Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farewell to R.E.M.

I come back from lunch and flip through some web pages and social media pages and there it is.

R.E.M. Disbands.

I am saddened to read this so I quickly go and find the best version of why which is right here.

Okay, after reading this I am okay. Well as okay as you can be if one of your favorite bands of all time decides that is enough.

The last few years have been up and down for the band. I am sure when many folks read the band was calling it quits they said “They still make music?” Well sad state of affairs for the music business and album sales I guess.

The last two R.E.M records were strong records. Return to form in some cases with the band focusing on the rock that made “Green” so popular. Sure they were older and wiser and they'd have some deeper lyrics, but the band ALWAYS were big on lyrics.

In the end one can never say never. As long as the band members are alive there is always that “chance” maybe some time away is what they need. Who really knows, it has to be hard though. This is who they have been for 25+ years. Decision not made in haste but done with the class fans have come to expect and appreciate from the band.

Thank you guys...



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