Thursday, July 14, 2011

Neflix are not going anywhere..

Within the last week Netflix, the DVD by mail (and streaming) company announced they were making some changes to their services. It seems their most popular (from what I can tell) version of the services is “one at a time with unlimited streaming”. What that means is you get a physical DVD of lets say Mad Men Season 1. You watch it, you return it, you get DVD2 of that series, or whatever is next on your list. The streaming portion allows you to stream their available library to your phone, iPad, Playstation or whatever other device you have. It sounds like it was one set price for that service.

Well Netflix got sorta smart....lets charge you for the DVD as well as the Stream. The big issue is that customers that have that option had their price go up “double”.

I've had Neflix since February of 2004 and I love it. I really do. When I hear people don't have it I get really confused. I do. They'd pledge allegiance to Blockbuster on line, or another service that was now defunct. Now days they say Redbox is the way to go. Even for a buck I can't see the perk in this. You still need to go somewhere, get it, and bring it back. Granted they are getting to be more common than a Starbucks but I still think you are held hostage to that pick up/drop off you had with the old video stores.

What I find funny is how people are bent out of shape. “I am quitting, dropping my Netflix account” they yell. These are the same people that are moving to Canada if a certain person is elected President.

Cut the shit.


Look, Netflix has its flaws. It is never perfect for everyone. I've never had a broken DVD, I've had only one “damaged” dvd that was replaced in what seemed like 12 hrs. The library is massive, I can't even tell you the last thing I looked for that they didn't have.

Streaming is still “new” to them. The big issue that most have is that a new release is not there. So you are stuck paying for a “DVD” service if you want to see the latest movie(s). That is okay though right? What is wrong with popping in a DVD. You put in a cd now and then in your car when the iPod dies. You might even put the needle on a record in your home. Its okay people..really..its a movie..its supposed to be fun.

Looking at it, Netflix could have awarded its long term members some perk but what? The biggest issue I've seen above all has to do with streaming. Until a relationship can be worked out with the movie studios I think we are stuck. Netflix already delays new releases from some studios for 30 days to allow for “in store sales”. Again, if you LOVE “Entourage” that much you either have HBO, or you are going to buy the DVD..or you wait...and you know..waiting is okay. You've had to wait when a DVD you wanted was on a “wait”. Waiting is part of life. Rent a classic, or a documentary, let the dust settle and you'll be through the 5 DVD series of True Blood in about a week.

The one big perk, where Netflix and the Studios could make $$ is with a premium stream service. New releases for X number of dollars a month. There are people that would pay 10 bucks or more for this service. A first run movies is what 10$ at the very least. If Netflix and the studios could come up with a way..even if they limited your “First run stream” to 4 per month people would bite, you'd cut down on your mailing costs, eliminate the need to purchase a huge inventory etc. It works for the consumer, but the studios would lose a truck load of money.

In reading my own “plan” (3 at a time, unlimited with bluray and streaming) there is a few things I could cut back on. Drop blu ray (lets face nice as it looks and sounds about 90% of what I rent is just fine on standard DVD) and drop it down to 2 at a time..I'll save close to 10 bucks.

Maybe we all just need to read our terms and bill a little closer.

Enjoy Netflix...I know I will.


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More Information on the hows and whys.


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