Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing out 2010

Just a quick post to wish the few readers that hang along here a very happy new year.

Working on the best of 2010 and will probably do a quick list of shows from 2010. The usual stuff. The 2010 Favorite Albums is coming along and hope to have that posted in early January.

Again, Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Question for your book lovers...

Greetings reader(s).

Real quick question. Does anyone know a decent place to find a list of something like the "100 Books to read before you die" sorta thing? Or 100 books everyone should read..something like that. No, I am not dying (at least that I know of) but was thinking of a New Years Resolution in which I'd try to read something from that list. I'd love to say "I'll read 5 or more" but I just need to set the wheels in motion. I read far less than I should so I thought this might be something to challenge myself with.

Thanks for your time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Music! Tigers that Talked

Art rock four piece "Tigers that Talked" hail from Leeds, UK.

Following a succession of critically acclaimed EPs throughout the last year, the band is happy toannounce the release of our long-awaited debut album “The Merchant”.

The band has been gaining much press overseas with the critical acclaim pouting in from the BBC radio with cries of "my favorite new band!"

The band has no US dates planned at this time barring a date at SXSW in Texas in the early spring. One can hope that once they hit these shores they will do a run of show!

Check out the bands
Official Site for loads of goodies!

New Music from Dreamtigers

It is time for even more good tunes! This time check out Dreamtigers an indie hardcore outfit from Boston MA.

Some tunes:
Dear John

Tons more information
here. The album came out on December 14th!

The band is also on myspace.

Hot Cha Cha

HotChaCha is an amazing live band and 2010 has seen the band on tour, pretty much non-stop, which has enabled these four women to hone and refine their craft---making them now both great as a live band and recorded.

Somewhere in the midst of the constant drives up and down the east coast, through the south and Midwest, HotChaCha made time to record Fantastic Static, which is an EP that manages to harness their live show’s energy.

Check out some music right here! Bukarest and Pleasure Crusie are worthy of your time.

New Video for “Traffic" can be found right here.

Additional info, photos, live videos, tour dates can all be found here.

Are you a vinyl lover, or have a vinyl lover on your holiday list(s)? How about the 12" record? Limited to 300 copies as well in unique colors! Check out
this link.

The Nico Blues

The Nico Blues are an alternative rock band based in New Jersey and Brooklyn, NY will be playing "All Asia" club in Cambridge MA on Saturday January 15, 2011.

The band recently self released their full length album "Blame the Boredom, Blame the Basements" which was recorded, produced, and mixed by the band in a studio they built from scratch.

The album can be streamed and downloaded here or here.

The band also made a music video for the song "Living Proof" off of the album. Feel free to check it out here. password: proof

Check em out on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Myspace.