Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I am alive...

Loyal readers..sorry for the lack of posts and today's brief one. I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on since my 3.5 year old decided to throw up Sundays dinner all over his bed Monday morning. Life has returned somewhat to normal thank goodness.

I am really hoping to test the theory that money can't buy you happiness tonight when Mega Millions is drawn for 250+ Mil.

If I win Greg you know I won't be here tomorrow. When I do come in to get the pictures of my kids I'll take you to get a fine guitar tho.

Friday, February 24, 2006

So good yet so so bad..

Awww yeah. Off Neflix the other day I added and moved to the top of my queue "Challenge of the Superfriends". It arrived last night and I watched the 4 episodes all in a row. It was like Saturday morning 1978-79 all over again. I should have had my footie PJs on w/a huge bowl of sugar laced cereal to really have a blast, but alas I did not.

While watching I realized how awesomely bad it was as well. I guess when you are 8 years old you believe that when the Legion of Doom headed by Lex Luthor captures "Liquid Light" (which is sunlight in liquid form)they can unleash the horror on earth, but in the right hands (aka the US Government) it could be the cure for the worlds energy problems. My favorite part of that particular episode was how the scientist goes on to say that Liquid Light will dissolve all but certain things, as he pours some of it over a steel beam in a glass bowl. The beam GONE, the bowl fine. Awesome stuff.

The four episodes spanned just about 80 minutes and it was great GREAT fun honestly. Do you remember the zooming lights and the cool effect noise when they had to go from the Hall of Justice to Legion of Doom? That sound I want as my ringtone.

Finally some of my favorite lines and observations:
- Best computer message - "The Trouble Alert" on the Hall of Justice monitor
- Best line repeated - "Great Hera!" (wonder woman)
- Oddest look to the future - the legion of doom just about topples a building in NYC that looks like the World Trade Center.
- Lamest "anitvenom" of a superhero - Green Lantern can't do anything to anything that is yellow. Huh?
- Superhero I don't get - Apache chief (and I am not "profiling either)
- villain I don't get - Solomon Grundy
- Thing that most closely resembles Darth Vader - The legion of Doom fortress.

I wanted to load up this post with tons of pictures but there was a site that already did this..come, join me

Thursday, February 23, 2006

dwights iTunes playlist...

click on it then enlarge so you can read some..great stuff.

Can't spell Schrute without C-R-U-E! hahahaha

Few quick things..

I am sure most of you Office lovers know that they are featured in/on the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. The article is good in that it talks about the "angelas and oscars" of The Office as well. Its amazing how many cast members are also writers for the show.

A co-worker sent me this google video file of a 12 year old doing a drum solo. I always am amazed with children that are very good at things. Not because they are "children" either, but for the fact they stick with something and don't seem bored. 12 seems to be a little more "okay" to me as well, its when I see these 4 year olds that can play Mozart that gets me wondering. I have a 3.5 year old and although he will sit and hammer on a piano given the chance after about 5 minutes we are on to the next thing. When I was growing up 4th grade was when the school offered "band" and that is when I started and I loathed it at first, but played all the way thru highschool. I am sure when these kids first start out they hated going to lessons or what have you, and if the parents take it more seriously than the kids then its REALLY an issue. Its just amazing how competent this kid was. I said to the co-worker that I hope this kid finds equally as talented folks to create music with.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

R.I.P Robert Taylor Sr.

The next time you play mini golf you can curse his name when your ball hits the windmill.

Wow I can get my own windmill for my backyard

Something worth your time and money..

One of the links/blogs I like to frequent is that of Brandoslim
(aka the other half (better/worse I won't go there)Jen. I know pglsboy/Jen from my days as a disc jockey at The River ahh the good old days, not the lack of sleep or poor wages but the sheer joy of doing something you actually loved.

Anyhow, Brandoslim wrote >this about a cd by the Roy Haynes Trio. I am a jazz fan. My big interest is in Miles Davis, whom I actually was able to see live once. I like to try and expand my jazz horizons and when I read what Brando had to say I decided I'd head to
amazon.com, add it to my "wish list" and get it when the time was right. After I added it I saw that icon that calls my name when I go to amazon. The "buy/new used" from $X.XX. The price was just too good to pass up. I clicked, did a quick scan of the seller/fees associated and pulled the trigger..for a whopping 3.00 for the cd + 2.00 for shipping. Even if it sucked I figured I'd have to brown bag one extra day at work this week. A few days later the cd arrived and I checked it out..great shape. Saturday I had to run some errands so I decided since I'd have some "me" time I'd bring the cd along. It f'ing smokes. Its just awesome. The first 6 tracks are "studio" sessions and the final four are live tunes. As an added bonus the live tunes are from Miles and Thelonious Monk amongst others. So I settled in and really took it all in. I have to say the live stuff I preferred a tad bit more but that is just how I am. I think jazz is better left wide open like that.

If you want to read another review on this particular cd you can check it out here it might sell you even more.

There are a few cds and artists that no cd collection should be without and this was a perfect primer for me on Roy Haynes. I am really going to go look for some more.

Thanks Brandoslim!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My streak continues...

yep..my long standing streak of NOT winning the lottery continues. I was not the big winner in the 365 Million dollar powerball lottery Saturday night. Hey, my dad always said to be the best at something..and I think I am the MASTER at losing the lottery.

I was reading some stories in the Boston Sunday Globe about the stores "brisk" business over the ticket sales.

Always have to be told the odds. Matching all 6 #'s 1 in 146.1 MILLION

Quick Sales -
One store in Virginia was spitting out 29 tickets per second on Friday
In South Carolina sales were $11,000 a MINUTE.

So Massachusetts does a multi state lottery as well that is up over 170 Mil at last check. The biggest loser (your truly) will be in line before the drawing on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is this person nuts?

Last night on my ride home I heard an "entertainment" report on a radio station. One of their stories was that someone (one of the interns) from the ABC hit show
Grey's Anatomy was going to be leaving the show.

Is this person NUTS?! Like the show or not its become a MASSIVE hit. Its pulling down 30+ Million viewers per week.

ER has lost a slew of cast members as well and only recently has George Clooney started to hit big. Where are Mark Green, Carter, Peter Benton (don't get me started on Carters 20 second f'ing cameo on ER last week). All of them left for "greener pastures". Well done..what were you pulling down per episode..250K per?

Oh I am burnt out is another one you hear. Stop..what is the life of a tv drama..sure there are shows that are on for 10+ years but call me crazy...250K per EPISODE of a multicast show can't be that hard of a job..it can't. Also these shows are tops 25 episodes a year. I'd say that 4 months per year they can easily "unwind" and "spend more time with the family". Everyone I know would take 4 months off a year if they could.

Whomever this person is that thinks there are better things..good luck. I'd say "cash in while the cashing in is good". I am sure after a season like this (or next) big contract negotiations could come down the pike.

Dwight bobblehead update..

Looks like some folks want it enough..on line petition is found in the thread
here. According to the poster there is over 500 signatures.


The savings rate last year fell to the lowest level since 1933. The 2005 savings rate came in at NEGATIVE 0.5%. That means Americans spent all of their disposable income and dipped into their savings to spend more money (AP)

Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Dannon boysenberry yogurt and Good&Plenty candy (and others) get their red or orange hue from crushed beetles! Food makers are fighting the FDA proposal that they identify their dyes as insect based.(Wall Street Journal)

Each year, many Super Bowl viewers down more than 3000 calories during the game..more than the average thanksgiving meal. (Usa today)

The NFL does not require its players to wear mouth guards. 43% of them don't wear guards (Espn the magazine)

A soldier wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq last week was forced to pay for his body armor, which was discarded because it was covered in blood. William Rebrook, 25, told his officials at Fort Hood the last time he saw the armor it was being taken off his body. The army said it has no record of that and that he owed them $700.00 for it. He had to borrow the money from friends. Rebrook lost the use of his right arm in the bombing.

Figure skating is the second most popular spectator sport in America (right after pro football). In 2002 30 Million Americans watched Sarah Hughes win the gold (I swore NASCAR was second..if not first?!). In 1994 there were 127 Million viewers watching the finals..making it the sixth most watched program ever.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Other Grammy Award goofs...

this was in an insert of a recent Rolling Stone. Some of the other "WTF" moments at the Grammys.

In 1962 Robert Goulet won "Best new Artist", another new artist that year Bob Dylan

In 1980 Christopher Cross won Best New Artist, Album of the Year and Song of the Year. Other albums released in 1980 - London Calling and Back in Black

In 1991 Natalie Cole won album of they year for Unforgettable. Also out that year, Nevermind and R.E.M's Out of Time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Making sure Prince gets mentioned once a week..

Prince gets to be more badass every freaking day. In his latest gimmic he will have "purple tickets" like Wille Wonkas "golden tickets"
that will allow you to go see a private show. Read more about it


Last night we took our 7 year old out to dinner at Applebees for her birthday. Sure its not the greatest but its what she wanted to do. We go about 6pm and get a table and sure enough my 3 year old decides to loudly tell his sister where he wants to sit. After 20 or so seconds of "cooling it" we sit down. I hear the table behind us mutter "oh god here we go". What?! What?! Asshat its fucking APPLEBEES...at 6pm...on a Monday.

I am not saying my kids are perfect but they are pretty well behaved in restaurants (we'd never go if they acted up). Trust me as a parent we hate screaming kids or what have you just as much as the rest of you. The motto you have once you have kids though is "Hey they can scream all they want as long as its not my kid screaming".

That was the only issue..a 20 second "I want to sit there". 10 minutes later the guy behind us is crankin about how long its taking for his bill to arrive so I just figured this guy is a tool.

Then an older couple come and sit next to us. We are eating..kids are quiet/happy and the older man says as they sit "I hope I don't have to get the duct tape" He said it (perhaps kiddingly (is that a word?) but still. My kids were eating!!! They were not doing anything but eating. Again..its Applebees..on a f'ing MONDAY NIGHT!!!

Barring all that they still came out and clapped and did their silly song and my 7 year old gushed red and L-O-V-E-D it. That is all that matters.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy 7th B'day...

You rule my world...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dwight rules.

Like many..after last nights episode of The Office I must have a Dwight Bobblehead. Until that time comes I can have one made of

Thursday, February 9, 2006

I'd buy that for a dollar...

Slightly used vintage Air guitar

Love Monkey gets canned....

CBS has canceled Love Monkey after Tuesday's fourth episode drew a series-low 5.4 million viewers.

F**K man..F**K really. Like co-worker Keith said "It will get cancelled cuz its good." Just when I got used to programming a VCR all over again this goes and happens.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Cool news.

I enjoy Bradleys Almanc a great deal. When I first started seeing blogs this is what I wanted to do. Show passion for music and the arts, post random stuff etc. He had this in a recent post:

Some even-more-excellent TV news: Ricky Gervais himself is writing an episode of the U.S version of his show, The Office. I think the show has really come into its own, and an original script from Gervais has me so, so psyched.

Me too brad..me too!

I added Brad under my fave links..been meaning to do that for a while.

Sigur Ros..again.

(note picture is from the bands site Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros
Orpheum Theater, Boston MA
Tuesday February 7, 2006

One more and its a six pack. This was the 5th time for me to see the Icelandic band
Sigur Ros. I was a little nervous about this one though, more because it was the furthest away I'd be sitting from them. They are such a visual band that I figured it was time to take it all in from that perspective.

Settled in to our seats soon after Anima had started. What struck me was the people carrying on conversations as the band was playing. Its taboo with both these bands in my eyes but still by the end of their set people were very quiet.

Sigur Ros hit the stage soon after 8:30pm. The stage was set similar to the show back in September. The backdrop came down and the band did most of Takk/Glosoli behind the curtain with the long floor lights casting huge images of the members. Jonsi seemed to have some technical difficulties as well but they wrestled thru them just fine.

Per the norm rather than a song by song mention here are some moments. As the band started "gong" 2 over zealous (and drunk) women stood up about 10 rows in front of us..clapping w/their hands over their heads and WOOOOOO'ing. Thank goodness that was short lived. A little later our drunk friends (well one of them) did a rest room visit or something and couldn't find her seat..she resorted to, you got it..taking out her cell phone and calling the concert mate.

During Vidrar vel til loftarasa from the stunning USA debut
Ágætis Byrjun we got the "stop" in which the band comes to a halt and lets silence reign. Back in September they stopped for 45 seconds. It was just chilling. Last night we got no more than 15 seconds. Not sure if the band has given up on doing this or they just get the idea from the "whoooos" that came earlier.

A few other stand outs were hoppípolla and Olsen Olsen. When else can you hear strings, flutes, drums, bass et all at a rock show (forget Tull!)

The show ended per the norm with untitled 8 - popplagið (the pop song). This song always hits me in the throat. I feel like I am trying to swallow a basketball when this song gets going. By the time the whole band is just going off the lights are flashing and it ends on that one powerful resonating chord your rear end shoots up from your seat and you just burst out in appreciation. What a moment. All shows need to end like that.

I am horribly biased when it comes to them so its hard to say what was good/bad. I'd say this was the 2nd or 3rd best time seeing them. Mostly becuase of the audience (and the missing hafssól). The first is hard to beat (with any band) and night one of the Berklee shows was one for the ages.

Stay up real late tonight as they are going to be on
Conan O'Brien
playing the song heysátan from the great new cd


Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I knew I hated them..

I try not to use the word hate freely. That way when I say it I feel I really mean it. People say "I hate traffic". The next day they are back in it.

I hate the Grammy Awards. As much as I LOVE music I realized years ago the # of trophies on your shelf has NOTHING to do with talent or how good a record is. Its all subjective I realize that.

I think the real head scratcher came in 1988 when Jethro Tull won for best hard rock performance beating out (for one..) Metallica's ..and justice for all. That is the first time i realized that the wrong people are voting on this stuff. Now mind you the "people choice awards" are no better cuz craptastic bands like Creed, Nickleback and Linkin Park win these awards Who the F" buys these records?! They sell hand over fist and i know NO person that owns these "hot" cds.

The most stunning part about the Grammys is that the people that vote don't even need to LISTEN to the cds. How in the HELL does this work?! They just vote based of a name. That means the 65 year old guy that says the Killers are the best new artist might just ask his 13 year old daughter "hey who is the coolest of these bands"?

I know what you are saying "don't watch". Trust me..I won't.

on a side note Sigur Ros tonight in boston...reviews to follow.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Awww yeah..

I give you perhaps the most under-rated guitar players....

Rockin and a Rollin...

High On Fire with The Bronx, Big Business and Buried Inside.
Saturday February 4, 2006
The Living Room, Providence Rhode Island

My first show of 2006 did little to disappoint. It had been a long LONG time since I had seen Oakland California stoner rock monsters High on Fire and it was a welcome comeback. A co-worker met me at the show and I commented it was nice to see them get a full set since every other time they have been around it seems like they are on a bill with 20 other bands. Sure that is easier on the wallet for most but it blows since you need to hang on for at LEAST 16 bands you don't care about and when you finally get a band you care about they get a 20 minute set.

I arrived during Buried Inside. It was kinda run of the mill stuff, but it also had that little something to help it stand out too. Keith (co-worker) grabbed the cd so I'll have to check it out.

Big Business was one of the bands I was really jacked to see. I was them a few months back, they were decent and all but my DAT didn't record them so I was sidetracked all night. I love their cd and was ready to take it all in, but it seemed like they had technical issues. It was one hell of a lot of noise from a bass player and drummer, and the drummer beats the tar out if his kit. It was too short as well..30 minutes but it had a few decent moments.

The Bronx were next. It was just a hardcore band, not from New York, but from L.A. They didn't do much for me personally. The lead singer was out off the front of the stage and had a few rabid fans rocking along with him but it seemed "samey" to me. To each their own.

High on Fire came on about 1130'ish or so. The band is pretty hard heavy and fast for just three guys. I am always amazed at how much sound a few guys can make. The set hit on all three of their records which was a nice. Joe Preston is the "newest" member of the band. He was in the melvins and looks like a high school custodian to me. Portly, balding w/a HUGE bushy beard. He holds the bottom down so well as Matt Pike hits his guitar with everything he has. Granted the "vocals" are the least important part to me personally but this band would be even better if they brought this heaviness totally instrumental. It lends itself so well to be interpreted any way the listener wants and the lyrics are so indecipherable it hardly matters what he/they are saying.

In closing, get your bud cans in hand and a huge bowl of weed (if that is your thing) and check out High on Fire when they hit your area.

Friday, February 3, 2006

nother one.

i got another map under my clustermaps. you can show me where you are reading this blog from. Its pretty neat and a web site with far more hits than I get is neat to check out...the link is also under my fellow bloggers under "Friends" if you want to check it all out.

Friday randomness...

Some Florida police departments have retired those "black" shooting targets on the shooting range to prevent any racial insensitivity issues.
Holy freaking crap. Umm I think they are black so the shooter can "see" the target at a distance. The black (or dark) just indicates the areas and then
the "hit zones" are in the circles. The department said they have not had complaints but they say "nowdays you can't be too sensitive".

Talk about luck: a guy at a $250.00 per plate dinner to raise money for the American Heart Association had his heart stop..as you'd imagine he was swamped with cardiologists.

Curious - a couple in Australia found a 32lb solid lump of whale barf...valued at, get this, $295,000. The substance, known as ambergris, is valued by perfumers for its musky scent.

Always a way to get you - A dozen roses (on average) are $57.00. Around Valentines Day $72.00 (Kiplingers Personal Finance)

Lower than I thought - 15% of US employees told researchers that at least once in the last year they drank on the job, felt the effects of drinking at work, or showed up hung over. (New York Times)

German computer engineers have created an alternative to the Internet that s now being used by 50 service providers in Europe. The founders of this new Internet called ORSN, fear that the U.S. could shut off access to the existing Internet as a political or military weapon (Wall Street Journal)

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Super size that!..oh and damn you Phil.

Ahh the power of the internet. Think of something, type it in and wham. Today for some reason I was thinking about an FX show from last year called
30 Days and as you can quickly tell (if you clicked the link) it looks like it will be back in 2006 with some new episodes.

The guy that does it (morgan spurlock) is the guy that did Super Size Me
If you have not seen it, you should. Anyhow they did a show much like the film in that people did something for 30 days, like living on minimum wage. Short 6 season series, but I hope and now it looks like it, that it will be back.

Morgan has a blog as well. You can check it out here

Oh yeah..the damn rodent saw his shadow today..6 more weeks (I know its just an old wives tale)

East Coast vs. West Coast.

I love the chornicles of naria rap..i do. I found there is west coast version of it..i have to admit its catchy..but chronicles smokes it.

You can check it out here

oh scroll down for those cool rock pictures...

Another Rock and Roll shot...