Friday, February 3, 2006

Friday randomness...

Some Florida police departments have retired those "black" shooting targets on the shooting range to prevent any racial insensitivity issues.
Holy freaking crap. Umm I think they are black so the shooter can "see" the target at a distance. The black (or dark) just indicates the areas and then
the "hit zones" are in the circles. The department said they have not had complaints but they say "nowdays you can't be too sensitive".

Talk about luck: a guy at a $250.00 per plate dinner to raise money for the American Heart Association had his heart you'd imagine he was swamped with cardiologists.

Curious - a couple in Australia found a 32lb solid lump of whale barf...valued at, get this, $295,000. The substance, known as ambergris, is valued by perfumers for its musky scent.

Always a way to get you - A dozen roses (on average) are $57.00. Around Valentines Day $72.00 (Kiplingers Personal Finance)

Lower than I thought - 15% of US employees told researchers that at least once in the last year they drank on the job, felt the effects of drinking at work, or showed up hung over. (New York Times)

German computer engineers have created an alternative to the Internet that s now being used by 50 service providers in Europe. The founders of this new Internet called ORSN, fear that the U.S. could shut off access to the existing Internet as a political or military weapon (Wall Street Journal)


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