Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nevermind Turns 20, a complete album?

Music fans couldn't escape the fact that in September of this year, Nevermind from Nirvana celebrated it's 20th anniversary (September 24 to be exact).

The re-issue of the compact disc came out a few days later here in the USA and I grabbed it. I had a few reasons, the b-sides and boombox sessions piquing my interest for sure.

As I put the cd on and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” played in the “In Bloom” I started to think, has every song on this record been played on commercial radio? Maybe not in heavy rotation like others but I am thinking this record came VERY close to every song getting on radio.

The first five (Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Come As you Are, Breed and Lithium) we hear fairly often.
Polly is next. We might not hear it as much, but it still gets played.
Now we hit the one I think we DON'T hear and that is “Territorial Pissings”. The name alone is going to scare off seven songs in I'll take away one we don't hear.
“Drain You” is next..yep that is still on the radio, but “Lounge Act” I don't recall hearing on the radio, same with “Stay Away”, but I could be wrong with “Stay Away”. I am still going to go with “no”. “On a Plain” is a yes and same with the closer “Something in the Way”. Granted we may get the Unplugged versions of some of the tunes, this is a pretty amazing feat.

Perhaps I just played the record a lot and think I heard songs on the radio

People may love or hate this record for “whatever” reason. Just got me thinking that of 12 songs, nine of them found their way to radio from what I can tell..and almost all of them you could probably hear on any given day on the radio.

Is there another album like that? Zeppelin records maybe? Zeppelin IV. A shorter record with only 8 tracks and the last track I am pretty sure is a cover (When the Levee Breaks). Black Dog, Rock and Roll and Stairway for sure, then Misty Mountain Hop. I could we WAY off on this as I don't usually listen to classic rock radio.

I am not comparing Nirvana to Led Zeppelin (or any other band) on musical merit. Trust me, apples and oranges here. Led Zeppelin were just the first band that came to mind for a record (not a best of) that has a bunch of songs from it still in heavy rotation.

Can you think of anything?


At Monday, November 21, 2011 1:16:00 PM , Blogger Jason said...

Strangely... Lounge Act is my favorite track at this point. Maybe because it hasn't been over-played?


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