Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I knew I hated them..

I try not to use the word hate freely. That way when I say it I feel I really mean it. People say "I hate traffic". The next day they are back in it.

I hate the Grammy Awards. As much as I LOVE music I realized years ago the # of trophies on your shelf has NOTHING to do with talent or how good a record is. Its all subjective I realize that.

I think the real head scratcher came in 1988 when Jethro Tull won for best hard rock performance beating out (for one..) Metallica's ..and justice for all. That is the first time i realized that the wrong people are voting on this stuff. Now mind you the "people choice awards" are no better cuz craptastic bands like Creed, Nickleback and Linkin Park win these awards Who the F" buys these records?! They sell hand over fist and i know NO person that owns these "hot" cds.

The most stunning part about the Grammys is that the people that vote don't even need to LISTEN to the cds. How in the HELL does this work?! They just vote based of a name. That means the 65 year old guy that says the Killers are the best new artist might just ask his 13 year old daughter "hey who is the coolest of these bands"?

I know what you are saying "don't watch". Trust me..I won't.

on a side note Sigur Ros tonight in boston...reviews to follow.


At Wednesday, February 08, 2006 12:31:00 AM , Blogger Annoyed said...

Well, it's not that they don't listen to the CDs as much as they are allowed to vote in EVERY catagory...

For example the year Norah JNones won best album over Springsteen's "The Rising"

They've owed Bruce a long time.. When her name was announced you could hear a gasp from the audience. She hadn't wriiten a single song on that album and no one expected her to beat the Boss in NYC after his 30 years of waiting.

So how did that happen?

Well, because every group of voters votes for "best album"

So you got the jazz, dance, classical, pop, and R&B voters voting for her. Along with all the other idiots who hadn't heard either album but loved "That song of hers"

The next year Steely Dan won best album for an album I think, even now, only 10 people have heard.

All these award shows are fucked. Martin Scorsese doesn't have a "best director" Oscar while being widely considered the greatest director of the past 40 years.

It makes no sense. And there isn't a better way of doing these things IMO.

At Wednesday, February 08, 2006 9:53:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

Jethro Tull didn't even show up for the Grammys that year because they didn't think there was any chance in hell they would win, seeing as how THAT'S NOT EVEN THEIR GENRE!!

I don't watch because the groups I like either don't get nominated or are dead and aren't making new music.


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