Sunday, February 19, 2006

My streak continues... long standing streak of NOT winning the lottery continues. I was not the big winner in the 365 Million dollar powerball lottery Saturday night. Hey, my dad always said to be the best at something..and I think I am the MASTER at losing the lottery.

I was reading some stories in the Boston Sunday Globe about the stores "brisk" business over the ticket sales.

Always have to be told the odds. Matching all 6 #'s 1 in 146.1 MILLION

Quick Sales -
One store in Virginia was spitting out 29 tickets per second on Friday
In South Carolina sales were $11,000 a MINUTE.

So Massachusetts does a multi state lottery as well that is up over 170 Mil at last check. The biggest loser (your truly) will be in line before the drawing on Tuesday.


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