Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its time for a good touring festival...

Why can't Lollapalooza being a touring festival anymore? For a few years it was the show of the year for me. I'd arrive early, stay late, and soak in “just” the right amount of bands to make the day (always hot and sweaty) well worth it. Then I'd go home. I bought food, I bought band merch I left with a glowing review.

They were done well, not a ton of bands and just the right mix. Didn't like a band on one stage, you'd check the second stage, didn't like that you'd check a vendor booth, done with that? Grab a bite to eat.

I miss that. The shows would start early, bands playing in daylight hours (Nine Inch Nails at like 12 noon anyone?).

There needs to be a mid sized touring festival for Alternative/Indie Rock. I know the Vans warped tour is still at it, but they pack 30+ bands on that bill. I know its still successful due to moderate ticket prices, but I think it would do even better if there was 15 bands tops and you alternated between two stages vs 3 or 4. What the heck do I know though?

There are some metal festivals, but barring Ozzfest I've never been to one. When I did go to Ozzfest that was done right as well. Two Stages with MAYBE a 5 minute lay over. So Motorhead is on their last song on one stage and Megadeath is warming up their PA music on the other, if you move it, you'd be in your seat/area by first song.

I've never been to a big weekend Festival. Sure stuff sounds neat, on paper, from the comfort of my home. Give people a days worth of music then send them home. Once you toss in camping I always just hear “rain”. Bonaroo looks and sounds cool as do many others.

I'd take a day off work for a day long festival. I don't even need to like/love all of the bands. I like the atmosphere and there is no way you are going to appeal to everyone. I have the most experience with Lollapalooza. You'd have 2-3 “upcoming” a long time indie buzz band, a rap act, maybe a heavier band, maybe funk, then your current 1-2 punch headliner. A wish list is easy, getting it to come together is something that needs to happen.


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