to the front of the stage to shake hands and wave thanks.

As fans headed to the lobby and the merchandise table each mutter was more positive than the last. At the start of the show Dave mentioned the room is/was one of the best sounding rooms they'd played. He is right, the venue does it right, great sight lines, wide open spaces, tables if you want to sit,bathrooms you are not scared to use. I hope the venue continues to book bands that I care for (plus the 20 minute ride to/from and free parking..aces!)

There were a few tired moms and dads at the bus stop Friday morning I'll bet.

I try not to have my phone out much, but here are a few shots (hence the lack of professionalism)

Dave pretty much played this guitar all night, he was animated and bounced around in front of his microphone.

This is just a shot I took while we waited for the band to come on stage. It was the lights on the stage that gave it the cool look.

Yep, we were that close.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sleeping in the Aviary Album/Tour news.

To celebrate the release of Sleeping in the Aviary's fourth album You and Me, Ghost, the band will be heading on tour across the U.S., bringing their brand new "fuzzed-out doo-wop" tracks that are "all about girls!" says front man Elliot Kozel. A hard-working band of the road, Sleeping in the Aviary has shared stages with Califone, Ra Ra Riot, The Thermals, The Von Bondies, Elf Power, and many others. On this tour Sleeping in the Aviary will be playing with a variety of acts along the way, occluding Paper Thick Walls in Chicago, The Dodos in Ann Arbor, and The Late Greats in Boston.

Originating as a trio based in Madison, Wisconsin, Sleeping in the Aviary has evolved into a Minneapolis quintet including Kozel (vocals, guitar), Phil Mahlstadt (bass), Michael Sienkowski (drums, backing vocals), Celeste Heule (accordion, keyboards, musical saw), and Kyle Sobczak (guitar). All the members have roots in southeastern Wisconsin, and have been playing music for a decade and more in a near-countless number of bands and one-off projects. Those varied experiences and experiments have resulted in the bouillabaisse of sounds offered in their discography – from the power chord-fueled pop-punk of Oh, This Old Thing? (2007), to the mostly acoustic indie-folk of Expensive Vomit in a Cheap Hotel (2008), to the soul-influenced pop of Great Vacation (2010). For You and Me, Ghost the band’s sound takes on the influence of an earlier era but still sounds undeniably like Sleeping in the Aviary.

“The ‘golden oldies’ from the ‘50s and ‘60s had a major conceptual influence on this particular album,” says Kozel. “The simple romantic themes and short and straightforward song structures were elements we attempted to steal from it.” And it wasn't difficult to focus on themes that dwell on affairs of the heart since the songwriting followed the end of a long-term relationship for Kozel, who says, "It's the old tried and true 'break-up album.'"

You and Me, Ghost, is set for release by Science of Sound Records on September 6, 2011

Big Tour!!
Sept 2 Schuba's (w/ Dastardly, Paper Thick Walls) Chicago, IL
Sept 3 Patti Mayonaisse(w/ Hunger Strike Riot, Dirty Rotten So and Sos) Appleton, WI
Sept 8 Triple Rock Social Club(w/ Night Moves, Brute Heart, Red Pens) Minneapolis, MN
Sept 9 Memorial Union/Rathskellar(w/ Nice Purse) Madison, WI
Sept 10 Frank's Power Plant (w/ Squidbotz, John Muther: Adventure Music) Milwaukee, WI
Sept 16 Coffman Memorial Union Campus Arts Festival (Free, at Noon) Minneapolis, MN
Sept 16 Basement (w/ Good Grief, Terminated Television) Steven's Point, WI
Sept 17 Double Door (w/ Archie Powell and the Exports, Bright Light Social Hour, Chaperone) Chicago, IL
Sept 18 Beauty Shop Fairield, IA
Sept 19 Division Avenue Arts Collective Grand Rapids, MI
Sept 20 The Blind Pig (w/ The Dodos) Ann Arbor, MI
Sept 21 Gourley House (House Show) Bloomington, IN
Sept 22 Melody Inn (w/ Amo Joy) Indianapolis, IN
Sept 23 Lager House (w/ Pink Lightning, Hand Grenades, Phantom Cats) Detroit, MI
Sept 24 Ottawa Tavern (w/ GOLD) Toledo, OH
Sept 25 South Park Tavern Dayton, OH
Sept 26 Boo Box Cleveland, OH
Sept 27 Thunderbird Café
(w/ Delicious Pastries, Josh Verbanets of Meeting of Important People) Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 28 The Station (w/ Your Children is Beautiful, Giant Mind) Philadelphia, PA
Sept 29 Bruar Falls (w/ Talkie Walkie, Genuine Imitations, Puppies, Fish Doctor) Brooklyn, NY
Sept 20 TBA Troy, NY
Oct 1 House Show Lowell, MA
Oct 2 Shea Stadium (w/ American Sun, The Marsh Hens, Mister Melt) Brooklyn, NY
Oct 4 The Middle East (w/ The Late Greats, Doctors Fox) Cambridge, MA
Oct 5 Velvet Lounge (w/ Paperhaus, The Wild Fruits) Washington, D.C.
Oct 6 Sprout (w/ Tungs) Richmond, VA
Oct 7 Yerducken House Raleigh, NC
Oct 8 Tin Roof Charleston, SC
Oct 9 Haunted House (w/ Can't Kids, Hauswerk) Columbia, SC
Oct 11 Elliott's Revue (w/ Company) Winston-Salem, NC
Oct 12 Sewarcide Mansion House Show (w/ Company) Charlotte, NC
Oct 13 TBA Athens, GA
Oct 14 The 529 (w/ Sealions, The Mad Flight) Atlanta, GA
Oct 15 Retrofit Records Tallahassee, FL
Oct 16 The Saint (w/ In Elevators) New Orleans, LA
Oct 17 Dalzell house Shreveport, LA
Oct 18 Super Happy Funland Little Rock, AR
Oct 19 Smoke and Barrel (w/ A+ Setup, Opium Den Pool Party) Fayetteville, AR
Oct 20 Super Happy Funland Houston Houston, TX
Oct 21 Hole in the Wall (w/ GASHCAT, Scan Hopper ) Austin, TX
Oct 22 The Ten Eleven San Antonio, TX
Oct 24 Soundpony Tulsa, OK
Oct 25 Kirby's Wichita, KA
Oct 26 Cold House Kansas City, MO
Oct 27 Clawfoot House Lincoln, NE
Oct 28 Hell's Kitchen (w/ Buffalo Moon) Minneapolis, MN
Oct 29 Hexagon (w/ Buffalo Moon, Toxic Shrews) Minneapolis, MN

Tons more info on the band's Official Site.
You can "Like" them on Facebook and even check em out on myspace.


Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps hits the road.

With their sophomore release Little Wind on the horizon, Minneapolis’ Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps is planning out dates across the U.S. for the Fall, beginning with a CD release show at First Avenue in Minneapolis on September 16th. The group are already warriors of the road, having completed seven national tours and constant circuit through the Midwest, and are excited to bring their newest tunes to the stage.

At their shows throughout the Fall, be prepared to be enchanted by Caroline Smith’s alto timbre, quivering through vibrato, classic, and controlled with the presence of Billie Holiday, Leslie Feist, and Joanna Newsom. She'll be backed by "the Good Night Sleeps" who, along with Smith, build on gentle folk instrumentation to greater nuances of musical arrangement and soundscape rooted in modern indie rock, all characterized by unforgettable and endearing pop melodies.

The band's newest LP, Little Wind, is set to be released on September 20th via United Interests. Little Wind was recorded at the Terrarium in Minneapolis with Jason Orris (Polara, Happy Apple, Haley Bonar) and was mixed by Tom Herbers (Low, Dark Dark Dark, Andrew Bird).

Caroline Smith - Calliope - NORTH SHORE SESSIONS from North Shore Sessions on Vimeo.

Sept 16 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN *
Sept 17 The Cave Northfield, MN
Sept 18 O'Leavers Omaha, NE
Sept 19 The Hangar Fort Collins, CO
Sept 20 Hi-Dive Denver, CO ^
Sept 22 Off Broadway St. Louis, MN
Sept 23 The Space for Ames Ames, IA
Sept 24 The Mill Iowa City, IA
Sept 25 Replay Lounge Lawrence, KA
Sept 26 Soundpony Tulsa, OK
Sept 27 White Water Tavern Little Rock, AR
Sept 28 Earth House Collective Indianapolis, IN
Sept 29 Schuba's Chicago, IL #
Sept 30 Club Girabaldi Milwaukee, WI #
Oct 1 The Terrace Madison, WI #
Oct 4 Woodlands Tavern Columbus, OH
Oct 10 The Middle East Boston, MA
Oct 11 The Rock Shop Brooklyn, NY
Oct 12 Cake Shop New York, NY
Oct 13 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
Oct 21 AS220 Providence, RI

* w/ Dark Dark Dark, Dead Man Winter, and Daredevil Christoper Wright
^ w/ Ivan & Alyosha
# w/ Dead Man WInter

Up to the minute news and tour info on the band page right here.
Also, follow em on twitter and "like" them on Facebook


Jay Psaros returns to Boston

Boston musical minstrel Jay Psaros will be performing a homecoming show at Boston’s House of Blues Foundation Room on September 9th. This show will celebrate his return after three months on the road across the United States and the release of his sophomore album On Up the Road. Psaros’ touring has taken him from Boston to Los Angeles, up to the Pacific Northwest, through Alaska and back. Throughout the tour, he performed over 35 shows and received praise along the way. Psaros’ show was noted as “staff picks” by both The Amarillo Globe in Texas and The Santa Fe Reporter in New Mexico. The Liberty Lake Splash in Spokane, Washington noted Jay’s strong recordings while reveling, “Seeing these musicians [Jay Psaros and his tour mate Olivia Brownlee] perform showed me what real artists they were.”

In Psaros’ short time as a professional musician, he has racked up accolades from numerous Boston-area publications for his sincere songwriting. About On Up the Road, Performer Magazine wrote, “This is a soothing and vital addition to one’s record collection.” The Patriot Ledger awed, “Troubadour Jay Psaros is literally a one man band” and called his debut album Tripping and Running one of the “Top Ten Albums of 2010.” His music spans a variety of genres, allowing his music to be featured at stations ranging from Pixy 103 (Cape Cod’s Rock) to WUMB 91.9 FM (Boston’s folk station). He was named an “Artist on the Verge” by 88.9 WERS and has performed regularly on the station’s famous “Live Music Week.” WATD 95.9 FM calls Jay “An amazing songwriter and articulate storyteller.”

In true troubadour fashion, Jay will be performing solo at the House of Blues foundation room, starting at 9 p.m.

All the info:
September 9th, 2011
Jay Psaros with Ingrid Gerdes, Chris Mann, and Sarah Blacker
The House of Blues Foundation Room
15 Lansdowne St.
Boston, MA 02215
(888) 693-2583

Tickets $10
Doors at 7pm
Show Starts at 9pm

Visit his site here and even more stuff on his myspace page.