Friday, May 30, 2008

Hero time starts right now....

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lemmy documentary..2009??!

Sometime in 2009 Lemmy the Movie is hitting theaters. Even as a smidge more than a casual fan, this looks stunning.

Check the link, click on the teaser. Some language headphones are a plus.

Looks awesome.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sigur Ros new album information.

From the bands site:

sigur rós’s fifth lp is called “með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust” (with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly). it will be released june 23rd worldwide (june 24th in north america) and will be available to pre-order on on june 2nd. tonight at 19:30 uk time, will make available a free mp3 download of the album’s first track, gobbledigook.

með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

1. gobbledigook
2. inní mér syngur vitleysingur
3. góðan daginn
4. við spilum endalaust
5. festival
6. suð í eyrum
7. ára bátur
8. illgresi
9. fljótavík
10. straumnes
11. all alright

further information about the album is available on our með suð section, as well as keep an eye on our með suð section as we will be adding more information about the album in the coming weeks.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stuff I am digging right now...

Trying to keep here is a few random things that make my day, keep me smiling etc.


Sweet lord, Mrs March, must have bought this at a moment of weakness. It is so crazy delicious. I want to pour a big bowl and swim around in it..but that would be wasteful. One box and that will be it for a while..but me likey!

2. The fact that any/all tv I "follow" is done for the season. I always say I don't watch a "lot" of tv, but it all depends on what you define "a lot".

3. Long weekend in store. Remember why it is a long weekend though.

4. This past weekend my town had their Memorial Day Parade (a week early, but you get good attendance) and little march not only marching in the parade, but asked to read a poem at the ceremony on the town common. She also has a "speaking role" in her spring concert. Making dad (and mom) proud!

5. The general amount of decent music that has come out so far this year.

6. Pick up hockey on Tuesday nights. Good crew of guys, laughs and a cold beer in the parking lot post game.

7. Littlest March and mowing the lawn. He asks me every day if we can mow the lawn..lets hope he asks me once a week when I trust him to push the thing.

8. Walking. I signed up for a walk program via my health insurance. They sent a pedometer and I enter my steps on line each day. I can set goals for the week/month etc for the # of steps. I kept it, what I felt was pretty reasonable at the outset (figure 10,000 steps for me on the pedometer is 5 miles). With a little more than a week in May left to go I am at 69% of my goal..but Wednesdays are soccer practice nights...little march practices and I walk the track at the school..hello goal reach (hopes)

9. My lawn. Stop looks awesome..must be littlest marches hard work!



Monday, May 19, 2008

Caspian with Tunturia live show review

The Loft at Tommy Doyle's
Harvard Square, Cambridge MA
Saturday May 17, 2008
Support act: Tunturia


It is not very often that many folks will simply read a glowing album review and do whatever it takes to track down the physical disc. After a little work I was able to track down the full length from Toronto's Tunturia and the cd hardly left my player all year. It made my "favorite cds of 2007" list. It worked, for a while, but I needed to see the band live.

The band had booked a US tour and it stopped in Cambridge on Saturday night. A few weeks leading up to the show I had a few very nice e-mails from drummer Michael Lynch. My first email was just telling "whoever" read the message on the other side that I really dug the disc. Michael came back and we have had a few emails. It was nice to finally meet him on Saturday.

When Tunturia took the stage shortly after 9:30 the band was only "half" of what was on the record. As a younger band its easy to understand band members just being unable to tour, or not have the money to tour. Michael and guitarist Ihor Dawidiuk enlisted the help of two friends and quickly rehearsed for the tour. The end result was a tight and sonically pleasing set. The band members would swap out an instrument as a backing track would loop underneath, but the band never waiverd. The set, albeit short, was pretty well received. At first the early arrivals talked during the quiet parts but by the end of the set the band seems to have won over the few that paid attention.

The set list (thanks to Ihor for clarification)
Echoes of the Unmoved Mover
Panic Attack
October 4, 1957
Cast Shadows on Clouds

Pre show I had a good amount of time to chat with both Michael and Ihor, both were very cool (as were the other guys) and we talked about music and other venues the band might be able to play when they come to New England.

Check out Tunturia on myspace


After a relatively short stage roll over, Caspian was getting ready to take the stage. I have been a big fan of these guys (they were also on my list for favorite cds of 2007) as well and had missed them time and time again.

Caspian guitarist Philip Jamieson took the mic, thanked us for coming and said they'd play "as long as they could".

The stage was small but the band made the most of what they had space wise. Guitarist Calvin Joss was way over to the left and tucked in the back, but making himself easily seen was bassist Chris Friedrich. Set up center stage towards the lip was drummer Joe Vickers, who for the record, beat the ever living hell out of one of the smallest drum kits I've ever seen in a live setting. Behind him was guitarist Erin Burke-Moran and then Philip.

Opening with "La Cerva", a track that is part of a 7 inch split, they opened up the floodgates. It was a wall of sound and the night would not let up, ever. There was so much I "wanted" to hear and honestly, they gave me everything and then some. I'll admit I was really wanting to hear the whole "Quovis->Further Up" (from the You are Conductor album. It arrived towards the end of the set, but it was everything I wanted. On the cd Friedrich has this very cool bass work, that just kills me every single time. As the song neared that point I focused on him and tried to watch the hands move but couldn't keep up. The audience as well, went wild.

The "main set" ended with "Sycamore" which all works to one massive crescendo of which Burke-Moran, Joss and Jamieson all working on drums and the drum set. It grows and grows and when it slams to a halt the audience just lost its mind!

Tired and ready to call it a night the club asked them to one more song. I saw Friedrich sort of say "no" but the rest of the band sort of looked at each other and said "yeah what the heck". Before the final tune a birthday cake was presented to Philip and the audience gave him a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday". They would close with "Crawlspace".

Ears ringing the show came to an end.

Their full set:
La Cerva
Ghosts of the Garden City
Some Are White Light
Further Up
Further In

It is not very often you get to see two bands in a row for the first time, that you have wanted to see. It was a great night.

Caspain on the web:
Caspain on Wiki
Official pagehere
Caspian onmyspace

Caspian is playing one more show June 21st at The Paradise, then they will be hitting the studio.

Tunturia is on the road, go out, see them, say hi and buy the cd. These guys are doing it the DIY way..and any support (showing up, buying a cd etc) goes RIGHT into keeping them touring.

Thanks to both bands..well done.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Save it till the morning after....

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rockin and a rollin...

The other day I was walking and a track came up on shuffle I had all but forgotten about (Hello Forgotten Disc Friday??, anyhow, the song has been on the brain for the last 2 days..with about 4-5 "plays" per day. I didn't have the mp3 version on my pc so if you so desire you can check out the youtube clip of the song here. If you want to hear the song (studio version) set to some random video that version is here

Its the Buzzcocks "Why Can't I touch it?". Done giggling? Its actually a great freaking tune. Just listen to the'll get it.

As a funny side bar, I saw the Buzzcocks open for Pearl Jam a few years ago and had pretty good seats. Most of the early arrivals sort of sat there watching these guys tear up the stage..except for that "one guy" who had seats about 15 rows back dead center...dancing like a freaking maniac..singing was mint. You know that the band didn't care about the "blank stares' they made that dudes night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


kinda sorta quiet around these parts...

Friday, May 9, 2008

File Under...

*insert favorite curse word(s) here

Happy Mothers Day...

Happy Mothers Day this my mom...and all moms. Thank you for what you do!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In the News

A study of high school students found that students that savage their peers via rumors and excluding them from cliques are viewed by other kids as popular and well liked.

A Wisconsin woman spent 6 days in jail...for unpaid Library fines. She was pulled over for a routine stop and found to have $159.00 in unpaid Library fines as well as $172.00 in fines for missed court appointments.

A poster for Britains Royal Opera House has been withdrawn after one of the actors complained the poster made his genitals look too small.

After 15 years of consecutive growth the number of college applicants is expected to level off next year and then begin to decline. Washington Post.

56.7 Million foreign tourists visited the USA last year, setting a new record. The old was 52.1 in 2000. Most of this is due to the falling dollar value. Associated Press

South Asia has the world's highest concentration of slave labor, with more than 10 Million people who are forced to work for subsistence pay or less. Foreign Policy

Bill Gates is now number 3 on the list of the worlds wealthiest people. Gates gave 695 Million to his foundation last year still raked in 2 billion. Warren Buffett, who is #1 is worth 62 Billion. Bloomberg News

A New York stock broker is suing a Manhattan gentlemen's club claiming he was injured by a stripper during a lap dance.

A woman whose ancestor lent $299.58 to the city of Tampa during the Civil War wants the debt repaid...with interest to the tune of 22.7 million dollars.

During the first part of the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal the New York lottery had to close down betting on the numbers 871 which was the hotel room number he met the prostitute. Too many people were playing the number.

Americans are growing less aware of the number of U.S. fatalities in Iraq. Only 28% know that 4,000+ American Soldiers have died in the war. In a similar poll last August 54% knew that the level was close to 3,500. In the poll, 46% overestimated while 26% underestimated. - Pew Research Center

Of the 4,000+ US Soldiers to have died in Iraq more than 52% were killed by roadside bombs, only 16% have been killed by enemy gunfire. - USA Today

Only 75% of US children complete secondary school. Norway is at 100% followed by Germany, South Korea, Russ and Italy. - Boston Globe

There are currently 900,000 names on the federal governments primary terrorist watch list, and list that is expected to hit one million by summer. The Atlanta Journal-Constiturion

A Syracuse University philosophy professor walked out of a lecture when a student typed a text message during his lecture. The professor, who warned students he would not tolerate this, said he would continue to walk out rather than tolerate such brazen disrespect.

A horse owner had his horse in the Irish Grand National. It was a 33-1 to one shot, the owner didn't place the bet on his horse and it won.

In 9 out of the last 10 presidential elections, the candidate who wrapped up the nomination first ended up winning in November. New York Times.

The number of Americans on food stamps will rise to 28 million in the next fiscal year, an all time high. = New York Times.

The number of states that require motorcyclists to wear helmets has dropped to 20. This has resulted in a death toll from 2,160 to 4,810. They account for 10% of all traffic fatalities - USA Today

Last year's average Major League Baseball salary was 2.82 million. For the 99 innings he pitched for the Yankees, Roger Clemens (the highest paid pitcher) was paid $200,000 per inning or about 1 million per game. - The New Yorker

A Serb farmer who was ordered to split 1/2 his property with his ex-wife cut every single one of his tools in half.

The son of Dubai's ruler (Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bi Rashid al-Maktoum) recently spent 2.7 million dollars on a single camel.

A wedding reception in California recently got out of much so the bride and groom needed to stopped with Taser guns.

The 10 million dollar bill that was recently introduced in Zimbabwe can buy the holder about two rolls of toilet paper. Newsweek.

High Profile colleges are are logging records of acceptance rates. Harvard has about 7% of applicants accepted, Yale 8.3% and Stanford 9.5%.. Most schools now reject 9 out of 10 students that apply. USA Today

Two of the four finalists in this years NCAA college basketball tournament had graduation rates among the lowest in the country. University of Memphis has 30% and UCLA has 29% (this is for male students with basketball scholarships) - LA Times.

Apple's iTunes music store is now the largest US music retailer. It has passed Wal-Mart. Since its launch in 2003 iTunes has sold more than 4 billion songs to 50 million customers.

The number of new claims for unemployment benefits jumped to 407,000 in the week ending March 29th. That is the highest level since 2005 when Hurricane Katrina left thousands with no kjobs. - Associated Press

Mariah Carey recently scored her 18th #1 hit song. She has one more chart topper than Elvis and she is two shy of over taking the Beatles all time high at 20.

The Internet domain sold for 2.6 million at auction. The seller registered the name 14 years ago...for $20.00. -

Alia Sabur of Long Island New York is now the worlds youngest college professor. She is 18 and will teach physics. She began to read full novels at age 2, and entered college at age 10.

Gambling revenue on the Chinese island of Macau jumped 62% in the first quarter to 3.8 billion..that is twice what Las Vegas took in during the same period.

Of the 100 top grossing films of all time, 13 were made by Steven Speilberg or George Lucas.

In 1985, 15.7% of auto buyers said that air conditioning was "essential" today that is 90.4%. Demand on good sound systems has also changed, from 8.7% in 1985 to 95.8 today. USA Today


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What the eFFFF

Oh dear lord.. the Providence Bruins are down in their best of 7 series 3 games to 2. They have lost 3 in a row..and they were their first three losses of the playoffs. What the heck?! Game 6 is Friday...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ramble post...

Sort of quiet here..trying to figure out what to get Mrs.March for both mothers day and her birthday. I have a few ideas..but not a ton of time to shop...i'll get it done. The b'day is after mothers day so lets tackle one at a time.

The Mrs and I had date night on Saturday Twist is where we went to dinner. It was good food and we had good company. The couple we went with had their one year old with them. He was great. I got to feed him some mac and cheese for a bit. It was like old times.

Little March lost her second soccer game in a row. She is handling it okay, but the goal that the other team scored to win was a cheapie..meaning a girl on littles team was tying her shoe (in this league they hold the game for it) and the ref (who was new I guess) never stopped the play. Littles team all stood around and watched as 2 girls went 2-1 on the goalie.

Littlest March had swimming later Sunday. He was the only kid to jump off the platform. He is getting pretty brave.

I got him a kids spiderman watch the other day. He thinks it is the greatest...and'll ALWAYS know what time it is with him around. Dad its 1:00! Dad its 1:01. Dad its get it.

Finally the Providence Bruins have lost their first 2 games of the playoffs. Game 5 is in Portland Tuesday. Series tied 2-2.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I see something I can not be, beautiful and carefree

WHAT?! Four weeks running with new content??! Forgotten Disc Friday awaits your visit.

If/when you click I bet 1/2 of you will roll your eyes. File this one under a HUGE guilty pleasure...I can't help it...sorry!!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stuff I am just diggin right now..

Just a random list of stuff that is making my day(s).

My new Sigg Water bottles.

My new and free Universal Remote. How I got if for free is a post in and of itself.

My eco/energy friendly ipod and cell phone charger

Tunes tunes and more tunes from
65 Days of Static (the cd has been out for 2+ years overseas)
The new Tapes and Tapes
Trendy, who cares..I can't stop playing the Vampire Weekend cd.

The fact that the Providence Bruins are 6-0 so far in the playoffs.

The fact the weekend is really only a day away.

The fact there is an all new Office on tonight.

The fact I saw Juno already.

Sometimes life can be okay...