Monday, August 4, 2008

In the News...

48 year old Nepalese Shera has ascended to the top of Mt Everest 18 times, breaking his own record. Appa Sherpa reached the peak for the first time in 1990 and has repeated the feat every year since, barring 96 and 2001...but he went twice in 92 and 97.

A Nevada brothel has offered an incentive of a $50 gas voucher for clients who have purchased $300 in services. The vouchers sold out in one week.


Gas is so precious that prostitutes are accepting it as payment. (New York Post)

A first class passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from New York got so angry with the economy passengers let off before him, he opened the emergency door and slid down the chute. He was arrested.

The average American spends over $100 more a year more on footwear than vegetables. Washington Post

The federal government has announced that Southwest Airlines flight 2709 from Houston to San Diego was the most delayed flight...arriving late 100% of the time.

Atlanta officials have bowed to the pressure..."Men Working Ahead" road signs will be changed to "Workers Ahead" so as not to offend.

Flint Michigan has imposed a law to crack down on jeans falling off their owners rear ends. If the trousers are so low it shows buttock skin they should be arrested for indecent exposure.

5% of Americans spend 41 or more hours online at home very week, or about 6 hours per day. USA Today

26% of the Republican House members said they believe that "the earth is warming due to man made pollution". On the Democratic side 95% said human activity contributes. National Journal

A Wedding Hall in Tel Aviv has come up with a way to for wedding guests to leave something to the bride and groom. The couple pays $155 to rent an ATM like machine. Guests insert credit cards and put in the sum they'd like to give. The money is later transferred to the couples account. New York Post.

Lets talk Pets..

2 in 3 American Households have pets..1 in 3 have children.

In 2006 Americans spent $45 billion on their pets.

1/3 of women surveyed by the American Kennel Club agreed with the statement "If my dog was a man he'd be my boyfriend"
69% of pet owners allow the pet to sleep in their bed.
1/3 of pet owners buy their animals gifts for their birthday 2/3 for Christmas

Walt Disney World will open a pet resort next year that includes hikes and papering services from ice cream to bedtime stories.

In January the British prime ministers office rejected as 12 year olds petition to allow elephants as pets.

More than 650 billion "exotic" animals were imported to the USA between 2003 and 2006.

There are 5,000 Tigers in captivity in the USA...the same number as are in the wild worldwide.

Lets talk Music.

The operatic portion of Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody" contains 180 vocal overdubs..using 3 singers (Freddie Mercury, guitarists Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor..the highest note sung at the end.( a high B flat in the 6th octave) was actually sung by Taylor.

Not only did Elvis Presley not pen a single song he recorded, he never played a live concert overseas...part of the reason is that Elvis' manager "Colonel Tim Parker" was an illegal alien. When Parker died in 1997 he had less than 1 million of the estimated 100 million he had made during his lifetime...he had gambled it all away.

Also his hair was naturally a dirty blond, but he dyed it to look like Tony Curtis, and idol of his.

Elton John's middle name...Hercules.

The title of the Aerosmith song "Walk this Way" was taken from "Young Frankenstein"

Finally, the following is a list of people that are, or were banned from being on Saturday Night Live. Cypress Hill's DJ Mugs for lighting up a joint on TV. Sinead O'Conner..for tearing up a picture of the pope. Steven Segal, Martin Lawrence, Charles Grodin, Milton Berle and Adrien Brody. Some that have been banned and have been back. Elvis Costello and Chevy Chase.



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