Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Something worth your time and money..

One of the links/blogs I like to frequent is that of Brandoslim
(aka the other half (better/worse I won't go there)Jen. I know pglsboy/Jen from my days as a disc jockey at The River ahh the good old days, not the lack of sleep or poor wages but the sheer joy of doing something you actually loved.

Anyhow, Brandoslim wrote >this about a cd by the Roy Haynes Trio. I am a jazz fan. My big interest is in Miles Davis, whom I actually was able to see live once. I like to try and expand my jazz horizons and when I read what Brando had to say I decided I'd head to
amazon.com, add it to my "wish list" and get it when the time was right. After I added it I saw that icon that calls my name when I go to amazon. The "buy/new used" from $X.XX. The price was just too good to pass up. I clicked, did a quick scan of the seller/fees associated and pulled the trigger..for a whopping 3.00 for the cd + 2.00 for shipping. Even if it sucked I figured I'd have to brown bag one extra day at work this week. A few days later the cd arrived and I checked it out..great shape. Saturday I had to run some errands so I decided since I'd have some "me" time I'd bring the cd along. It f'ing smokes. Its just awesome. The first 6 tracks are "studio" sessions and the final four are live tunes. As an added bonus the live tunes are from Miles and Thelonious Monk amongst others. So I settled in and really took it all in. I have to say the live stuff I preferred a tad bit more but that is just how I am. I think jazz is better left wide open like that.

If you want to read another review on this particular cd you can check it out here it might sell you even more.

There are a few cds and artists that no cd collection should be without and this was a perfect primer for me on Roy Haynes. I am really going to go look for some more.

Thanks Brandoslim!


At Tuesday, February 21, 2006 3:17:00 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Worse half...HAHAHAHA.... ;-)

Yep, the days when I got no sleep and you had to drive for hours each way to play John Hiatt and Johnny A for hours... ;-)

Have you talked to Brian lately?
How is he?


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