Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Sigur Ros..again.

(note picture is from the bands site Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros
Orpheum Theater, Boston MA
Tuesday February 7, 2006

One more and its a six pack. This was the 5th time for me to see the Icelandic band
Sigur Ros. I was a little nervous about this one though, more because it was the furthest away I'd be sitting from them. They are such a visual band that I figured it was time to take it all in from that perspective.

Settled in to our seats soon after Anima had started. What struck me was the people carrying on conversations as the band was playing. Its taboo with both these bands in my eyes but still by the end of their set people were very quiet.

Sigur Ros hit the stage soon after 8:30pm. The stage was set similar to the show back in September. The backdrop came down and the band did most of Takk/Glosoli behind the curtain with the long floor lights casting huge images of the members. Jonsi seemed to have some technical difficulties as well but they wrestled thru them just fine.

Per the norm rather than a song by song mention here are some moments. As the band started "gong" 2 over zealous (and drunk) women stood up about 10 rows in front of us..clapping w/their hands over their heads and WOOOOOO'ing. Thank goodness that was short lived. A little later our drunk friends (well one of them) did a rest room visit or something and couldn't find her seat..she resorted to, you got it..taking out her cell phone and calling the concert mate.

During Vidrar vel til loftarasa from the stunning USA debut
Ágætis Byrjun we got the "stop" in which the band comes to a halt and lets silence reign. Back in September they stopped for 45 seconds. It was just chilling. Last night we got no more than 15 seconds. Not sure if the band has given up on doing this or they just get the idea from the "whoooos" that came earlier.

A few other stand outs were hoppípolla and Olsen Olsen. When else can you hear strings, flutes, drums, bass et all at a rock show (forget Tull!)

The show ended per the norm with untitled 8 - popplagið (the pop song). This song always hits me in the throat. I feel like I am trying to swallow a basketball when this song gets going. By the time the whole band is just going off the lights are flashing and it ends on that one powerful resonating chord your rear end shoots up from your seat and you just burst out in appreciation. What a moment. All shows need to end like that.

I am horribly biased when it comes to them so its hard to say what was good/bad. I'd say this was the 2nd or 3rd best time seeing them. Mostly becuase of the audience (and the missing hafssól). The first is hard to beat (with any band) and night one of the Berklee shows was one for the ages.

Stay up real late tonight as they are going to be on
Conan O'Brien
playing the song heysátan from the great new cd



At Wednesday, February 08, 2006 8:02:00 PM , Blogger Jerad said...

I agree that the crowd was strangely annoying last night. I hadn't seen them since the '01 Berklee show, though, so I was in heaven nonetheless. The closer was one of the most intensely sublime live performances I've ever heard.


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