Friday, August 29, 2008

Guess who is 50 today?

Pretty scary when all you want to do is find a picture of the guy and every single one of em appears to be photo shopped.

So whats gonna happen when the fat hits the fan?

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Many of you will recognize this one.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

To dream...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV on the Radio set album, tour..

Right on! TV on the Radio will release a follow-up to their 2006 release "Return to Cookie Mountain" on September 23rd! The new record is called "Dear Science" and it comes out on DGC/Ineterscope.

The new track "Golden Age" is streaming on their web site site right now.

Check em out on tour, and their myspace!

This blog is a fan of the band..if you check out this search you will see a live show review as well as where Cookie Mountain came in for my favorite cd of the year....

TV on the Radio Tour Dates

05 Musicfest NW, Portland, OR*
06 Showbox, Seattle WA*
07 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC*
09 Macewan Ballroom, Calgary AB*
10 Starlite Room, Edmonton AB*
12 Knitting Factory Boise ID*
13 In the Venue, Salt Lake City UT*
14 Monolith Festival, Red Rocks CO
19 Street Scene, San Diego, CA
20 Treasure Island Festival, San Francisco CA

10 Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA+
11 Lupos, Providence, RI+
13 Wilbur Theatre, Boston MA+
14 Masonic Temple, Brooklyn NY+
15 Masonic Temple, Brooklyn NY#
16 Masonic Temple, Brooklyn NY^
18 Bogarts, Cincinnati OH+
19 Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis IN+
20 First Ave, Minneapolis MN+
21 First Ave, Minneapolis MN+
22 Riviera, Chicago IL+
24 Voodoo Festival, New Orleans LA+
25 Tabernacle, Atlanta GA+
26 Bijou Theatre, Knoxville TN +
28 Lakewood Theatre, Dallas TX+
29 House of Blues Houston TX+
30 Stubbs, Austin TX+
31 Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City OK+

02 Ogden Theatre Denver CO+
06 Wiltern, Los Angeles CA+

*Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson to open
+The Dirtbombs to open
#Telepathe to open
^Dragons of Zynth to open

Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't look at won't find me there....

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Many readers might say "who"? but read a little..and listen..that is what this is all about after all.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In the News...

Police in Minnesota tried to bring an end to a highspeed car chase by calling the suspects cell phone..the suspect answered the phone and said "Dude I can't talk I am being chased by the police". He then hung up the phone and has yet to be found.

Barack Obama raised $52 million dollars in June may need to count all of them. He has hired 1,400 part and full time workers which is more than triple the number John McCain. Obama also has 2 million volunteers, thus creating the largest field operation in American political history. Boston Globe

Texas spends $17 million a year, more than any other stage, on abstinence only sex education programs. The rate the students are having sex according to statistics is 52.9% compared top the national average of 47.8%. Houston Chronicle

More people are willing to talk about their sex lives than their finances. - Roper Public Affairs

Almost 9 in 10 Americans polled believe they are working harder than ever just to get by. Time

Good news for Mick Jagger, he turned 65 and is now eligible for a state pension....$180 per week.

The city of New York is being sued for putting down rubber safety mats on playgrounds. The matting is getting too hot and burning children's feet.

China has 253 million citizens with internet access, compared to 223 Million in the US. Chicago Tribune.

Over the course of the average Americans life span they stand a 1 in 5,552 chance in dying in a plane crash. The lifetime odds on dying in a car..1 in 247. New York Times.

Did you know?
Losing your sense of smell is called anosmia. Ben Cohen, one of the founders of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream suffers from it and suggested the ice cream have more, and larger chunks to their ice-cream, thus creating an ice-cream craze. Other celebrities that are known to have, or have suffered from anosmia: Stevie Wonder and the late INXS singer Michael Hutchence.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinking...about the old days...

I have been sort of nostalgic as of late. I think we all are, or is it just me?

Back in July we went to see my in-laws. We split the time between Mrs Marches father and then over to her moms. Her mom is getting ready to do a major renovation to her home and when we were there the phone was ringing a lot with contractors and other folks checking in.

When the day came for us to come home we were packing that final bag we stood in what was once Mrs Marches bedroom growing up. This would be the last time this room would look like this. I paused and said "do you want to hang out for a minute?" and she just said "No, it hasn't been my bedroom for years". I have moved from my childhood home to the home I live in now. I never lived at school so I think I'd react a little different. I am not slagging her off but it has gotten me thinking over the last few weeks, at random times, why we don't remember the "last time".

Let me explain.

My mother grew up on Cape Cod. Each summer we'd do various day trips. We'd leave the house by 8:30 be down on the beach for a little, then eat lunch, go back to the beach..go back to the house, get changed, eat dinner and then head home. 12 hour day..tops. I remember a LOT of those days and a lot of those trips. As I got a little older I was able to bring some friends because my older brothers had taken on summer jobs or what have you.

What I remember most, was the few times it would be my mother and I. We'd eat dinner with her Mom and Dad and I'd ask if I could go back to the beach for 20 minutes or so before we left. It would be 6:45 or so. I'd walk down the street 2-3 houses then up the beach path to the most private beach you could ever imagine. (it took me until I was in my teens to see a "beach" in the sense that more than 10 people would be on it). I'd get to the beach and I'd just sit. I was no older than 15, and I'd sit. I'd listen. I'd watch. I'd smell. Even as a young teenager to this day when stuff is not going the best for me I think of days like that. After a few minutes I'd get up and walk back to the house, say good-bye to my grandparents and head home. The ride home would start off in dusk. My skin would be warm and tight due to a day in the sun. Salt was on my lips still, sand between my toes, but only a little. I remember those days very very well.

Then my grandfather fell ill and they moved off the Cape.

In 20 years I have been to that slice of beach ONCE. That one time was closer to the start of the 20 years that is for sure.

Where is all this going? Well I got thinking..with all the fond memories I have of it..why for the life of me can't I recall the LAST time I was there with my Mom and we stayed for dinner? Was a teen and just wanted to leave? Was there an accident that was going to delay us getting home so my mom wanted to get rolling sooner than later? I don't want to get all deep and ask myself or readers "If you knew this was your last time would you have done something different?" I think you can't go on day to day saying "This might be my last time here" as you'd be a wreck emotionally.

My thoughts extended even further to this whole idea of a "last time'. Mind you I am not being morbid. My brother recently came back from a trip with his two boys and wife. He was telling me a story about how they went to see Fireworks and it was crowded. He said the took his sons hand and they made it to their viewing spot. My brother then said he thanked his son for holding his hand...because someday this was not going to be something he'd want to do. His son wondered why would he never want to hold his fathers hand? I won't go in to all the details as it was a sweet father son moment..but it is the things like that. When is the last time you held your fathers hand? (Or mothers?).

I guess I will look further when I say "Oh it has been ages since i have been there..or ages since I have done that!" Sure we want to forget "last times" as well, like the last time you got yelled at, the last time you had a dental filling done. Should great memories have a "last time?"

I guess living for the moment really is a good motto to live by.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sometimes it is good to be behind the time(s).....

I know it doesn't make sense as many folks want to be in the know and up on all things pop culture. (Not everyone, but many people I know would rather have some sort of idea of whats going on pop-culture wise vs. suddenly feeling out of our parents!!!)

Rather than talk of music I will actually talk of television shows.

We have cable television here at the Castle o' March but we do not have the "premiere" channels, such as HBO, Showtime etc.

What we do have is Netflix,which I/we love.

Soon after we got Netflix we decided to "catch up" on some of shows that we hadn't seen on these premium channels that people seemed to talk about. One was Sex and the City. It worked out great, we got thru all the seasons and actually were waiting for the final (second half) of the series finale. A bunch of years wrapped up in under 6 months was sort of nice. We have tried a few others, and have intentions of seeing others but we both can't wait for the rumored in October release of season two of Brotherhood.

Long story even longer I started Dexter last night. Disc one has 4 episodes and I went right through 2 episodes. I hope to wrap up DVD1 tonight..its good so far. I can see it not being for everyone. Mrs. March to begin with doesn't care for CSI type shows..then toss in a serial killer to boot..not sure she is gonna care no matter "how good" it is.

One show I'd like to get caught up on is Mad Men. It seems like season 1 just came out and season 2 is underway.

What are some of the shows (non network) that you follow, or had followed?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Please ..introduce yourself....

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Most of you should have heard of this band..or at least one of the songs "featured".

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What comes to mind...

Just one of those posts..where I kinda go all over the place.

- I just can't get in to the Olympics. I kinda sorta try..but I get bored so quick..and i loathe the fact that much of it is on delay..yet they don't tighten up the editing us the action and move on. Also, small favor..Littlest March wants to watch the gymnastics..can you NOT show 2 routines..then come back 2+hrs later?

- Littlest March went back to camp today..I think we are over being sick..although guess who has a sore throat the last few days, if you guessed little march you'd be right.

- Took a vacation day yesterday..we were supposed to go to an amusement park/water park yesterday but it hardly cracked 70 degrees so we bailed on that and headed in to Boston. We did the New England Aquarium (and about 100 million other people had the same idea) but it was fun to go. The kids like to ride trains and elevators and you name it..we could have just gone to the mall.

- Sunday I had some "me" time. I had over $100 in gift card value for a local record shop, which is not all that convenient to me any more so when I go, I tend to lose it. I went to $ was a blast. I wasn't rushed and I got some more Miles Davis as well as a live Slayer cd (there is some diversity eh?)

- Got the order form for the tickets I'd want for the Providence Bruins this coming season. Decided to get an addition game thrown in there so I'll be going to one game a month (in theory) for the entire season. I'll see opening night and the final night of the regular season, as well as a game vs. the Hershey Bears.

- The sun is out..great..i am in the office and the sun shows its face for the first time in what feels like 3 weeks.

- back in June I found a beer that I really liked that I hadn't been able to find in ages. it used to be called "Pete's Wicked Summer Brew". It changed names to "Rally Cap Ale" and it was delish...i went to buy more and was told the brewery had a fire and what I had was all I'd get until next year??!

that's it..just wanted to post...

Friday, August 8, 2008

I will never let your words be washed away

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This week we look at another solo effort from a guy that made more of a name with his band than solo.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have offically had enough...

Its time..time for this crap to come to an being sick that is.

Since last Tuesday we have been battling a sickness with Littlest March. He has been a trooper and Little March has been pretty good in dealing with all the attention being on the younger March.

Its now Thursday..nine days in and Littlest is spending the day with Grammy and Grampy. He is "better" but was advised to stay out of summer camp for the next two days (he doesn't like it very much anyway).

I was so fed up with it all, that last night I went to bed at 8:30 which is unheard of for me. It didn't last. The kids next door, who I haven't seen outside hardly at all, suddenly decided to be outside in the driveway talking to each other like they were in a crowded place. Then..they took it to the trampoline and the party continued.

I've had it..I am so beyond burnt out....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Eddie Vedder - The Opera House August 1, 2008

Eddie Vedder
The Opera House, Boston, MA
Friday, August 1, 2008
Support - Liam Finn

It seems like only a month ago now, well yeah in theory it was..just a little more actually, that I saw Eddie Vedder fronting Pearl Jam. A few weeks later it was announced he'd be doing a solo tour of the East Coast. Eddie had done this before on the West Coast so it was "our turn".

Having missed the fan club sale I was stuck trying my luck with Ticketmaster, and in the end it all worked out because I saved money...see I only wanted, or needed ONE ticket, and the fan club requires you to buy two. I was lucky to score 8th row seats on the isle. It was quite a seat.

The show was at the Opera House in Boston, a wonderfully restored building that has, in my opinion, far too few rock shows. As I was escorted to my seat I was handed what appeared to be one of those "Playbills" you get if you go see a 'Broadway' show. Upon further inspection it was one that was for this very show. I flipped through it to read bios of opener Liam Finn, as well as some of the causes near to Eddie, such as the West Memphis Three No sooner did I sit down and the lights came down. Walking to the stage was Liam Finn with EJ Barnes. The stage was set with a small drum kit, two mic stands and a few amps. Over the next 35 minutes Liam won himself a new fan. Liam, who is the son of Neil Finn (Split Enz/Crowded House) is quite the entertainer. EJ played various percussion and the autoharp as well as offering up some backing vocals. Liam was a lot of fun, he uses many looping samples and actually looped the guitar, then looped the drums, then came back to do a second guitar part over that. For god sake there was even a theremin! It was quite the set, but sadly they didn't have the latest cd for sale for me to continue with them on the ride home.

The curtain came down and the set turn over took place. It took about 30 minutes and just about 8:45 the lights came down and the curtain went up.

Eddie strolled to center stage and took a seat. A large backdrop behind him appeared like a back alley and Eddie surrounded by a reel to reel machine as well as guitars settled in.

Opening with a cover of Daniel Johnstons "Walking the Cow". The audience, who had stood for his arrival settled back in to their seats. Eddie was in fine voice and kept the banter at the outset to a minimum. The audience on the other hand took liberty with the silence between songs to shout everything from "Eddie" to song requests to silly lines like "Play some Pearl Jam songs".

The set was strong and when Ed finally mentioned he had been under the weather I was surprised. His deep rich baritone really found a home in the Opera House. He'd even poke fun at old bosses for jobs he had growing up..saying something along the lines of "Look at me now I am in the F'ing Opera house!". We were given some Pearl Jam songs, and a lot of the set was from Eddies work on the soundtrack for Into the Wild.

The show was not without its slight issues, Ed would forget a line and curse at himself, he'd botch an intro and then was refreshing honestly..and what I found most surprising..he played everything from guitar to ukulele to mandolin without missing a note. That is what impressed.

For most of the set the audience took the queue of silence to shout out anything and everything. From the "I love you's" to "You are a God" to whatever you can think of. Finally 55 minutes in to the set Ed said "I can't really hear you guys, and have been great..but a little belligerent...i didn't think I'd have the assholes until New York".

Ed took a quick moment to poke fun at "traded the day before" Manny Ramirez by donning a make shift head dress and asking for 10 million dollars. It was a pretty funny moment that I am doing little justice to.

The main set wrapped with "Porch" and that brought people to their feet as Ed walked off the stage.

After a short set break with the roadies (dressed in lab coats) tuning and making the stage cleaner...with some Alien sweeping the floor, Ed arrived back on stage.

The audience, who would stand from this point forward began to clap and Ed made up a song on the spot. Basically it was sort of a stream of consciousness thing...just a few verses about the East Coast and West Coast etc. The encore would bring Liam Finn back out to do "Society" then the short blast of "Lukin". He'd perform "No More" to rousing call and responses and the audience was right there with him.

The encore ended with "Arc" which was very impressive. I am sure technical musicians wouldn't be impressed but it was cool none the less. Ed puts on a lab coat and says "lets try this out". He asks for the audience to quiet down and he starts off with some very baritone "ahhh ahh ohhhh's". He did this over and over to loop it all together. It took a few minutes to build and was really very very cool. As the song did its thing, he walked to the tip of the stage and the curtain came down. In the spot light he waived and was visibly humbled by the adulation. He disappeared behind the curtain and part of me thought that was it....but after a few moments the curtain rose once more.

A massive ocean backdrop and fog machines rolling, Ed with the help of Liam on drums and MJ on backing vocals performed "Hard Sun". It was a great version and the audience was hanging on every word. It was a great set closer and Ed actually used the Reel to Reel machine for the first time all night.

All in all I was pleased, the tickets were not cheap, but I am not sure how often something like this comes along in your lifetime. This is one of those shows that make me glad I am a taper of shows. I'll have the memories, as well as the music, forever.

Set list. (covers by Daniel Johnston, the who and James Taylor)

Walking The Cow, Trouble, I am Mine, Dead Man, I'm Open, Man of the Hour, Wishlist, Setting Forth, Guaranteed (partial), No Ceiling, Rise, Guaranteed, Far Behind, Millworker, Goodbye, It's Just a Broken Heart, Drifting, Hide Your Love Away, I'm One, Porch

1st encore: Untitled, Small Town, Society (w/ Liam Finn), Lukin, No More, Arc

2nd encore: Hard Sun (w/ Liam Finn)


In the News...

48 year old Nepalese Shera has ascended to the top of Mt Everest 18 times, breaking his own record. Appa Sherpa reached the peak for the first time in 1990 and has repeated the feat every year since, barring 96 and 2001...but he went twice in 92 and 97.

A Nevada brothel has offered an incentive of a $50 gas voucher for clients who have purchased $300 in services. The vouchers sold out in one week.


Gas is so precious that prostitutes are accepting it as payment. (New York Post)

A first class passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from New York got so angry with the economy passengers let off before him, he opened the emergency door and slid down the chute. He was arrested.

The average American spends over $100 more a year more on footwear than vegetables. Washington Post

The federal government has announced that Southwest Airlines flight 2709 from Houston to San Diego was the most delayed flight...arriving late 100% of the time.

Atlanta officials have bowed to the pressure..."Men Working Ahead" road signs will be changed to "Workers Ahead" so as not to offend.

Flint Michigan has imposed a law to crack down on jeans falling off their owners rear ends. If the trousers are so low it shows buttock skin they should be arrested for indecent exposure.

5% of Americans spend 41 or more hours online at home very week, or about 6 hours per day. USA Today

26% of the Republican House members said they believe that "the earth is warming due to man made pollution". On the Democratic side 95% said human activity contributes. National Journal

A Wedding Hall in Tel Aviv has come up with a way to for wedding guests to leave something to the bride and groom. The couple pays $155 to rent an ATM like machine. Guests insert credit cards and put in the sum they'd like to give. The money is later transferred to the couples account. New York Post.

Lets talk Pets..

2 in 3 American Households have pets..1 in 3 have children.

In 2006 Americans spent $45 billion on their pets.

1/3 of women surveyed by the American Kennel Club agreed with the statement "If my dog was a man he'd be my boyfriend"
69% of pet owners allow the pet to sleep in their bed.
1/3 of pet owners buy their animals gifts for their birthday 2/3 for Christmas

Walt Disney World will open a pet resort next year that includes hikes and papering services from ice cream to bedtime stories.

In January the British prime ministers office rejected as 12 year olds petition to allow elephants as pets.

More than 650 billion "exotic" animals were imported to the USA between 2003 and 2006.

There are 5,000 Tigers in captivity in the USA...the same number as are in the wild worldwide.

Lets talk Music.

The operatic portion of Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody" contains 180 vocal overdubs..using 3 singers (Freddie Mercury, guitarists Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor..the highest note sung at the end.( a high B flat in the 6th octave) was actually sung by Taylor.

Not only did Elvis Presley not pen a single song he recorded, he never played a live concert overseas...part of the reason is that Elvis' manager "Colonel Tim Parker" was an illegal alien. When Parker died in 1997 he had less than 1 million of the estimated 100 million he had made during his lifetime...he had gambled it all away.

Also his hair was naturally a dirty blond, but he dyed it to look like Tony Curtis, and idol of his.

Elton John's middle name...Hercules.

The title of the Aerosmith song "Walk this Way" was taken from "Young Frankenstein"

Finally, the following is a list of people that are, or were banned from being on Saturday Night Live. Cypress Hill's DJ Mugs for lighting up a joint on TV. Sinead O'Conner..for tearing up a picture of the pope. Steven Segal, Martin Lawrence, Charles Grodin, Milton Berle and Adrien Brody. Some that have been banned and have been back. Elvis Costello and Chevy Chase.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Stale life, don't chew it.

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