Monday, February 6, 2006

Rockin and a Rollin...

High On Fire with The Bronx, Big Business and Buried Inside.
Saturday February 4, 2006
The Living Room, Providence Rhode Island

My first show of 2006 did little to disappoint. It had been a long LONG time since I had seen Oakland California stoner rock monsters High on Fire and it was a welcome comeback. A co-worker met me at the show and I commented it was nice to see them get a full set since every other time they have been around it seems like they are on a bill with 20 other bands. Sure that is easier on the wallet for most but it blows since you need to hang on for at LEAST 16 bands you don't care about and when you finally get a band you care about they get a 20 minute set.

I arrived during Buried Inside. It was kinda run of the mill stuff, but it also had that little something to help it stand out too. Keith (co-worker) grabbed the cd so I'll have to check it out.

Big Business was one of the bands I was really jacked to see. I was them a few months back, they were decent and all but my DAT didn't record them so I was sidetracked all night. I love their cd and was ready to take it all in, but it seemed like they had technical issues. It was one hell of a lot of noise from a bass player and drummer, and the drummer beats the tar out if his kit. It was too short as well..30 minutes but it had a few decent moments.

The Bronx were next. It was just a hardcore band, not from New York, but from L.A. They didn't do much for me personally. The lead singer was out off the front of the stage and had a few rabid fans rocking along with him but it seemed "samey" to me. To each their own.

High on Fire came on about 1130'ish or so. The band is pretty hard heavy and fast for just three guys. I am always amazed at how much sound a few guys can make. The set hit on all three of their records which was a nice. Joe Preston is the "newest" member of the band. He was in the melvins and looks like a high school custodian to me. Portly, balding w/a HUGE bushy beard. He holds the bottom down so well as Matt Pike hits his guitar with everything he has. Granted the "vocals" are the least important part to me personally but this band would be even better if they brought this heaviness totally instrumental. It lends itself so well to be interpreted any way the listener wants and the lyrics are so indecipherable it hardly matters what he/they are saying.

In closing, get your bud cans in hand and a huge bowl of weed (if that is your thing) and check out High on Fire when they hit your area.


At Monday, February 06, 2006 11:32:00 PM , Blogger Rusty said...

Sounds like a cool "little" concert (I say little because it was in a club, right?), if that's your kind of music. For me it's yet another set of bands I've never heard of! I don't know where you guys find these groups that are totally under my radar.

And, um...March? Is that YOUR thing?


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